Training consultant on Gender Awareness , East Africa

1. The African Cashew Alliance has received a grant from the African Development Bank (AfDB) under the Africa Trade Fund (AfTra), to design and deliver Gender Awareness training to cashew processors from 8 countries in East and West Africa. The primary objective of this training program is to address the underlying causes of underrepresentation of female workers in supervisory and management roles of cashew processing facilities and the need to upgrade workers’ skills. Supervisors and managers will be equipped with skills to prevent discrimination in the work place and build the expertise and confidence of the female workforce to attain supervisory and management roles. It is expected that by the end of 2016, at least 5 management teams and 75 female workers will have been trained on the program.

2. To handle the main task of implementing the program, ACA is hiring a consultant who will be based in East Africa (Mozambique, Kenya or Tanzania) to design and deliver this training over the projected period.

3. The consultancy services included under this project are as follows:
(i) Advisory on ACA training curricula:
ACA has an extensive training record with regards to technical and food safety contents. In the course of ACA’s trainings which routinely concern predominantly women workers, no gender specific methods or tools are used. The consultant will advise the ACA technical team with regards to the gender element of their trainings and propose an amendment of contents if required.
(ii) Develop Training materials and a manual for trainings on gender issues for
A. management level staff
B. employees

(iii) Workshops and Seminars:
The consultant will train
(i) The management of the processing facilities on gender issues; and
(ii) The employees of the processing facilities to raise awareness for gender topics.

4. African Cashew Alliance (ACA) invites eligible and interested consultants to indicate their interests in providing the required services. Interested consultants shall provide information on their qualifications and experience demonstrating their ability to undertake this assignment. The consultant must provide a CV, certificates, other documents detailing their experience. The expected duration of the assignment is eleven (11) months with a possible start date of 25thAugust, 2017.

5. Evaluation of EOI will be based on the following evaluation criteria :
i. Capability and Experience of the Consultant
ii. Key Professional skills of the consultants
iii. Experience in Similar Industry
iv. Experience in Similar assignments

The eligibility criteria, establishment of the short list and the selection procedure shall be in conformity with the African Development Bank’s “Rules and Procedures for the Use of Consultants” (May 2008 Edition, Revised July 2012, which is available on Bank’s website http//www.afdb.org. Please note that interest expressed by a Consultant does not imply any obligation on the part of the Bank to include him/her in the shortlist.

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Expiring: 08/24/2017
Field Operations Manager in Uganda , Uganda

EADD II-Field Operations Manager

Job Description

The Field Operations Manager (FOM) will provide overall guidance and coordination of consortium partners in the implementation of field based activities in the EADD II project in Uganda. To this end, s/he will take the overall responsibility of increasing dairy production at farm level, sustainable functioning of hubs and gender equity. S/he will also ensure that the project is implemented in compliance with the donor (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) and Heifer policies and that it meets all compliance standards consistent with conventional good project management practices.

For successful execution of the job duties, the FOM should be proactive, a critical and creative thinker, a team player and able to structure and manage complex tasks.

RESPONSIBILITIES (including approximate percentage effort) & DELIVERABLES

Management and Compliance
1. Develop operational strategies and oversee execution of project operations (10%)
- Provide weekly/monthly follow-up on targets from country level and cascade down to cluster and producer organization (PO) level
2. Coordinate robust facilitation support to team leaders to guarantee quality cluster leadership and timely implementation of project activities (15%)
- Ensure coordinated, consistent and smooth implementation of project activities on a monthly basis
- Monitor cluster activities to ensure they are effectively aligned to meet Cluster Team’s weekly targets
- Review significant variances on plans and budgets as needed
3. Provide leadership to teams on operationalizing implementation plans and budgets, including enhancing compliance standards at project and PO levels (10%)
- Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within the first three months
- Ensure full compliance with financial and other internal controls on an ongoing basis
4. In close collaboration with the MLE coordinator, lead planning and implementation processes and track performance of project activities (10%)
- Ensure the result tracker develops; monthly performance and provide feedback with consultation of Country Project Manager (CPM) in timely manner
- Ensure monthly, quarterly and annual reports are accurate, complete, and on-time

Program Effectiveness
1. Provide sound leadership by sharing project strategic thinking with Dairy Production and Business Teams; and ensure these teams are working in tandem to establish sound Hub businesses, anchored on production (10%)
- Provide strategic guidance for Production and Business Teams on a weekly basis
- Establish the sound Hub businesses anchored sustainable production with quarterly review on the team’s work
2. Provide technical support to production and business teams to facilitate farmers’ transformation towards farming as business (transforming farm from a production unit to an enterprise) (10%)
- Ensure development of the transformation process and provide guidance to the team on a quarterly basis
- Ensure the number of farmers transforming towards dairy farming as business (entrepreneurs) increases at an average of 3% in first 4 months, and thereafter at 10% on a quarterly basis
3. Provide technical and leadership support to Gender & Social Capital Development (SCD) team to develop and/or review project gender strategy and ensure the entire team is mainstreaming gender in their activities (10%)
- Review and Implement gender strategies with the first two months
- Ensure gender mainstreaming on improving women and youth participation in project activities by increase at an average of 15% in first 2 months with monthly follow-ups
4. Ensure maximum and effective utilization of SCD approach (tool) to implement project activities from Project to Farmer levels (15%)
- Ensure SCD approach is fully utilized and project implementation is localized on a monthly basis.
- Ensure the number of Dairy Interest Groups (DIGs) are established and graduated towards sustenance at agreed timelines per DIG.

Partnership and Engagement
Support CPM to identify potential stakeholders, conduct analysis and engage (develop partnership framework and draft MOUs) (10%)
- Support the CPM to ensure that the routine engagement of stakeholders is completed at agreed timelines
- Develop and maintain biannual reports on partnership framework
May perform other job-related duties as assigned

Required Experience

Minimum Requirements:
- Master’s Degree in Livestock Production, Agriculture Economics, Project Management, Rural Development or other related field
- Five (5) years hands-on experience; Two (2) years at managerial level in a mix of agricultural value chains and rural development related projects; and a good understanding of the dairy value chain of Uganda and experience setting up producer/ market groups

Preferred Requirements:
Understanding and hands-on experience in project cycle management; planning and budgeting; Demonstrated ability to design and implement strategies aimed at providing institutional capacity building to key partner institutions with a view to build a more efficient, competitive, and sustainable dairy industry. Experience working in NGO environment in a similar position is an added advantage.

Job Location
Mbarara, , Uganda

Position Type

Job Level
To Be Determined

Non U.S. Based Locations

Closing Date

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Expiring: 08/20/2017
SME Assessor / Business Coach in Mozambique , Mozambique

Our client is currently looking for an SME Assessor / Business Coach. (full time)

You will be part of a team of national and international experts to strengthen the renewable energy sector in Mozambique. The role consists of reviewing business plans of SME’s applying for an investment grant to be provided by an international financial institution to successful applicants. Also giving advice to improve the plan, though not rewrite the plan yourself, is part of the role. After investment grants have been awarded, monitoring SME operations, and providing business advise if and when required. This will be an ongoing process.

The ideal candidate:
- Has at least a Bachelor degree;
- Is an experienced entrepreneur, with at least 10 years of experience of doing business in Mozambique;
- Has knowledge of renewable energy in its broadest shape or form;
- Is fluent in Portuguese and English, conversational and written;
- Is able to be a mentor/coach.

What is offered: A freelance assignment for the duration of 5 years.
Duty station: Maputo

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Note: This is a job advertisement for a company that wishes to stay anonymous, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: 08/20/2017

Heb jij een voorliefde voor Kaapstad? Daar stage gelopen, op vakantie geweest, verliefd geworden of gewoon altijd al een tijd willen wonen en werken? Dit is je kans!

Voor een multinational in Oil & Gas o.a. gevestigd in Kaapstad, Zuid Afrika, zijn wij op zoek naar Customer Service Medewerkers.

De werkzaamheden bestaan uit het voorzien van de klant van goede service door middel van effectieve communicatie, het toevoegen van waarde voor de klant en het efficiënt oplossen van problemen.
Momenteel is onze opdrachtgever op zoek naar medewerkers die zowel de Nederlandse als de Engelse taal zeer goed beheersen. Na een gedegen training ga je aan de slag op de afdeling Customer Service als Agent. Je doet relevante buitenlandse werkervaring op terwijl je woont in een van de mooiste steden ter wereld!

1) Je bent serieus en houdt van avontuur
2)Je hebt ervaring in Customer Service en/of in de Oil & Gas industrie
3) Je bent goed bekend met IT software (Microsoft en Internet)
4) Je bent klantgericht en beschikt over goede contactuele eigenschappen
5) Je beheerst de Nederlandse taal uitstekend (schrijven en spreken)
6) Je spreekt vloeiend Engels
7) Je bent bereid om minimaal 1 jaar in Zuid-Afrika te wonen

1) Het nemen van de volledige eindverantwoording van de klant, zelfs wanneer de oplossing niet binnen je eigen mogelijkheden ligt
2) Het fungeren als visite kaartje voor het bedrijf ook wanneer aan de klanten wensen niet kan worden voldaan

1) Een professionele werkomgeving bij een gerenommeerd bedrijf
2) Een uitgebreid trainingsprogramma
3) Werkvergunning wordt geregeld en betaald (R1 350 visum aanvraag wordt je teruggegeven op tonen van het bonnetje)
4) Markt conform salaris R17 400 per maand + 50% maandsalaris onboarding bonus op eerste betaling
5) Retourticket en accommodatie op eigen kosten
6) Je krijgt een Nederlandse buddy toegewezen die al in Kaapstad werkt
7) Vaste startdatum 01 September 2016, je krijgt een jaarcontract

Bij het solliciteren voeg ook ten minste één geschreven referentie toe. Deze hebben we nodig om je te kunnen voorstellen bij de werkgever.

Premium job

Expiring: 07/08/2016
Help Desk Agent in South Africa (Dutch Speaking) , South Africa

Voor een van s' werelds grootste ICT dienstverlener o.a. gevestigd in Johannesburg Zuid Afrika, zijn wij op zoek naar ICT Klantenservice Medewerkers.

UPDATE: vanwege een wereldwijde 'freeze' van IBM mbt het aantrekken van nieuw personeel, staat deze job voorlopig 'on hold'. Heb je interesse, dan kun je altijd solliciteren en zodra de 'freeze' wordt opgeheven, stellen we je op de hoogte.

De werkzaamheden bestaan uit het effectief en klantvriendelijk afhandelen van vragen over computerproblemen van kantoormedewerkers van een Nederlandse bank. Momenteel is onze opdrachtgever op zoek naar medewerkers die zowel de Nederlandse als de Engelse taal zeer goed beheersen. Na een gedegen training ga je aan de slag op een van de projecten van onze opdrachtgever als Helpdesk Medewerker. Je doet relevante buitenlandse werkervaring op terwijl je woont in een van de mooiste landen ter wereld!

- Je bent serieus en houdt van avontuur
- Je bent klantgericht en beschikt over goede contactuele eigenschappen
- Je beheerst de Nederlandse taal uitstekend (schrijven en spreken)
- Je spreekt vloeiend Engels
- Je bent bereid om minimaal een jaar in Zuid-Afrika te wonen
- Je bent bij voorkeur direct beschikbaar

- Voor onze opdrachtgever, een wereldwijd opererende ICT-marktleider, die haar Servicedesk in Zuid-Afrika heeft gevestigd, zijn wij op zoek naar kandidaten die vanuit Zuid-Afrika kantoormedewerkers telefonisch ondersteuning bieden bij het oplossen van hun computerproblemen.

- Een professionele werkomgeving bij een gerenommeerd bedrijf
- Een uitgebreid trainingsprogramma
- Werkvergunning wordt geregeld
- Je wordt geholpen met het vinden van huisvesting
- Retourticket wordt vergoed
- Marktconform salaris 10.700 Rand bruto (ca. 9.425 Rand netto)

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Special job

Expiring: 08/27/2017
Chief Technical Advisor in Namibia , Namibia

Chief Technical Adviser (CTA): “Integrated National Park Management II” Project in Namibia

Application by: 30 Jun, 2017
Project Status: Expression of Interest
Project Title: “Integrated National Park Management II” Project (also ‘NamParks V’)
Period of Project: Estimated start between November 2017 and January 2018
Duration of assignment: 48 months
Country: Namibia

Project Description:
The Integrated National Park Management II Project (also NamParks V) is the most recent phase of the Namibia National Parks Programme (NamParks), a development programme of the Government of the Republic of Namibia executed by its Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET).

The Integrated National Park Management II Project will focus on the national parks along the Namibian coastline, i.e. Tsau //Khaeb, Namib Naukluft, Dorob and Skeleton Coast National Parks, as well as their support zones in the adjacent areas.

The project's overarching aim is to support an integrated park management in the respective national parks. This aims at involving all stakeholders and at encouraging local communities to participate in the management process. Thereby, sustainable natural resource management will be combined with the development of natural‐resource‐based income opportunities such as eco‐tourism from which the communities that live in and around the respective national parks can benefit. So far, key challenges for the integrated management of the targeted parks are the insufficient park infrastructure and the limited capacities of the MET.

To improve the integrated management of the targeted national parks, the project comprises the following intervention areas:

Intervention Area 1: Establishment of Adequate Park Infrastructure
Intervention Area 2: Integrated Park Management
Intervention Area 3: Community Development
Intervention Area 4: Strengthening of the Capacities of MET for Project Management

Job Description:
- The tasks of the CTA are comprehensive and include (but are not necessarily restricted to) the following:
- Overall advice to the MET for the implementation of the Project and the coordination with other stakeholders;
- General management and oversight of the implementation of Project measures in accordance with the approved results matrix/logframe, time schedule, operational plans, and work plans;
- Advise and assists the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, on key issues related to nature conservation management and integrated park management, such as policy formulation and implementation, development of respective procedures, guidelines, strategies;
- Supervise and coordinate the procurement of works, goods and consulting services according to agreed procedures; this shall also include the technical and contractual supervision of project sub-contractors and of construction work in coordination with the architect/engineers of the consultants team;
- Supervise and coordinate the financial management of the project, in particular with regard to the management of the disposition fund, including (cross-checking) assessment of disbursement claims;
- Monitoring of project implementation, including the financial monitoring of approved budgets, the progress monitoring of the implementation of the Project activities as well as the monitoring of the performance and impact of the project based on the agreed indicators;
- Elaboration of regular reports on the implementation of the Project according to the agreed reporting structure and schedule; coordinate and supervise the elaboration and submission of inputs for the reports from the different team members.

The Chief Technical Advisor will be responsible for the overall coordination of the project implementation and the supervision and guidance of the Consultant’s team.

Profile (Qualifications):
- Professional experience with donor-funded projects and specific knowledge of German Financial Cooperation KfW (management procedures, reporting, etc.);
- Work experience as team leader in long-term assignments;
- Postgraduate university degree in nature conservation management, natural resource management or another field of relevance to this project (community development, integrated rural development, etc.) with proven practical work experience in this field;
- Good understanding and proven track record in areas such as park management, integrated rural development, community development, tourism development, participation, and policy advise;
- Work experience in African countries with similar socio-economic conditions;
- Previous work in park management in southern Africa would be a strong asset;
- Strong background in management and financial administration of development projects, including M&E of project implementation;
- At least 10 years of practical professional experience in the sector;
- Excellent oral and written communication skills and proficiency in the English language;
- Team player who is capable of working under different and sometimes difficult conditions.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

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Special job

Expiring: 07/28/2017
Profitable business in Ghana for sale , Ghana

Note: this is not a job! It concerns the sale of the well-known Coffee Corner on Beach Road, in Takoradi-Sekondi , Ghana.

For further information, please contact Marjolein Rovers on coffeecorner.ghana@gmail.com directly.

Coffee Corner opened its doors in July 2013 at this A-location and has been profitable since day one, because it is one of a kind. It is seen as the place to go for both breakfast and lunch and said to serve the best coffee of Ghana. The owners are leaving due to a new business venture in another country.

Coffee Corner: attractive to both expats and locals
With the new oil economy, a large group of expats came to Takoradi, most of which are now regular customers. As such, Coffee Corner enjoys a stable customer base, since it is also a popular place to go for the local Ghanaian community.

Coffee Corner in short
• A-location: 5 minutes to the port, 5 minutes to town, 5 minutes from the airport.
• Seats 50 people inside and there is an outside patio for smokers.
• Own building (located on well priced rented land) and parking space for at least 20 cars.
• Fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel counters and professional ovens.
• La Marzocco coffee machine with two groups.
• Huge store room with own walk in freezer of approx. 14 m3
• Own office space with own facilities (currently rented out on short term) and a separate entrance.
• Own reefer car (Citroen Jumpy) and two generator sets (20 KVA and 30 KVA) on premises.
• Great growing potential
• Key benefits: settled in Takoradi with a great reputation and an ever growing customer base (both private people as businesses), good area for expats, A-location with easy access.
• Premises: approx. 160 m2
• Current number of staff: 10

Additional benefits
• An existing group of suppliers
• Current owner will help you as a foreigner with getting a work & residence permit needed to work and reside in Ghana as a foreigner.
• All the permits of a restaurant

The purchase will be of the shop as is. For further information, please contact Marjolein Rovers on coffeecorner.ghana@gmail.com.

Further Information
• Coffee Corner Homepage
• Tripadvisor (Coffee Corner has been no. 1 in Takoradi since it opened)

Special job

Expiring: 07/13/2017