Mgr,New Vaccine Intro & Immunization Svcs Delivery , Netherlands


The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries, while strengthening the capabilities of governments and the private sector in those countries to create and sustain high-quality health systems that can succeed without our assistance. For more information, please visit:http://www.clintonhealthaccess.org.
Position Overview:
CHAI's Global Vaccines Delivery team is hiring for an exciting and incredibly impactful position, with responsibilities covering new vaccine introduction (including COVID), routine vaccine introduction, and improving vaccines service delivery overall. The Manager, New Vaccine Introduction & Service Delivery (NVISD) will manage a small team to provide strategic and implementation support to ~14 focus countries. This is an opportunity to join a fast paced, energized, matrixed team focused on implementing lasting, transformational impact to the global vaccines delivery space.
This role is perfect for candidates with significant management consulting or strategic management experience, individuals who thrive with relationship management and working in a multi-cultural, matrixed environment, and individuals who are excellent communicators & motivating leaders.
Location: This role is posted for base in Netherlands, however, has flexibility to be based in a CHAI program country in Europe or Africa, pending country team leadership approval.


As part of the Global Vaccines Delivery team, this position will work in collaboration with a small team of direct reports, as well as country and program leadership to: (i) support program and grant management, (ii) develop CHAI's vaccines program in the area of NVISD, (iii) provide strategic and programmatic support for the design and implementation of work in focus countries, and (iv) improve national and global practices and policies related to new vaccine introductions and service delivery.
This position will help to achieve and sustain immunization program outcomes, and also serve as a blueprint to identify powerful interventions to improve health systems which could be adapted for other primary health care programs.
1) Support program and grant management, in collaboration with program and country leadership
• Manage a team of ~5 global associates/technical advisors focusing on new vaccine introductions and service delivery
• Support development of program-wide and country-specific objectives, strategies and milestones regarding new vaccine introductions and service delivery for immunization
• In collaboration with country team and regional manager, regularly assess progress against program objectives in areas of focus and help prepare high-quality briefings for donors and CHAI management, including achievements to date, key risks & opportunities, and action plan going forward
• Help improve program team effectiveness and engagement
2) Develop CHAI's vaccines program in the area of new vaccine introduction and immunization service delivery, in collaboration with program and country leadership
• Develop/update CHAI's strategy and thought leadership related to new vaccine introductions and immunization service delivery, both at global and country level, to increase CHAI's effectiveness and impact
• Support fundraising and grant proposal and budget development in line with CHAI's strategy, model, competing priorities and capabilities, both at country and global level
• Support ramp up of new CHAI staff and of new focus countries and strengthen capabilities of existing CHAI staff, leveraging the institutional knowledge from CHAI
• Identify how this work related and builds other CHAI's in-country objectives (e.g. improving vaccine supply chain, supporting sub-national level management systems, ensuring successful transition from Gavi support, etc.), which often require building on strong horizontal management structures. Put in place appropriate mechanisms to ensure cross-fertilization across these objectives.
3) Provide strategic and programmatic support for the design and implementation of work in focus countries to dramatically and sustainably improve immunization service delivery and new vaccine introductions, in collaboration with direct reports and regional manager
• Contribute to the design, planning and implementation of high-impact work with directs and country teams to achieve high and sustainable coverage of new and routine vaccines in CHAI focus countries. Projects to support will include:
o Strategize for the efficient and effective rollout of new vaccines while maintaining line of sight for improving routine immunizations
o Improve country sustainability of complex new vaccines targeting older age cohorts
o Strengthening in-country decision making bodies for designing multi-year new vaccine introduction strategies
o Design-Test-Monitor and iterate on pilot service delivery interventions to reduce dropout and zero-dose children while providing strategic guidance toward potential scale and sustainability of localized interventions
• Drive continuous development and effective dissemination and use of programmatic "tool kit", lessons learned, and other know-how related to service delivery across CHAI's vaccines program focus countries. Elements of the tool kits may include, but are not limited to:
o Resource allocation and planning of outreach sessions, including “rule of thumb” guidance for estimating resource needs for outreaches from available data (e.g. population distance to facility), especially in instances where bottom-up estimates from facilities or communities are unavailable
o Improved global policies and guidelines to ensure better coordination across EPI and MNH programs (e.g. updating of WHO's Safe Birth Checklist to include HepB birth dose vaccination prior to mother/newborn discharge from health facility)
o Technical support (tools, information and lessons learned developed across CHAI's work) provided to country governments and partners and through global mechanisms that support service delivery and/or new vaccine interventions
• Support program redesign in light of COVID-19 pandemic and the effects on routine and new immunizations
4) Improve national and global practices and policies related to new vaccine introductions and service delivery, in collaboration with direct reports and program leadership
• Develop productive relationships with key stakeholders (e.g., WHO, Gavi, BMGF, UNICEF, PATH, JSI, IHME) and foster effective exchange of know-how with partners
• Become a respected and trusted thought leader in this area of focus within CHAI and within the global immunization community
• Disseminate CHAI's programmatic insights into the global immunization community and inform global policies and country practices beyond CHAI focus countries, including through Global working groups (e.g., EPI manager meetings, WHO hosted regional meetings, antigen specific global working groups, etc.)

• Bachelor's degree (Masters-level or above preferred) in a relevant field
• Minimum 7 years of work experience in a fast-paced, demanding environment
• Proven team management skills with a good eye for people development/coaching
• Excellent strategic thinker and communicator
• Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
• Excellent stakeholder management, negotiation/persuasion skills, and integrity
• Excellent inter-personal skills, with ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural, matrixed, and often remote environment
• Strong project management skills, ability to work effectively and deliver results in a high-pressure environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously
• Ability to adapt and manage changing priorities, timelines, and programmatic objectives
• Entrepreneurial and result-oriented mindset, including ability to work independently, self-motivate, and propose and implement new initiatives
• Strong commitment to CHAI's and the team's mission, dedicated team player
• Ability to travel extensively (at least 35% of time) to focus countries and other locations as needed for work.
• Knowledge of vaccines, service delivery at facility and community level, and/or primary health care systems
• Experience in stakeholder and partner management in high-stakes global environment
• Experience working with government and in developing countries in resource limited settings, notably in Sub-Saharan Africa
• Professional proficiency in a second language of a vaccine program country
Overview of CHAI and CHAI's Vaccines program:
The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries, while strengthening the capabilities of governments and the private sector in those countries to create and sustain high-quality health systems that can succeed without our assistance. For more information, please visit:http://www.clintonhealthaccess.org.
Immunization is one of the most successful public health interventions in history. National immunization programs reach >100 million infants every year and have averted globally two to three million deaths every year since the launch of the Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) in 1974 , whilst the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) and rotavirus vaccines could save ~1 million lives per year. Furthermore, great advances in discovering and financing new vaccines provides a great opportunity for countries to further reduce burden of disease such as human papillomavirus (HPV). Despite these successes, 1.5 million children still die each year of vaccine-preventable diseases, many of them in low-income countries, as immunization programs there face unprecedented challenges.

Since 2010, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) has worked to save lives and reduce the burden from vaccine preventable diseases by improving access to immunization services in resource-limited setting by strengthening national immunization programs and by leveraging its experience in-country to improve the global immunization ecosystem. CHAI is pursuing six complementary strategic goals:
1. Improving affordability and supply security of immunization products;
2. Accelerating the uptake of new or under-utilized vaccines;
3. Enhancing the performance of vaccine cold chain and logistics systems to increase effective immunization coverage;
4. Improving the design and implementation of service delivery to reach the unreached
5. Supporting successful transition from Gavi support; and
6. Strengthening the management system and capacity of immunization programs

CHAI's vaccine program very closely supports the national immunization programs in 14 focus countries - Cameroon, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao PDR, Lesotho, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe- and also engages with global stakeholders such as Gavi, WHO and UNICEF to inform global policies and practices.

Despite significant gains made in immunization coverage from 21% in 1980, global DTP3 coverage has stalled at approximately 85% since 2010, while in 2018 DTP3 coverage in West and Central Africa stagnated at 70%, and in East and Central Africa was at 81%. As a result, nearly one quarter of children under-5 in the region are under- or unimmunized. Immunization coverage is generally much lower for vaccines that are delivered via weaker or complex delivery platforms, such as maternal, neonatal, 9-month, second year and adolescent - whether current vaccines or those slated for introduction. For example, West and Central Africa has stagnated at ~70% measles conjugate vaccine / measles rubella vaccine first dose (MCV1/MR1) coverage since 2010.
CHAI will provide support to countries in strengthening decision-making for the introduction of new vaccines, securing resources (e.g. from Gavi) for introduction support, and planning appropriately for introductions in order to achieve high coverage swiftly and sustainably. In particular, CHAI will focus on support in Gavi-eligible countries that have yet to introduce HPV, PCV, and Rota, and consider future introductions of upcoming Gavi supported vaccines. CHAI will also develop, test, and scale innovative service delivery interventions in focus countries, with the objective to increase coverage in priority populations in a way that can be scaled and sustained by governments. CHAI will support governments to (i) improve the planning and the performance management of immunization sessions; (ii) improve the linkages of maternal and newborn health services with immunization to increase routine immunization coverage and strengthen the neonatal platform used for OPV, BCG, and HepB birth dose; (iii) increase the routine coverage of the nine-month platform (when vaccines against measles, yellow fever, meningitis A or Typhoid should be administered); and (iv) develop better informed coverage plans and support the implementation of key service delivery strategies to target unimmunized children. CHAI will distill the tools and lessons learned from this work in focus countries and disseminate them to the global community.

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Expiring: May 15, 2021

Organisational Developer in Sierra Leone , Sierra Leone

AGIAMONDO is the personnel service of the German Catholics for Development Cooperation. In the Civil Peace Service (CPS) we offer development workers a meaningful role working with local development agents. The CPS is a personnel programme for peace-building and the prevention of violence in crisis and conflict regions. It sets out to promote a world in which conflicts are settled without violence. Working with church-related and civil-social partner organisations in Sierra Leone, AGIAMONDO aims to make a contribution towards civil conflict management and the sustainable and equitable development of the country through peace-building measures.

To advance the organisational development processes of our partner organisation Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CDHR) and to support its work for a peaceful, gender-equitable and democratic social culture, we are looking for an Organisational developer with experience in human rights work, Makeni, Sierra Leone to start as soon as possible.

Your new role
The Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CDHR) is an experienced civil-social organisation that has been working since the end of the civil war towards the consolidation of peace, the strengthening of constitutional processes and the inclusion of marginalised groups of the population in four districts in northern Sierra Leone. Marginalised groups are often denied access to justice and a fair legal process. The opportunities for women and girls to participate in social, economic and political life are severely limited, especially in rural areas. Violence against women and girls is an alarming phenomenon characterised by a culture of silence and impunity for perpetrators. In communities affected by commercial activity, the resources available are often not used for the good of the people. This increases impoverishment and those affected are left without compensation. Through your work, you will support the further development and professionalization of the organisation on the one hand, and, on the other, work with your colleagues to strengthen structures at community level in order to improve access to justice. In doing so, you will help to ensure that the rights and aspirations of women, girls, young people and rural populations in particular are protected.

Specifically, you will carry out the following tasks:
 You will support ongoing organisational development processes and accompany the management in the sustainable implementation of internal guidelines and regulations.
 You will deepen your colleagues’ knowledge of project management and the preparation of project applications and reports.
 You will support your colleagues in monitoring court processes and detention facilities to demand necessary measures, for example the improvement of conditions in detention facilities as well as fair and fast court proceedings.
 You will strengthen community-based structures to systematically document and report human rights violations and improve access to justice.
 You will develop needs-oriented training for various target groups and create training documents.
 Working with your colleagues, you will refine existing advocacy approaches and provide support in the planning and implementation of campaigns, especially for human rights and against violence against women and girls.
 You will be responsible for the proper spending and management of funds locally in accordance with the donor and AGIAMONDO guidelines. In doing so, you will work in partnership with CDHR.

Your profile
 You have a university degree in social sciences, law, political science, peace and conflict research, human rights and democratisation or another field relevant to the work.
 You have international professional experience in organisational development and possess methods and experience in participatory project management in the context of human rights work, ideally in Africa.
 You are experienced in the development and implementation of advocacy and media strategies to support participatory processes for changing social norms and strengthening community-based structures and constitutional processes.
 You are used to creating and implementing needs-oriented training concepts.
 You are fluent in English and are prepared to learn Krio, ideally also Temne.
 You identify with Christian values and with the goals and concerns of church development and peace work.
 You are an EU or Swiss citizen.

What AGIAMONDO offers
 Individual and thorough preparation
 Three-year contract, social security and remuneration in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers Act (Entwicklungshelfergesetz)
 Cultural, language or other professional training, as well as coaching and super-vision, individual advice

We look forward to receiving your detailed application by 18/04/2021.
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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: May 09, 2021

Insurance & Claims Specialist in Ghana , Ghana

Department : Admin
Job Title : Insurance & Claims Specialist
Reports to : Head of Legal and Compliance

Position Summary
• The Insurance Claims Specialist performs a variety of activities related to all claims filed in favour and or against the company goal to maximize the recovery of losses through the timely and accurate filing of insurance claims.
• Under the direction of Head of Legal and Compliance, the Claims Specialist will also support the preparation of Legal documents, agreements and the paperwork’s related to contractual engagement.

Specific responsibilities
• Determine root cause of curtailed items and determine whether supplemental claim, client expense, or loss has been incurred.
• Follow up on claim payment status for unpaid, filed claims and update the system with pending, submitted, withdrawn, and paid claim information.
• Prepare claim payment reconciliation to ensure full payment is received.
• Recommend improvements to established procedures and processes.
• Liaison between shareholder global insurance experts and local brokers.

Critical Success Factors
• University Degree or its equivalent in Law or the appropriate field or related disciplines.
• Preferred 5 years functional experience 2 years at management level. Of which, 2 years’ experience in the equivalent combination of Insurance and Legal with at least 1 year experience in Insurance and or Claims.

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Expiring: May 07, 2021

Chief Human Resource Officer in Ghana , Ghana

Department : Human Resource
Job Title : Chief Human Resource Officer
Reports to : CFO

Position Summary
• To identify and evaluate areas of competitive advantage through the development of Human Resources and Organizational capabilities i.e. establish manpower plans, develop and implement performance management systems.
• Oversee and administer policies, Trade Union Agreements and industry related practices that foster the desired relationships between the employees and the company.
• To ensure the availability at all times, the right calibre and adequate number of people for the efficient operations of the company.

Specific responsibilities
∙ Sets up and manage HR office efficiently
∙ Develop an HR strategy aligned with company’s overall goals.
∙ Implement performance based management, eventually linked to pay.
∙ Bring technological improvements to the general management of the people resources.
∙ Identify staffing and recruiting needs, while executing best practices for hiring, talent and discipline management.
∙ Plan and lead training programs, ensuring proper execution.
∙ Drive engagement and manage employee relations hereunder negotiations with the unions.
∙ Maintain knowledge of trends, best practices and regulatory changes and apply this to changes in policy, practice, and resources.

Critical Success Factors
• University Degree in the appropriate field i.e. Human Resource Management, Psychology or related disciplines with 10 years functional experience 6 years of which must be at management level.
• Must have ability to innovate, think conceptually, apply proven problem solving skills and develop appropriate solution strategies.
• Proficient in the use of Micro-soft office suit and Human Resource information management systems.
• Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

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Expiring: May 07, 2021

Plant Controller in South Africa , South Africa

Job description:
You will be responsible for all the statistical and financial reporting of fixed asset physical inventory, finished product, principal supply inventory, and any other reports required that provide management with more pertinent information regarding the financial results of the plant. You are expected to communicate effectively with the business operations teams to contribute to high morale, motivation and productivity at the plant and maintain accuracy of reported results. The effectiveness of this position is measured by the preparation of financial and statistical reports.

Key responsibilities:
1. Direct, prepare and coordinate the financial forecast and the financial budget for the plant
2. Create tools to measure operating and financial performance of division departments
3. Analyze, monitor and prepare monthly operating results against budget
4. Monitor daily operations and the impact it has on the financial results
5. Make recommendations to management to facilitate improvements at the plant
6. Manage the preparation of financial forecasts, outlooks and financial results
7. Prepare financial analysis for product investment decisions and contract negotiations
8. Ensure compliance with federal, state and local reporting requirements
9. Assist with the establishment of departmental goals, policies, objectives and operating procedures
10. Responsible for reports as required by the business
11. Responsible for capital return on investment decisions and managing capital budget
12. Responsible for physical inventories
13. Responsible for assisting with financial audits
14. Engaging with operations teams

• At least 2 years proven working experience in a similar position
• 5+ years of finance experience
• Advanced degree in Accounting
• CIMA qualified
• Thorough knowledge of accounting procedures and principles
• Experience with SAP
• Great Excel Skills

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Expiring: May 07, 2021

Internal Control Manager in South Africa , South Africa

Position Description:
The Internal Control Manager will be responsible for ensuring a strong internal control environment through the development of policies and procedures, ensuring their implementation and monitoring compliance. The position will work to foster standardization and consistency across all business processes and internal controls.

Person Specifications:
The ideal candidate is a critical thinker. He is organized with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Own the design, implementation, documentation, assessment and monitor internal control framework, including group policies and key risks in order to ensure that the group has adequate controls to prevent unintentional and intentional errors in financial reporting, processes and business operations.
• Formulate policies and procedures to improve internal controls, compliance and efficiency
• Deliver adequate and timely reporting on the internal control framework and control deficiencies to ensure appropriate communication, documentation, escalation to business partners, senior leadership and audit committee
• Deliver adequate and timely action plans and monitor progress to address and resolve control deficiencies
• Work collaboratively with business and process owners to implement and monitor remediation efforts that result from internal control assessments, ensuring the effective implementation of corrective action.
• Actively engage with internal and external auditors to ensure consideration and resolution of all relevant risks and audit findings
• Develop and conduct adequate training and prepare related information material on the internal control objectives, approach and methodology to business partners on a regular basis to build knowledge and understanding of risks and control

Desired Skills and Experience:
• Newly qualified CA(SA) preferably Big 4 audit firm
• Strong experience and interest for how technology and systems can support internal control effectiveness and efficiency
• Strong analytical skills includes the ability to spot, assess and address risk, materiality and interdependencies and translate it into impact analysis for the financial reporting and recommendations for improvement
• Strong communication skills presenting internal control and risk matters in an understandable way across various forums and levels of the organization with the right level of detail.
• Strong oral and written communication skills, including sound presentational skills
• Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, and ability to work as part of a multigeographic team.

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Expiring: May 07, 2021

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