Expansion Project Manager - FMCG , Ethiopia

The Strategic Project Manager Supply chain is responsible for project management on:
Building Ethiopia as an East-Africa production hub
ERP implementation in Supply Chain
Defining the procurement strategy & GP capability building process
Integrating the procurement with the GP processes and making sure the local department is compliant and effective in leveraging global expertise.
Optimising supply chain business processes & way of working
Network analysis & strategy for primary distribution
Planning system of primary distribution

On top, his/her guidance will be needed on:
Assist on project management of raw material localization
Assisting on Supplier network

This role should make sure end to end supply chain is ready for the accelerated growth before it becomes a bottleneck.

 Leading project team of export expansion from Ethiopia
 Investigating import options on other products into Ethiopia
 Deliver upon project objectives, timelines, and governance
 Driving continuous project efficiencies on budget and timing
 Ensuring compliance with standard company rules and regulations
 Any other tasks and deliverables as given by the supervisor/ manager

 Leading project team of export expansion from Ethiopia
 Investigating import options on other products into Ethiopia
 Deliver upon project objectives, timelines, and governance
 Driving continuous project efficiencies on budget and timing
 Ensuring compliance with standard company rules and regulations

Capability building and project handover to operations
Early establishment of a capability roadmap to train/assist Supply Chain managers
Raw material supply chain setup
Drive timely and efficient supply chain setup of any new or optimized raw materials in collaboration with procurement
Partner with R&D on potential pipe-line products upon commissioning
Analyzing and improving business processes
Inserting the right check and balances into the processes

Job dimensions and KPI’s
Lead strategic Supply Chain projects
Establish supplier network
Develop export network
Establish and execute a capability and onboarding plan
Timely setup and procurement of direct staff for start of commissioning and production
Education: Master or bachelor’s degree in (mechanical) engineering or business studies combined with experience in (food) processing project management, or comparable.
Experience: minimum 5 years of relevant work experience for a private organization in a project management role, preferably in FMCG sector (e.g., food processing, brewery) in an international company, of which minimum 3 years in a supervisor position. Manufacturing experience is preferred (min. 3 years), as this person will be filling the bench for factory /Supply Chain manager position.

 Technical skills: English (speaking, reading, and writing), good communications skills, project management skills, problem solving abilities (UPS), practical and technical thinker, good planner, basic knowledge on food safety, hygiene, HSSE&S.
 Social skills: leadership skills, able to manage and stimulate young managers, able to adapt and show leadership under challenging circumstances, eager to learn, good feedback mentality, results oriented and believing in improvement via continuous improvement, agile to work in a volatile and developing environment

Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

End to End Supply Chain Manager - FMCG , Ethiopia

The role is responsible for overseeing the overall all supply chain from Make to Move. Its accountability ranges from procurement, production to primary distribution.
We are looking for an experienced and motivated Supply Chain Manager to join our team. As a Supply Chain Manager, you will be responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring our overall supply chain strategy from (beginning to end) to maximize efficiency and productivity.
Able to balance commercial and operations priorities to deliver KPIs while developing and maintaining strong relationships with franchise partners
Demonstrate adaptability to a diverse and ever-changing cultural, political, and economic environment in different countries. Be able to accept and lead priorities based on these changes while maintaining core principles.
Be able to coordinate and draw expertise from a complex Matrix organization to solve regional challenges.
Communicating changes to quality culture with clear rationale and appeal
Able to apply influencing strategies to have a specific impact on the organization and the Bottler network. Able to accurately diagnose reasons for underlying issues, problems and opportunities impacting Bottler organizations and their ability to execute the functional and business agenda.
Lead the technical agenda for the business which may require coaching of the commercial and franchise teams on Operational matters
• Flexibility to travel and operate in remote areas - demonstrated ability to work effectively across cultures (emerging markets)
Duties and responsibilities
• Plan and implement the overall supply chain strategy
• Lean systems experience
• Continuous improvement processes
• Root cause analysis
• Collaborate with Sales, Operations, and Customer Service teams
• Determine key supply chain KPIs
• Suggest solutions for process improvements
• Identify process bottleneck and implement solutions in a timely manner
• Train and evaluate others
• Provide constructive feedback
• Work with finance, sales, and manufacturing team to determine best vendors and distributors
• Build and maintain good relationships with vendors
Requirements and qualifications
• Previous working experience as a Supply Chain Manager for (5+) years
• Hands on experience with supply chain management software (such as SAP MM, AP Modules, SAP Plant Maintenance, etc.)
• FMCG experience is crucial along with emerging markets exposure
• Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success
• Manufacturing background is preferred
• Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
• Team player
• Good time-management skills
• Great interpersonal and communication skills
• Degree in Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Finance, or similar relevant field

Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

Factory Manager in Côte d'Ivoire , Ivory Coast

We are seeking a Factory Manager, for one of the leading cashew nut processors in Ivory Coast, to join their dedicated team. The factory Manager is responsible for the setup of a new factory, while implementing processes, procedures, and KPI’s to measure volumes and processing results, through the development of good inter-personal relations, quality assurance and excellent leadership. Next to that, the factory manager is responsible for Accounting (Cost monitoring) and the Human Resources Department.

Key responsibilities
• Managing and Planning of Factory routines & activities, setting up meetings to evaluate the overall operation of the factory and creating Accounting & HR allocation plans
• Ensure quantity and quality targets are met, by assigning KPI’s and work evaluations
• Realize Factory output targets per year through effective machine utilization and productivity management, and being responsible for managing all equipment, raw materials etc.
• Balance production capacity between stages, proactively propose solutions to increase production efficiency
• Maintain and improve production standards in compliance with certifications
• Check the quality of incoming and outgoing raw materials in accordance with the company's requirements
• Responsible for continuous improvement of safety at work, food safety and quality
• Hire, train and motivate the teams
• Handling customer feedback & leading staff meetings and being responsible for reporting, by synthesizing data and making periodical production and business reports
• Ensure the working environment, industrial hygiene, safety, and fire prevention are always concerned, cared for, and handled thoroughly and closely

Training, experience, and competences
• Master’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering or business/economics
• Minimum 8 - 10 years’ experience in running a processing factory
• Experienced in setting up a processing factory
• Familiarity with food safety systems like HACCP and BRC
• Excellent verbal and written skills in both English and French
• Integrity & transparency, efficiency, organisation & planning

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Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

Management Trainee , Ivory Coast

Our client is one of the major exporters of cocoa and coffee beans and also a major processor and exporter of cashews in Ivory Coast.

We are looking for a reliable, organized Management Trainee to help management develop and implement our growth strategies. This position is best suited for candidates who want to gain valuable experience in a managerial role with advancement potential, in an African context.

What is a management trainee?
A management trainee works under the supervision of managers and executives in the organisations in this case the owners. Their goal is to acquire all essential knowledge to become future managers, often in particular fields, such as purchasing, sales, sustainability or operations.

What does a management trainee do?
Management trainees may often rotate to different company departments (e.g. Finance, Sales, Marketing, Logistic, Quality, etc.) to learn all company functions, policies, and staff duties. They contribute to strategic planning and help evaluate employee and department performance.

Job brief
During your on-the-job training, you’ll learn how to identify and apply important strategies and business processes. You’ll get to know the nuts and bolts of the company’s functions and operations and you’ll support our management team with daily tasks such as allocating budget and crafting performance reports. To succeed in this role, strong analytical skills and effective communication are important management trainee qualifications you should have.

Management trainee duties include:
• Understanding how a company operates
• Supporting managers with various tasks
• Learning to evaluate performance

• Completing all assigned tasks and assisting with day-to-day operations.
• Participating in meetings, workshops, and other learning opportunities.
• Gaining knowledge of company policies, protocols and processes.
• Taking detailed notes and liaising with Managers, Supervisors, and other senior staff.
• Fulfilling any requirements and meeting goals set out at the start of the traineeship.
• Following all company regulations, and health and safety codes.
• Preparing documents and updating records.
• Traveling to different places (upcountry) and participating in daily operations as required.

Requirements and skills:
• A minimum Bachelor’s degree with maximum 4 years off full-time working experience in Management or Business
• Experience in management role or similar/relevant field (e.g. Operations, Finance, Logistic, QA, Sustainability, Certification, etc.)
• Strong leadership skills, problem solving and interpersonal skills.
• Proficiency in MS Office
• Strong verbal and written presentation skills
• Excellent math and computational ability
• Excellent communication skills
• Willingness to work overtime if required and excellent time management skills
• Ability to work under pressure.
• Fluent in English & Dutch. French is preferred

What is on offer:
• A fantastic learning curve in an international company in Ivory Coast
• Plenty opportunity for growth
• Long term cooperation
• Interesting package and benefits

We are looking forward to hear from you !

Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

Group Brand Manager in Southern Central Africa , Africa

For our client, a financial services company based in East Africa, we are recruiting a Group Brand Manager.
The Group Brand Manager will have partnerships with sales, finance, operations, legal, product development, and within marketing, as well as executives and staff.

• Brand strategy, including the setting of style guides, brand guidelines, brand vision and value proposition for short as well as long term
• Planning and execution of all communications and media actions on all channels, including online and social media
• Assisting with product development, pricing and new product launches as well as developing new business opportunities
• Creating and managing promotional collateral to establish and maintain product branding
• Managing the budget for advertising and promotional items
• Competitor and customer insights analysis
• Analysis of sales forecasts and relevant financials and reporting on product sales

• Bachelor’s degree in Business, Advertising and Marketing, Economics or Engineering required, post graduate degree preferred
• Eight years of sales, marketing, communications, finance, supply chain/supply planning, process development, new product development, or sales experience reflecting increasing levels of responsibility
• Outstanding in formulating brand strategies and managing marketing executions.
• Solid business acumen, able to develop plans and budgets, and then operate within those guidelines.
• Strong leadership and collaborative skills.
• Experience of brand P/L responsibilities.
• Highly analytical with the ability to view market data and trends, plan and execute strategies resulting from the analysis.
• Experience in Financial Services/Banking industry is a plus
• Well-developed interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to relate well to people in multi-national organizations and with people in foreign subsidiaries

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Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

Chef(fe) du département des infrastructures en RDC , Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Le département des infrastructures

Le département des infrastructures a un rôle central au sein du parc. Il appuie tous les départements de l’organisation : sécurité, tourisme, agriculture, entreprenariat, aviation, charroi, etc. La liste n’inclut pas le programme électricité qui est géré par une structure distincte.

Les activités (projets) du département sont très variés. Ils incluent la construction de nouveaux lodges touristiques, de camps fortifiés pour les gardes, de clôtures électriques en bordure du parc, de parcs industriels, de conduites d’adduction d’eau pour la population riveraine, de routes (pistes et dessertes agricoles), etc. Outre les activités de construction, l’entretien des installations existantes est centrale afin d’assurer leur pérennité.

Outre les compétences en architecture et gestion de chantier, chaque projet requiert la planification et le déploiement d’une logistique complexe. Ceci est particulièrement le cas pour les travaux dans des zones isolées à l’intérieur du parc qui sont parfois sujettes à une relative insécurité.

Le département compte 90 effectifs : ingénieurs civils, architectes, électriciens, plombiers, menuisiers, soudeurs, responsable administratif et financier. Quotidiennement, entre 200 et 300 travailleurs journaliers sont embauchés sur les différents chantiers.

Responsabilités et activités principales
Le Chef du département des infrastructures supervise 5 grands pôles d’activités.

Le bureau d’étude

Le bureau d’étude prend en charge la conception des dossiers d’avant-projet, des dossiers d’exécution (concernant l’architecture, la stabilité et les techniques spéciales) et le calcul des budgets. Il établit une prévision détaillée des états de besoin nécessaires pour chaque projet.

Le bureau d’exécution
Le bureau d’exécution est actuellement composé de 5 chef de chantiers. Ils prennent en charge l’exécution des projets : construire conformément aux plans d’exécution et aux règles de l’art de la construction, superviser les corps de métier présents sur le chantier, contrôler l’application des techniques spéciales, assurer la gestion financière et le recrutement de la main d’œuvre occasionnelle, gérer les stocks d’équipement et matériaux.

Les clôtures électriques
Les clôtures électriques préviennent les destructions des cultures par les animaux du parc. Elles totalisent une centaine de kilomètres à ce jour. La distance qu’elles couvrent s’agrandira fortement au cours des prochaines années. Une équipe de 8 personnes assure leur construction et leur entretien. Elles font appel chaque jour à 100 travailleurs journaliers en moyenne.

L’entretien et les petits travaux
Le parc construit et gère de nombreuses infrastructures. Un programme d’entretien et/ou de rénovation est indispensable. Une équipe de techniciens s’y consacre. Elle assure aussi les petits travaux.

Le bureau administratif et financier

Un Responsable Administratif et Financier (RAF) assiste le Chef de Département. Cette dimension du travail est susceptible de croître afin d’appuyer le nombre croissant de projets exécutés par le département.

Profil: Ingénieur civil, ingénieur en construction, ingénieur architecte ou architecte
Expérience: 5+ années d’expérience dans le domaine de l’architecture et/ou de la construction
Chef hiérarchique: Directeur des opérations du PNVI
Qualifications et compétences requises:
• Excellente maitrise des règles de construction
• Excellente maitrise des règles d’architecture
• Excellente maitrise dans l’élaboration des plans architecturaux, de stabilité et de techniques spéciales
• Sens créatif élevé pour la conception des projets
• Notions en électricité domestique et en plomberie

Conditions contractuelles
• Salaire compétitif ;
• Contrat de 2 ans (renouvelable) avec 3 mois de période d’essai ;
• Couverture médicale ;
• Logement, restauration sur site et transport pris en charge par l’employeur ;
• Dispositif de sécurité pour la mise en œuvre des activités sur le terrain.

Outre des conditions contractuelles avantageuses, vous :
• Aurez l’opportunité de contribuer directement à l’amélioration et au développement du PNVI,
• Bénéficierez d’une indépendance importante dans la mise en œuvre de votre travail,
• Vivrez dans un endroit unique au monde (au départ du quartier-général du parc à Rumangabo), classé au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, tout en profitant des aspects plus sociaux d’une grande ville telle que Goma (1h à 3h de route des différents camps),
• Pourrez évoluer à long terme dans l’organisation.
• Bonne maitrise des logiciel Autocad, Sketchup, Word et Excel
• Excellente gestion d’équipes (autorité et sensibilité)
• Excellentes capacités d’organisation et de planification (logistique et budget) logistique
• Indépendance et attitude orientée vers la résolution de problèmes
• Une expérience pratique en RDC et/ou en Afrique subsaharienne est un avantage
• La connaissance du swahili est un avantage

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Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

Monitoring and Reporting Manager (MRM)

Reporting to: Group Sustainability Project Manager
Departments: Operations
Duration: Permanent

Summary of the role
Our client is investing in an ambitious, decade-long, sustainability program, with activities in coffee producing countries all over the world. Their goal is to be the leading supplier of low-carbon, de-forestation-free coffee, ensuring that their clients are able to meet their pledges on carbon emissions and resource management.

Your task is to lead the farm-level digitisation strategy and global M&E department. Your goal is to design and implement a robust global data capture and reporting system to measure and evaluate the success of the company’s sustainability strategy. Using different tools, your team will be expected to maintain a performance dashboard of the major sustainability
initiatives in the group, and to support global and local teams in analysing farmer level performance metrics.

You are expected to be a highly motivated and thoroughly experienced project manager and team leader who works very well in a multi-cultural context. You are able to adopt flexible working hours and have experience in working in a complex matrix organization. You have a passion for technology and innovation but are fundamentally a very rigorous operator who understands
the importance of standardised practices, good data and on-time reporting. In your previous jobs you have managed M&E and digital strategies in complex agricultural supply chains or rural development projects involving tens of thousands of households/stakeholders. You have experience managing remote and diverse teams.

You will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic growing global family business, being part of a transformation that will ultimately put sustainability at the center of our mission, improving engagement with all value chain partners.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Core responsibilities:
• Build up the global M&E strategy and department for the organization's sustainability strategy and deploy it out across all geographies (with an anticipated supplier network of 350,000 farmers)
• Develop, with the origin operations, data monitoring systems for farmer training and engagement programs
• Deploy standardized M&E tools across all global companies
• Build an internal team of data analysts to process, clean and analyse data from global operations
• Provide continuous monitoring and interpretation of field activities and results to the sustainability leadership team and senior management as needed
• Be a lead advocate for supply chain digitization and the use of scalable digital technology as a tool to facilitate the company’s sustainability transformation
• Create the data infrastructure that links farmer engagement, training, procurement financing and impact measuring
• Support the Group Sustainability Manager in preparing M&E data and reports for management, clients and banks

Education, Qualifications & Experience
• Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistical modelling, geographic information systems or a field related to M&E
• Experience in designing data management systems for global projects or supply chains as a senior project lead
• Experience in building and managing teams for the purpose of managing data integrity and analysis
• Experience in data modelling and analysis
• Experience of living and working overseas in a professional role

• Passion for accuracy, data management systems, and data analysis
• Pragmatic individual who first and foremost knows how to interpret data and apply it to a business setting
• Ability to work across different cultures and nationalities (excellent EQ, CQ)
• Ability to work in partnership and across boundaries to achieve results.
• Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills.
• Confident and assertive with a self-motivated approach and flexible attitude.
• Extensive use of business intelligence software (eg Power BI)
• Willingness to travel and spend time solving practical problems with local teams as well as training field staff and enumerators

Clear and effective in English; fluency in other languages (Spanish, French) is an asset.

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Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

Lecturer for psychosocial counselling in Liberia , Liberia

AGIAMONDO is the personnel service of the German Catholics for Development Cooperation. In the Civil Peace Service (CPS) we offer development workers a meaningful role working with local development agents. The CPS is a personnel programme for peace-building and the prevention of violence in crisis and conflict regions. It sets out to promote a world in which conflicts are settled without violence. Working with church-related and civil-social partner organisations in Liberia, AGIAMONDO aims to make a contribution towards civil conflict management and the sustainable and equitable development of the country through peace-building measures.

For the expansion and further development of a master’s programme at the institute “Mother Patern College of Health Sciences” (MPCHS), we are looking for a social education worker, psychologist or social scientist as a Lecturer for psychosocial counselling (m/f/d), Monrovia, Liberia to start as soon as possible.

Your new role
Due to 14 years of civil war and the subsequent Ebola epidemic in 2014/2015, Liberia’s healthcare system has collapsed for the most part. There are too few trained staff to help people deal with their traumatic experiences and provide the basic medical care required.
The Mother Patern College of Health Sciences (MPCHS) is one of five higher education institutes of the Stella Maris Polytechnic of the Catholic Archdiocese of Monrovia. The mission of the MPCHS is to teach integrated academic, vocational and technical skills to enable students to respond to the rapid developments in Liberia in a dignified and well-prepared manner.

Specifically, you will carry out the following tasks:
- You will support the further development and implementation of a two-year master’s course in social work (focus on psychosocial counselling and trauma work).
- You will develop teaching materials.
- You will be part of the MPCHS faculty and will contribute new seminar content.
- You will support the students and offer collegial advice.
- You will ensure the proper disbursement and administration of funds locally in accordance with the donor guidelines and AGIAMONDO specifications. In doing so, you will work in partnership with MPCHS.

Your profile
- You have completed a university degree in social education, psychology, social sciences, social work, education or a comparable subject (at least master’s level).
- You have at least 2 years of professional experience as a counsellor and in the field of trauma work (e.g. trauma education, trauma therapy)
- You have professional experience in the field of adult education.
- You can communicate in fluent English, verbally and in writing.
- You are an EU or Swiss citizen and identify with the goals and concerns of church development and peace work.

What AGIAMONDO offer
- Individual and thorough preparation
- Three-year contract, social security and remuneration in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers Act (Entwicklungshelfergesetz)
- Cultural, language or other professional training, as well as coaching and supervision, individual advice

We look forward to receiving your complete online application in *PDF format (cover letter, Europass CV, references) by no later than 03/07/2022 via the Vacancies section of our website.

Corona - Information for applicants

Dear applicants,
Even in the current situation, we are happy to accept your application via the application portal. We are conducting the selection procedure online.
Preparatory work is taking place in person again in Cologne, in compliance with the applicable hygiene and distancing rules.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Aug 14, 2022

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