General Manager in Kenya , Kenya

Industry Background:
The commercial aquaculture industry in East Africa is growing rapidly, based on strong demand and excellent natural resources. Population growth, urbanization, and income growth are all rapidly fueling consumers’ ability and desire to buy fresh fish; however, access to fresh fish has declined driven by dwindling wild-catch stocks (e.g., tilapia population has dropped 90% over the last 30 years and continues to decline).

Victory Farms Kenya:
Victory Farms is a fully vertically integrated aquaculture company, with farm operations in the Lake Victoria region. Its founders are committed to building a global 'best-in-class' company, which means placing sustainability at the core of operations. The company was established in 2015 and is now the fastest growing fish farm in the region, accounting for roughly 50% of local fish production and 75% of the industry’s annual growth, and is uniquely positioned to continue to scale by employing best-in-class technologies, people and processes to build the leading global tilapia farm.

OPEN POSITION: General Manager
As we scale from a start-up farm to a more structured entity, we are looking to add a General Manager to our team who can add immediate value to the organization and will report directly to our COO. The ideal candidate will be able to build upon existing structures, refining where necessary, to drive improvements in operational excellence and efficiency.

A successful candidate will:
• Enjoy farm life living in a beautiful, remote area.
• Have relevant experience from similar management positions.
• Have completed higher education (extended work experience can compensate for this)
• “Be a doer” and like to take responsibility by leading others from the front.
• Never say “it’s not my job” and will have a willingness to solve problems even beyond their scope (as necessary).
• Enjoy “getting their hands dirty” and have an “all hands on deck” mentality to problem solving.
• Have the ability to influence others and win their support.
• Collaborate closely with the fish growing function and take a “fish first” attitude to prioritize and complete tasks.
• Be confident and self-assured even in unfamiliar situations.
• Be well organized and enjoy working with concepts, models and strategies.
• Take a broad perspective and consider wider implications and longer-term consequences of incidents, plans and activities.
• Prioritize tasks and keep the team focused on what matters most.
• Rapidly structure and systematically solve ambiguous problems with pragmatic solutions.
• Follow procedures, respect rules and regulations

We are looking for someone with 10+ years (aggregate work experience should exceed 15 years) working in a senior leadership capacity for an agri-business demonstrating the requisite skills to execute VF’s strategy and achieve operational goals across departments.

Main areas of responsibility:
• Develop, measure and track effective KPIs; make iterative improvements through investing in processes, systems, and talent across the organization
• Structure workflows, processes, and SOPs to achieve a highly standardized approach to handling various farm activities.
• Lead and develop a strong team across farm operations, warehousing, maintenance, construction, and processing
• Manage 6 direct reports with approximately 100 FTEs and 200 casual workers
• Ensure continued training and development of individuals to enable progress and promote personnel growth
• Partner with Director of Ops and COO to draft, manage and track farm operations budget (including both OPEX and CAPEX)
• Assume full ownership of construction projects including coordinating construction timelines and resource planning, driving execution, maintaining quality and safety standards.
• Manage and drive efficiency in in our Processing Centre while maintaining the highest quality standards in food safety.
• Identify opportunities to reduce costs by improving operational and capital efficiency.
• Create and maintain a culture consistent with VF’s values that empower individuals to develop, continually challenge the status quo, take measured risks, and embrace change to continually redefine “Best in Class”.
• Create a safe working environment for all employees by developing, implementing, and adhering to Health & Safety protocols and policies.
• Demonstrate desire to relocate and live at the farm (based in rural Homa Bay County).


Job Title: General Manager
Location: 90% Farm (Homa Bay); 10% Non-farm
Compensation: Competitive (Base, Bonus, Management Incentive)
Start date: Immediate

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Expiring: Sep 04, 2021

Spécialiste de la Paix en Cameroun , Cameroon

Spécialiste de la paix pour le dialogue interethnique (h/f), Garoua, Cameroun

AGIAMONDO est le service spécialisé des catholiques allemands dédié à la coopération pour le développement. Dans le cadre du service civil pour la paix (SCP), nous offrons à des professionnels la chance d’effectuer un service riche de sens en collaboration avec des acteurs locaux du développement. Le SCP est le programme de prévention de la violence et de promotion de la paix dans des régions en crise ou en conflit. Il se mobilise pour un monde où les conflits se règlent sans violence et assiste des organisations partenaires dans toutes les phases des conflits : la prévention des conflits, la réduction de la violence et le relèvement après un conflit. En coopération avec des partenaires ecclésiastiques et de la société civile au Cameroun, AGIAMONDO entend contribuer à une gestion civile des conflits grâce aux mesures de soutien de la paix du SCP.

Pour apporter un accompagnement et un soutien dans le cadre du développement organisationnel et de la structuration de projets pour différents commissions diocésaines, leurs groupes paroissiaux ainsi que des groupes de dialogue interreligieux dans la province ecclésiastique de Garoua, nous recherchons, dès que possible, un Spécialiste de la paix pour le dialogue interethnique (h/f), Garoua, Cameroun

Votre nouvelle mission

La province ecclésiastique de Garoua englobe les trois régions du Nord du Cameroun et le projet porte sur trois diocèses: Maroua Mokolo, Ngaoundéré et Garoua proprement dit.

La Commission Justice et Paix (CDJP) contribue à une coexistence plus pacifique des différents groupes ethniques dans la région et travaille pour le compte de l’église diocésaine dans le domaine de la justice et de la paix. Le projet a pour objectif de faciliter le dialogue entre les autochtones et les populations déplacées/réfugiées et de contribuer ainsi à une transformation non violente des conflits, afin de favoriser une coexistence pacifique. Par le dialogue avec les différents groupes de personnes déplacées et réfugiées, il conviendra d’analyser la situation actuelle de manière approfondie afin de développer conjointement, sur cette base, des solutions pour l’avenir.

Vous aurez la chance de découvrir les régions du Nord du Cameroun et la diversité des personnes qui y vivent, ainsi que de vivre et d’encourager le dialogue entre elles.

Dans le détail, vous assumerez les tâches suivantes :
- Vous apportez conseils et soutien pour la mise en place et l’accompagnement d’initiatives de dialogue entre la population autochtone et immigrée dans la province ecclésiastique de Garoua.
- Vous apportez des conseils dans la gestion de projets et soutenez l’introduction d’un système de planification, de monitoring et d’évaluation (PME) axé sur les résultats, en tenant compte des différences entre les diocèses participants.
- Vous développez des formations pour des mesures de soutien de la paix, pour la transformation non violente des conflits et l’advocacy, et assurez la formation continue des formateurs/trices du CDJP comme de vos bénévoles. De plus, vous soutenez les collaborateurs/trices du CDJP dans l’accompagnement du comité communal et transmettez les compétences correspondantes.
- Vous soutenez la mise en réseau avec des initiatives de dialogue similaires entre autochtones et populations déplacées mises en œuvre par d’autres partenaires du SCP.
- Vous êtes responsable de la bonne utilisation et de la bonne gestion des moyens financiers sur place conformément aux directives des donateurs et aux prescriptions de AGIAMONDO. Pour ce faire, vous travaillez en coopération avec l’organisation partenaire.

Votre profil
- Vous êtes titulaire d’un diplôme d'études supérieures, p. ex. en sciences sociales, en sciences des religions, en ethnologie, en études africaines, en pédagogie, en psychologie.
- Vous possédez une expérience professionnelle avec une spécialisation dans le domaine de la paix, si possible dans un contexte ecclésiastique, dans l’idéal en lien avec l’Afrique.
- Vous possédez des connaissances théoriques et une expérience pratique dans le domaine du développement organisationnel, de la gestion de projets et de l’advocacy en lien avec l’intégration et la prise en charge des populations réfugiées et déplacées.
- Vous avez un fort désir de voyager pour collaborer en lien étroit avec les membres du réseau.
- Vous aimez travailler en étroite coopération avec l’église diocésaine du Cameroun et savez être efficace même au sein de structures simples.
- Vous appartenez à une Église chrétienne, vous vous identifiez au profil ecclésiastique de AGIAMONDO et vous partagez avec conviction les objectifs et préoccupations de la coopération ecclésiastique au développement.
- Vous êtes citoyen/ne de l’UE ou de Suisse et vous vous exprimez très bien en français et en anglais.

L’offre de AGIAMONDO
- Une préparation individualisée et complète
- Un contrat de trois ans, une couverture sociale et une rémunération selon la loi allemande sur les coopérants au développement
- Des sessions de formation continue en culture, langue ou autres domaines techniques, ainsi que des offres de coaching et de supervision et un conseil personnalisé

Nous serons ravis de recevoir votre dossier de candidature avant le 12.09.2021 au plus tard.

Corona - Informations pour les demandeurs

Chers candidats,
Nous sommes heureux d'accepter votre candidature via le portail de candidature en ligne, même dans la situation actuelle. Nous effectuons la procédure de sélection en ligne. Nous proposons également des solutions numériques pour certaines des mesures préparatoires.

Actuellement, certains de nos spécialistes travaillent dans un bureau à domicile. La question de savoir si et quand les spécialistes peuvent travailler sur place dans le cadre des projets est décidée de manière responsable et en collaboration avec les partenaires dans chaque cas individuel.

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Expiring: Sep 03, 2021

Director of Talent Management

Title: Director of Talent Management
Location: Senegal or remote (EST or GMT+/- 2 hours)
Report to: Chief of People Operations
Language Requirement: English fluency required; French fluency preferred

About myAgro
myAgro is an award-winning non-profit social enterprise based in West Africa. We have pioneered a mobile savings model that allows farmers to invest their own funds in high-quality seed, fertilizer, and agricultural training to increase their harvest and income by 50-100%. Our North Star is to help 1 million farmers increase their incomes by $1.50 per day by 2025 and lift themselves out of poverty. Learn more from myAgro’s founder and CEO here.

About the Role
The Director of Talent Management will become an integral part of the People Operations team, and will be responsible for building the global talent management infrastructure across myAgro. Collaborating with departments, country offices, and global leadership, the position is responsible for the design and implementation of myAgro’s global talent management strategy, programs and processes, such as: talent acquisition, leadership development, training and learning (including performance management), and organizational culture.

Your profile:

You have a nose for Finding Talent. You drive coordinated action and accountability from all partners in our hiring ecosystems so that we are poised to hire top candidates at all levels to drive our mission forward.
You Invest in People. You love this stuff. You wake up every day thinking about learning and helping team members be their best at work.
You are a Doer. You are someone who loves to build, and who isn't afraid to use both hands in the process. You and your team not only enjoy creating a talent strategy, but love to implement and execute the strategy so you can see the results.
You are a People-Person! You understand and emphasize that our people are our greatest asset. You believe strongly in positive employee relations and experience, team member engagement, and organizational culture.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Workforce Planning
- Drive workforce planning and forecasting; leverage data to develop both short-term and long-term recruiting plans.
- Perform recruiting capacity planning and balance hiring resources (in-house, agency, etc.) to ensure the right resource allocation to support the business.
- Build succession plans for key roles throughout the organization.
- Create organizational charts and define each position’s responsibilities.

Talent Acquisition
- Lead and direct a resourceful, proactive, and solution-oriented recruiting department.
- Guide the team to execute against objectives and adjust to shifting organizational priorities.
- Provide guidance, share knowledge, create and facilitate training for best recruitment practices.
- Give feedback and coaching to develop and scale the talent acquisition team for growth and global reach.

Onboarding and Talent Development
- Design and orchestrate orientation programs and organize broader team support to enable new team members to ramp up quickly.
- Manage on-going professional and leadership development programs within the organization.
- Review gaps in leadership capability across departments and develop action plans accordingly.
- Discuss career-pathing options with high-potential employees and their team leaders.

Employee Engagement and Culture
- Champion our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts across all teams to educate, promote awareness, and ensure an inclusive work environment that fosters belonging.
- Develop employee retention programs and team-building activities

Compensation and Benefits
- Evaluate and improve myAgro’s total compensation programs, salary structure, market analysis and overall compensation philosophy; help educate managers and employees on pay practice.
- Craft policies that support internal promotions.
- Develop comprehensive benefits programs that ensure team member satisfaction.

- You have experience leading Global Talent Resourcing in multiple countries.
- 6+ years experience in talent management and/or development, including a focus on leadership development.
- Ability to wrap an employee-centric, holistic narrative around your work, galvanising people around simple, memorable communications.
- Ability to build relationships based on empathy, and have people look to you for direction and feel supported by you.
- Know your stuff, especially when it comes to the needs of the modern learners as consumers of information and current trends impacting talent development.
- You have a proven track record of designing, implementing, and measuring innovative, high-impact learning solutions
- Ability to pay close attention to detail and data without losing sight of the bigger picture
- You have experience working globally (Africa experience preferred)

myAgro provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, marital/parental status, national origin, age, disability, political opinion, social status, veteran status, and genetics. myAgro complies with all applicable federal, provincial and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.

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Expiring: Aug 21, 2021

CEO in Ghana , Ghana

For a growing social enterprise in the water and sanitation industry, we are seeking a CEO that can take the organisation to the next level.

Purpose of the role
The CEO will lead the team through the next phase of growth. This will include taking the team through break-even to profitability and beyond. One area of growth to be examined is opportunities to replicate the business model in other suitable cities.

Key responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

• Evolving and defining the company strategy working with the Board and Senior Management Team
• Growing the marketing department with a clear marketing strategy to further growth

• Bearing full P&L responsibility, ensuring growth targets (revenue and profitability) are consistently met
• Operationalizing the strategy, ensuring high quality execution across all levels of the organization
• Continually improve the quality of the organization its environmental sustainability, including, but not limited to, striving for complete circularity in waste management, bringing relevant industry innovations into the value chain as appropriate.
• Furthering the culture of innovation, accountability and operational excellence, gathering ideas from staff, stakeholders and peers and bringing them to life in the team, to help growth of the organisation
• Ensuring evaluation and improvement structures remain appropriate to the size and momentum of the business, to enable a culture of continuous improvement
• Leveraging technology to ensure high quality data and detailed analytics are at the heart of all decisions made across the business, making us more efficient
• Improving the supply chain for all products and services required to deliver the highest quality service to our customers

Team/Stakeholder Development and Engagement
• Continuing the development of the team, identifying both formal and informal opportunities for team members to grow their experience and skills to advance the organization
• Keeping the safety of all stakeholders , as a core priority, ensuring all necessary licenses and procedures are in compliance with the relevant law.

Board Interaction:
• Reporting regularly to the Board, enabling them to properly govern the organization and engage with strategic decision making, leveraging their wide array of expertise
• Effectively source, test, evaluate and scale new opportunities to improve the business across all departments

• Managing investment , with the Board’s support, to reach scale ambitions, brokering and maintaining relationships with funders and building long-term sustainable partnerships
• Working closely with funders/investors to ensure reporting requirements are met and strong collaboration continues

Minimum skills and experience
• Relevant bachelor’s degree
• Demonstrated experience in successfully growing a business
• Experience effectively managing budgets over 2m GH₵. Comfortable reading and interrogating various financial statements (P&L, balance sheet, financial model etc.)
• Successful management, growth and development of experienced, high performing teams
• Demonstrated experience effectively managing change and mitigating risks in a rapidly growing organisation
• Exposure working collaboratively with a board or similar body - able to extract and leverage robust critique to improve ideas and execution
• Enthusiasm to work with low-income communities in a commercial setting
• Ability to identify and scope work with subject matter experts, such as consultants, and manage them to deliver agreed results on time, to budget
• Experience of building and maintaining external stakeholder relationships to deliver strategic results

Preferred skills and experience
• Demonstrated experience growing a social enterprise or purpose-driven organisation
• Experience in fund raising, and structuring innovative growth capital
• Experience working collaboratively with an experienced Board and able to extract and leverage robust critique to improve ideas and execution
• Experience managing budgets in excess of 10 m GH₵, in particular complex budgets and across different business units and workstreams and ensuring appropriate controls are in place
• Experience working in the WASH/sanitation sector
• Experience working with local and national government and development stakeholders, sharing appropriate information and forming partnerships where sensible
• Demonstrated commitment to the improvement of society and social services in Ghana
• A relevant, advanced degree

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Expiring: Aug 09, 2021

Financial Controller in Nigeria , Nigeria

Financial controller / head of finance and accounts / internal audit

Job description
Overall in charge of the accounts department, internal control, finance. Advising the management and owner on the financial strategy. Ensuring effective and efficient running of the business.
- Cost control; monitoring expenditure
- Internal control, policy creation
- Verification of documents related to inventory, payments, import and export of goods
- Verification of internal documents to ensure compliance and accuracy
- Monthly preparation of the management accounts
- Monthly reconciliation of inventories
o Spares
o Sale goods
- Finalisation of the accounts, coordinating with statutory auditors
- Handling taxation matters and related agencies
- Handling banks
- Handling insurance
- Preparation of Management Information Reports
o Export stock and status of exports
o Imports status updates
o Financial statements (e.g. cashflow statement)
o Financial projections
- Key user of the accounting package; verification that entered information is correct
- Overseeing accounts payable, receivable, payroll preparation

- Teamleader
- Excellent accounting knowledge
- Knowledge on import and export formalities
- Internal audit experience
- Knowledge of ERP Package MS Dynamics
- Masters degree in accountancy, finance or relevant field
- Minimum of 15 years experience

- Expat benefits
o Accommodation
o SUV + Driver
o 2 flight tickets (Premium Economy) per annum
o Health insurance (excluding dental)

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Expiring: Aug 06, 2021

Procurement and Planning Officer in Nigeria , Nigeria

The job
The procurement and planning officer will develop and execute the company’s purchasing strategy. He/she will oversee the complete purchasing process, while maintaining the code of ethics. Purchases need to be planned and sourced from reliable vendors. The procurement officer must ensure security of supply to guarantee business continuity at any time. He/she needs to evaluate prices continuously, timely delivery needs to be ensured, and administration must be followed up.

Weekly, monthly and yearly budgets need to be drafted.

The Planning Officer will forecast business requirements, monitor inventory, and track consumption to ensure adequate and efficient usage of the services and materials.
This position requires transparency and sound internal communication. With the input of different departments, the maximum of price/quality ratio must be reached.
The environment is fast-paced and rewarding.

Most purchases are for the maintenance of our fleet and then mostly spare parts:
o Generator parts
o Engine parts
o Fishing gear
o Refrigeration parts (compressors)
o Electrical parts
o Winch parts

The profile
- Strong analytical skills
- Technical knowledge of mechanics, engine, compressor, electrical parts
- Strategic mind, forward planning of purchases
- Ability to communicate effectively across different departments
- Experience with MIS reporting
- Willingness to learn
- Transparent
- Good intercultural and personal skills
- Strong negotiator
- Network skills; establish a strong relationship with vendors
- Must function well under pressure (e.g. emergency requirements)
- Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly excel
- Experience with ERP Microsoft Navision/dynamics
- Excellent English speaker
- Familiar with import/export terminology, INCOTERMS
- Africa experience

Targets and KPI’s

- High compliance rate
o Ensure compliance measures are strictly followed

- Supplier evaluation
o Timely delivery
o Quality of product

- Reduction of emergency purchases
- Planning of purchases in relation to expected lead times, minimum stock levels
- Cost saving
- Local staff development

- Bachelor status
- Annual leave of 30 days per annum
- Annual ticket economy class to country of residence
- Company provides accommodation, driver and vehicle, househelp
- Medical insurance

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Expiring: Aug 06, 2021

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