New Market Development Intern in Kenya , Kenya

Job Title : New Market Development Intern
Location : 80% Nairobi; 20% Kenya (New market development will require some travel)
Company Name: Victory Farms Ltd.
Company Url : http://victoryfarmskenya.com/
Start date : 1 December 2017
Duration : 6 months

We are looking for a recent university graduate with education in business, sales & marketing to come in and immediately make an impact on the organization. We are rapidly growing and in we therefore have a variety of tasks that need to be performed. In addition to the daily workload, we expect the professional can support in creating processes and supporting other functions, including development of distribution channels.

Ideal candidates will possess:
• Between 22 years and 28 years old
• University level degree with some combination of business, economics, sales & marketing (supply chain elements a plus)
• 0 - 4 years’ experience working in fast moving consumer goods, FMCG, with preference for candidates with some cold chain experience or knowledge
• Capable in MS Word, MS Excel, Google, latest Android OS knowledge, and Apps.
• High energy and positive spirit, will be working alongside range of skill and experience levels as we build a new channel in Kenya (amazingly, fresh fish is not available in most parts of Kenya today)

Job Description:
• Travels to markets and interfaces with potential new customers, existing customers and various channel sales reps. Markets include wet markets, fish and meat markets, slum-based markets, and small town markets
• Will meet with hotel, restaurant, and other premium potential customers (United Nations, government, etc.)
• Able to work with modern web tools to develop new methods of communicating with customers, keeping tabs on their growth and development, etc.
• Works closely with Sales Operations department and Finance department to ensure daily accuracy of records, and helps improve processes and controls on an ongoing basis
• Updates company database by inputting data from field sales, compiling, consolidating, formatting and summarizing information, graphs and presentations and distributing reports.
• Capable of generating marketing and training literature
• Compiling account and competitor analysis
• Expected to spend considerable effort and time training local team on controls, processes, and new market development
• Expected to travel throughout Kenya to new cities, markets, and help develop new distribution strategies, and execute on those pilots and ideas
• Work weeks are expected at 5.5 days per week — of course we will also want you to take some time to enjoy Kenya, too, but the workweek itself is rather intense in Kenya and we have to follow the local market practices since we operate 300 days per year

VF will provide the following in compensation for the role, with associated values:
• Housing, $800 / month (housing unit provided near headquarters in Nairobi)
• Airfare, $1,000 budget for airfare to/from Europe once
• Work permit, $1,500 for 6 months
• Phone and laptop if needed (can also bring your own if you prefer)
• In-country Uber budget, $100 / month (any additional travel to new cities will also be covered by company)
• Living allowance, $500 / month gross pay

About Victory Farms:
Victory Farms is an integrated fish farm established in 2015. VF is building its operation on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria and distribution capacity throughout Kenya. VF is rapidly expanding its farm operation, fish processing, and sales & marketing capabilities. VF is employing world-class technologies, people and processes to build the leading tilapia farm globally. The Company has the highest standards for performance, execution, culture, and integrity.

VF is the largest aquaculture farm in East Africa and is on track to be the fastest growing aquaculture company in Africa in mid 2018. The company will also likely be among the fastest growing companies in Kenya in 2018. Given this rapid expansion, very capable and thoughtful leaders are required to build the human capital and physical infrastructure to sustain the rapid growth.

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Special job

Expiring: Nov 20, 2017
Policy Analyst in Kenya , Kenya

The African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization that carries out high quality, policy-relevant research on population, health and education issues facing sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to generate evidence for meaningful action to improve the lives of all Africans.

APHRC is looking to recruit a policy analyst with a firm grasp on the continent’s approach to population health and wellbeing to join its Policy Engagement and Communications (PEC) division.

Duties and Responsibilities
 Provide a landscape of opportunities, key players, existing policies and policy gaps related to the signature issues that anchor the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, cutting across all six Research Units and incorporating APHRC’s commitment to improving research leadership around the continent
 Understand the current policy environment at regional and national levels with respect to APHRC’s signature issues; identify and determine where there are potential entry points for engagement
 Collaborate with APHRC’s research leaders, particularly at the Unit level, to ensure a holistic approach to our mission of generating evidence and engaging policy to inform action on population health and wellbeing
 Generate recommendations as to how achievement of long-term policy goals can be incorporated into research proposal development
 Strengthen internal capacity for policy analysis
 Support the PEC division’s outreach efforts by leading and/or contributing to campaigns and projects to bring greater awareness to the opportunities availed by evidence-informed approaches to decision-making

Skills and Qualifications
 A Master’s degree in public policy, health policy, international relations, economics, health sciences, political science or any related field. PhD desirable
 Demonstrable track record in policy analysis and review, including landscaping, mapping and trend analysis
 Demonstrated interest in issues related to global health and social policy
 Excellent analytical skills
 Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and able to transfer those skills to others
 At least five years of work experience in policy analysis, landscaping and mapping, strategy development, preferably at an international or research organization
 Excellent writing and editing as well as strong presentation skills
 A resourceful self-starter with good organizational and networking skills
 Ability to work independently to fulfill team goals and manage multiple deadlines
 Experience conducting literature reviews and qualitative research, with a publication track record
 Proficiency in French desired

How to Apply
Your cover letter should include a 600-word writing sample exploring one of the APHRC signature issues contained in the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, available on the APHRC website. Deadline for applications is October 25, 2017. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

For more information about APHRC visit www.aphrc.org
APHRC is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the protection of children.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Special job

Expiring: Nov 17, 2017
Psychologue en République Centrafricaine , Central African Republic

L’Association pour l’assistance au développement (AGEH) est le service spécialisé des catholiques allemands dédié à la coopération pour le développement. Dans le cadre du service civil pour la paix (SCP), nous offrons à des professionnels la chance d’effectuer un service riche de sens en collaboration avec des acteurs locaux du développement. Le SCP est le programme de prévention de la violence et de promotion de la paix dans des régions en crise ou en conflit. Il se mobilise pour un monde où les conflits se règlent sans violence. Les professionnels du SCP assistent les organisations partenaires locales dans toutes les phases des conflits : la prévention des conflits, la réduction de la violence et le relèvement après un conflit. En coopération avec des partenaires ecclésiastiques et de la société civile en République centrafricaine, l’AGEH entend contribuer à une gestion civile des conflits grâce aux mesures de soutien de la paix du SCP.

Pour le développement d’un programme d’accompagnement psychosocial et de trai-tement d’adolescents traumatisés, nous recherchons, dès que possible, un/e Psychologue (h/f), République centrafricaine.

Votre nouveau domaine d’intervention
La Mission Don Bosco, une congrégation religieuse des salésiens, a de multiples expé-riences de travail avec les enfants et les adolescents. À Bangui, elle soutient par exemple des écoles et un centre de formation professionnelle. La congrégation religieuse des salé-siens dispose d’un réseau international et a une grande expérience de travail avec les ado-lescents dans des situations d’après-conflit, dans plusieurs pays.

Parmi les acteurs opérant à Bangui, le centre Don Bosco des salésiens à Damala-Bangui est une institution de formation professionnelle qui jouit d’une très grande estime. Des ac-teurs internationaux participent à son financement. La mise en place d’un programme d’accompagnement psychosocial d’adolescents traumatisés est une nouveauté en RCA et pourrait être repris par d’autres acteurs au titre de « bonne pratique ».

Dans le détail, vous serez chargé(e) des travaux suivants :
 Vous élaborerez, en collaboration avec des partenaires, un programme d’accompagnement psychosocial d’adolescents dans le cadre du programme de formation professionnelle et du travail en milieu ouvert avec les jeunes. Il comprendra aussi un programme de sensibilisation pour les personnes tou-chées et autres acteurs concernés.
 Vous formez les partenaires du projet à l’identification et au traitement des traumatismes et vous accompagnez le travail des formateurs, des enseignants, des collaborateurs de Don Bosco au projet et des comités de parents.
 Vous développez les possibilités de traitement d’adolescents traumatisés et soutenez l’établissement d’un réseau pour échanger des bonne pratiques éprouvées et nouvelles.

Votre profil:
 Vous êtes titulaire d’un diplôme d'études supérieures en psychologie (master ou équivalent).
 Vous avez plusieurs années d’expérience dans le traitement d’adolescents traumatisés, dans l’idéal à l’étranger.
 Vous avez déjà oeuvré avec succès dans le domaine de la formation des adultes ou du conseil.
 Vous avez une habileté diplomatique certaine, des aptitudes de communication interculturelle très différenciées pour côtoyer les acteurs dans un esprit de partenariat.
 Vous avez une très bonne maîtrise du français et au moins de bonnes connaissances de l’anglais.

L’offre de l’AGEH
 Une préparation individualisée et complète
 Un contrat de trois ans, une couverture sociale et une rémunération selon la loi allemande sur les coopérants au développement (sous une forme modifiée pour le non-citoyens de l’UE et de Suisse)
 Des sessions de formation continue en culture, langue ou autres domaines techniques, ainsi que des offres de coaching et de supervision et un conseil personnalisé
 Un travail dans le modèle d’impact de l’AGEH

Nous serons ravis de recevoir votre dossier de candidature d’ici au 19.11.2017.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Nov 19, 2017
Global Director Sales and Marketing in Rwanda , Rwanda

Location: Nyamata, Rwanda, with significant time in rural villages across Rwanda and other countries in the region
Compensation: Starts modest with significant performance-based raises
Timeframe: 2-5 years

Our client is a social enterprise that helps people live a healthier life.

About the Role
The person that will be hired for this role will have a unique and urgent opportunity to sell a life-saving and life-changing product to as many people as possible. Our client is in a great place; they have developed an excellent product that their customers cherish and that has many benefits. They have scaled rapidly to reach over 1,800 customers in Rwanda within three years. Now, they are ready for a Director of Sales and Marketing with vision to pilot and implement innovative strategies and business models to fundamentally disrupt the home improvement market for the rural poor.

The Director of Sales and Marketing will lead the company in swift expansion to new regions and countries as well as to even lower socio-economic segments of the population. The job will include piloting, iterating, and implementing strategies to improve all aspects of customer relationship management: marketing, sales, branding, payment plans, promotions, pricing, and after-service support.
It will also include developing and testing scaling models. (Organic growth? Franchising? Partnerships? Licensing our oil? The options are endless!) The Director of Sales and Marketing will support sales and marketing teams across Rwanda and Uganda to start, and several more countries as we grow. Our client needs someone who is wildly creative and intellectually curious, excited to take big risks that yield high returns, looks forward to days in the field getting their hands dirty and talking to rural customers, and who runs towards the most challenging of problems, never giving up.

Key responsibilities include:
Sales and Marketing Strategy
• Create systems for procuring and analyzing data about current and potential customers
• Analyzing current sales and marketing strategies to determine their effectiveness and feasibility for duplication
• Developing, piloting, and iterating new sales and marketing strategies (e.g. marketing events, advertising campaigns, financing models)
• Determining sales and marketing strategies in new markets
• Support brand development in new markets and ongoing branding efforts in all markets
• Develop new partnerships and work with existing partners to gather market research and data
• Develop a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, motivations, and willingness to pay
• Share learnings with the senior management and the rest of the team to inform overall organizational strategy
• Support CEO in determining the optimal business model to scale

Execution and Team Support
• Work closely with operations team to align supply and demand in each country
• Develop the structure of the Sales and Marketing Department in each new country as the company establishes the business there, and support the Country Directors in hiring for these roles as we expand
• Support the sales teams of each country where the company operates, including onboarding new sales hires, setting targets, determining strategy, and hiring effective teams
• Improve sales representative recruiting strategy and training by learning across countries

• Educational level of B.A. in business, management, marketing, economics or a related field required; MBA preferred
• 5+ years of marketing and sales experience; experience with fast-growing start-ups is a plus, 2 yrs in management
• Commitment to East Africa and specifically working in rural environments for 2+ years
• Experience living and working in a developing country (preferably Rwanda / East Africa)
• Creative and artistic with an eye for strong visual design and video design
• Experience managing and analyzing budgets; modeling cost-effectiveness of marketing strategies
• Resourcefulness and critical thinking skills to quickly determine why something isn’t working and iterate quickly to try to solve it; creative problem solving
• Exceptional people skills and managerial skills; avid team player; coaching and mentoring approach
• Ability to work on a variety of tasks at the same time
• Maturity and poise under stress
• Excellent attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and outstanding work ethic
• Positive attitude, sense of humor, entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity to learn new things, patient with others
• Passionate about international development and social enterprise
• Strong technology skills (knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Dropbox)
• Fluency in English required; proficiency in another language common to East Africa preferred (Swahili, French, Kinyarwanda, Luganda, etc.)

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Expiring: Dec 03, 2017
Founder and CEO in South Africa , South Africa

Our client is an investor in the tech business targeting African consumers.

Job description
Build a Silicon Valley-style startup in Africa! Are you a top-tier leader looking to build a disruptive business and create a lasting legacy, using technology and disciplined execution to change the way people do business across the continent?

We're looking for a FOUNDER and CEO to lead a new Pan-African service-focused startup, headquartered in Cape Town and aggressively rolling out a common model, proven elsewhere in the world, into leading African markets.
You need to be young and hungry to create something new and entrepreneurial, with a track record of leading people in frontier markets.

About the role:
The role is to drive the creation and growth of a B2B and B2B2C service-oriented startup into key African markets. Over coming months and years, the role will involve the following activities:
• Phase 1: Building on initial research, refine and detail the business model and go-to-market strategy for the startup, based on leading global examples but modified for relevance to Africa
• Phase 2: With the companies support, recruit the rest of the founding team and start the build-test-refine cycle for the business model
• Phase 3: Launch in key markets in South, West and East Africa, with headquarters and product team based in Cape Town, and sales, marketing and customer relationships teams to be recruited in each target market
• Phase 4: Drive disciplined execution and rapid growth across the continent, with frequent travel and careful talent management in each location.

Key qualifications and skills:

• Tertiary qualification of at least Bachelors level, and strong history of academic and personal accomplishment
• Experience in a frontier market (Africa, S/SE Asia, etc.) in market expansion, strategic or similar role
• Strong desire and willingness to travel to African countries frequently
• Strong people management skills, including recruiting and managing teams of varying profiles
• A thinker and innovator as well as an executor willing to get hands-on

• Experience with new economy/internet
• African background and experience

• As founder and owner, most of your long-term compensation will come from a large equity stake
• Salary will cover daily expenses and will depend on the candidate’s profile
• Some personal investment into the business is highly encouraged to get "skin in the game," but not necessarily required.

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Expiring: Dec 03, 2017
Consultant for Emergency and Transitional Aid , Nigeria

On behalf of Caritas international (Ci), the Association for Development Cooperation (AGEH) is looking for a Consultant for Emergency and Transitional Aid (m/f) for the Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) in Abuja, to start as soon as possible.

The German Caritas Association (Deutsche Caritasverband – DCV) is the charitable organisation of the Catholic Church in Germany. Caritas international (Ci) is the globally active development agency of the German Caritas Association. Every year, Ci provides support for approximately 1,000 aid projects worldwide, regard-less of the religion, ethnic identity or nationality of those affected.

The Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) and its diocesan structures provide innovative emergency and transitional aid for victims of the displacement crisis in the north-east of the country. Given the urgent need, the field of emergency response is to be expanded, in order to implement projects in humanitarian aid and transitional aid in north-east Nigeria more effectively.

Your tasks include:
 You will travel regularly in the project region and advise the local project partners on needs assessment, project conception and the preparation of funding applications to public sponsors.
 You will support the local partners in the management and implementation of projects, reporting (narrative and financial) and the execution of project agreements and administrative guidelines, as well as in the co-ordination process with the UN system.
 You will coordinate activities with the international Caritas network and with other humanitarian agents.
 You will provide support to the ongoing aid programmes and projects by monitoring the content and ad-ministration, prepare reports on the expenditure of funds for public sponsors (e.g. ECHO, AA, EU) and compile case reports.
 Through budget monitoring, you will ensure that the financial administration standards are complied with and provide support in audits.
 You will train local development workers and managers to execute the emergency aid projects in accord-ance with international standards and relevant donor regulations.
 You will support Ci in relevant coordination meetings locally (German embassy, EU) and in public rela-tions work.

Your profile
 You have successfully completed a university degree or training in a commercial profession.
 You have at least three years of professional experience in the field of humanitarian aid or development cooperation, ideally acquired in the region.
 You have practical professional experience in planning, managing and supervising complex aid pro-grammes.
 You possess applied business management knowledge and relevant practical experience.
 You have sound knowledge of programme and project management (PME, PCM).
 You have already successfully carried out training and consulting tasks.
 You are diplomatic and have strong intercultural communication skills, to enable you to deal with a variety of local and international players in a manner based on mutual partnership, and you can act appropriately in a church context.
 You have a business-fluent command of German and English. Ideally, you also have good French lan-guage skills.
 You identify with the objectives and substance of Caritas international or are actively prepared to familiar-ise yourself with these and to make them your own.
 You are a member of a Christian church and are an EU or Swiss citizen.

What AGEH offers
The Association for Development Cooperation (AGEH e.V.) is the personnel service of the German Catho-lics for Development Cooperation. For more than 50 years, we have been looking after development work-ers who wish to take the opportunity to work in a meaningful role in the service of local development agents. AGEH will support you by providing:
• Individual and thorough preparation
• Two-year contract, social security and remuneration in accordance with the German Develop-ment Aid Workers Act (Entwicklungshelfergesetz)
• Cultural, language or other professional training, as well as coaching and supervision, individ-ual advice

We look forward to receiving your application by 01/11/2017.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Nov 01, 2017
General Agency Manager (Container) in Sierra Leone , Sierra Leone

Our client is looking for a General Agency Manager for their container terminal in Sierra Leone.

Purpose / overview:
- To lead and manage the overall daily operation of the company
- Ensure smoothly information flow through the various departments
- To drive the company forward in all aspects, this incl. business as well as staff
- To protect and enhance the reputation and standing of the company in all respects
- Reports directly to the Managing Director and head office
- Oversees procedures and deadlines are met in alliance with the Head Office’s guidelines

Essential duties and responsibilities:
- Operations – Supervise the operation team. Ensure fast and efficient operation and turnaround of vessels. Maintain professional and fruitful relationship with both Freetown Terminal as well as the Sierra Leone Port Autohorities.

- Logistics – Organize all logistics aspect with the Logistics Manager. Safeguard all claims, user account control, container control as well as logistics reports are done as per guidelines.

- Sales – Organize and motivate both the import as well as export sales team. Provide sales tool, both to maintain existing clients, but also to gain new client. Manage and maintain key accounts with local sales team

- Documentation – Supervise both import and export documentation department, to ensure local as well as the Company’s directions are followed.

- Customer Service – Ensure the team keeps providing professional customer service in a highly competitive market

- IT – IT officer will take care of the daily running. The General Agency Manager is in control of any new implementations the Head Office requires.

- HR – Overall leadership of 20 staff including recruitment, training/development, performance management and discipline and grievance

- PR – Liaises with media, advertisers and other suppliers/contacts in relation to brand, advertising and publicity. All PR is done with support from the Managing Director.

- Finance – Oversees the Finance Manager and his/her team but holds ultimate responsibility and signature authority for all financial transactions on behalf of the company. Approves monthly staff salaries and authorizes all expenses. Approves and ensures deadlines for financial reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) are met in alliance with local procedure as well as Head Office’s instructions.

- Legal and Administration – Manages staff to ensure the office is efficiently and compliantly run at all times. Holds all local legal responsibilities (JV, staff, building contracts, insurance) and oversees all supplier relationships and contracts.

• Proven working experience as an Agency Manager in the container branch
• 5-7 years of experience in West Africa
• Demonstrable ability to lead and manage staff
• Ability to work independently and handle multiple projects
• Fluency in English

Personal characteristics:
• Operational mindset taking precaution for the challenges in the country
• Ability to think out of the box to create and sell solutions
• Be a business developer with focus on expanding the business and improve internal agent network
• Should be outgoing, have a good sense of humor, responsible and self-driven, conscientious, focused, result-oriented, purposeful and most important; know how to be a good team player and manager/leader for his team

They offer:
• Being part of a young and dynamic team
• Being part of successful company with a high track record in West and Central Africa
• Exciting challenges every day!

Start date is a.s.a.p., but no later than Dec 1st 2017.
Single status only

Expiring: Dec 01, 2017