Director of Business Operations in Kenya , Kenya

Who We Are

Komaza is revolutionizing African forestry by unlocking the potential for small-scale farmers to serve booming wood markets. Headquartered in coastal Kenya, we have planted over 1 million trees with more than 10,000 farmers, making us Kenya’s largest commercial tree planter. By leveraging farmers’ contribution of land and labor, Komaza can access effectively limitless land and establish a hectare of trees for far less than big plantations – a powerful disruption to the traditional forestry model. We have been recognized with numerous awards and investments, including Forbes, Ashoka, Mulago Foundation, and Novastar Ventures.

About The Team

Komaza is entering a phase of rapid growth and will soon expand into new geographies. To succeed, our business support teams must also rapidly increase their speed, scope and scale of work. We need to design, hire for, and build new service departments including Supply Chain (procurement & logistics), Fleet Management (for scores of motorbikes), Business Administration (facilities & property management) and IT (hundreds of computers and smartphones). Each service function will be led by a strong, experienced manager, each growing their team and systems to support rapid growth. Collectively, this group of business operations departments will grow from 15 to 40+ people over the next two years.

About This Role

As Komaza’s Director of Business Operations (BizOps), you will be responsible for leading our shared services center to support rapid expansion of our operations. You will build a team of key managers and direct development of clear strategic plans for each department, then drive to results. This role requires significant hands-on design leadership to build systems, data structures, policies, plans, and cultivate a culture of excellence. Beyond building capacity within each department, you must also connect the dots between departments to foster the collaboration required to tackle major challenges.

Professional Attributes
- Laser-focused on delivering successful outcomes
- Strategic and analytical rigor to drive structure, deeper insight, and execution
- Flexible, resourceful, and hands-on enough to do what is necessary to get the job done
- Independent, intellectually curious, and comfortable working through ambiguity
- Highly collaborative & skilled at soliciting efficient input from others
- Passionate about Komaza’s mission and vision -- to create life-changing income for poor farmers by building a competitive, large-scale forestry & wood products business.

- MBA from top global university (or equivalent degree/work experience)
- 7-10 years of work experience at industry-leading companies in a relevant field (e.g. finance, internal consulting), with 3+ years of experience leading high-caliber team mates
- Superb analytical, critical-thinking and quantitative skills, with prior experience in complex systems design, excel modeling, and operational implementation
- Strong innovation skills to troubleshoot bottlenecks and design continuous improvements.
- Ability to retain big-picture strategic awareness while diving deep into details, and providing coaching to help others focus on key factors, rather than getting lost in the weeds.

What We Expect

You are a good fit for Komaza if you want to make a meaningful commitment to this role for a minimum of 2 years. This role is based at our headquarters in Kilifi, Kenya. The role offers competitive salary and benefits with potential for further career growth.

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Expiring: Mar 15, 2019
Associate, Cold Chain Equipment , United States

The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries, while strengthening the capabilities of governments and the private sector in those countries to create and sustain high-quality health systems that can succeed without our assistance. For more information, please visit: http://www.clintonhealthaccess.org.
CHAI's Vaccines program
Immunization is one of the most successful public health interventions in history. National immunization programs reach >100 million infants every year and have, across the globe, averted two to three million deaths every year since the launch of the Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) in 1974. The introduction of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) and rotavirus vaccines could save a further ~1 million lives per year. Furthermore, great advances in the development and financing of new vaccines provides countries the opportunity to further reduce the burden of diseases such as human papillomavirus (HPV).
However, despite these successes, 1.5 million children still die each year of vaccine-preventable diseases. Many of these are in low-income countries, where immunization programs face unprecedented challenges in accessing vaccines and ensuring they reach all targeted children.
Since 2010, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) has worked to save lives and reduce the burden from vaccine preventable diseases by improving access to immunization services in resource-limited setting. CHAI does this by strengthening national immunization programs at the country level, and the leveraging that experience to improve the global immunization ecosystem. Within that effort, CHAI is pursuing six complementary strategic goals:
1. Improving affordability and supply security of immunization products;
2. Accelerating the uptake of new or under-utilized vaccines;
3. Enhancing the performance of vaccine cold chain and logistics systems to increase effective immunization coverage;
4. Improving the design and implementation of service delivery to reach the unreached;
5. Supporting successful transition from Gavi support; and
6. Strengthening the management system and capacity of immunization programs.
CHAI's vaccine program closely supports the national immunization programs in 11 focus countries - Cameroon, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao PDR, Lesotho, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam - and also engages with global stakeholders such as Gavi, WHO and UNICEF to inform global policies and practices.
Cold Chain Equipment
Most vaccines must be stored and transported at refrigerated temperatures of two to eight degrees Celsius to maintain their potency. This network of storage and transport points is known as the “cold chain”, and is the backbone of immunization programs around the world.
However, countries often struggle to maintain their cold chains in good condition, particularly as an influx of newer vaccines increases the strain on an already-taxed system. For example:
• A recent study estimated that 37% percent of vaccines in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs) are exposed to freezing temperatures while in storage, risking their effectiveness. A further 20% is exposed while in transport.
• Countries’ existing cold chains are often under-capacity to store new, life-saving vaccines. For example, the introduction of PCV and Rotavirus vaccines increases storage demands by 232% per fully immunized child.
• Finally, maintaining this equipment in good condition is a complicated task, and many countries struggle to find and manage the necessary resources. As a result, Gavi estimates that over 20% of existing cold chain equipment (CCE) is non-functional today, disrupting both supply chains and immunization services.
To manage this, countries must improve both the makeup and management of their cold chains. In practice, this means enabling immunization programs to:
• Equip their cold chain with sufficient and high-performing storage and transport capacity, with that aim of ensuring consistent vaccine availability and potency.
• Manage the performance of the cold chain, including both monitoring platforms and the systems that maintain equipment in functional condition.
• Identify cold chain interventions (e.g. network extension) that can increase the reach and accessibility of immunization services.
• Implement logistics systems in a sustainable and affordable manner, to ensure that provide performance over the long term.
Base location for this position is flexible, with a strong preference for one of CHAI’s Vaccine Program focus countries in Africa or Asia, pursuant to CHAI country team leadership approval. Significant travel (at least 35%) is expected.

We are seeking an Associate to join the Global Vaccines Delivery Team to strengthen CHAI's work in Cold Chain Infrastructure and Management, both at global level and in focal countries. This role falls within the global Cold Chain Logistics (CCL) team, which works with governments to remove cold- and supply-chain issues as a barrier to improved coverage.
Key responsibilities for this role include (but are not limited to) the following:
1 – In collaboration with CHAI country teams, CCL team leadership/members, and regional managers, provide high-value strategic and programmatic support to dramatically improve the performance of country cold chains
• Provide critical input on the approaches needed to meet in-country grant and program objectives related to cold chain, in line with the program strategy and model
• Support development of both program-wide and country-specific objectives and strategies regarding cold chain, emphasizing ambitious and transformational goals
• Contribute to the design, planning and execution of high-impact projects to sustainably transform the vaccines cold chain in CHAI focal countries. Projects could include:
o Supporting in-country and global efforts to procure and deploy high-performing cold chain equipment, with a focus on the design and implementation of Gavi’s $250M Gavi Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform (CCEOP)
o Introducing effective cold chain management systems, with a focus on the routine performance monitoring, maintenance of CCE, and planning for capacity needs
o Identifying cold chain network extension strategies that increase access to immunization in under-served and/or low coverage areas
o Supporting the piloting of next-generation vaccine carriers and coldboxes, and developing business cases to bring successful products to scale
2 – Support CHAI’s ability to deliver high-quality and impactful work across diverse operating contexts and content areas
• Support the continuous development and effective dissemination of programmatic strategy across CHAI teams, including the development ‘tool kits’, lessons learned, and other know-how related to cold chain
• Support the ramp up of new and existing CHAI staff (at both global level and in focus countries) in cold chain topics, leveraging the institutional knowledge from the CHAI vaccines program and new insights developed by the associate
3 – Inform global practices and policies related to vaccines cold chain
• Cultivate robust evidence bases, insightful analytical perspectives, and lessons-learned from CHAI and other partners in order to inform global policies/practices and promote improved cold chain outcomes
• Distill CHAI’s programmatic insights into formats that can influence the global immunization community, global policies and country practices beyond CHAI focus countries. This includes supporting CHAI’s participation in key working groups (e.g., EPI manager meetings, ESA regional meetings, Immunization Supply Chain Steering Committee, CCEOP Working Group, TechNet, etc.)
• Develop and expand productive relationships with critical global stakeholders (e.g., Gavi, BMGF, UNICEF SD/PD, PATH, JSI, VillageReach) and foster effective exchange of know-how across them
4 – Support program and grant management -- with a focus on vaccines cold chain work -- in collaboration with program, regional and country leadership
• Assess progress against overall objectives and milestones in focus areas and help prepare high-quality briefings for donors and CHAI management, including achievements to date, action plan going forward, and key risks/opportunities
• Working with regional and program management, ensure that progress is properly monitored and evaluated, in line with grant commitments and internal review needs
• Contribute as a member of the global vaccine team to the effectiveness and collegiality of the team, helping identify opportunities and improve CHAI’s vaccines program and team

• Bachelor's degree (Master’s preferred); preference for fields related to business, health policy, logistics systems
• At least 3 years of relevant professional experience
• Exceptional skills in problem-solving and system design
• Strong analytical skills, including qualitative and quantitative data (e.g. data, business case, and health impact analyses)
• Excellent communication skills in English, including synthesis and presentation across common business media (summary reports, slide decks, other presentations)
• Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills, with a proven ability to build relationships in a multicultural (and often remote) work environment
• Demonstrated capacity to synthesize evidence into an effective presentations and actionable recommendations for a broad range of audiences, anticipating working in-country (e.g. Ministries of Health, district officials) and globally (e.g. donors, policy makers)
• High emotional intelligence, patience and thoughtfulness even in high-pressure, stressful situations. This includes a proven ability to build and maintain strong relationships in a complex environment with occasional tensions or conflicts
• Proven project management skills, including the ability to work effectively in a high-pressure environment, handling multiple tasks simultaneously
• Entrepreneurial mindset, including ability to set priorities, self-motivate, propose and implement new initiatives
• Strong commitment to CHAI’s and the Vaccine team’s mission; a dedicated team player
• Ability to travel extensively (at least 35% of time) to focus countries and other locations as need for work (for in-country support, global working groups, conferences, etc.)
• Knowledge of vaccines, health programs, health supply chains, or cold chain
• Understanding of capacity development and change management approaches
• Experience in a top tier management or supply chain consulting firm
• Experience working with in developing countries or ‘last mile’ operating environments – preferably within health or public sectors

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Expiring: Mar 14, 2019
Country Director in Tanzania , Tanzania

Company Description
SNV is a not-for-profit international development organisation that applies practical know-how to make a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty. We use our extensive and long-term in-country presence to apply and adapt our top-notch expertise in agriculture, energy and WASH to local contexts. SNV has over 1250 staff in more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are proud to be a not-for-profit organisation that uses project financing to implement our mission. This requires us to work efficiently and to invest in operational excellence.

In its new Strategic Plan period (2019 – 2022), SNV will more explicitly aim for systems change during project preparation and implementation - by strengthening institutions and kick-starting markets that help many more to escape poverty beyond our projects. We will continue to position ourselves as a premium organisation and invest in making knowledge flow to and from the frontline.

For more information on our operations in Tanzania and SNV, visit our website: www.snv.org

Job Description
The role of Country Director is critical for the success of SNV and reports directly to the Managing Director responsible for East Africa. The Country Director Tanzania will spearhead SNV’s strategic and operational engagement in the country.

SNV seeks a talented, entrepreneurial, result-oriented and experienced professional who will lead the Tanzania country team in realising the implementation of high-quality programs in SNV’s sectors. SNV offers the successful candidate a challenging position in a rapidly evolving and unpredictable political and economic environment.

The Country Director is responsible for leading and driving the country program. It is a multi-faceted role, focused on securing adequate funding to sustain operations, upscale and strategically strengthen the country program, while ensuring compliance and high-quality delivery. It will require the Country Director to be well informed about national and international development priorities and steer the sectors in response to these priorities. The Country Director will need to provide strong hands-on guidance and management at all levels to enable staff to perform in compliance with national and international laws and policies. The Country Director will forge partnerships and alliances between SNV and important national and international actors, and stimulate collaboration for impact in SNV sectors. He/she will also be the face of SNV in the country and ensure its positive image and visibility.

The Country Director will lead, coach and support a team of professionals to perform at their best to meet and exceed client, donor and SNV corporate expectations. In addition, she/he will be a key member of SNV’s global senior management team, making meaningful contributions to help shape the future of SNV.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The selected candidate will be responsible for the following tasks:

- Strategic leadership of the program (including multi-country efforts and potentially managing projects in other countries) within the overall parameters of SNV’s global strategy;
- Business development to grow the country program, ensure the financial sustainability of SNV Tanzania and ensure a high-quality project design;
- Oversight and quality assurance of project implementation (including project director roles) ensuring the delivery of impact to the satisfaction of key stakeholders and compliance with SNV’s and the donor’s financial standards and monitoring protocols;
- Strong and supportive leadership and management of the country team: creating and nurturing an environment that supports high performance, learning and teamwork at all levels;
- Representation and profiling: building partnerships and maintaining excellent relationships with donors, partners, local governments, businesses, policymakers and other relevant stakeholders;
- Collaboration with other SNV countries to effectively exploit opportunities for synergy, deliver at scale (including multi-country projects), exchange knowledge and strengthen SNV’s position;
- In addition, Country Directors foster innovation of SNV products and services: facilitate learning, documentation and evidence-based knowledge development in collaboration with SNV’s global team and partners; ensure collaboration with renowned knowledge institutes and networks.

- Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline;

Relevant Experience
- At least 8 years of relevant experience at strategic level;
- Knowledge and understanding of the international development context and trends in SNV’s three core sectors;
- Strong in implementation oversight with proven ability in financial and operational oversight and management;
- Proven track record in project management including familiarity with donor funded project procedures and process;
- Proven ability of mobilising resources from the public and private sector; familiarity with key financiers and actors in SNV’s three core sectors;
- Strong business and people management capabilities with a focus on results and entrepreneurial skills;
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
- Strong networking and positioning skills at multiple levels;
- Ability to relate with and manage relationships with government at federal and local levels;
- Ability to coach, lead, stimulate, and inspire professionals in a development context;
- Has experience working in Africa in particular working in economically/politically fragile conditions and dealing with security issues;
- Culturally aware, tactful and open minded;
- Proficiency in both written and spoken English.

Additional Information
Terms of Appointment

This is a full-time international position with the successful candidate being contracted on a three-year basis with the possibility of renewal. Salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience. A pension plan, life and medical insurances are included in the benefits package. The desired start date for this position is 01 August 2019.

SNV is a global organisation committed to bringing different people, ideas and perspectives together. We invite especially women to submit their application as we want to increase the number of women in leadership positions.

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Expiring: Mar 14, 2019
Area Programme Manager in Nigeria , Nigeria

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a Danish international non-governmental organisation, which promotes and supports durable solutions to the problems faced by refugees and internally displaced people all over the world. DRC is present in more than 30 conflict territories around the world assisting displaced people with shelter, food, income generating activities, and wide range of other assistance. It is of utmost importance for DRC to work in compliance with the DRC Accountability and Quality Management system and national legislations. Smooth, reliable and effective operational systems are preconditions for DRC to maintain its position as a trustworthy and reliable partner for our donors and an accountable organisation towards our beneficiaries.

DRC has been operating in the West Africa region for over 15 years, running a combination of emergency, livelihood, protection and advocacy programmes through Country Offices (COs) Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and a Regional Office (RO) in Abidjan. DRC has 17 offices and more than 500 staff members across the WA region.

DRC started operating in Nigeria in 2015 where plans to run a combination of emergency, livelihood, WASH, protection and advocacy programmes has been set. DRC currently has offices in Abuja, Yola, Mubi and planning to run an office in Adamawa, besides 50 staff members subject to increase in near future.

The position
DRC is looking for a driven, pro-active and innovative Area Programme Manager (APM) who can take on responsibility for a broad range of interesting emergency and stabilization/recovery programmes. This role will be crucial in the delivery of DRC’s integrated emergency response packages, engaging actively with and managing cross-sectorial activities with the DRC Protection, Livelihood, WASH/Shelter, Food Security and M&E teams. The duty station will be Mubi ( State), where the Program Manager will supervise and coordinate a range of activities across rapid emergency response to first and second line emergency response, through towards stabilization and recovery.

The role includes assessment (RNA, RPA, MSA) and response teams, in close linkage with the M&E Unit, under the overall leadership of the Area Manager, and Adamawa State and technical relationships with Protection Coordinator, Food Security Manager, WAHS/SNFI Manager, M&E Coordinator and Livelihood Coordinator. The position will have a key role in the field-level management of cross-sector teams, initially providing gap filing role for technical managers who are staying away from , but in the medium to long term taking over full management responsibility for all projects in the state. Establishing local networks to ensure information about humanitarian needs is shared in an effective, timely and protection-sensitive manner. The APM will be responsible to ensure effective data collection, community engagement, production of reports and data from assessments and effective communication on the results to enable rapid responses to urgent and ongoing humanitarian crises across broad geographic areas. The APM will also be key in ensuring a close link to the Safety Unit to discuss new locations and ensure appropriate measures are taken for access and safety on assessment and response missions. The APM also be key in ensuring a close link to supports’ teams at Mubi base level to discuss all the finance, logistics, procurement and human resources related issues.

Immediate Scope of Role:
• Directly line manage Food security, WASH and Shelter Teams in Mubi, Adamawa State
• Plan daily, weekly and monthly tasks of the livelihoods and M&E teams
• Follow-up file implementation to ensure planned activities are deliver with the best quality
• Organize and implement PDMs and other relevant programme assessments
• Compile monthly and quarterly implementation reports
• Budget expenditure planning for department of coverage
• Support the Area Manager and HoP to expand DRC programme portfolio in Adamawa State through various fund-raising initiatives including concept and proposal development

Medium to Long Term Scope of the Role:
Multi-sectorial / rapid needs assessments:
• Monitor the humanitarian situation in the areas of operation and contribute to the prioritization of areas of intervention;
• Compile, review and disseminate multi-sectorial assessment reports internally and externally;
• Present summary results of multi-sectorial assessments during external coordination meetings as requested by the EC;
• Supervise the conduction of RA, MSA and RPA remotely and in the field, depending on security situation and needs;
• Oversee development and correct implementation of tools and methodologies for assessments;
• Suggest improvements to the tools and methodologies depending on context and field-testing.

Program management:
• Ensure effective community engagement and safety analysis for responses according to needs identified in protection, Food security, WASH/Shelter, Protection and M&E, while linking with other sectors within DRC (AVR/MRE and NTS);
• Ensure appropriate selection of beneficiaries or areas to be targeted following technical methodologies defined by relevant Coordinators and with the agreement/support of local communities.
• Ensure appropriate implementation of the activities in the four (4) sectors under his/her responsibility:
- Food Security: general food distribution and blanket supplementary feeding program.
- WASH/Shelter: water points and sanitation facilities construction and operational maintenance, hygiene Kits’ distribution and hygiene promotion.
- Livelihood: SME development, Cash Transfer, Community based agriculture production and poultry farming.
- Protection: identification/referral/follow-up of cases with specific vulnerabilities, trainings on protection mainstreaming, community-based protection initiative.
- Ensure appropriate M&E support is provided to the programme
• Work closely with all the supports teams in Mubi and Yola base level (Logistics, Procurement, HR and Finance) to ensure that the required means are available on time to implement activities following established workplan.
• Be the focal point for interacting with other programs/activities implemented in Adamawa State level;
• Liaise with the Protection Coordinator, WASH/Shelter- Coordinator, Livelihoods Coordinator, Food Security Coordinator and M&E Coordinator to get required technical inputs to match good quality standards for the respective activities under his/her responsibility.

General Management:
• Line manage national staff, conducting performance reviews, setting objectives and ensuring expected performance criteria are met;
• Adapt the team structure according to needs, resources and capacities if required, with support technical coordinators as required.
• Develop job descriptions and recruit qualified staff (national) for the relevant position under Programme sector
• Ensure high quality project implementation in accordance with donor and DRC regulations as well as in line with agreed log frames/indicators, budgets, procurement plans, and work plans;
• Review BFUs regarding activities/projects under his/her responsibility and check the good budget allocation of the related costs. Update Budget tracking tools and update the area Managers on burn-rate with clear work plans to the end of the Project

• Ensure monthly program review with Area Managers and Coordinator in terms of Budget (BFU/TDL), activity plan review, lesson learnt including planning forecast for the next period
• Attend coordination meetings in Mubi and Yola as necessary or as specified by the Area Manager and Coordinators.
• Pro-actively coordinate with other NGOs working in areas of intervention in Adamawa State
• Support field staff to develop contacts and coordinate closely with stakeholders including local authorities, security actors, community representatives and CBOs where relevant to establish supportive networks and channels of communication.

Safety, Access and Logistics:
• Work closely with the Safety Unit to share local contacts, to ensure appropriate security plans for field missions are in place, and to discuss support needs for new areas of intervention;
• Develop contact networks in area of operation for coordination on alerts, assessments and responses;
• Contribute to Access and Safety SOPs;

Monitoring, Accountability and Reporting:
• Ensure that all activities are included in project M&E plans and supervise the implementation. Ensure key lessons learned are incorporated in new project proposals.
• Make recommendations to the Area Manager and the Coordinators on improvement of response relevance, efficiency, appropriateness, timeliness and accountability
• Oversee the implementation of recommendations in order to ensure continuous improvement of interventions;
• Ensure correct application of accountability, protection and age, gender and diversity-related protocols during assessments and implementation of activities through training and updating of protocols and methodologies;

• Maintain close links with M&E Coordinator for the assessments and responses;
• Include the participation of beneficiaries and communities, particularly those most vulnerable or at-risk, in all stages of the project cycle where appropriate.

The responsibilities listed in the Job Description are not exhaustive and may be readjusted according to operational needs but will remain in line with the overall purpose of the role.

To be successful in this role we expect you to be honest, able to manage a team, strongly motivated by humanitarian work, disciplined and team-oriented.
Experience and technical competencies: (include years of experience)

• Degree in Sociology, international development, economics or management from a reputable or recognize University.
• Minimum 5 years of working experience in Managing program in humanitarian context and experience in complex emergencies and high-security environments
• Experience of access management in a high-security context, demonstrated ability to liaise with a variety of stakeholders in a professional and adaptive manner, including security actors and local authorities.
• Working experiences with at least 3 of the 4 sectors to be covered by the position (Food Security, M&E, Livelihood and Protection).
• Master degree in social sciences or in any of the technical sectors to be covered by this position (internal development, Food Security, WASH, Shelter & NFIs and Protection).
• Solid experience in staff management in a cross-cultural environment required
• Strong experience in conducting large scale distributions in remote locations with limited humanitarian presence
• Proven ability to build external relationships with diplomacy, tact and professionalism in a complex and demanding environment.
• Proficiency in common computer packages and financial software i.e. Word, Excel, Power point etc.
• Must show ability to work in an isolated and challenging environment.
• Strong reporting, report-writing and assessment skills.

• Flexible & willing to work in a remote setting & to travel to other field locations.
• Previous working experience as Program Manager for multiple sector
• Fluent written and spoken English
• Understanding of Nigerian context and local dynamics is desirable

In this position, you are expected to demonstrate DRC’ five core competencies:

Striving for excellence: You focus on reaching results while ensuring an efficient process.
Collaborating: You involve relevant parties and encourage feedback.
Taking the lead: You take ownership and initiative while aiming for innovation.
Communicating: You listen and speak effectively and honestly.
Demonstrating integrity: You act in line with DRC’s vision and values.

Availability: As soon as possible
Salary and conditions will be in accordance with Danish Refugee Council’s Terms of Employment for Expatriates; please refer to www.drc.dk under Vacancies. This position will be placed at Employment Band – M. F2).
Contract length: One-year contract
Designation of Duty Station: Mubi, Adamawa state. Non-family Duty station

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Mar 14, 2019
Director of Finance in Tanzania , Tanzania

Job Description
Heifer International is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identify, sexual orientation, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.


The Director of Finance will oversee all accounting and financial functions of Heifer Tanzania, a branch of Heifer International, which is a leading International non-governmental organization. Duties will include management of accounting transactions, financial reporting, budgeting, cashflow, banking, grant management, compliance and internal control function. Responsibilities also include capacity building of staff in the section, input into personnel and administration tasks and involvement in the country management team.

This position will work closely with the Headquarters’ finance team to ensure consistency throughout the organization, while assisting the Country Director to manage the office’s resources in the most effective manner.


Integrity and courage; team work and relationship-building skills; communication skills; curiosity and knowledgeable; openness to diversity and different points of view. Candidate must display initiative, flexibility, creativity, natural curiosity and a strong work ethic, persuasive and service-oriented, and demonstrate an array of relevant technical skills.


Financial Management (35%)
Provide financial management and accounting leadership to the Country Office to ensure compliance with Heifer International policies, donor requirements and relevant government authorities.

- Analyze and present financial reports in an accurate and timely manner; clearly communicate monthly and annual financial statements; collate financial reporting materials for all donor segments, and oversee all financial, project/program and grants accounting.
- Coordinate and led the annual audit process, Liaison with external auditors and assess any changes necessary in collaboration with HQ.
- Oversee and lead annual budgeting and planning process in conjunction with HQ.
- Administer and review all financial plans and budgets; monitor progress and changes and keep senior management at the Country Office abreast of the organization’s financial status.
- Manage organizational cash flow and forecasting.

Report Preparation and Presentation (20%)
Ensure proper and accurate accounting and reporting of all grant and donor funds in accordance with the grant / donor requirements, including all project expenses that are allowable and charged correctly.

- Ensures that all financial reports (budgets and narrative) at country and project offices are compiled and forwarded to the country director and HQ.
- Preparation of new budgets during proposal development and budget monitoring report.
- Ensure books of accounts are closed on the 10th of the following month.
- Ensure Donor reports are submitted on due dates as per donor contracts.
- Ensure proper cashflow management at the country office.
- Support the Country Director and Advisory Committee on the external landscape with respect to changing government legislation.
- Ensure regional project offices receive update and reforecast budgets.
- Ensure that donor contracts are adhered to in relation to allowability and allocability of expenses.

Financial Control and Risk Management (15%)
Efficient and effective management of all financial functions of the organization and development of risk management plans.
Organize donor record, and ensure internal controls are maintained.

- Review, draft, implement and monitor internal controls and financial policies and procedures.
- Develop, implement, adhere to and monitor compliance of financial controls to ensure that the organization is protected from risk.
- Ensure that all statutory requirements of the organization are met.
- Ensure that the organization makes all required government remittances and remits applicable taxes as needed.

Supervision and monitoring (30%)
Supervise the financial staff and provide guidance to their work and encourage their professional growth

- Oversee accounts payable, accounts receivable, donations and receipting.
- Monitor the cash position of the organization.
- Manage and oversee monthly bank reconciliations.
- Manage bank transactions including wire transfers, renewal of Certificates of deposits and keeping track of signing authorities.
- Implement global policies as per HQ timelines.

Required Experience

Minimum Requirement
- Must hold a CPA (T), and full registered with NBAA
- Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a related field, plus seven (7) years of related experience is supervisory capacity, preferably in a non-governmental organization setting. A Knowledge of Agresso accounting Package will be an added advantage.

Preferred Requirements
- Advanced Degree in finance, accounting, or a related field minimum three (3) years in a supervisory capacity.
- Experience in financial management in senior position level.
- Experience in large grant management and reporting through bilateral and multilateral donors, e.g.: United States Agency for International Development, European Union, Department for International
- Development (United Kingdom), Canadian International Development Agency.

Most Critical Proficiencies
- Rich knowledge of accounting principles with strong understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and International Financial Reporting Standards.
- Ability to research, interpret and ensure compliance with local accounting standards and reporting requirements.
- Knowledge of the non-profit sector and the context to which non-profit organizations operate.
- Experience in planning and generating ideas for improvement of the accounting function.
- Strong budget development, management and monitoring capacity.
- Strong organizational skills and office management experience.
- Proficient in English and Swahili both oral and written.
- Computer proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, electronic mail software, and knowledge of accounting software (Agresso preferred).
- Excellent organizational skills including strong attention to detail.
- Excellent leadership qualities and communication skills.

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands
- Ability to manage and execute multiple tasks with minimal supervision while meeting sometimes inflexible deadlines.
- Direct supervision of, and assignment of tasks to, many culturally diverse staff including field staff in several remote locations.
- Motivated to work with little supervision.
- Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work cooperatively, tactfully and diplomatically with culturally diverse groups of people.
- Preparing and presenting documents in a well-designed and attractive format with superior attention to detail.
- Demonstrated creativity, ability to think systematically, willingness and ability to incorporate innovative solutions.
- May require constant sitting; working at a computer and focusing for extended periods of time and performing office environment activities while on the road and/or in remote conditions.
- Constant face-to-face, telephone and electronic communication with colleagues, stakeholders and the public.
- Demonstrate a high degree of honesty and integrity.
- Ability to lift and carry up to 30 pounds (14 kilograms) floor to waist.
- Ability and willingness to work with a flexible schedule.
- Willingness and ability to travel extensively, both locally and internationally.
- Working with sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality.

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Expiring: Mar 09, 2019

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