Accountant in Tanzania , Tanzania

East Africa Youth Inclusion Project (EAYIP) Accountant

Job Description

The Project Accountant reports to the Senior Operations Manager and plays a significant role in strengthening core global systems by ensuring the proper accounting and reporting of resources in project implementation by maintaining systems of accountability, processing accounting information, internal and external financial reporting, cash and bank account maintenance and other financial tasks as assigned in liaison with relevant Heifer departments. This person contributes to the program impact by preparing project time sensitive financial reports and monitoring budget burn rates for effective implementation of the project. The Accountant assists with financial and accounting aspects of the country program office and the processing of routine financial transactions in accordance with Heifer's policies and procedures. The Accountant also ensures compliance with Heifer International and The MasterCard Foundation requirements for the East Africa Youth Inclusion Program. This position interacts with similar positions in other teams to promote consistency throughout the country and area program.

Essential Character Traits:
Detail-Oriented, Positive, Determined, Enthusiastic, Accountable, Values-Oriented

(including approximate percentage effort)

Management and Compliance (75%)
Accountable for ensuring that all financial aspects of the project adhere to local laws and regulations and to donor requirements
- Ensure that all transactions are in line with government laws
- Conduct training and staff development workshops with the team in order to maintain a high standard of reporting
- Ensure all transactions entered timely and coded accurately in financial system.
- Prepare, coordinate, and monitor the project budget
- Effectively manage the program/project cash flow through preparation of monthly cash flow projections while adhering to Heifer headquarters policies
- Prepare monthly project reports and upload all financial documents to Agresso and Laserfiche platform.
- Approve all office and fleet-related requisitions and review procurement requests as per the authorization policy
- Monitor the petty cash advances in line with cash management controls and prepare project account(s) for audits as planned
- Ensure compliance with accounting principles and standards including Heifer partners, donors, local partners and HQ cost principles
- Maintain knowledge of required rules and regulations related to project implementation and activities that affect the budget
- Review payment requests and ensure the timely processing of funds, ensuring that proper supporting documents such as receipts are maintained
- Establish and maintain sound financial management systems and provide administrative support to the project
- Ensure that an effective scanning and filing system is in place in the office, and coordinate with program staff to ensure that the project’s resources are effectively and efficiently utilized

Program Effectiveness (20%)
Accountable for preparing accurate information for the program team in a timely manner to achieve the highest standard of effectiveness
- Prepare & Interpret variance reports and expenditure analyses for project staff and management on a monthly basis
- Assist project management by explaining variances in line with finance policies and following up on budget execution action plans.

Partnership and Engagement (5%)
Accountable for ensuring compliance with established processes and procedures at the highest level of accountability with project partners

May perform other job-related duties as assigned

Required Skills

Most Critical Proficiencies:
- Practical experience in various aspects of accounting principles and practices with a good understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
- Good analytical skills
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Knowledge of the context in which non-profit organizations operate and a good understanding of and sensitivity to issues associated with poverty, hunger and the environment
- Computer proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, electronic mail software, and knowledge of accounting software (e.g.: MS Office Suite, DOS, -
- Accounting packages such as Sun Systems, Pastel, Agresso)
- Strong organizational skills
- Deadline-oriented
- Strong numeracy skills
- Demonstrated written and oral fluency in English

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands:
- Ability to prepare and present documents in a well-designed and attractive format with superior attention to detail
- Ability to maintain the highest level of professionalism when dealing with donors, project participants, staff and partner organizations
- Willingness to contribute to Heifer International’s principles of transparency and honesty
- Proven team and customer care skills with the ability to train and work cooperatively with a diverse staff, including field staff in several locations
- Constant face-to-face, telephone and electronic communication with colleagues, both internal and external
- Requires constant sitting and moving; working at a computer for extended periods
- Ability to work with sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality
- Ability to perform multiple tasks with minimal supervision
- Willingness to work with a flexible schedule
- Willingness to travel both domestically and internationally

Required Experience

Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or a related field is required, plus three (3) year of experience; or a University Diploma in Accounting, -
- Business Studies or PAEC Diploma with six (6) years’ experience in a non-profit organization. Other job-related education and/or experience may be substituted for all or part of these requirements

Heifer International is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identify, sexual orientation, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

Job Location
Mbeya, Tanzania

Position Type

Job Level
To Be Determined

Non U.S. Based Locations

Closing Date

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Expiring: Aug 20, 2017
Agricultural Production Lead in Kenya , Kenya


NOTE: This position is contingent upon award.

The Agriculture Production Lead provides overall leadership and management to Dairy and Crops activities of the Kenya FTF Crop and Dairy Market Systems Development Activity project. The goal of this project is to ensure inclusive and sustainable agriculture-led growth, strengthen resilience and improve nutrition among smallholder farmers in Kenya. Reporting to the DCOP and Heifer’s Country Director, the Agriculture Production Lead is responsible for the design and implementation of the project’s interventions related to the areas of dairy, feed, crops and horticulture. He/she will work with the project team members to provide the technical input in regards the planning, management and implementation of the dairy and crops components.

Job Responsibilities
- Assume overall responsibility for the management and implementation of all interventions related to the Dairy and Crop sectors and oversee the work of all technical staff.
- Support technical field staff in the management of the field resources and project budgets and ensure these in compliance with approved guidelines.
- Conduct annual performance evaluations for technical staff and support them to ensure these cascades to all their direct reports.
- Lead development of market systems for the dairy and crop value chains including dairy production, feed, animal health and extension services.
- Apply Heifer’s hub approach to strengthen input supply and facilitate access to markets.
- Conduct capacity assessment of value chain actors and build the capacity of cooperatives and agribusinesses.
- Identify and implement productivity enhancing technologies to support dairy, feed, crop and horticulture production.
- Develop business development services to enhance access to services for agribusinesses.
- Work the financial services team to identify and develop the appropriate linkages to enhance access to finance and financial services.
- Support all technical staff to develop workplans and annual budgets consistent with project documents and donor requirements.
- Review regular quarterly, semi- and annual reports from the technical staff and ensure timeliness compliance with reporting requirements.
- Work with M&E team to document impact and lessons learned and share this information with project team and stakeholders.
- Perform any other duty as may be assigned by the supervisor.

Required Skills

Most Critical Proficiencies:
- Strong skills and knowledge in market systems development and assessment processes particularly in the dairy value chain and in the Kenya Dairy Sector.
- Sound technical dairy and crop value chains knowledge and experience.
- Good understanding of business skills development, business planning and strategic planning for farmer business organizations.
- Strong experience in developing business market and financial linkages and working with a range of BDS services.
- Solid project management cycle experience especially in planning, budgeting, monitoring, and evaluation.
- Solid project technical reporting skills.
- A good understanding and sensitivity to issues associated with poverty, hunger and environment, and knowledge of the context to which non-profit organizations operate.
- Solid knowledge and experience in extension methodologies.
- Knowledge and experience in agriculture training methodologies.
- Team leadership skills, with good abilities of addressing conflicts amongst diverse teams and constituents.
- Excellent organizational skills.
- Demonstrated proficiency in English.

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands:
- Preparing and presenting project reports and presentations in a well-designed and attractive format with superior attention to detail.
- Demonstrated creativity, ability to think systematically, willingness and ability to incorporate innovative solutions.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to work cooperatively, tactfully and diplomatically with culturally diverse groups of people.
- Proven team leadership and supervisory skills with the ability to train and work cooperatively with a diverse staff.
- Regularly conduct stakeholder analysis to strengthen partnerships and leveraging of resources
- Working with sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality.
- Ability to manage and execute multiple tasks with little supervision while meeting sometimes inflexible deadlines.

Required Experience

Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor’s Degree in Rural Development, Project Planning and Management, Agriculture, Agribusiness and Animal Science or and other relevant areas.
- Seven (7) years of relevant experience in Program management, extension and community development work.

Preferred Requirements:
- Master’s Degree in relevant professional discipline.
- Four (4) years of supervisory/managerial experience.
- Thorough understanding of programming processes, systems and principles, and the ability to provide leadership and support to staff working at community level.
- Solid skill, knowledge and foundation in project management cycle.
- Sound understanding of value chain development on various agricultural commodities including dairy and crop sectors.
- Sound understanding of integrated development issues and critical analysis of the root causes of poverty in Kenya.
- Knowledge of development issues, trends, challenges and opportunities and implications to community development.
- Demonstrated knowledge of strategic planning processes.
- Knowledge of Swahili, both oral and written, is preferred.

Heifer International is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identify, sexual orientation, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

Job Location
Nairobi, Kenya

Position Type

Job Level
To Be Determined

Non U.S. Based Locations

Closing Date

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Aug 20, 2017
Coopérant pour le renforcement organisationnel , Burkina Faso

Un Coopérant pour le renforcement organisationnel et l’appui à l’autonomisation durable(h/f).

Ensemble avec quelques 130 organisations partenaires, situées dans un de nos 13 pays partenaires et des milliers de bénévoles en Flandre, Broederlijk Delen lutte contre l’inégalité. Partager et repartager. C’est la solution selon nous.
Nous appuyons les initiatives des groupes de personnes organisées sur place, qui se retrouvent et se complètent dans une approche programme dans les régions où nous sommes actifs. Des coopérants-expatriés accompagnent ces programmes dans une perspective de renforcer les capacités des organisations partenaires et les programmes régionaux sur le terrain.

Le renforcement des capacités de nos partenaires est accompagné par des coopérants expatriés. Ce sont des spécialistes d’une nationalité autre que celle du pays hôte qui renforcent les organisations partenaires et les programmes régionaux sur le terrain.

Pour l’appui à nos partenaires au Burkina Faso, nous cherchons un coopérant spécialiste dans le renforcement organisationnel et l’autonomisation démocratique et financière des organisations.

Broederlijk Delen travaille au Burkina Faso dans la région Nord (Provinces de Louroum, Yatenga, Zondoma, Passoré et Bam). Nous soutenons des organisations de la société civile (OSCs) dans leur travail de promotion de la souveraineté alimentaire et des droits citoyens à travers l’agriculture familiale durable. Le/la coopérant (e) accompagnera différentes organisations partenaires à renforcer leurs capacités de gestion organisationnelle en vue d’un accroissement de leur efficacité, efficience et autonomie démocratique et financière. Le coopérant pourra bâtir sur des processus de renforcement institutionnel déjà mis en route.
Nous avons constaté que nos partenaires, ONG aussi bien que organisations de base, sont très dépendant des financements internationaux, non seulement pour leurs activités mais aussi pour leur fonctionnement. Leur autonomie (financière, stratégique et démocratique) et donc leur durabilité, sont des enjeux importants et nécessitent d’être renforcées.
Le focus du soutien sera orienté vers l’augmentation de l’autonomie des partenaires, aussi bien sur le plan de légitimité et bonne gouvernance que sur le plan stratégique, financier et en termes d’alliances externes/ réseautage. Le coopérant est en premier lieu un coach et facilitateur de processus qui a de l’expérience dans l’accompagnement des processus de renforcement organisationnel. Il/elle peut, au besoin, s’entourer d’experts locaux pour un soutien technique. Le coopérant travaille en étroite collaboration avec le représentant de BD au Burkina Faso.

Description de la fonction
• Accompagner les organisations partenaires à identifier leurs besoins de renforcement organisationnel et d’autonomisation.
• Accompagner des trajets de renforcement des capacités adaptés aux besoins de chaque organisation.
• Former et accompagner les organisations dans le domaine de la gestion organisationnelle, la gouvernance démocratique, la gestion des ressources financières et l’autonomisation.
• Aider les partenaires à développer des méthodes innovantes de collecte de fonds ou de services génératrices de revenus pour assurer (une partie de) leur fonctionnement de manière autonome.
• Contribuer à la promotion et la facilitation des processus d’apprentissage à l’intérieur des organisations, et l’apprentissage mutuelle au niveau du programme.
• Contribuer à la promotion de la synergie entre les partenaires et la coopération avec d’autres acteurs (gouvernementaux et non gouvernementaux) et soutenir le développement des mécanismes qui stimulent la durabilité et l’autonomie de ces collaborations.
• Accompagner les partenaires dans l’analyse de leur approches d’autonomisation de leurs groupes cibles et appuyer le développement de stratégies performants et durables dans ce domaine.

Profil recherché
• Formation supérieure avec une spécialisation dans le développement/gestion organisationnel. (ou équivalent par expérience)
• Une expérience professionnelle d’au moins 3 ans en matière de développement et d’opérationnalisation des trajets de renforcements des capacités des individus et/ou des organisations de la société civile.
• Une expérience avec, ou connaissance de la gestion financière d’une organisation
• Une expérience dans la gestion des ressources humaines et le coaching serait un atout
• Une bonne connaissance théorique des méthodes, techniques et outils participatifs de renforcement de capacités
• Expérience professionnelle dans l’analyse, la conception et la gestion de projets de développement et de plans stratégiques, ainsi que connaissance des méthodes d’accompagnement pour le planning et suivi-évaluation des projets et programmes.
• Au moins deux ans d’expérience professionnelle dans un pays en développement, de préférence en Afrique
• Bonne connaissance (parlée et écrite) du français, connaissance d’anglais et/ou néerlandais est un atout

Autres qualifications

• Vous êtes une personne dynamique, flexible et motivée, qui peut fonctionner au sein d’une équipe et partager des connaissances et des aptitudes.
• Vous pouvez prendre l’initiative et vous savez travailler de façon autonome.
• Vous pouvez prioriser et accompagner plusieurs trajets de renforcement des capacités en parallèle.
• Vous avez une très forte capacité analytique et vous avez une attitude ou expérience de travail axée sur les résultats.
• Vous avez des capacités relationnelles et communicatives, vous savez écouter et vous pouvez faciliter des processus sans revendiquer vous-même le leadership.
• Vous avez une bonne capacité rédactionnelle.
• Vous êtes très sensible aux aspects immatériels de développement comme la culture, l’identité, les relations.
• Vous vous reconnaissez dans la vision de Broederlijk Delen.

• Un contrat de travail à temps plein avec Broederlijk Delen de deux ans, avec possibilité de renouvellement/prolongation.
• Un salaire attractif et des bénéfices additionnels.
• Préparation spécifique avant le départ et encadrement et suivi lors de l’envoi, entre autres par un représentant local de BD (qui habite et travaille dans la région) et/ou par la chargée de programme.
• Un travail stimulant dans une équipe internationale motivée et un programme cohérent.

Procédure de recrutement
Pour postuler, veuillez envoyer votre lettre de motivation et votre CV au plus tard le 22 juin 2017.

Les candidats sélectionnés seront invités dans la semaine de 26 juin 2017 pour un test par écrit et le 18 juillet 2017 pour une interview à Bruxelles. On demandera au candidat final retenu de participer à des tests psychosociaux.

L’envoi est prévu pour une période de 2 ans. Le départ est prévu au plus tôt possible, mais dépend de l’expérience, de la préparation, de la formation et de l’attribution d’un permis de travail et de séjour local.

Vous trouvez plus d’informations sur Broederlijk Delen sur www.broederlijkdelen.be.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Aug 11, 2017
Sales Strategy and Coordination Manager in Ghana , Ghana

Sales Strategy and Coordination Manager role
The company we recruit for delivers Pay-As-You-Go asset-based financing to consumers who lack both access to reliable electricity and formal banking services. The anchor product is a basic solar home system that includes three lights, a phone charger, and a radio, allows consumers living on $5-10 per day to access clean light for working and studying after hours, avoid harmful air pollution from kerosene based lighting solutions, and also build credit for additional products and services over time.

The Position
For the next phase of growth we are looking at transforming the direct sales channel strategy and execution capabilities whilst creating new indirect channels. We require an experienced sales manager to lead this efforts that will bridge energy poverty and financial inclusion for hundreds of thousands of people across Ghana.

Key responsibilities include:
- Make sales strategies and implement them to help achieve sales targets in coordination with field sales manager
- Hit monthly sales targets by providing necessary supports such as budgeting, planning, resolving personal issues and logistics to sales people
- Manage and reinforce several teams (administration, training and sales support) to give better supports to field sales agents
- Coordinate with finance department on all payment and budget related issues
- Conduct a series of quantitative analyses on sales performance to capture sales trends and pain points on a SC level as additional KPIs and share them with field sales team
- Prepare budgets and track expenses to manage costs
- Organize and lead monthly sales meeting where sales performance review, sales targets, strategies and new initiatives are shared among the management and area sales managers
- Set appropriate incentives and KPIs both for SSC staff member and field sales agents
- Collaborate with repayment team to help achieve higher repayment rate by customers
- Report to head of sales

The successful candidate must have:
- An experience of 3+ years in managing role in sales / strategy in telco, FMCG, fast-paced start-up, or top consulting firm.
- Demonstrable achievements in building and managing with several functions
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of cultures in a diverse community
- Strong leadership skills, including ability to foster a cooperative work environment amongst the functional heads.
- Result-oriented mindset and extremely high motivation for making things happen
- Work experience in West Africa and speaking Ghanaian local languages are a plus.

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Expiring: Aug 03, 2017
Junior Procurement Officer in Cameroon , Cameroon

General Description:

The Junior Procurement Officer (“Officer”) will be developing himself, and will be assisted in such a development, to a member of the procurement and trade team and will be able to independently contribute on a medium term through:
• Management of procurement operations
• Trading physical cocoa, cocoa futures and options and foreign exchange
• Preparing and conducting market research for trading, management and marketing purposes

The Officer plays an important role in the set-up and growth of the company’s cocoa business in the origins: he connects the company to two of its major stakeholders, the suppliers and our partners in selected origins in West-Africa and Latin America. The Officer’s primary responsibility is to assist the Head of Procurement in the implementation of our sourcing strategy. The Officer might be based in an origin for longer periods for this purpose.

Next to that, we expect the Officer to develop its knowledge and capabilities in trading physical cocoa, cocoa futures and options and foreign exchange in such a way that the Officer can form an integral part of the trade team in the medium term.

Reporting: Reports to Head of Procurement

1. Sourcing
2. Exporting
3. Contract execution
4. Sustainability
5. Operational Control
6. Market
7. External contacts

Key tasks
1. Sourcing:
• Ensure the correct implementation of the partnership agreements with partners in selected origins, including all parts of the modus operandi and the stock management.
• Promote and secure business with existing and prospective suppliers and, if applicable, local cocoa export authorities in the assigned country/territory, through a relationship-based approach. Assist the partners in developing its commercial basis in the selected origins.
• Analyse the potential of the selected origins and determine the value of existing and prospective business to the company

2. Exporting:
• Assist partners in origin and suppliers with shipment planning and execution
• Oversee correctness, timeliness and completeness of shipments
• Solid communication with and provide support for back-office and logistics team

3. Contract execution:
• Assist partners, maintain regular contact with suppliers and, if applicable, local cocoa export authorities to warrant smooth contract execution and timely shipments
• Attend stuffing and/or loading operations at the request of the company
• Expedite the resolution of problems and complaints

4. Sustainability:
• Support CR Officer with implementation of sustainability projects/strategy in Cameroon and in connection with clients

5. Operational Control:
Further develop and implement operational control procedures in origins, including but not limited to:
• Quality control procedures at different stages of the sourcing of cocoa, including setting up own labs or upgrade labs from partners
• i Stock and weight control procedures in (future) own managed and/or at our partners sourcing, cleaning and export operations
• Further develop and implement allocation of purchases to sales and planning of shipments.
• Ensure that the quality and packing of the cocoa meets the standards of the destination country

6. Market:
Supply the company with regular oral and written reports on matters such as, but not limited to:
• Cocoa crop forecast
• Weather conditions and forecast
• Total volume sold and shipped
• Competitive volumes
• Competitive shipments
• Competitive up-country activities
• Rules and regulations of local cocoa bodies and authorities and changes therein
• Premiums granted to farmers for traceability/certification
• Keep abreast of market conditions and competitive activities

7. External contacts:
• Establish and elevate the brand profile in the local area and with local cocoa (export) bodies
• Network and establish relationships with local cocoa (export) bodies/organizations

8. Management and team support:
• Support the management and team in daily execution of sales and purchase contracts
• Support the management in execution of sourcing and trading strategies and risk management
• Work closely with trading and other origin teams to ensure market share growth in the cocoa market

Education, knowledge and experience:
• Level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification (Mathematics, Econometrics, Economics, Finance, Agriculture, Business Administration).
• Practical experience in a tropical commodity origin, preferably cocoa could be an advantage
• Basic knowledge on cocoa or other softs/agricultural markets
• Good understanding of risk management in relation to physical softs/agricultural commodities trading

• Effective communicator and negotiator
• Fluent in English and French, and preferably Spanish, both verbal and written
• Team player with strong commercial acumen
• Excellent analytical and numerical skills with attention to detail
• Continuous drive to understand and beat the market
• Well organised, accurate
• Keen sense of priorities to meet short deadlines
• Good working knowledge of Microsoft office applications, especially Excel

• Entrepreneurial, dynamic and looking for opportunities
• Proven interest in, and solid understanding of, global commodities markets
• Focus, commitment and determination
• Decisive
• Pro-active
• Accurate
• Creative
• Analytical
• Able to cope with stress

Work Status: Full time
Location: Douala, and potential (temporary) relocation to another origin country in West-Africa or Latin America. Requires extensive traveling.

Package offered:
• Salary range € 35.000 - € 42.000 per year gross, nett depends on your location
• Accommodation
• Transport
• International insurance
• Tickets 2x per year
• Family is welcome

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Expiring: Jul 07, 2017
Country Director in Uganda , Uganda

BiD Network Foundation is a Not-for-profit founded in 2007 with offices in Kampala and Amsterdam. Our mission is to increase access to finance for emerging market entrepreneurs by preparing them and connecting them to financiers. Since 2015 we have a new management team that aims to transition the foundation into a social enterprise, with the objective to become sustainable, and more effective in the results and impact we create.

Our clients are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with revenues of at least USD 100,000, a strong entrepreneurial team, proof of market, a scalable business model and create social impact. Many SMEs in Uganda have growth potential, but lack the right skills and access to finance to grow their business to their fullest potential. That’s where BiD Network steps in. We provide Business Growth Support and Investor Matchmaking services; Business Growth Support is provided after a thorough assessment of the business, and technical support is provided together with our network of highly qualified experts and partners. Matchmaking services focus on the preparation of documents necessary for investment, including financial modeling, investment plan and investor deck preparation. BiD Network works with a network of 200+ active private as well as institutional investors. This network has been built up over the last 10 years. We have provided access to finance for 235 SMEs for over USD 32 million.

About your job
To grow our activities in Uganda and the region, we are looking for an experienced Country Director for our local office who will be responsible for leading the Uganda team. We are looking for an individual with international experience in the field of Investment and Corporate finance. The role’s key purpose is to create sustainable impact through serving entrepreneurs in the SME sector with risk capital and business support, helping them to realise their full business potential and achieve long- term success. The Country Director will also be expected to lead the team in sourcing quality pipeline, preparing quality investment memorandums for our investor network, conducting high quality business assessments, and providing excellent business growth support to the SMEs. The Country Director will work closely with the Investment Director based in the Netherlands in maintaining and growing our International Investor network.

The Country Director will also represent BiD Network at events (both local and in the region) and promote BiD Network services to larger clients such as NGOs, Development Organizations and Corporates that want to make use of BiD Network services.
The ambition of BiD Network is to scale up regionally in the near future which will provide opportunities for growth for the right candidate. We are looking for a candidate that has the right skills set and ambition to grow towards Regional Director in the future.

The Country Director Uganda reports to the Investment Director in the Netherlands.

Your responsibilities include:
• Managing the Ugandan Country Office including attending to statutory and legal requirements, overseeing financial reporting and audit process of the local entity
• Leading and training the Uganda office staff to improve the quality of our business assessments, selection process, investment preparation, and monitoring of investments
• Ensure quality of business assessment, investment preparation, business growth support and matchmaking services
• Development of investor services
• Developing and maintaining relations with strategic partners and investors
• Relationship and account management of larger clients of BiD Network.
• BiD Network representation in Uganda and potentially in the region
• Part of management team (MT) of BiD Network
• Contribute to the strategic direction of BiD Network (up-scaling, fundraising, business development)
• Potentially set up of new country offices in the region in coordination with Netherlands

We look for you, if you possess the following experience, skills and knowledge:
• University degree in Economics, Business Administration, or Finance.
• Advanced degree is an advantage. An MBA is preferred, as well as CFA or ACCA.
• Excellent financial and analytical skills.
• Experience in investment banking
• Excellent deal origination skills and a well-developed network with the local SME business and finance community.
• A minimum of 3 years of Investment management experience. Preferably in Private Equity.
• Experience managing a team
• Experience of working in Africa. Preferably with understanding of the Ugandan/East African financial, regulatory and operational environment;
• Proven experience with business consultancy and training/coaching.
• Experience working with SMEs
• Fluent in English (verbally and written);
• Living (or willing to live) in Kampala or surroundings. We have a preference for people based in East Africa.

In addition, we look for you if you have the following attitude:
• A natural ability to network, connect and enthusiast others;
• Entrepreneurial and energetic;
• Decision making power
• Result-oriented and tenacious in achieving targets;
• Able to work independently and also an active team player, able to lead a team and be a part of it;
• Trustworthy
• Stress-resistant and resilient

You will be based in Kampala and we expect you to be flexible in travelling (20-30% of your time).

BiD Network offers:
• A highly dynamic working environment in a young, international and ambitious team in Amsterdam and Kampala.
• Competitive salary based on qualification and experience
• Performance bonus
• Single package (no schooling, no relocation costs)

Please apply for this job before May 28th, 2017.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Jun 30, 2017