Global Director Sales and Marketing in Rwanda , Rwanda

Location: Nyamata, Rwanda, with significant time in rural villages across Rwanda and other countries in the region
Compensation: Starts modest with significant performance-based raises
Timeframe: 2-5 years

Our client is a social enterprise that helps people live a healthier life.

About the Role
The person that will be hired for this role will have a unique and urgent opportunity to sell a life-saving and life-changing product to as many people as possible. Our client is in a great place; they have developed an excellent product that their customers cherish and that has many benefits. They have scaled rapidly to reach over 1,800 customers in Rwanda within three years. Now, they are ready for a Director of Sales and Marketing with vision to pilot and implement innovative strategies and business models to fundamentally disrupt the home improvement market for the rural poor.

The Director of Sales and Marketing will lead the company in swift expansion to new regions and countries as well as to even lower socio-economic segments of the population. The job will include piloting, iterating, and implementing strategies to improve all aspects of customer relationship management: marketing, sales, branding, payment plans, promotions, pricing, and after-service support.
It will also include developing and testing scaling models. (Organic growth? Franchising? Partnerships? Licensing our oil? The options are endless!) The Director of Sales and Marketing will support sales and marketing teams across Rwanda and Uganda to start, and several more countries as we grow. Our client needs someone who is wildly creative and intellectually curious, excited to take big risks that yield high returns, looks forward to days in the field getting their hands dirty and talking to rural customers, and who runs towards the most challenging of problems, never giving up.

Key responsibilities include:
Sales and Marketing Strategy
• Create systems for procuring and analyzing data about current and potential customers
• Analyzing current sales and marketing strategies to determine their effectiveness and feasibility for duplication
• Developing, piloting, and iterating new sales and marketing strategies (e.g. marketing events, advertising campaigns, financing models)
• Determining sales and marketing strategies in new markets
• Support brand development in new markets and ongoing branding efforts in all markets
• Develop new partnerships and work with existing partners to gather market research and data
• Develop a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, motivations, and willingness to pay
• Share learnings with the senior management and the rest of the team to inform overall organizational strategy
• Support CEO in determining the optimal business model to scale

Execution and Team Support
• Work closely with operations team to align supply and demand in each country
• Develop the structure of the Sales and Marketing Department in each new country as the company establishes the business there, and support the Country Directors in hiring for these roles as we expand
• Support the sales teams of each country where the company operates, including onboarding new sales hires, setting targets, determining strategy, and hiring effective teams
• Improve sales representative recruiting strategy and training by learning across countries

• Educational level of B.A. in business, management, marketing, economics or a related field required; MBA preferred
• 5+ years of marketing and sales experience; experience with fast-growing start-ups is a plus, 2 yrs in management
• Commitment to East Africa and specifically working in rural environments for 2+ years
• Experience living and working in a developing country (preferably Rwanda / East Africa)
• Creative and artistic with an eye for strong visual design and video design
• Experience managing and analyzing budgets; modeling cost-effectiveness of marketing strategies
• Resourcefulness and critical thinking skills to quickly determine why something isn’t working and iterate quickly to try to solve it; creative problem solving
• Exceptional people skills and managerial skills; avid team player; coaching and mentoring approach
• Ability to work on a variety of tasks at the same time
• Maturity and poise under stress
• Excellent attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and outstanding work ethic
• Positive attitude, sense of humor, entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity to learn new things, patient with others
• Passionate about international development and social enterprise
• Strong technology skills (knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Dropbox)
• Fluency in English required; proficiency in another language common to East Africa preferred (Swahili, French, Kinyarwanda, Luganda, etc.)

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Expiring: Dec 20, 2017
Founder and CEO in South Africa , South Africa

Our client is an investor in the tech business targeting African consumers.

Job description
Build a Silicon Valley-style startup in Africa! Are you a top-tier leader looking to build a disruptive business and create a lasting legacy, using technology and disciplined execution to change the way people do business across the continent?

We're looking for a FOUNDER and CEO to lead a new Pan-African service-focused startup, headquartered in Cape Town and aggressively rolling out a common model, proven elsewhere in the world, into leading African markets.
You need to be young and hungry to create something new and entrepreneurial, with a track record of leading people in frontier markets.

About the role:
The role is to drive the creation and growth of a B2B and B2B2C service-oriented startup into key African markets. Over coming months and years, the role will involve the following activities:
• Phase 1: Building on initial research, refine and detail the business model and go-to-market strategy for the startup, based on leading global examples but modified for relevance to Africa
• Phase 2: With the companies support, recruit the rest of the founding team and start the build-test-refine cycle for the business model
• Phase 3: Launch in key markets in South, West and East Africa, with headquarters and product team based in Cape Town, and sales, marketing and customer relationships teams to be recruited in each target market
• Phase 4: Drive disciplined execution and rapid growth across the continent, with frequent travel and careful talent management in each location.

Key qualifications and skills:

• Tertiary qualification of at least Bachelors level, and strong history of academic and personal accomplishment
• Experience in a frontier market (Africa, S/SE Asia, etc.) in market expansion, strategic or similar role
• Strong desire and willingness to travel to African countries frequently
• Strong people management skills, including recruiting and managing teams of varying profiles
• A thinker and innovator as well as an executor willing to get hands-on

• Experience with new economy/internet
• African background and experience

• As founder and owner, most of your long-term compensation will come from a large equity stake
• Salary will cover daily expenses and will depend on the candidate’s profile
• Some personal investment into the business is highly encouraged to get "skin in the game," but not necessarily required.

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Expiring: Dec 20, 2017
General Manager (Container) in Sierra Leone , Sierra Leone

Our client is looking for a General Agency Manager for their container division / department in Sierra Leone.

Purpose / overview:
- To lead and manage the overall daily operation of the company
- Ensure smoothly information flow through the various departments
- To drive the company forward in all aspects, this incl. business as well as staff
- To protect and enhance the reputation and standing of the company in all respects
- Reports directly to the Managing Director and head office
- Oversees procedures and deadlines are met in alliance with the Head Office’s guidelines

Essential duties and responsibilities:
- Operations – Supervise the operation team. Ensure fast and efficient operation and turnaround of vessels. Maintain professional and fruitful relationship with both Freetown Terminal as well as the Sierra Leone Port Autohorities.

- Logistics – Organize all logistics aspect with the Logistics Manager. Safeguard all claims, user account control, container control as well as logistics reports are done as per guidelines.

- Sales – Organize and motivate both the import as well as export sales team. Provide sales tool, both to maintain existing clients, but also to gain new client. Manage and maintain key accounts with local sales team

- Documentation – Supervise both import and export documentation department, to ensure local as well as the Company’s directions are followed.

- Customer Service – Ensure the team keeps providing professional customer service in a highly competitive market

- IT – IT officer will take care of the daily running. The General Agency Manager is in control of any new implementations the Head Office requires.

- HR – Overall leadership of 20 staff including recruitment, training/development, performance management and discipline and grievance

- PR – Liaises with media, advertisers and other suppliers/contacts in relation to brand, advertising and publicity. All PR is done with support from the Managing Director.

- Finance – Oversees the Finance Manager and his/her team but holds ultimate responsibility and signature authority for all financial transactions on behalf of the company. Approves monthly staff salaries and authorizes all expenses. Approves and ensures deadlines for financial reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) are met in alliance with local procedure as well as Head Office’s instructions.

- Legal and Administration – Manages staff to ensure the office is efficiently and compliantly run at all times. Holds all local legal responsibilities (JV, staff, building contracts, insurance) and oversees all supplier relationships and contracts.

• Proven working experience as an Agency Manager in the container branch
• 5-7 years of experience in West Africa
• Demonstrable ability to lead and manage staff
• Ability to work independently and handle multiple projects
• Fluency in English

Personal characteristics:
• Operational mindset taking precaution for the challenges in the country
• Ability to think out of the box to create and sell solutions
• Be a business developer with focus on expanding the business and improve internal agent network
• Should be outgoing, have a good sense of humor, responsible and self-driven, conscientious, focused, result-oriented, purposeful and most important; know how to be a good team player and manager/leader for his team

They offer:
• Being part of a young and dynamic team
• Being part of successful company with a high track record in West and Central Africa
• Exciting challenges every day!

Start date is a.s.a.p., but no later than Dec 1st 2017.
Single status only

Expiring: Dec 20, 2017
Engineering Project Manager in Mozambique , Mozambique

The primary purpose of the role is to support the growth and development of existing and new Foods businesses in Africa. The position will involve the following functions:
(1) Planning and execution of projects in Mozambique in the poultry and food business.
(2) Provide leadership to the building and construction team

Mozambique, Nampula

The position will report directly to the overall project manager in Mozambique with dotted line to the corporate senior project manager.
- Electrical or mechanical engineer master’s degree with additional education in food processing
- Portuguese and English speaker

- Minimum of 5 years’ experience in engineering project
- experience in Mozambique

• Strong in project management
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills (writing, speaking)
• Mechanical and hygienic engineering knowledge
• Food processing and food equipment knowledge
• International Standards on Environmental, Quality Systems and Hygienic Engineering
• Ability to implement, to sustain and improve, and to ensure compliance with people safety and food safety regulations.
• Strong proficiency in Microsoft applications Excel, PowerPoint and Word
• Problem solving and crisis management
• Negotiation
• Strategic thinker
• Building partnerships
• Financial skill sets

 Leadership
 Management for results and impact
 Highly motivated and results orientated
 Pro-active
 Reliable
 Team player
 Decisive
 Innovative
 Critical Thinker

Planning and execution of (mainly poultry) projects in Mozambique
Design phase:
• Ensure that all assets are well designed (i.e. plant layout, equipment selection etc.) and fit the business purpose through applying new technologies, proven principles, thorough design reviews and basic science.
• Support all Value Engineering Analysis (VEA) studies.
• Ensure that the design is directed towards a low cost, highly efficient and flexible operation.
• Plan projects: make sure timing and costs are planned realistically
• Apply TPM principles in all projects
• Identify competitive equipment/services suppliers.

Implementation phase
• Engage necessary external contractors to execute projects.
• Ensure safe work sites at all times and installations that are easy to operate, clean and maintain as well as guaranteeing after commissioning the safe, consistent manufacture/distribution of quality products.
• Ensure that when working with external engineering services, contractors, suppliers etc. that the scope, deliverables, performance and milestones are clearly detailed and agreed up front.
• Ensure that a progress report is prepared for all projects on a monthly basis.

Provide leadership to the building and construction team
• Coach the team
• Set targets and standards
• Supervises the outcome of the work
• Gives feedback to team

Start-up / close out phase (commissioning/final report)
• Ensure that the project scope is achieved within the agreed cost and timing.
• Ensure that the operators, mechanics, electricians etc. are effectively trained and that the transfer of the equipment to the client is both smooth and efficient. This includes all the supporting documentation that will be required by the client to operate and maintain the plant. e.g. operating instructions, equipment manuals, plant layouts, maintenance instructions, spare parts listing etc.
• Manage the allocation of all expenditures to clearly defined assets and the entry into the assets register.
• Complete the project file and ensure that it is handed over to the client.
• Complete a final report on all projects and ensure that this is circulated to the key stakeholders.

Salary indication for this role is between the range of €3000- 4200 gross a month, depending on the experience of the candidate.
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Expiring: Dec 20, 2017
CFO in Mozambique , Mozambique

Our clients passion is to see people thriving in rural Mozambique and their calling is to do this through profitable business in the agricultural sector.
They have started looking for a CFO to be part of their dynamic executive team to take their client to the next level.

Chief financial Officer
Basic Function: The chief financial officer position is accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company, to include the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.

Principal accountabilities are:

1. Assist in formulating the company's future direction and supporting tactical initiatives
1.1. Participation in daily / weekly / monthly scheduled meetings by Management
1.2. Decision making impacting finances
2. Monitor and direct the implementation of strategic business plans
2.1. Manage completion and monitoring of the budgets that align to these plans
2.2. Regular meetings of management – financial impact monitoring
3. Fiscal compliance monitoring
4. Develop performance measures that support the company's strategic direction – KPI’s
5. Regular – weekly Forecast cash flow positions, related borrowing needs, and available funds for investment and manage accordingly within these parameters
6. Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements

1. Participate in key decisions as a member of the executive management team
2. Maintain in-depth relations with all members of the management team
3. Manage the accounting, tax, and treasury functions within the company.
4. Manage any third parties to which functions have been outsourced (Eg. IT)
5. Oversee the company's transaction processing systems
6. Implement operational/financial best practices

Financial Information
1. Oversee the issuance of financial information (management accounts)
2. Oversee the annual audit and issue the annual financial statements and any other financial statutory requirements.

Risk Management
1. Understand and mitigate key elements of the company's risk profile
2. Construct and monitor reliable control systems
3. Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements
4. Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies
5. Report risk issues to the audit committee of the board of directors
6. Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations
7. Determine appropriate risk mitigating instruments to mitigate financial risks related to the interest rates on the company's borrowings, as well as on its foreign exchange positions

1. Monitor cash balances and cash forecasts
2. Arrange for or be involved in debt and equity financing

Third Parties
1. Maintain relationships with bankers and key suppliers
2. Represent the company with bankers and investors


- Suitable Financial Degrees (Bachelors & Honors)
- Chartered Accountant would be preferable but Financial Articles a minimum.

- At least 7 years in a commercial environment
- Poultry industry or other relevant food processing/manufacturing would be preferable.
- Impeccable track record with strong business and operational acumen.

- Christ centered life and thinking an imperative
- Portuguese speaking would be preferable but if not, willingness to learn the language is important.

- Compensation will be paid in Mozambican Meticals. Initial level will be equal to $5000 net a month and will thereafter be fixed at the appropriate MT level. The company does not take responsibility for exchange rate changes. Assuming the rate remains at the current MT60/$1 – this equals to MT300000 and is a gross amount of cost to company of approximately MT430000 a month or MT5,1mn annually excluding any bonuses. The latter will be paid at discretion of the directors when budgeted targets are met.

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Expiring: Dec 20, 2017
Country Manager in Sudan , Sudan

Our client is specialised in retail, logistics and hospitality services, working across the globe. For their marketing in Sudan they are looking for a Country Manager.

To develop and manage the companies clients activities in Sudan and potential neighbouring countries, its profitability and key customers and Suppliers, in order that the company growth and subsequent profit expectations are met. The candidate sets and monitors the strategic direction, ensuring compatibility with company objectives and key customer requirements. He/ she optimises business opportunities through excellent relationships, manages the business portfolio and explores business opportunities in Sudan and surrounding countries for business diversification.

• Follow all applicable policies and procedures required for the successful execution of the job.
• Lead on implementation of the companies IMS Policy and meet the requirements of the organization’s Integrated Management System which is compliant to international standards for Quality (ISO 9001), Food Safety (ISO 22000), Occupational Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001), and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001).
• Cooperate with internal and External auditors.
• Make recommendations for continual improvement and support improvement initiatives the company undertakes.

Managing Operations
• Determines the overall strategy and direction for the Company and reviews regularly to ensure compatibility with company objectives, vision and mission and customer requirements.
• Sets the procedures and operational policies and ensures adherence.
• Establishes and maintains excellent relationships with Customers, and undertakes high level negotiations regarding issues such as contract awards.
• Manages Divisional performance by reviewing daily reports on sales and gross profit to ensure that targets are being met, and seeking justification for any variances.
• Reviews performance regularly via reports and monthly meetings, and takes appropriate measures to ensure maximum performance.

Managing Key Customers
• Maintains key responsibility for the management of key customers and development of their accounts.
• Negotiates the appropriate structure, responsibilities and lines of communications between Company and Key Customer Groups.

Managing People
• Manages staff in accordance with the agreed policies and budgets of the company and handles all necessary disciplinary matters and staff issues in a timely and appropriate manner.
• Identifies and initiates staff development to meet business needs and arranges appropriate training through HR Dept. Acts as a role model and coaches more junior staff in the company values and behaviour expected from staff.
• Provides leadership and sound people management practices to build a motivated and productive team capable of providing outstanding customer service.
• Oversees the monitoring of the working environment to ensure that all Health & Safety requirements are met and adhered to in order to ensure the safety of all staff and visitors to premises.

Business Development
• Identifies and investigates new business opportunities, both locally and overseas, in response to analysis and assessment of the market. Travels abroad when required to review all potential opportunities.
• Carries out detailed operational and financial analysis of potential business opportunities, once identified.
• Takes lead role in preparation and submission of solicitations and requests for proposal/ quote.

• Identifies and ensures the early adoption of new technologies and transfer of knowledge and best practices between operations.
• Reviews business process to improve performance, streamline activities and drive speed, accuracy and automation.
• Benchmarks company performance against best in class on an international level. Introduces new ideas and thinking.

Required to work as per the requirement of the business with 2 days off if the business allows it. Needs to work out-of-hours when meeting and entertaining business partners & principals. Needs to travel abroad when needed especially in support of activities that are benefiting Djibouti.

• Country manager will report to the VP – Operations in any aspects of his duty
• Internal contact with the Division VP, EVP, Chief Executive and Chief Financial Controller.

• Being able to communicate effectively with Customer, suppliers, JV partners, Government Agencies, Key Customers and Trade partners, Ministries, Lawyers and other external consultants as per the company policy and work ethics.

• Ensures work is carried out according to the companies Code of business conduct Works within budgetary limits as per the Authority Matrix and sets the strategy and direction for the Associate Company.
• Produces business reviews and reports for submission to the VP, EVP and COO, CFO, and the Board as appropriate and as required.
• Reports on macro-economic or political factors that may impact on trade or risk profile of existing or new operations.
• Liaises with other company Divisions when necessary to ensure the smooth coordinated progress of new initiatives requiring their input.
• Monitors and controls the working capital and profit & loss, and regularly reviews overhead performance with Managers.
• Manages relationship with Banks and Financial Institutions.
• Oversees and controls debtor levels weekly by reviewing debtor status reports and seeking justification from Department Managers on any areas of concern.
• Manages the cash flow
• Carries out financial ratio analysis and action

• Graduate in Business related subject.
• Specialised / Professional qualifications in finance & business.
• Analyse data to identify trends & business opportunities
• Financial Awareness
• Negotiation
• Supplier Relationship Management, WMS, Oracle Systems
• Excellent spoken and written in Arabic and English, French is preferred
• Contract Management
• Proven success in managing, developing and motivating staff
• French / Djibouti / East Africa Commercial & Employment laws

• More than 10 years in a large, dynamic organisation with an international Supply Chain.
• Young entrepreneur with interpersonal, Business development
• Financial skills and strong managerial skills
• Needs to know how to manage a SBU or P&L and do reports
• Experience in preparing a Bid
• Needs to understand the basics of catering
• Well versed in logistics, procurement and purchasing
• Having a Retail background is needed

• Status - Family
• Basic Salary
• Living Allowance
• Telephone allowance
• Accommodation, Medical Insurance
• Annual Bonus
• Max of 1-month basic salary based on Annual Performance evaluation
• Leaving Indemnity - Per local Labour law
• Leave Ticket - Economy class
• There is no Rotation for this position

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Expiring: Dec 20, 2017