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Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is an INGO, founded in 1976, devoted to building simple, decent, and affordable housing. In 2018, Habitat launched “Global Impact 2025” (GI25). The initiative seeks to transform Habitat’s global operations to align with the ambition of its strategic plan, “to materially reduce the housing deficit.” The past three years have established a foundation for that growth: introducing the ministry’s first international theory of change; building the capacity for new revenue streams; and co-creating new models for more integrated operations across the Habitat network. Within the Africa region, HFHI recently finalized the Africa Strategy Framework which is now being cascaded down for national level alignment.
Habitat for Humanity Zambia (HFHZ) as an Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International network is a non-governmental organization that has been in existence in Zambia since 1984. HFHZ’s mandate is to fulfil a vision where everyone has a decent place to live. Since its establishment in Zambia HFHZ has served the most disadvantaged vulnerable households and communities through the provision and promotion of decent housing, water and sanitation, savings and financial literacy and advocacy on land and housing rights with an emphasis on gender equality ensuring that no one is left behind.

Purpose of Consultancy
The purpose of the consultancy will be to support Habitat for Humanity Zambia (HFHZ) in the development of their new 5-year strategy. The general strategy process has already been developed for Habitat International, but a consultancy is sought to implement the process and to consolidate the process into a single strategic document that is aligned with the Africa Strategy Framework. The strategy steps are outlined below with more detail on these steps in the scope of work section. More information can also be shared with the selected applicant post award.

Strategy Steps / Additional Support for Consultancy
- Housing ecosystem: Will be completed by a separate consultancy
- Finding leverage:
- Internal analysis: Supported by internal HR / Finance / RD review
- Operating environment:
- Naming the challenge:
- Scenario building:
- Assumptions and modeling:
- Strategy mapping:
- Action planning:

The successful applicant will build on the work already being done and will design a process that responds to the ongoing work globally to build greater alignment across Habitat’s operations. Implementation should anticipate coordination with global initiatives related to systems underpinning local operations, ongoing discussions related to governance of the network, and further articulation of our theory of change and its impact on global positioning. Habitat for Humanity Zambia as well as the Africa Area Office are expected to be critical partners within each of these processes and the design of this engagement. The specific strategy steps the consultancy will support are included below:
Housing Ecosystem Assessment – completed by separate consultancy

• Define target population (bound the system)
• Understand the stakeholders that make up the housing ecosystem affecting the target population
• Understand the key drivers of the deficit affecting the target population

This exercise is a scanning exercise aimed at building an understanding of the key drivers of the deficit in a given context and the key stakeholders that affect the way that the system perpetuates or addresses this deficit

Finding Leverage

• Develop a common narrative for how the ecosystem affects the target population
• Identify the program areas where the organization expects to intervene within the housing ecosystem
• Document the assumptions driving these decisions

Building on the team’s understanding of the target population, the stakeholders and drivers affecting their access to housing, the team will develop a narrative of how the housing ecosystem works or doesn’t work for this target population and identify key areas where they believe they can find leverage for change in that ecosystem

Internal Analysis

• Deepening understanding of current capabilities of the organization

Examination of current operations looking across indicators of financial health, fundraising, program performance, talent, and growth
• Desktop review of internal performance data: board reporting, AO reporting, financial data, fundraising pipeline, org structure, etc
• Interviews with key stakeholders: views of internal strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats; operational challenges and risks in the current model (Opportunity and Threat information can inform Operational Environment Exercise)
• Synthesis: consolidated report of internal data and interview responses aimed at deepening understanding of current situation; report should incorporate broader GI25 and AP related change initiatives
• Validation: communication of key findings from analysis to leaders for validation and internalization of themes as we lead into the consolidated SWOT exercise

Operating environment

Common understanding of the macro-trends impacting the operational health of the organization over the next 3-5 years

Environmental scanning looking for key trends that will affect our ability to continue or expand operations; this differs from the housing ecosystem in that the focus is more on the health of the entity and the operational constraints that it might face as an NGO over the next several years
• Fundraising Trends: desktop review of overall trends in funding markets that are identified through interviews with the leadership team (size of market, growth, donor motivations, market leaders, enabling environment, key constraints to growth)
• Talent Market Trends: desktop review of key themes around talent including competition, decision drivers for new talent, trends in management talent growth, future of work trends, etc
• Regulatory Trends: key considerations and limitations for NGOs, government decisions affecting the sector, risks, limitations of current registration
• Competitor Growth and Capabilities: civil society trends, sophistication and capabilities; close competitor identification and analysis
• Validation: workshop to consolidate thinking around these dimensions and deepen understanding of key themes affecting growth

Naming the challenge

• Consolidate and synthesize ecosystem and scanning data
• Prioritize key changes in the market and frame the strategic challenge facing the organization

Exercise is designed to consolidate thinking around the programmatic intent for the organization and its operational realities. The end result of this exercise is a clear articulation of the strategic challenge facing the organization
• The competitive SWOT built over the last two sessions is brought forward into the conversation
• Current state operations are compared with the results of the analysis done to date
• Areas of conflict are identified and prioritized
• Where possible participants begin to synthesize these areas of conflict into a clear problem statement or opportunity
• Facilitator likely will need to take this away and refine the challenge into a few different options, one of these should be selected by the overall sponsor

Scenario building

• Identify 2-3 scenarios for testing and further development for the future state of the organization

Based on the frame provided in previous phases, the future state for the organization can be ideated. The goal of this stage is to identify 3-5 potential future states for consideration by leadership, these starting points will help to characterize the organization that we are trying to build and how it differs from today
• Facilitators and sponsors identify 3-5 scenarios of what a future state could look like for the organization
• These scenarios are benchmarked on the basis of match to current capabilities and perceived ability to capture the market
• Team is asked for feedback and prioritization of the different scenarios
• For top 2-3 scenarios, team works through risks, assumptions, and unknowns and validates the trade-offs, benefits and implications presented by the facilitators
• Where necessary, the team helps to refine or consolidate the models under consideration

Assumptions and modeling

• Develop a better understanding of the models selected so that we can generate commitment towards the change

Largely driven by the consultants, models are built and tested for the prioritized options. The goal here will be to understand first how value is created and deepen the understanding of the assumptions driving the model, wherever possible providing external evidence to justify those assumptions
• Business models for the selected scenario can be built collaboratively with the organization or built by the consultants and validated with the organization
• Key assumptions identified under the scenario or surfaced through the modeling effort will be researched and tested
• Financial models built with scenario modeling capabilities

Strategy mapping

• Understand the strategic objectives required to realize the organization’s strategic vision

This is a critical step in adopting a balanced scorecard approach to management; building on the model, the team will identify the skills, knowledge, processes, relationships and results that will be required to realize the vision of their strategy. This creates a logical map of how activity leads to results so that kpis can be developed and yearly milestones identified. This requires metrics that are unique to the individual strategies of each implementing team; however, we can categorize objectives and associated lead and lag indicators and milestones that help management, local boards and area offices track implementing teams’ progress toward their strategic goals. By standardizing the categories for these objectives, we can consolidate across the portfolio and make better decisions about deployment of regional/global resources

Action planning
The team will space out implementation on the basis of investment requirements and modeling built out through previous phases. Implementation should include a rough guess on milestones and performance indicators to be reached each year to achieve the intended outcome

The consultant team will spearhead this research with support from the Zambia team and Africa Area Office. Habitat Zambia must first approve the research design, tools, and final report before proceeding with the conduct of the research. Also, the tools that the consultant team will use must be reviewed and provided input by Habitat before pre-testing. Communication and dissemination of key findings to a broader audience must first be approved by Habitat Zambia beforehand.

The estimated start-up is as soon as possible or latest on the first week of August 2022 It is anticipate that the work will take 6-8 months and will include the following deliverables expected from the consultant: Output # Deliverable Due date
1. Project plan and inception report: consultant’s assessment of current state and a methodology for developing a regional strategy including a stakeholder engagement plan -
Week 2
2. Strategy report outline for validation before the report is detailed out - Latest by Month 5
3. Strategy report synthesizing work from each of the strategy steps (including pulling in findings the internal team will provide on the internal components):
o Background research (operative environment, leverage analysis, housing ecosystem assessment, internal analysis)
o Identification of the challenge
o The proposed scenarios that were tested (2-3)
o The final model with assumptions
o Strategy map
Latest by Month 6
4. Action plan a plan for implementation including milestones, investments and distribution of resources across the regional hub and its NO membership - Latest by Month 6
5. 2 Page Validation report after stakeholder consultations on board/SMT and other key stakeholders to describe any final updates/feedback on the product - Latest by Month 6
All deliverables are to be submitted in English and comply with the communication guidelines of HFHZ to adhere to Habitat branding.

The consultant(s) will report to National Dir, Habitat for Humanity Zambia. The project will include a working group of key Habitat for Humanity Zambia staff to ensure alignment with ongoing work and contextualization. The consultancy team will meet regularly with this working group. Beyond this, the successful applicant will need to engage with the Habitat for Humanity broader staff, board, and the Africa Area Office.

The fees will be paid upon receipt of an invoice from the Consultant/firm/institution, with the bank detail.
• 50% payment will be delivered upon the completion of output #1
• 50% payment will be delivered upon the completion of the remaining outputs
• The Consultant, firm must be legally registered and have valid tax clearance certificates from the regulatory authority
• The assignment is subject to local Withholding Tax at applicable rates

The author(s) should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the final product demonstrates respect and protects people's rights and welfare and the communities of which they are members. It is also expected that the consultant will respect the values of HFHI: courage, humility, and accountability.

The competency requirements for the consultancy are:
• Preferred that the Consultant/all team members have an advanced degree related to housing - urban / regional planning, climate science, earth sciences, policy.
• Or a relevant degree in social sciences or Bachelor's degree with work experience (5+ years) in a directly relevant field.
• In-depth knowledge and professional experience in country-level assessment on housing. Climate change adaptation, urbanization, people-centered development or disaster risk management research, programming, or evaluation in Zambia
• Demonstrated experience in qualitative analysis – literature review / secondary document review
• Demonstrated experience in using existing quantitative data sets for secondary review
• Demonstrated experience in ecosystems / systems approach and analysis. Specific expertise on land and housing country assessment is an asset.
• Demonstrated excellence in report writing
• Fluency in English
• Knowledge and experience working in Zambia

The Consultant/agency should submit a technical proposal for carrying out the assignment and the consultancy fee. Application materials should include:
1. Technical proposal not exceeding 20 pages including a) project background, b) proposed report structure, c) any ethical considerations, and d) work plan.
2. Explanation of overall approach and timing of engagement.
3. A confirmation of your status as an institution/firm or (in case of an individual consultant) independent contractor or employee of a consultancy firm or research institution (for contracting purposes).
4. Related experience of the applicant entity(s) with curricula Vitae (CV) for consultant/all team members applying for consideration, with the contact details of three professional referees.
5. Financial proposal in Zambia Kwacha (ZMK) itemizing estimated costs for services rendered (daily consultancy fees) and any other related supplies or services required for the consultancy.
6. At least one sample report similar to that described in this TOR.
7. ONLY electronic submissions will be accepted

Selection Criteria will include:
• Understanding of the assignment and the business need
• Proposed approach and timing of engagement
• Relevant past experience
• Competitive pricing
• Familiarity with the Zambian / Housing context and institutional funding markets
• Experience with federated networks in the development sector Proposals will be ranked according to how they fulfill the three following requirements:
• Qualifications (50%)
• Methodological approach (25%)
• Price (25%)

Interested candidates should submit their application materials by Monday, August 22, 2022 to Procurement@habitatzam.org.zm.
Habitat for Humanity Zambia Procurement Committee
Cc: Human Resources Administrator – Ms. Nchimunya Hanjalika Email: nchimunyahn@habitatzam.org.zm
Application materials are non-returnable, and we thank you in advance for understanding that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the next step in the application process. Applicants will be short-listed for a panel interview. The estimated start-up is as soon as possible, latest on the second week of September 2022.

Habitat for Humanity Zambia requires that all consultants take their ethical responsibilities seriously to safeguard our intended beneficiaries, communities, and those with whom we work. Habitat for Humanity Zambia has particular responsibilities to support and develop systems that create and maintain an environment that prevents harassment, sexual exploitation, and abuse; safeguards beneficiaries and community members (especially children); and promotes the implementation of Habitat for Humanity's code of conduct.

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Special job

Expiring: Aug 22, 2022

Peace Expert in DR Congo , Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

AGIAMONDO is the personnel service of the German Catholics for Development Cooperation. In the Civil Peace Service (CPS) we offer development workers a meaningful role working with local development agents. The CPS is a personnel programme for peace-building and the prevention of violence in crisis and conflict regions. It sets out to promote a world in which conflicts are settled without violence. Working with church-related and civil-social partner organisations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, AGIAMONDO aims to make a contribution towards civil conflict management and the sustainable and equitable development of the country and the Great Lakes region through peace-building measures.

To support the CDJP in Bukavu, we are looking for a Peace expert for organisational development, Bukavu, DR Congo to start as soon as possible.

Your new role – responsible and challenging
The social consequences and divisions after decades of violence and the wounds of a past burdened by violence are impacting the coexistence of people in the Great Lakes region, who, in Rwanda, Burundi and the east of the DR Congo, are also connected to each other across borders. Violence is ongoing in the Kivu and Ituri regions in particular, while civil society and churches are actively working across borders for justice, peace and reconciliation.

In southern Kivu, the Commission Diocésain Justice et Paix (CDJP) of the Archdiocese Bukavu actively commits itself to good governance, human rights, women’s rights and the fair and sustainable management of natural resources. The interdisciplinary team promotes peace and justice in the region through its numerous activities. With the aim of promoting peaceful coexistence and reducing violence, the organisation supports reconciliation initiatives and peaceful conflict management approaches. The organisation intends to professionalise the programmes in the future, especially in the areas of analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation, in order to strengthen peace work through reflection, learning and documentation processes.
Bukavu is a lively metropolis in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, located directly on the shore of Lake Kivu and on the border with Rwanda. As part of your work with the CDJP you will have the opportunity to implement organisational learning processes within the context of peace service and to support the partner organisation in successfully advancing social change processes for dealing with a violent past and present.

Specifically, you will carry out the following tasks:
 You will advise the CDJP on introducing an outcome-oriented PME system; among other things, you will train the full-time and voluntary staff of the diocese on planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME), in particular on participatory methods and procedures for collecting and analysing data and its use in the context of organisational learning processes, quality assurance and reporting.
 You will support the organisation in building and expanding data management capacities (methods and procedures for collection, analysis and use).
 You will facilitate strategic analysis, planning, monitoring and reflection processes for the organisation’s current work in the field of civil conflict management.
 You will assist the full-time and voluntary staff in the further development of approaches for dealing with and transforming conflicts without violence.
 You will be responsible for the proper spending and management of funds locally in accordance with the donor and AGIAMONDO guidelines. In doing so, you will work in partnership with the CDJP Bukavu.

Your profile:
 You have completed a university degree in social sciences and/or peace and conflict research or a comparable subject.
 You have relevant knowledge and professional experience in project management (planning, monitoring and evaluation).
 You are familiar with qualitative and quantitative social science methods for data collection and analysis and their possible applications in peace-building programmes and projects.
 You have relevant knowledge and professional experience in organisational consulting, ideally acquired in Sub-Saharan Africa.
 Communication and consulting skills are among your strengths and you have diplomatic skills and intercultural communication skills for culturally sensitive interaction with the people involved.
 You are willing to actively participate in church life and can act appropriately in the church environment.
 Very good IT skills in project and data management as well as social media skills round off your profile.
 You speak very good French and have at least a basic command of English.
 You hold a category B driving licence, you are an EU or Swiss citizen, and you are a member of a Christian church.

What AGIAMONDO offers
 Individual and thorough preparation
 Three-year contract, social security and remuneration in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers Act (Entwicklungshelfergesetz)
 Cultural, language or other professional training, as well as coaching and supervision, individual advice
 Rest & recreation phases

We look forward to receiving your complete online application (cover letter, Europass CV, certificates in *PDF format) by no later than 28/08/2022.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Aug 28, 2022

Deputy Country Manager in Angola , Angola

What will be your role?

By joining our client as Deputy Country Manager, your role will be crucial to develop growth in your country:
• Manage market P&L together with the General Manager
• Coordinate with the local Head of Operations, Head of Marketing, Head of Care and Office Manager
• Manage the team and the office: animate the team, ensure their happiness and motivation, communicate the action plans and make sure that the team performs them as cleanly as possible.
• Own growth of the business, driving execution to boost drivers & passengers base, rides, and revenue in a dynamic, highly competitive space.
• Represent the company in the community, local media, and in communication with key city stakeholders
• Build and develop strong relationships with senior team members across the different teams and help define the goals and objectives of these teams at the local level
• Identify and communicate local product needs to product/engineering teams and playbook and share best practices internally to build for scale across the organization
• Role based in Luanda, possibility to expand into other Angolan cities

What do you need?
• 4+ years of operations management and/or business consulting, proven in building and developing teams, optimizing processes, and defining business goals. Experience in African markets is key.
• A natural leader with 3+ years of people management experience: you have a high cultural and emotional intelligence, and proved the ability to deliver outstanding results through others in a timely manner using a strong sense of focus, organization, and meticulous attention to detail.
• Entrepreneurial hustle and proven self-starter with owner’s mentality
• Data-driven mindset, with strong business judgment, and proven ability to perform analysis, draw key insights, form and execute a strategy.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills to build relationships, influence stakeholders, and inspire others
• Excellent organization and time management
• Willingness to get your hands dirty, lead by example, and motivate teams
• Fluent in English and Portuguese. Bonus if you speak French as well.
• Passion for Mobility topics and "shared economy"

Why would you join?
• The opportunity to grow along with the structure, as our client's operations in Africa are set to grow very quickly.
• You are taking part in an adventure that could change mobility in Africa
• Travel budget to go to the premises in Paris, regular Team events (lunches/ dinners, off-site, seminars)
• and finally, you join a united team of colleagues as cool as they are competent

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Expiring: Sep 24, 2022

Commercial Manager (Aquaculture) Kenya , Kenya

To formulate and implement strategy of the sales and marketing department to ensure a strong, innovative, and well positioned and growing sales operation in line with business objectives.

Support business growth strategies to help meet company goals and Budget. Formulates, together with the General Manager, the commercial strategy, consistent with the business strategy.
Sets up and implements year plan(s) for the key area(s) of the department, including budget(s), market developments, financial and other business objectives.
Develops and maintains an efficient sale, (support) organization, according to the framework of the year plans, to obtain the quantitative and qualitative sales targets. Provide on-the-ground support for sales and technical as they generate leads and close new deals.
Manage Key accounts in the region.
Oversee demand planning and customer service to optimize support processes.
Organizes, manages, develops, and staffs the department in line with corporate guidelines, to be equipped for current and future business challenges and contribute to the optimization of business results. Coaches his/her team on a regular basis to achieve team and individual targets.

Knowledge/ Skills/ Experience:
Bachelor’s Degree in Biological sciences OR Veterinary medicine plus a Master’s/ MBA
A university degree in business or biological science and at least 3 years of relevant experience or Diploma with 5 years relevant experience. An MBA is an added advantage.
Industry knowledge and experience – preferably fish nutrition experience OR animal nutrition experience
Frequent travelling within the region doing client visits and business development
Excellent people management, interpersonal and communication skills
Excellent negotiation and presentation skills
Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suites
Coaching: can guide and develop the team for optimal business growth and development.
Adaptability: Has the ability to quickly adapt to dramatic and continued changes in the workplace or environment or changes in the way things are done. Has a high learning agility to either grow vertically or horizontally.
Guiding the business: Knows company's goals, objectives, strategy, needs, strengths, and weaknesses to understand the capabilities and resources available to address the market opportunities and are better placed to guide staff.
Communication: Report writing and presenting at senior management level. Synthesizes information and can communicate the big picture to executive-level clients, peers, and team members. Gaining others support for ideas, proposals, and solutions, and getting others to take action to advance work objectives.

Working relationships:
Technical, sales, and sales support team.
General Manager
Key accounts, Customers, Distributors,
Strategic Partners
Government–Policy, Legal & Compliance issues
Industry Stakeholders

Expiring: Sep 22, 2022

CEO in Kenya , Kenya

We are seeking a CEO for an internationally operating data engineering company that helps governments and multinationals to create a better data infrastructure.

The CEO will lead the implementation of the strategic plans and vision, besides leading the Kenya operation to sustainable profitability. It is expected that you’d help build and manage an efficient team and will work together to successfully design and execute a winning strategy.

• You bring more than passion to the role: you have the determination and resilience to do this work. You have a deep curiosity and proven excellence if it comes to understanding the industry. You are an energetic team worker. You create excitement about new ideas amongst different types of people. As a result, you get things done.

• You have strong commercial experience with a proven track record of delivery in leading fast-growing organisations. You have an entrepreneurial mindset, thinking in solutions and not in problems.

• Ideally you have gained experience in an established data engineering / IT / B2B environment in Kenya and you have gained experience operating in a start-up. You don’t mind working in a constantly changing and fast-moving space.

• You have a natural ability in building strong relationships and have a strong track record in successfully liaising and maintaining collaborative relationships with government counterparts, managing various forms of partnerships with national and international NGO’s.

• You are a persistent problem-solver, a direct and honest communicator, bring a learning attitude, and you can be hands-on.

Our client has high growth ambitions, and you will be part of this journey in a region where you can leverage skills, and you can grow with the company. Our client employs you in the Kenya operations and will foresee continued growth as the region's consumer base continues to develop. You can expect a dynamic role in a high-impact fast-growing market, and a market-related salary.

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Expiring: Sep 11, 2022

Expansion Project Manager - FMCG , Ethiopia

The Strategic Project Manager Supply chain is responsible for project management on:
Building Ethiopia as an East-Africa production hub
ERP implementation in Supply Chain
Defining the procurement strategy & GP capability building process
Integrating the procurement with the GP processes and making sure the local department is compliant and effective in leveraging global expertise.
Optimising supply chain business processes & way of working
Network analysis & strategy for primary distribution
Planning system of primary distribution

On top, his/her guidance will be needed on:
Assist on project management of raw material localization
Assisting on Supplier network

This role should make sure end to end supply chain is ready for the accelerated growth before it becomes a bottleneck.

 Leading project team of export expansion from Ethiopia
 Investigating import options on other products into Ethiopia
 Deliver upon project objectives, timelines, and governance
 Driving continuous project efficiencies on budget and timing
 Ensuring compliance with standard company rules and regulations
 Any other tasks and deliverables as given by the supervisor/ manager

 Leading project team of export expansion from Ethiopia
 Investigating import options on other products into Ethiopia
 Deliver upon project objectives, timelines, and governance
 Driving continuous project efficiencies on budget and timing
 Ensuring compliance with standard company rules and regulations

Capability building and project handover to operations
Early establishment of a capability roadmap to train/assist Supply Chain managers
Raw material supply chain setup
Drive timely and efficient supply chain setup of any new or optimized raw materials in collaboration with procurement
Partner with R&D on potential pipe-line products upon commissioning
Analyzing and improving business processes
Inserting the right check and balances into the processes

Job dimensions and KPI’s
Lead strategic Supply Chain projects
Establish supplier network
Develop export network
Establish and execute a capability and onboarding plan
Timely setup and procurement of direct staff for start of commissioning and production
Education: Master or bachelor’s degree in (mechanical) engineering or business studies combined with experience in (food) processing project management, or comparable.
Experience: minimum 5 years of relevant work experience for a private organization in a project management role, preferably in FMCG sector (e.g., food processing, brewery) in an international company, of which minimum 3 years in a supervisor position. Manufacturing experience is preferred (min. 3 years), as this person will be filling the bench for factory /Supply Chain manager position.

 Technical skills: English (speaking, reading, and writing), good communications skills, project management skills, problem solving abilities (UPS), practical and technical thinker, good planner, basic knowledge on food safety, hygiene, HSSE&S.
 Social skills: leadership skills, able to manage and stimulate young managers, able to adapt and show leadership under challenging circumstances, eager to learn, good feedback mentality, results oriented and believing in improvement via continuous improvement, agile to work in a volatile and developing environment

Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

End to End Supply Chain Manager - FMCG , Ethiopia

The role is responsible for overseeing the overall all supply chain from Make to Move. Its accountability ranges from procurement, production to primary distribution.
We are looking for an experienced and motivated Supply Chain Manager to join our team. As a Supply Chain Manager, you will be responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring our overall supply chain strategy from (beginning to end) to maximize efficiency and productivity.
Able to balance commercial and operations priorities to deliver KPIs while developing and maintaining strong relationships with franchise partners
Demonstrate adaptability to a diverse and ever-changing cultural, political, and economic environment in different countries. Be able to accept and lead priorities based on these changes while maintaining core principles.
Be able to coordinate and draw expertise from a complex Matrix organization to solve regional challenges.
Communicating changes to quality culture with clear rationale and appeal
Able to apply influencing strategies to have a specific impact on the organization and the Bottler network. Able to accurately diagnose reasons for underlying issues, problems and opportunities impacting Bottler organizations and their ability to execute the functional and business agenda.
Lead the technical agenda for the business which may require coaching of the commercial and franchise teams on Operational matters
• Flexibility to travel and operate in remote areas - demonstrated ability to work effectively across cultures (emerging markets)
Duties and responsibilities
• Plan and implement the overall supply chain strategy
• Lean systems experience
• Continuous improvement processes
• Root cause analysis
• Collaborate with Sales, Operations, and Customer Service teams
• Determine key supply chain KPIs
• Suggest solutions for process improvements
• Identify process bottleneck and implement solutions in a timely manner
• Train and evaluate others
• Provide constructive feedback
• Work with finance, sales, and manufacturing team to determine best vendors and distributors
• Build and maintain good relationships with vendors
Requirements and qualifications
• Previous working experience as a Supply Chain Manager for (5+) years
• Hands on experience with supply chain management software (such as SAP MM, AP Modules, SAP Plant Maintenance, etc.)
• FMCG experience is crucial along with emerging markets exposure
• Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success
• Manufacturing background is preferred
• Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
• Team player
• Good time-management skills
• Great interpersonal and communication skills
• Degree in Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Finance, or similar relevant field

Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

Factory Manager in Côte d'Ivoire , Ivory Coast

We are seeking a Factory Manager, for one of the leading cashew nut processors in Ivory Coast, to join their dedicated team. The factory Manager is responsible for the setup of a new factory, while implementing processes, procedures, and KPI’s to measure volumes and processing results, through the development of good inter-personal relations, quality assurance and excellent leadership. Next to that, the factory manager is responsible for Accounting (Cost monitoring) and the Human Resources Department.

Key responsibilities
• Managing and Planning of Factory routines & activities, setting up meetings to evaluate the overall operation of the factory and creating Accounting & HR allocation plans
• Ensure quantity and quality targets are met, by assigning KPI’s and work evaluations
• Realize Factory output targets per year through effective machine utilization and productivity management, and being responsible for managing all equipment, raw materials etc.
• Balance production capacity between stages, proactively propose solutions to increase production efficiency
• Maintain and improve production standards in compliance with certifications
• Check the quality of incoming and outgoing raw materials in accordance with the company's requirements
• Responsible for continuous improvement of safety at work, food safety and quality
• Hire, train and motivate the teams
• Handling customer feedback & leading staff meetings and being responsible for reporting, by synthesizing data and making periodical production and business reports
• Ensure the working environment, industrial hygiene, safety, and fire prevention are always concerned, cared for, and handled thoroughly and closely

Training, experience, and competences
• Master’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering or business/economics
• Minimum 8 - 10 years’ experience in running a processing factory
• Experienced in setting up a processing factory
• Familiarity with food safety systems like HACCP and BRC
• Excellent verbal and written skills in both English and French
• Integrity & transparency, efficiency, organisation & planning

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Expiring: Sep 09, 2022

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