Sales Strategy and Coordination Manager in Ghana , Ghana

Sales Strategy and Coordination Manager role
The company we recruit for delivers Pay-As-You-Go asset-based financing to consumers who lack both access to reliable electricity and formal banking services. The anchor product is a basic solar home system that includes three lights, a phone charger, and a radio, allows consumers living on $5-10 per day to access clean light for working and studying after hours, avoid harmful air pollution from kerosene based lighting solutions, and also build credit for additional products and services over time.

The Position
For the next phase of growth we are looking at transforming the direct sales channel strategy and execution capabilities whilst creating new indirect channels. We require an experienced sales manager to lead this efforts that will bridge energy poverty and financial inclusion for hundreds of thousands of people across Ghana.

Key responsibilities include:
- Make sales strategies and implement them to help achieve sales targets in coordination with field sales manager
- Hit monthly sales targets by providing necessary supports such as budgeting, planning, resolving personal issues and logistics to sales people
- Manage and reinforce several teams (administration, training and sales support) to give better supports to field sales agents
- Coordinate with finance department on all payment and budget related issues
- Conduct a series of quantitative analyses on sales performance to capture sales trends and pain points on a SC level as additional KPIs and share them with field sales team
- Prepare budgets and track expenses to manage costs
- Organize and lead monthly sales meeting where sales performance review, sales targets, strategies and new initiatives are shared among the management and area sales managers
- Set appropriate incentives and KPIs both for SSC staff member and field sales agents
- Collaborate with repayment team to help achieve higher repayment rate by customers
- Report to head of sales

The successful candidate must have:
- An experience of 3+ years in managing role in sales / strategy in telco, FMCG, fast-paced start-up, or top consulting firm.
- Demonstrable achievements in building and managing with several functions
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of cultures in a diverse community
- Strong leadership skills, including ability to foster a cooperative work environment amongst the functional heads.
- Result-oriented mindset and extremely high motivation for making things happen
- Work experience in West Africa and speaking Ghanaian local languages are a plus.

Expiring: 08/03/2017
Head of Finance , East Africa

When: July
Location : East Africa
Reporting to: CEO

About SafeBoda
Motorcycle taxis are immensely popular and serve as the lifeblood of many cities in Africa, but they are extremely unsafe and disorganized. SafeBoda is a pre-series A Ugandan-based tech startup on a mission to make motorcycle taxis (bodas) more safe, affordable, and convenient across Sub-Saharan Africa — while providing a more meaningful and lucrative career for drivers. Backed by the Shell Foundation, Development Innovation Ventures USAID, the Global Innovation Fund, and an angel tech investor, SafeBoda is well off to the races: we have nailed the driver-side model with 1,000+ drivers and recently we launched our new Android mobile application with a strong +15% week-on-week

Head of Finance
SafeBoda is looking for an exceptional and experienced leader to oversee all finance operations and closely work with the co-founders on fundraising and general strategy. The Head of Finance will be one of the most important people in the company. We are looking for a unique mix of strong analytical skills and a creative mind to play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s future. The Head of Finance position requires a high-level of multi-tasking skills and start-up hustle to execute in a fast growing company.

What we are looking for
● 5+ years of relevant experience in Finance and Operations. Typically, the ideal candidate has worked in investment banking, private equity, the Big Four or a management consultancy with demonstrated operational ability.
● Strong understanding of financial statements and balance sheets and experience with financial modeling and budgeting.
● Very strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other finance packages.
● Experience with designing processes and overseeing their implementation.
● Keen analytic, organization and problem-solving skills which allows for strategic data interpretation.
● Ability and drive to work independently.
● Detail-oriented with superior organizational and problem-solving skills - balancing multiple projects, deadlines, and requests should be second nature to you.
● Excitement for SafeBoda and what we are trying to achieve in sustainable urban transportation in Africa.

● Oversee all finance operations and build, train, and manage a team to do this.
● Provide strategy and business analysis on a wide range of business related issues, including identifying new opportunities and managing all aspects of financial assessment including ROI, IRR, and cash flow analysis.
● Work closely with the management team on fundraising strategy which will mean leading the development of financial models and forecasting.
● Design and implement an improved payables and receivables process.
● Work closely with the tech team to build a CRM system, integrating payment and inventories into our back-end system to meet the organizational needs in terms of reporting.
● Work closely with the driver team to build payment reports supporting our operations.
● Create financial reports, budgets and enter journal entries in QuickBooks as well as managing bank payments. Provide frequent analytical reviews of our performance with key metrics.
● You will lead financial compliance for SafeBoda creating a strategy to address key needs in terms of statutory reporting, local taxes, and other financial compliance needs.

● Commensurate with experience

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: 08/03/2017
Coopérant pour le renforcement organisationnel , Burkina Faso

Un Coopérant pour le renforcement organisationnel et l’appui à l’autonomisation durable(h/f).

Ensemble avec quelques 130 organisations partenaires, situées dans un de nos 13 pays partenaires et des milliers de bénévoles en Flandre, Broederlijk Delen lutte contre l’inégalité. Partager et repartager. C’est la solution selon nous.
Nous appuyons les initiatives des groupes de personnes organisées sur place, qui se retrouvent et se complètent dans une approche programme dans les régions où nous sommes actifs. Des coopérants-expatriés accompagnent ces programmes dans une perspective de renforcer les capacités des organisations partenaires et les programmes régionaux sur le terrain.

Le renforcement des capacités de nos partenaires est accompagné par des coopérants expatriés. Ce sont des spécialistes d’une nationalité autre que celle du pays hôte qui renforcent les organisations partenaires et les programmes régionaux sur le terrain.

Pour l’appui à nos partenaires au Burkina Faso, nous cherchons un coopérant spécialiste dans le renforcement organisationnel et l’autonomisation démocratique et financière des organisations.

Broederlijk Delen travaille au Burkina Faso dans la région Nord (Provinces de Louroum, Yatenga, Zondoma, Passoré et Bam). Nous soutenons des organisations de la société civile (OSCs) dans leur travail de promotion de la souveraineté alimentaire et des droits citoyens à travers l’agriculture familiale durable. Le/la coopérant (e) accompagnera différentes organisations partenaires à renforcer leurs capacités de gestion organisationnelle en vue d’un accroissement de leur efficacité, efficience et autonomie démocratique et financière. Le coopérant pourra bâtir sur des processus de renforcement institutionnel déjà mis en route.
Nous avons constaté que nos partenaires, ONG aussi bien que organisations de base, sont très dépendant des financements internationaux, non seulement pour leurs activités mais aussi pour leur fonctionnement. Leur autonomie (financière, stratégique et démocratique) et donc leur durabilité, sont des enjeux importants et nécessitent d’être renforcées.
Le focus du soutien sera orienté vers l’augmentation de l’autonomie des partenaires, aussi bien sur le plan de légitimité et bonne gouvernance que sur le plan stratégique, financier et en termes d’alliances externes/ réseautage. Le coopérant est en premier lieu un coach et facilitateur de processus qui a de l’expérience dans l’accompagnement des processus de renforcement organisationnel. Il/elle peut, au besoin, s’entourer d’experts locaux pour un soutien technique. Le coopérant travaille en étroite collaboration avec le représentant de BD au Burkina Faso.

Description de la fonction
• Accompagner les organisations partenaires à identifier leurs besoins de renforcement organisationnel et d’autonomisation.
• Accompagner des trajets de renforcement des capacités adaptés aux besoins de chaque organisation.
• Former et accompagner les organisations dans le domaine de la gestion organisationnelle, la gouvernance démocratique, la gestion des ressources financières et l’autonomisation.
• Aider les partenaires à développer des méthodes innovantes de collecte de fonds ou de services génératrices de revenus pour assurer (une partie de) leur fonctionnement de manière autonome.
• Contribuer à la promotion et la facilitation des processus d’apprentissage à l’intérieur des organisations, et l’apprentissage mutuelle au niveau du programme.
• Contribuer à la promotion de la synergie entre les partenaires et la coopération avec d’autres acteurs (gouvernementaux et non gouvernementaux) et soutenir le développement des mécanismes qui stimulent la durabilité et l’autonomie de ces collaborations.
• Accompagner les partenaires dans l’analyse de leur approches d’autonomisation de leurs groupes cibles et appuyer le développement de stratégies performants et durables dans ce domaine.

Profil recherché
• Formation supérieure avec une spécialisation dans le développement/gestion organisationnel. (ou équivalent par expérience)
• Une expérience professionnelle d’au moins 3 ans en matière de développement et d’opérationnalisation des trajets de renforcements des capacités des individus et/ou des organisations de la société civile.
• Une expérience avec, ou connaissance de la gestion financière d’une organisation
• Une expérience dans la gestion des ressources humaines et le coaching serait un atout
• Une bonne connaissance théorique des méthodes, techniques et outils participatifs de renforcement de capacités
• Expérience professionnelle dans l’analyse, la conception et la gestion de projets de développement et de plans stratégiques, ainsi que connaissance des méthodes d’accompagnement pour le planning et suivi-évaluation des projets et programmes.
• Au moins deux ans d’expérience professionnelle dans un pays en développement, de préférence en Afrique
• Bonne connaissance (parlée et écrite) du français, connaissance d’anglais et/ou néerlandais est un atout

Autres qualifications

• Vous êtes une personne dynamique, flexible et motivée, qui peut fonctionner au sein d’une équipe et partager des connaissances et des aptitudes.
• Vous pouvez prendre l’initiative et vous savez travailler de façon autonome.
• Vous pouvez prioriser et accompagner plusieurs trajets de renforcement des capacités en parallèle.
• Vous avez une très forte capacité analytique et vous avez une attitude ou expérience de travail axée sur les résultats.
• Vous avez des capacités relationnelles et communicatives, vous savez écouter et vous pouvez faciliter des processus sans revendiquer vous-même le leadership.
• Vous avez une bonne capacité rédactionnelle.
• Vous êtes très sensible aux aspects immatériels de développement comme la culture, l’identité, les relations.
• Vous vous reconnaissez dans la vision de Broederlijk Delen.

• Un contrat de travail à temps plein avec Broederlijk Delen de deux ans, avec possibilité de renouvellement/prolongation.
• Un salaire attractif et des bénéfices additionnels.
• Préparation spécifique avant le départ et encadrement et suivi lors de l’envoi, entre autres par un représentant local de BD (qui habite et travaille dans la région) et/ou par la chargée de programme.
• Un travail stimulant dans une équipe internationale motivée et un programme cohérent.

Procédure de recrutement
Pour postuler, veuillez envoyer votre lettre de motivation et votre CV au plus tard le 22 juin 2017.

Les candidats sélectionnés seront invités dans la semaine de 26 juin 2017 pour un test par écrit et le 18 juillet 2017 pour une interview à Bruxelles. On demandera au candidat final retenu de participer à des tests psychosociaux.

L’envoi est prévu pour une période de 2 ans. Le départ est prévu au plus tôt possible, mais dépend de l’expérience, de la préparation, de la formation et de l’attribution d’un permis de travail et de séjour local.

Vous trouvez plus d’informations sur Broederlijk Delen sur www.broederlijkdelen.be.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: 08/03/2017
Deputy Team Leader in Mozambique , Mozambique

Job Profile
For an upcoming programme on Rural Energy Supply in Mozambique, we (Mott MacDonald) are currently positioning and therefore looking for a Deputy Team Leader.

Job Description
The Deputy Team Leader / Market Development Fund (MDF) Manager will have primary responsibility for designing and overseeing the operations of the MDF Fund in the programme.
- Support the TL in the overall management of the Programme, the team, and the implementing partners of of the programme;
- Support the TL with planning, budgeting, and implementation;
- Responsible for all aspects of fiduciary risk management of the Fund;
- Responsible for the design of the MDF Fund through the Operations Manual;
- Responsible for the design of the Financial Management Manual;
- Develop and manage the Call for Proposals (including development of tender documents);
- Manage the contracting of Implementation partner (incl. the due diligence process);
- Oversee the implementation of Projects under the MDF, and ensuring partners report on operational and financial progress;
- Ensure that funds are appropriately spent on agreed activities by Implementing Partners and quality requirements are met;

Candidate Specification
- Master degree in Business Administration; Accounting; or similar;
- At least seven years of experience as manager of sizeable (investment or capital venture) Funds;
- Previous experience of working on / managing DFID programmes (knowledge of DFID requirements);
- Proven track-record in Fiduciary risk management;
- Knowledge of financial/investment models for the (renewable) energy sector preferred;
- Experience working with international donors preferred;
- Previous work experience in Mozambique is preferred;
- Strong skills in communication;
- Fluency in spoken and written English required and Portuguese highly desired.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: 08/03/2017
Maritime Agency Manager in Liberia , Sierra Leone

Do you have solid international experience, and would you like the full expat package?

This is a great way to build your international career within operations management. You get to develop and explore your personal and professional abilities as you manage a team of people from different countries in a growing international company where new career opportunities arise continuously. Doing so, you collaborate closely with our senior management, while you have numerous employees to support you on the daily operation.

Drive our daily operations and local relations
As agency manager, you manage a young team of manual workers with little or no formal education located at the local ports as well as maintain relations with our customers. Doing so, you truly get to apply your leadership skills as you motivate and explain the daily tasks to your team. Your responsibilities include:

• Providing operational feedback and reporting to clients while ensuring that all deadlines are met.
• Developing solutions for existing and new clients in collaboration with the rest of the Group, contractors, counterparts and chartering desk.
• Briefing your team daily on tasks and challenges as you prioritise tasks while guiding and motivating the team.
• Interaction with authorities and clients on management level when required.

You get direct access to our senior management as you discuss the daily tasks with our CEO, CFO and regional manager. To assist you in your day-to-day work, your team coordinates the activities with our collaborators, approves documents and updates customers.

Solid operation and management experience
• You have solid experience as an operations or agency manager.
• You have 5+ years of experience working in West- and/or Central Africa.
• You have demonstrated an ability to lead and manage staff.
• You are fluent in English / French.
• It is an advantage if you have experience within mining and project cargo.

Personally, you thrive when engaging with people of different cultures. Also, you are creative allowing you to come up with new solutions that make us stand out from our competitors. Most importantly, you know how to be a good team player and manager/leader for your team because interpersonal relations are your forte.

Expiring: 07/29/2017
Senior Research Analyst , Egypt

IDC, the leading global IT and telecoms market research and advisory firm, is seeking a Senior Research Analyst to support research activities for its vertical research in META region. The position is located in Cairo, Egypt at IDC Egypt.

- Update and maintain Vertical Spending Guide (bi-annual) and Vertical Markets database (annual).
- Support all the verticals work related to all the other Spending Guides (deadlines spread throughout the year; calls almost every week)
- Closely work with the various programs in IDC META region to conduct verticals research. The main activities include collecting data from the programs, consolidating and reviewing them, understanding the market trends, and updating the verticals database. Work in close co-operation with the verticals/Insights market research team based in CEMA HQ (Prague).
- Develop market understanding through primary and secondary research which includes activities such as monitoring and analyzing industry news and articles, interviewing of local and international firms, attending press and other public conferences, and attending vendor briefings.
- Publish multiple vertical market reports annually as per standard IDC research practices.
- Conduct and contribute to custom verticals research and data cuts and act as a shared resource for consulting projects.

- Excellent analytical skills
- Strong data skills – data analysis, modelling etc.
- An understanding of IT and related technologies
- Business writing skills
- Expertise in MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word software packages.
- Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English.
- 5-6 years of work experience in IT or financial services research related jobs/companies
- Graduation/Post Graduation in IT/Business Administration

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: 07/29/2017
Project Liaison Officer in Rwanda , Rwanda

The Access to Finance Rwanda Project Liaison Officer, under the management of the Enterprise Dev. & Agribusiness, will provide technical support to function across the Country program and, as such, work in close collaboration with respective projects of Heifer International Rwanda across the country. To this end, he/she will mobilize farmer co-operatives, provide technical assistance, train and coach, and report on the progress of activity implementation. He /She will train farmer cooperatives on how to use the cloud service and the e-wallet system with efficiency and effectiveness of the project framework, and ensure that key outcomes are properly tracked and reported. He/She will also work with the team to build capacity on the use of software and key performance indicators; analyze monthly data, and support training in quality assurance methods. The Officer will lead the process working with partners in strengthening their Information System, prepare periodic reports and promote programmatic learning.

Essential Character Traits:
Respect, accountability, courage, excellence, analytical ability, interpersonal skills and proactive problem solving.

Responsibilities & Deliverables
(including approximate percentage of effort)

Required Skills
Program Effectiveness (40%)

- Provide technical support to the farmer cooperative management to understand and implement the cloud service and the e-wallet system.
- Support the farmer cooperative management to facilitate smallholder farmers to easily access financial services.
- Respond to smallholder payment constraints and make interventions through the close monitoring of the operations, and projects weaknesses and strength

- Assist the Agribusiness management in the mobilization of the farmer’s cooperatives to ensure effectiveness and efficient operations on both the cloud service and the e-wallet system by 2018.
- Mobilize 7,500 farmers to have livestock insurance by 2018.
- Implement new financial management system to use 20 Milk Collection Centers (MCCs) by 2018
- Set-up electronic cloud based platform to facilitate farmer access to credit by 2018.
- Create and develop sustainable partnership with the implementing projects in the specific areas of operation by 2018.
- Provide technical services for software database updates and ensure users accessibility by 2018.
- Support cooperative management to address basic challenges through cloud technology platforms as needed.

Responsible for data base management and software maintenance at the cooperative office (30%)

- Provide overall leadership in installing and maintaining the cloud service;
- Generate and interpret monthly financial reports.
- Provide practical training and coaching to the cooperative management and the Board of Directors (BoD) on the benefits and impacts of the cloud service.
- Produce activity progress reports and recommendations.

- Ensure software installation and implementation plan to all dairy farmer cooperative offices in the first 2 months after the project launch.
- Generate and interpret the out- put of the soft cloud technology in form of financial reports and financial management systems in first 3 months.
- Organize and coordinate periodical training programs.
- Generate and disseminate progress reports for all selected cooperatives in the areas of operation on quarterly basis.
- Provide on-going follow up on the implementation of the recommended software service improvements

Capacity building on the software usage and interpretation of the financial reports (20%)

- Develop detail actions plan for the cooperative management trainings on the interpretation of the software generated financial reports.
- Design and elaborate specific training program in the specific areas of basic computer skills and cloud-based platform to the users and other beneficiaries.
- Advocacy and coordination of the individual farmers and cooperatives to the Banks and other financial institutions like insurance companies

- Organize and deliver specific training to the cooperative management including the Auditors and BoD by 2018.
- Develop and organize training programs for farmers and stakeholders for efficiency and effective use of the software by 2018.
- Link farmers to specialize service providers and insurance companies on the available opportunities within the software by 2018.

Required Experience

Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology Management, Agri-business, Accounting sciences, Economics Statistics, and Business Administration with relevant working experience of (3 - 4) years in Dairy Cooperative Business and Management.

Preferred Requirements:
- Solid experience in working with dairy cooperatives
- Demonstrate the ability and passion to the improve cooperative financial management practices
- Experience in Business Information Technology
- Proven experience in team work and team spirit
- Experience in business acumen for small holder farmer cooperatives
- Excellent interpersonal relationships with partners and stakeholders
- Excellent communication skills both oral and written form
- Mastery and use of English and Kinyarwanda as a media of communication is an advantage

Job Location: Kigali, , Rwanda

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular

Job Level: To Be Determined

Client: Non U.S. Based Locations

Closing Date: 06/15/17

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: 07/24/2017