Financial Controller for domestic airline , Tanzania

You are leading a small finance department and have to be besides a fully licensed accountant able to provide following skills- tasks

• Advance Excel skills (Pivot tables) combined with Aero CRS or similar online booking systems experience.
• Multitask in a very fast paced environment.
• Technical and functional skills in financial controlling
• Prepare and file tax returns to TRA and other statutory taxes
• Ability to proficiently use QuickBooks, and the Microsoft Office Suite of products including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook
• Monitor bank balances and supplier payments daily
• Provide back up to other accounting staff and perform additional duties as determined by the CEO.
• Continuous training of the accounting team
• Accounts receivable and cash management in applicable processes and reconciliations.
• The daily posting of cash receipts and payments
• The production of a daily cash & bank reconciliation statement.
• The outstanding incoming and outgoing payment issues and get them resolved on time.
• Action the collection of accounts receivable daily.
• Prior operational experience and understanding of a sense of urgency in monitoring the daily work Flow and able to meet various deadlines.
• Ability to work with international clients- agents
• Working hours Monday to Friday, Saturday 08h30 to 14h00.

This is a very hands on job, which requires a lot operational work, also the ability to lead a small team, who works towards the new FC.

Expiring: Mar 31, 2018
Managing Director Argentina , Argentina

Our client grows fruit around the globe. For their operations in Argentina we are looking for a dynamic Managing Director. The company was recently restructured and the Managing Director needs to show leadership in developing the company while reducing the cost structure.

Job type: permanent, full-time, with trial period
Salary: competitive, including bonus
Location: Argentina
Production: about 500ha of fruit

Roles & Responsibilities:
The Managing Director will be responsible for the general performance of the operations, which include leading the entire operations and finance teams, driving profitability, relating with external stakeholders (banks, unions, etc.), and developing commercial strategy. Specific areas of responsibility include:

Overseeing all company operations
• Optimizing sales and marketing of the products
• Developing regenerative agricultural practices and innovative thinking in operations with resources at hand
• Operating efficient post-harvest flow, with optimal packhouse management and effective quality control
• Leading in the implementation of best agricultural practices, from land preparation through planting and harvesting
• Optimizing cost aggressively, in compliance with the spending thresholds and policies set by the Group

Building and maintaining an effective and committed team at all levels
• Making sure a succession plan is in place at any time for senior functions in the company, including MD
• Creating an attitude of continuous improvement, with an open and communicative climate
• Setting targets, evaluating performance and rewarding of team members
• Preparing the team to operate under tight financial constraints and deliver objectives set by the company
• Communicating mission, values and strategy
• Assigning responsibilities and key roles, handling underperforming people, and developing talent

Overseeing the finance and admin operations, according to objectives set by the company
• Making a 5-year forecast operating and financial model, with key focus on cash returned to the company and delivery of regenerative objectives
• Overseeing the finance functions with budget planning, cash management, IFRS reporting, and addressing the financing needs of the company through organic funding
• Legal responsibility to the extent required from a company director
• Risk mitigation actions, compliance with health and safety requirements
• Reporting of cash position on weekly basis, of performance on monthly basis

The Managing Director will report to the companies Executive Committee.

Skills, Qualifications & Attitude
We are looking for a team player, confident and happy to work hard to accomplish a purposeful goal.

The following skills are the most important:
- Ability to successfully manage crises, contingencies, tight cash situations and execute change management plans
- 5-15 years of relevant experience in a farm management position
- Business education with good command of finance
- Proven track-record of expatriate experiences of minimum 2 years in other cultural environment than his/her
- Interest in themes such as sustainability, resource efficiency, regenerative or circular business models
- Solid managerial skills, with ability to manage an extensive team including white- and bluecollar employees
- Willingness to live in remote location
- Entrepreneurial and hands-on attitude. Boots in the field.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Proven natural authority and leadership skills with communicative drive
- Open mindset with keen interest in innovation
- Good knowledge of Spanish and English
- Good understanding of the wider agribusiness/ food & drink/ retail sectors
- Ambition to meaningfully grow the business
- Strong values of integrity and honesty

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Expiring: Mar 31, 2018
CMO / Medical Director in Kenya , Kenya

Work location & timings: Kenya, Mombasa
Salary / Benefits: 10,000 -15,000 USD all inclusive

Duties & Responsibilities:
 Responsible to monitor and improve the level of care and help reduce operational costs over time;
 Responsible for a number of activities related to the delivery of medical care and clinical services such as cost management, utilization review, quality assurance, and medical protocol development;
 Work closely with the executive management team to implement strategies that enhance patient care and improve medical practice;
 Develop and manage a budget, including presenting monthly financial reports to practice staff with the support of administration;
 Oversees the activities of group physicians, including the recruiting and credentialing processes;
 Reports to the physician CEO/president and/or to the governing body of the organization;

Skills & Competencies:
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
 Ability to maintain confidentiality;
 Both knowledge and experience in interaction within multicultural and multiracial settings;
 Able to apply excellent organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills;

Education & Qualifications:
 Strong background as a primary care physician, as well as experience in a hospital administration role;
 Knowledge of managed healthcare systems, medical quality assurance, quality
 improvement and risk management

Timelines: ASAP

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Expiring: Mar 29, 2018
Global Director of Operations in Rwanda , Rwanda

Reports to: CEO
Location: 50% in Nyamata, Rwanda; 50% travel across East Africa (in the short term, across districts in Rwanda and Uganda)
Compensation: Starts modest, commensurate with experience, with significant performance-based raises
Timeframe: 2-5 years

About the Role
We are recruiting a Director of Operations who is excited to build an organization that is growing fast and has a high impact. The Director will be working with a hard working and passionate team. He will have both an execution and strategy role, will spend a decent amount of time visiting site operations and gathering and analyzing operational data in the Rwanda office, and he will also be a critical thought partner to the CEO and Board. Even though the Director will not directlybe in charge of managing day-to-day operations, he will support expansion, identify new systems needs, support the heads of operations in all countries to guide strategy and drive global special projects related to operations.

The responsibilities would include:
• Recommend changes to the business model and see to the execution of those changes
• Cooperate with the CEO to determine global scale strategy and support implementation
• Develop, manage, and implement strategic special projects (managing new product development etc.)
• Manage research and development agenda to improve customer service and floor quality
• Improve our customer satisfaction
• Develop schemes that motivate field staff

Continuous Improvements to Operational Efficiency
• Improve operational efficiency and finding areas to cut costs
• Analyze data to improve efficiency
• Spend significant time with masons, drivers, sales reps and customers

Systems Development
• Implement and improve systems to scale (inventory management, construction planning, quality control management, supply chain management, financial management, customer relations management etc.)
• Oversee the management of the Salesforce platform and if necessary, integrating new software

Execution and Team Support
• Closely work with sales teams to align supply and demand in each country
• Build the structure of the Operations Department in each new country as the company establishes new business there, and support the Country Directors in hiring new staff for these roles
• Support operations teams everywhere the company is active, incl. determining strategy, onboarding new hires, setting targets and training the staff
• Closely work with the Talent Associate to support the growth of your team

• 4 years of work experience, ideally with 2 in management consulting or operations
• Experience with fast-growing social enterprises is a plus
• Desire to live, work, and travel around East Africa for several years
• Excellent analytical skills, including Excel modeling and data analysis
• Experience living and working in a developing country, preferably in East Africa
• Strong understanding of accounting, budget management, and financial management
• Hard working
• Flexible and adaptable to changing environments
• Ability to work on a variety of tasks at the same time
• Maturity and poise under stress
• Passionate about international development and social enterprise
• Entrepreneurial attitude, creative problem solver, patient team-player with a sense of humor
• Engineering skills a plus, but not required
• Graduate degree (MBA, MPA/ID, MPA, etc.) a plus, but not required

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Expiring: Mar 29, 2018
Ajira Experience Fellow , Rwanda

Job Description
Are you a young graduate STUCK at home without a job? By the way, how long ago did you finish your university and what happened to the career dreams you had while at campus?

Well, don't worry, come to the Ajira Academy and let's prepare you for a successful career. Through our Ajira Experience, we equip you with employability, career readiness and soft skills that will make you a hot cake in the job market. We shall transform you into a highly effective, innovative and proactive human resource that employers are looking for. We will equip you with practical employability, career readiness skills and professional experience that will give you competitive advantage in the job market in just a year - we call it "The Ajira Experience".

The Ajira Experience is an innovative year-long program using a new model of cooperative education that combines experiential learning and hands-on professional experience. 11 eleven months will be spent in a full time apprenticeship and the other one month is spent in 4 week-long learning bootcamps in 4 different countries [Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Uganda] on a quarterly basis. That means that alongside your 11 months of professional and regional exposure, career coaching, robust feedback and online learning from global universities, you will exit the program with experience, self-awareness, mastery of key skills and a SWOT-focused feedback report to help you in career planning and personal growth. We shall deliver you to the job market with a high degree of personal growth and a combination of skills, critical thinking, dedication, values and virtue that pushes them to pursue what we call “restless excellence” in their careers, workplace and/or entrepreneurial ventures.

Skills & Requirements

1. You should be below 30 years.
2. You need to have graduated not more than 5 years ago.
3. You should commit to undertake the 11 months of fulltime Professional Apprenticeship
4. You should commit to attend all the 4 quarterly week-long bootcamps that will take place across East Africa. Note: Your first Bootcamp will take place in the beautiful city of Kigali (Rwanda) in April 2018,
5. Be in a position to pay the program cost 1000 USD or its equivalent in local currency. __[For Ugandan applicants its 3,600,000 UGx]

We have A VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF COMPETITIVE PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS. To be considered for one of those scholarships, make sure your cover letter includes your story, what motivates you to join the Ajira Experience and compelling reasons _why we should consider you for a scholarship. It will also be great if your letter indicates how much you can afford.

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Expiring: Mar 24, 2018
Logistics Manager in Nigeria , Nigeria

Bisedge Brands & Distribution is a company within Sunray Ventures Group. Established by a group of experienced business practitioners and consultants from Germany, Sunray Ventures is an African venture builder, addressing Africa’s core opportunities and challenges by building and growing high-impact companies that are leaders in their respective fields. Bisedge creates strong route-to-market and manufacturing structures, as a platform for consumer good products, whilst adhering to the highest standards of sustainability.

As Logistics Manager, you have the complete-end-to-end responsibility of organizing all movement and storage of goods - from supplier to our warehouse, ensure storage of products in the warehouse in a safe way and without incurring losses, and organizing outbound movement from the warehouse to various distribution points. This includes, in a self-standing way, following up with shipping lines, processing of all regulatory requirements (SON, etc), managing customs declarations and clearing processes, arranging local transportation for delivery from port to warehouse, ensuring warehousing conditions in a safe and secure way, and outbound logistics organization, and overall taking the full responsibility of logistics function development within the company.

Major responsibilities include:
- Ensure timely and cost-efficient movement of goods, with responsibility over the end-to-end logistics costs,
- Manage relationships with all agents, including government agencies, clearing agents, transportation agents, insurance providers, etc.
- Ensure no product losses throughout the supply and distribution chain,
- Ensure strict adherence with all Nigerian regulations,
- Provide timely and accurate reporting about all logistics activities,
- Oversee implementation of operating standards and continuous improvement in all logistics areas.

- Very good knowledge of Nigerian regulations in areas related to importation: standards, customs processes, shipping and international trade standards,
- At least 3 years of work experience in importation related field,
- Very good understanding of warehousing and distribution systems,
- Undergraduate level degree in related field,
- Excellent oral, written, and mathematical abilities,
- High ethical standards,
- Entrepreneurial and leadership aspirations, ability to work in team.

- Opportunity to work in a forward-looking, innovative company, with international group of colleagues,
- Unlimited career opportunities – depending on achievements and personal development,
- A competitive salary and benefits package with long term prospect in a fast growing company.

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Expiring: Mar 23, 2018
Workshop Manager in Tanzania , Tanzania

Are your hands dirty, greasy and bruised? And do they also handle a keyboard well? Can you design your next component on the computer? If you are skilled, both in the workshop as well as on the computer, if you are hands on, hardworking, energetic and enthusiastic, we may have the perfect job for you. This job for a Road Freight division will give you the chance to manage a large workshop and to build on the foundation that was already created of being maintenance facility in the region which is the most techonology advanced. We are seeking an individual who is both hands on and process driven,and is capable to continue to grow and innovate.


1.1. Having overall managerial responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of the procedures are met.
1.2. Being able ensure compliance with company procedures, policies and relevant Tanzanian legislation. Supervising the daily activities of maintenance operation and vehicle repair to ensure safety
and good performance of all company equipment and vehicles.
1.3. Provide supervision and leadership for reporting staff to meet company deliverables. Ensure all assets and equipment are built, designed, maintained and serviced in a professional, safe and efficient way.
1.4. Making sure all yard and workshop operations are done in an efficient, cost effective, professional and safe way.
1.5. Produce and plan a preventative maintenance schedule for mechanical work but also for visual aspects.


2.1. The Workshop Lead assigns, plans and reviews all the work which is done by technicians in the workshop. Instruct the supervisors who will supervise the work of the electricians, panel beaters, welders and mechanics.
2.2. Actively support the companies' vision and values on Environment, Quality and Safety. The Workshop Lead is responsible to make sure that all working areas are safe, that the workshop is safely maintained and that staff is fully trained to do their job safely and efficiently.
2.3. The Workshop Lead makes recommendations regarding the promotion and discipline of employees and also the recruitment. He authorizes overtime and leave, assesses and evaluates employee performance and advises employees on work related problems, .
2.4. Cooperating with other departments and co-ordinate the need for repair and maintenance of operational equipment with other departments and employees.


3.1. The Workshop Lead will produce a monthly service report of the work, breakdowns and tyre tasks which are done by the workshop, along with feedback and recommendations to management. These reports will include:
3.2. A Monthly workshop report, including number of vehicles worked on, breakdowns, fleet reliability and availability, turnover time, equipment PPM calculator report, tyre scrap report and KPI’s for workshop staff.


4.1. Hold a degree in an engineering field.
4.2. At least 5 years’ ofexperience in maintenance / vehicle repair.
4.3. Minimum 2 years managing / supervising experience.
4.4. A course in health and safety in the workplace would be a plus.
4.5. Advanced knowledge on SAP, Microsoft office suite, FMP, BUDINI software.


5.1. Being able to coordinate workshop operations and supervise and direct personnel.
5.2. Advanced skills in English in both speaking, reading and writing
5.3. Resolve vehicle breakdowns and being able to operate all equipment and tools involved in vehicle repairs.

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Expiring: Mar 22, 2018

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