Director of Primary Care in Sierra Leone , Sierra Leone

Position Title: Director of Primary Care
Reports To: Director of Clinical Programs, PIH Sierra Leone
Location: Sierra Leone (based in Kono District with travel to Freetown

Organizational Profile:
Partners In Health (PIH) is an international health organization relentlessly committed to improving the health of the poor and marginalized. PIH partners with local governments to build local capacity and works closely with impoverished communities to deliver high-quality health care, address the root causes of illness, train providers, advance research, and advocate for global policy change. Our delivered services in the field are based in our partnership with the Governments and Ministries of Health and the support to education, training and mentorship to Health care workers and students is one of our pillars for the Health care system strengthening.

PIH currently has implementation programs in Haiti, Rwanda, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Sierra Leone and Navajo Nation. Through our partnership with Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, we support a wide range of programs in dozens of other countries around the world.

Our Work In Sierra Leone:
Partners In Health (PIH) began supporting the government of Sierra Leone in response to the Ebola epidemic in October 2014. Recognizing the large need for continued investments in the health system after Ebola, PIH is committed to long-term health system strengthening in support of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), guided by the same principles as our emergency response and our work around the world: public sector accompaniment, integrated and comprehensive services, social justice, nimbleness and flexibility, partnership, community ownership, and evidence-based interventions. In the aftermath of the epidemic, PIH is committed to supporting the delivery of comprehensive health services in Sierra Leone, from the community level to the health centre and to referral hospitals.

Description of the role:
One of PIH SL’s top priorities is to strengthen the delivery of primary care services in rural, public clinics. PIH’s experience growing the private Wellbody Clinic has given us a strong foundation from which to drive success in strengthening public clinics. The work at Wellbody Clinic continues to grow. Hundreds of patients visit the clinic each week to get free health care services. We are proud that no women have died from preventable maternal causes since 2016. We are looking for a Director of Primary Care to help lead our work at Wellbody Clinic as well as PIH’s continued expansion to other primary care sites across Kono District, and beyond.

PIH SL is ambitiously setting out to transform Koidu Government Hospital (KGH) and Wellbody Clinic (WBC) into academic training and teaching sites for all types of health care workers, serving as model teaching institution for the region and enabling improved service delivery not just in Kono, but across the country. The Director of Primary Care will also have responsibility to oversee some of the clinical training and education programming that will benefit clinicians delivering primary care activities both at clinics and at hospitals. In addition, PIH-SL is actively working to construct a Maternal Center of Excellence that expands KGH’s campus to provide not only world class health services to women and children, but will also serve as the foremost clinical training institution outside Freetown. The Director of Primary Care will play a key role in advising on the primary care referral networks that will need to be strengthened with the opening of the MCOE.

The Director of Primary Care will also build out PIH-SL’s ambitious plan to train the next generation of healthcare practitioners in Sierra Leone. It will involve building curricula in collaboration with PIH-SL clinical leaders, PIH leaders across the world, and academic partners both in Sierra Leone and abroad. While the Director of Clinical Programs helps to oversee ongoing clinical trainings for existing staff and to identify new training opportunities. The Director of Primary Care is working to build out the necessary staffing structures to prepare us to launch our first training institute on KGH’s campus.

Roles and responsibilities:

Primary Care Responsibilities (50%):
- Work with the Senior Management Team to identify needs and help mobilize resources to expand our primary care work
- Liaise with PIH Sierra Leone leadership to build out a five-year strategic plan for primary care expansion
- Perform a quality of care audit at Wellbody Clinic, and build supervisory structures to ensure lead clinicians and community health officers are receiving support and oversight. Review clinical protocols and ensure harmonized treatment practices across clinical services.
- Coordinate activities of the peripheral health unit expansion team who are working in all PIH supported PHUs in Kono District
- Hold regular meetings with the different PIH SL departments to update on progress at the PHUs and also chart a course for how we can have an impact and expand more quickly to additional PHUs.
- Oversee primary care expansion budget
- Oversee Wellbody Clinic budget and ensure the maintenance and growing of high standard of clinical care at the facility as a model for the PHU expansion.
- Represent the Primary Care team in leadership conversations within Sierra Leone
- Learn from other PIH implementing sites about how they mobilized resources to expand services to additional government clinics, and what lessons we could apply to this work in Sierra Leone
- Be a primary point of contact with the District Health Management Team regarding our primary care expansion work, and to ensure they are up-to-date on our activities and that our activities are responsive to their needs
- Work with MEQR to ensure primary care assessments are conducted on time and analysed. Additionally, work with the MEQ team to disseminate findings of these assessments to appropriate audiences

Clinical & Academic Education (50%)
- Conduct stakeholder’s analysis to best understand what training programs exist in Sierra Leone, and where the major gaps are. Work with all PIH Sierra Leone clinical leads in Sierra Leone to best understand what types of training programs currently exist, and future trainings that may benefit staff.
- Liaise with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in collaboration with the Director of Government Relations to understand the clinical training programs available to nurses and doctors across the country.
-Outline the processes PIH SL would have to undergo to make sure the MCOE becomes an accredited training ground for future healthcare workers
- Liaise with Zanmi Lasante staff in Haiti to understand how the University Hospital in Mirebalais built credentialed residency programs for doctors, and how we might be able to replicate that in Sierra Leone
- Build a partnership with the University of Global Health Equity to best understand how PIH Sierra Leone and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation may link into their medical and training programs
- Document progress on planning through regular monthly written reports for the Senior Management Team, government partners, and external stakeholders while we work to build out accredited training programs at KGH, identify training opportunities for existing PIH SL and MOHS staff
- Proactively propose new activities and initiatives for the primary care expansion in partnership with the PIH CMO to the Senior Management Team
- Support the delivery of weekly sessions of clinical case presentations, medical literature review, mortality & morbidity review meetings, clinical topic sessions, etc. for CHOs, Midwives, and Medical doctors in collaboration with the Medical Superintendent of KGH and the clinical staff of KGH and WBC.
- Support the development of clinical skills sessions and clinical meetings for nurses to improve their clinical knowledge in collaboration with the Matron of KGH, PIH nursing director and the staff of KGH and WBC.
- Develop and implement the Advanced Training Program for CHOs with the Ministry of Health, CoMAHS and partners (Capacare and German Doctors) at Makeni School of Clinical Health Sciences (MSCHS) in Internal Medicine under the supervision of the PIH Director of Policy and Partnership and Chief Medical Officer.
- Develop assessment and evaluation tools and review the outcomes of that training program through program evaluation, feedback and examinations to certify the improvements in the clinical staff and quality of care.
- Support the previous clinicians in developing their skills in the areas of teaching, mentoring and training new staff to develop a new generation of teachers and trainers to support capacity building in education.
- Support the continued establishment of KGH and WBC as a district rotation and post-graduate training site for MOHS clinical education programs in Sierra Leone, including serving as the focal person for communication and partnership building with MOHS clinical training institutions under the direction of the CMO and Director of Policy and Partnerships
- Oversight of students that will be coming to our facilities for training or any specific educational program: CHO, medical students, house officers, midwifery students, nursing students etc.
- Supervise and review different training and education programs or activities developed for International trainers that may come to deliver them to the clinical staff in the facilities to ensure the alignment of these trainings with the daily clinical practise at KGH and WBC and the National protocols.
- Provide support and coordination for training programs led by clinical specialists across clinical departments at KGH and WBC
- Build and manage with the clinical training team an operational budget to support clinical and academic training programs for PIH Sierra Leone
- Ensure all clinical training priorities are integrated into the clinical education strategic plan
- Document clinical education plans, gaps, and opportunities for external stakeholders and donors

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Expiring: Dec 27, 2020

Senior Harvest Manager in Kenya , Kenya

About the Role
The Senior Harvest Manager (SHM) is a mid-level management role who is the primary support to the Operations Coordinator and Harvest Manager. The SHM will be responsible for planning, training and collaborating with other departments and internal stakeholders to ensure a seamless flow of harvest activities for all harvest teams reporting to them. The SHM is also critical in the management of resources deployed for harvest activities and will be responsible for ensuring sufficient support and accountability of harvest teams.

This role will be based in Naivasha, Kenya.

What You Will do

Team Management & Leadership
- Manage productivity and quality of outcomes by monitoring performance with frequent follow-up and using measurable criteria. Provide regular advice & coaching to improve performance.
- Train, coach and mentor direct reports to develop their skills, knowledge and capacity to succeed in their current roles and allow for growth in their Komaza careers.
- Build a positive, motivated team culture, supporting key values of honesty, hard work, and quality aligned with company values.
- Oversee data collection via appropriate data collection tools. Ensure data integrity. Analyze data to make critical decisions.
- Lead team problem solving to quickly resolve challenges. Coordinate case management with the team, ensuring everything is well documented and/or shared with the relevant departments for their input, implementation & feedback.
- Lead performance management and other Talent related activities, support the professional development of managers and their teams
- Act as the focal point between the Operations Coordinator and the Field Managers.
- Lead in collaboration projects with other departments.

- Prepare harvest plans for the teams and communicate the plans to teams members in appropriate time
- Ensure a steady harvest pipeline is sustained throughout the year
- Effectively plan with Harvest Managers to ensure teams achieve planned outputs.

Safety Compliance
- Supervise and ensure safety compliance within teams during harvest OPs.
- Ensure standards of excellence are maintained throughout felling, extraction and loading of trees
- Ensure all PPEs are in place and used correctly by all Komaza teams and casual workers at all times
- Train and retrain teams on safety measures
- Deal with non compliance of safety SOPs and reward/recognize adherence to the same
- Support the team with immediate action in case of a safety incident occurring.

Logistics Coordination
- The SHM shall work closely with the Business Operations Officer and external service providers to manage transport, he/she shall share Harvest Operations plans with the Business Operations team and other relevant departments such as Finance to allow for smooth operations and effective interdepartmental collaboration.
- The SHM shall work hand in hand with service providers to ensure they meet SLAs as agreed with Komaza and to organize contingency where needs arise.

Data Management
- Train the team on data collection, quality control and reporting procedures
- Ensure that the team is equipped with the right tools and skills for accurate data reporting
- Collaborate with the design team to use data to inform operational and strategic decisions
- Conduct data audits to ensure that high standards of data accuracy are maintained.

What You Have
- Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of two years’ experience in managing complex people centered operations; or a Diploma with over 5 years’ experience managing complex operations
- 2 years experience in managing teams working in environments that require the maintenance of high safety standards
- Experience in Forestry or Wood Harvesting is an added advantage
- Training and coaching ability and experience
- Proven experience planning and coordinating cross-functional projects, including effective lateral and upward management.
- Advance computer literacy and proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).

You're Also
- Highly collaborative
- Strong written and spoken English and Kiswahili
- Ability to plan complex, dynamic projects and operations
- Energetic and enthusiastic, willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done
- Well-organized with experience in project management
- Comfort with ambiguity and uncertainty, as well as patience and perseverance in the face of serious logistical and environmental hurdles
- Excellent work ethic, positive attitude, and attention to detail
- Proven ability to self-manage and deliver results
- Interest in Sustainable Economic Development and / or Agroforestry Problem solver.

What’s in it for you?
Great vision without great people is irrelevant, Jim Collins wisely stated. If you share Komaza’s vision and want to help make it a reality, apply today! We offer a competitive remuneration package and an opportunity to further your career.

Komaza is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit and business need.

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Expiring: Dec 27, 2020

Financial Manager in Mozambique , Mozambique

One of our clients in the Waste Management / Environment sector, is currently looking to recruit an experienced Finance Manager for the operations in Mozambique, to take charge of the financial health of our client’s company by administering accounting operations to meet legal requirements. You should be familiar with the analysis of the financial results of the region and the analysis and explanation of management accounts to budgets and forecasts. The ideal candidate demonstrates an interest in managing accounting activities, including including Billing, A/R, A/P, GL and Counsel, Cost Accounting, Inventory Accounting and Revenue Recognition. You should also have excellent organizational skills, a valid driver’s license and be able to handle time-sensitive tasks.

• B. Com Degree and a registered C.A
• Related Management Accounting qualification
• Fulfilled similar role with at least 5 years’ senior financial experience
• Monthly or bi-weekly travel to Mozambique for periods of one to two weeks per month is an option

Responsibilities (but not limited to):
• Finalizing inter-depot charges
• Development and measurement of regional production KPI’s
• Presentation of financial results to management
• Controlling all orders against budget
• Preparation of annual budget and bi-annual forecast
• Ensuring compliance to internal controls at depot level
• Coordinate and direct the preparation of the budget and financial forecasts and report variances
• Prepare and publish timely monthly financial statements
• Liaising with external auditors
• Ensure quality control over financial transactions and financial reporting
• Calculate and prepare annual tax returns
• Register all service type contracts with the Department of finance and obtain tax clearance certificates
• Ensure invoicing complies with legislation
• Working capital management in line with cash flow projections
• Advise management on any changes to local content laws in Mozambique

Please apply with your CV in English, showing your experience on the above requirements, as well as your nationality and/or authorization to work in Mozambique.

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Expiring: Dec 27, 2020

HR Director in Ghana , Ghana

Also known as HR Manager or Head of HR.

The main responsibility of the HR Director is to enable a high performance culture by driving and developing a strategic people perspective through the management team and in collaboration with managers. This is achieved through structured and proactive HR work creating conditions for top performing employees contributing to business objectives. Ensuring that policies and processes are defined, implemented and maintained to meet the demands of a changing business environment.


Strategic HR organisational development
- Developing the HR plan and strategy for the Business Unit also ensuring implementation and follow up.
- Succession and Management Planning
- Carrying out workforce planning to make sure competences are meeting business demands
- Developing and implementing policies, procedures
- Create an HR Business Plan together with the managing director
- Contributing to the business plan and strategy of the business unit
- Working with organizational development by adapting the company structure to business needs
- Bringing HR perspective to the management team

Strategic HR Development
- Creating and developing the main tools, processes and ways of working with Human Resources for the organization, also considering support of managers
- Implementing and maintaining the company's global HR-processes
- Attracting, recruiting and retaining competent people in a systematic way
- Creating a strong employer brand

HR Administration and Support
- Making sure HR related reporting, controlling, and other administrative processes are running
- Making sure the operations have a proper Compensations and Benefit structure
- Preparing of budget for the department
- Handling conflicts and mediating when needed.

Organizational Change Management
- Supporting the Business in Change Management initiatives and projects
- Ensuring good execution of change for the organization and business when needed

Manage HR Compliance
- Ensurin compliance of the organization’s policies, HR legislations, safety regulations, collective agreements and guidelines, BU policies, and also labour relations
- Working with Works Council and unions
- Making sure of proper management of terminations

Manage the HR team (HR, SRS and Health & Safety)
- Motivating, managing and leading the team towards timely and high quality service with good employee satisfaction
- Coaching individuals to improve the daily work and employee satisfaction
- Conducting and acting upon personal development talks, succession planning, employee satisfaction surveys and competence and performance management
- Establishing a meeting structure where information is shared and exchanged, performance is followed-up, and improvements take place
- Ensuring that there is a remuneration system in place that motivates the staff and that is working according to the set principles, values and strategy

Health & Safety Development
- Ensuring and supporting implementation of safety and health regulations, procedures and policies in daily work
- Creating and safeguarding a safe, sustainable and healthy work environment for all employees
- Supporting the work with continuous improvements regarding safety and health

Qualification and Experiences
- A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in HR Management or similar. A Master’s degree will be an added advantage
- At least 10 years’ of experience working in an HR management role
- Exposure working in a multicultural and multinational environment
- Being able to implement organizational HR practices and policies
- Extensive managerial and leadership experience preferably in the business to business industry.

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Expiring: Dec 17, 2020

Head of HR in Ghana , Ghana

Reporting to: Country Head – Ghana, People Board Rep – Region
Base: Ghana (Accra) with regular travel to Kumasi

The HR function focuses on keeping the staff on board and to work next to the business on areas of creating organisational change, staff engagement, providing learning platforms and supporting restructuring projects. Maximize the potential of individuals is one of the main goals, just as working towards the objective to provide a good future for farmers and the cocoa supply chain.

The Ghana Head of HR role
The new Head of HR is responsible for ensuring there is an effective and proactive HR service to the business. The new Head of HR will lead a team that has a daily responsibility for all areas of HR and all businesses in Ghana. You will also be coaching and leading a high performing HR team. You will be part of the Ghana Steering committee and together with the businesses you will be advising on change management, learning and development, engagement and all areas of HR.

Detailed Responsibilities:

- Develop and drive the People Plan and budget for the company including leading change management projects, possible restructuring of business entities.
- Develop and manage a high performing HR team in Ghana.
- Being the first point of contact for senior management and deal with all HR related issues including coaching, appraisals, contracts, recruitment, learnig and development and mentoring.
- Being the first point of contact for expat issues
- Manage the Payroll for the expats and senior management Team
- Support the HR Teams and manage employee relations issues
- Provide HR reports to senior management on a regular basis
- Recognize internal talent
- Providing coaching for senior managers
- Provide guidance and advice to the company's Nigerian office

Internal and external communication:
- Develop the overall internal communication and staff engagement
- Writing all the communication and scripts for senior management
- Working with the Director of Africa to develop contributions for newsletter
- Driving the editorial for the internal magazine and coaching and overseeing the production
- Coordinating external PR activities

Office management and administration of the office based in Accra:
- Overseeing the administration of the office based in Accra and the office management team
- Working together with the Office Manager to make sure everything is in order regarding the Accra office, visitor apartments and expat housing


Key Skills/Experience:
 Ideally a degree in HR, Business or Social Studies
 At least 10 years of relevant experience within an HR Management within a global business
 Strong interpersonal skills
 Ability to provide and recommend commercially focused solutions to the business
 Experience with change management projects
 Demonstrated ability to work in a developing country, experience in a multicultural environment with an understanding of the company's challenges in terms of recruitment and retention of staff.
 Able to deliver high quality work within the given deadlines; Being results oriented
 Being creative with a strong sense of service to our employees

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Expiring: Dec 17, 2020

Head of Offtake & Partnerships in Kenya , Kenya

Our client, an agricultural technology and data science company, is looking for a Head of Offtake & Partnerships (HOP) with deep expertise in buying and selling produce in Europe, Africa & Middle East. The HOP will be a key member of the leadership team and primarily responsible for driving the company's global selling strategy and building future offtake capacity to accommodate our client's growth. The HOP will be instrumental in building the growth plan as the management team will rely on their expertise to provide insight into which products (fresh and processed) the company should grow into. In the longer term, the HOP will be responsible for building scalability into the business model by forging long term partnerships with offtakers. The Farm General Manager will report directly to the CEO and CFO (the co-founders).

A successful HOP will ensure that the company has guaranteed contracts in place prior to deploying more acres under management. Successful contracts guarantee volume and price to reduce risk of failure to pay & lock in revenue targets. The HOP will be responsible for managing and maintaining buyer relationships and be responsible for buyers paying on time.

● Securing offtake contracts with agreed volume and price for existing products (Garlic and Herbs - Thyme and Mint)
● Finding other opportunities for high value produce contracts for fresh or processed (i.e. powdered, oil, dried, etc.) produce
● Managing all buyer relationships in Kenya and abroad
● Growing our non-kenyan buyer base
● Building capacity and using the company's network/reputation to get contracts signed before produce is available

● You are directly responsible for:
○ Executing offtake contracts and making sure they are in place and honoured before the company deploys resources for associated acreage growth (i.e. creating a runway of demand)
○ Finding new opportunities for growth within different product categories & reporting back with detailed pricing and demand
○ Managing buyer relationships and making sure they pay on time
○ Hiring and managing a team as needed
○ Reporting opportunities to management team

Requirements (non negotiable):
● 7+ years working in produce buying/selling and or ingredient sourcing
● Strong proactive communications ability, verbally and in written communications, i.e. you will be expected to provide weekly updates on progress with metrics
● Familiarity with all Google Suite products (Gmail, google docs, sheets)
● Availability to live and work in Kenya (not mandatory)
● 3 strong references from established companies/procurement operations

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Expiring: Dec 04, 2020

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