Manager of Operations , Netherlands

Foundation Rural Energy Services (FRES) advances electrification in rural areas in Africa by establishing small-scale, commercially operating utilities. They provide households and small businesses with electricity, preferably generated by solar energy, to meet the demand for proper lighting, radio and TV, charging cell phones, and a broad range of commercial activities. In this way they contribute to the social and economic development and social cohesion of rural areas.

FRES is a non-profit, small multinational, founded in 2004, and consists of companies in Mali, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Uganda and Guinea-Bissau and a head office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

FRES-Netherlands is, within the boundaries set by the FRES Board, responsible to guide the FRES Companies and:
• Develop, agree objectives and strategy for each FRES Company;
• Develop, agree annual plans and budgets for each FRES Company;
• Set boundary conditions, policies and guidelines;
• Appoint Management Team staff of each FRES Company, appraise their performance;
• Monitor and appraise the performance and strategy of their business;
• Arrange for specific authorizations for investments, divestments, major activities;
• Arrange for mandatory services such as central procurement (unless otherwise agreed);
• Promote adherence to the FRES fee-for-service business model;
• Develop new business to generate new FRES customers;
• Have an internal control framework in place to manage risks and opportunities; and to demonstrate compliance;
• Report to the FRES Board on status, progress.

FRES-Netherlands has a team of 6 staff members to perform the activities who report to the General Director. FRES Netherlands is currently looking to fill one of the two positions of Manager of Operations within the team. FRES Group Companies have a turnover of approx. € 10 million per annum in existing business and new developments (50/50) with a total of 230 direct staff.

A Manager of Operations is responsible for the effective operation of the FRES companies. It is a senior role which involves overseeing the operational activities and business results of FRES companies. An important objective for the Manager of Operations is to achieve operational excellence of FRES companies that meets expectations of its clients, its stakeholders and its shareholders. As a member of the FRES-NL team he/she ensures that the FRES objectives for the FRES companies are realized. As a member of the board of the local FRES Companies he/she assists in ensuring that the FRES companies meet their objectives.

The Manager of Operations works intensively with the other FRES-NL team members, to ensure consistent reporting to the General Director and the Board of FRES.

Key responsibilities
• Develop FRESco/country strategies in line with FRES strategies;
• Ensure FRESco strategies are aligned with, and that the FRESco’s interest is represented in, the overall FRES Business strategies and plan;
• Govern (control and guide) FRESco’s;
• Monitor performance of FRESco’s against agreed targets and objectives;
• Appraise FRESco business performance, strategies and business control framework;
• Benchmark business processes and performance metrics between the FRES companies;
• He/she is member of the Board of Directors of the FRES company;
• Willingness to travel 5-10 times per year to rural areas in Africa for a short stay or in specific cases a stay for several weeks or months.

All these responsibilities are executed under the supervision of the General Director.

Skills and Abilities
• Ability to take the initiative, and to work independently;
• Proven skills and experience with respect to Business Administration with an operations management specialization and experience in the daily running of SME’s in developing countries;
• Strong analytical and presentation skills;
• Strong skills and experience with writing reports;
• Good team player and understanding the information needs of other team members, assisting them to identify and present business/operational issues arising that need to be addressed, improved;
• Ability to work under pressure, to multi-task and to manage time efficiently;
• Have leadership and supervisory skills;
• Have good critical and judgement skills;
• Excellent spoken English and French and excellent written English or French;
• Good interpersonal and intercultural skills;
• Commitment to existing Organization policies.

FRES offers a salary according standards of the NGO sector.

Please send a motivational letter and your resume before November 18th 2016.

Special job

Expiring: Dec 18, 2016
Commercial Manager , Malawi

Do you want to put your know-how and skills to use where they are needed? Do you want to work abroad and experience different cultures? Then the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) is your ideal partner for finding a responsible position in the field of development policy. We place highly qualified staff with employers in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.
Support the Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa in Lilongwe, Malawi, as a

Commercial Manager in the Trade Facilitation Department

We are looking for you:
The Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa (ACE) needs your expertise to develop its operational business division. ACE was founded 10 years ago with the aim of enabling smallholder farmers and agri-cultural producers in rural areas to participate in the economic development of the country. The Trade Fa-cilitation Department has 30 employees working on warehouse management, logistics, the processing of trading activities and the management of financing facilities, and reports directly to the ACE manage-ment. In this context, it has already been possible to establish services such as the Warehouse Receipt System, ACE Trade Platform and Market Information System . The aim is to continue to develop ACE revenue streams and grow the trade volume currently at about USD 20 million by commercialising the provision of trade and financial services and to make ACE independent of financial resources from de-velopment cooperation.

Your tasks will involve:
• Responsibility for management of the Trade Facilitation Department, including developing a business model and medium-term strategy for the department
• Implementing strategic planning in the department, in particular in the field of trade facilitation, by bringing a commercial angle to a development-oriented organisation
• Improving cooperation within the organisation and building capacity within the department
• Develop trade facilitation and commodity finance management structures and services.

Your profile:
• University degree in business administration or economics with a focus on trade, finance or a compa-rable subject that enables you to perform the tasks
• Several years of experience in international trade, specifically in relation to commodity exchanges and commodity or agricultural trade/finance
• Several years of management experience with power of attorney or proxy
• Experience in organisational development and in the development of service portfolios
• Fluent business English

What we offer:
• A varied and interesting job with a high level of responsibility in an international environment
• The opportunity to work with other organisations in the field of development cooperation
• A preparatory course ahead of your assignment abroad
• A local employment contract as an integrated expert for an initial period of two years, with an option to extend
• Attractive monthly subsidies and social security benefits in addition to your local salary

O n e p e r s o n c a n m a k e a d i f f e r e n c e
Please submit your application using our online portal at http://www.cimonline.de. Here you will find more information on what we do and what we have to offer. If you have any questions, you can contact:

Dominik Schell
Tel.: ++49-(0)6196-7935-70
Expiry date: August 26th 2016

Special job

Expiring: Sep 29, 2016
Managing Director , Ghana

The Managing Director is responsible for establishing and executing the organization’s major goals and objectives. An entrepreneurial and “hands on” mentality are key qualities of the successful candidate. (S)he provides leadership, direction and guidance in the organization’s activities, and analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of all organization operations. (S)he is strong in marketing and project management and in inter-cultural communication skills. In addition, (s)he develops and maintains the organizational structure and gives guidance to the staff. One major role is the representation of GNBCC to all its stakeholders: companies in Ghana and the Netherlands (interested in) doing business in one or both of these countries, Governmental organizations in general, the Royal Dutch Embassy in particular, funders supporters, and the general public.

Duties and responsibilities general

• Acts as the spokesperson for GNBCC
• Develops and maintains stake holder relationships
• Promotes GNBCC as a service organization, and is responsible for marketing its services
• Takes part in and supervises execution of assignments
• Directs and oversees short and long term strategic plans
• Attends Board Meetings
• Provides leadership to organization personnel through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication
• Ensures that job descriptions are current
• Conducts performance appraisals as required
• Ensures that all the organization’s goals, plans & actions are covered in a general annual business plan (this includes: budget,
goals, objectives and deliverables for the upcoming year)

Duties & responsibilities administration
• Ensures compliance to minimum standards in accordance with all government legislation, regulations and guidelines pertinent to
the organization’s role as an employer and non-profit agency
• Maintains an effective and cost efficient office environment
• Develops, maintains, and updates job descriptions pertinent to the organization
• Develops and maintains business(services) for GNBCC
• Develops and implements operational plans, policies, and goals that enhance strategic objectives

Duties & responsibilities Finance
• Maintains full awareness of the complete financial, statistical, and accounting records of the organization
• Ensures that operating results established in the annual budget are achieved and the control of operating expenses within
• Ensures the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of all financial accounting and reporting
• Ensures the preparation of the annual budget for board approval

Essential skills, competences and requirements
GNBCC’s Managing Director is an effective communicator, across cultures, with a “hands on” mentality, excellent leadership skills, marketing and management experience and the ability to motivate employees. Additionally, (s)he must be results oriented, creative, entrepreneurial and have strong business-development skills and the ability to interact with all stakeholders. The Ideal candidate holds a BA or MA degree in business administration combined with a proven track record in business development or service delivery. Excellent knowledge of English is a must, knowledge of Dutch is a big plus. (S)he commits to a long term (at least three years) involvement to further develop GNBCC.

Special job

Expiring: Apr 30, 2016
Directeur du bureau de dialogue en RD Congo , Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

L’Association pour l’assistance au développement (AGEH) recherche, pour le compte de Misereor, un directeur / une directrice expérimenté(e) dans la coopération ecclésiastique au développement
en Afrique, pour son bureau de dialogue et de liaison à Kinshasa, en République démocratique du Congo, pour une prise de poste en février 2018.

Directeur/directrice du bureau de dialogue et de liaison de Misereor en République démocratique du Congo

Depuis 1959, l’organisation caritative épiscopale soutient de nombreuses organisations et institutions, la plupart ecclésiastiques, dans le domaine de d’aide au développement en République démocratique du Congo. Étant donné le nombre élevé et croissant d’exigences à satisfaire en termes de qualité des missions, des rapports et des procédures, il est nécessaire d’intensifier le dialogue entre Misereor et ses partenaires. En étroite concertation avec ses principaux partenaires nationaux, Misereor a donc mis en place en 2005 un bureau de dialogue et de liaison (BDL) dans la capitale congolaise, Kinshasa. Pour diriger le BDL, nous recherchons un(e) professionnel(le) expérimenté(e) dans le domaine de la coopération ecclésiastique au développement en Afrique.

Le BDL a pour objectif d’améliorer la coopération et le dialogue avec les partenaires actuels et de nouveaux partenaires potentiels ainsi que les institutions en République démocratique du Congo, de renforcer les liens entre les partenaires et de faire avancer les priorités en matière de développement des organisations partenaires et de Misereor.
Le BDL, interlocuteur compétent disponible sur place, soutient les organisations partenaires pour toutes les questions relevant de la conception, de la mise en oeuvre et de l’évaluation de projets de développement. Le BDL entretient un dialogue intense avec le secrétariat de la Conférence épiscopale congolaise et d’autres structures de développement centrales de l’Église locale, d’autres organisations allemandes et internationales de l’aide au développement présentes en République démocratique du Congo, ainsi que l’ambassade d’Allemagne. Son pilotage est assuré par le département Afrique de Misereor.

Votre nouvelle mission
Vous contribuez dans une large mesure à améliorer le dialogue entre Misereor et ses partenaires congolais. Vous permettez à Misereor de discuter en profondeur de sa politique de soutien avec ses principaux partenaires congolais et vous permettez aux partenaires ecclésiastiques en République démocratique du Congo d’accéder plus facilement aux autres organisations de développement.

• Vous conseillez les partenaires de Misereor en matière de conception et de mise en oeuvre de projets, pour l’étude d’impact, l’évaluation et le développement de l’organisation. Vous informez les partenaires de la politique de soutien de Misereor, ainsi que des exigences à satisfaire pour les dépôts de demande et les rapports. Vous soutenez l’organisation de manifestations sur des priorités thématiques et, en cas de besoin, accompagnez les différents partenaires sur une longue période.
• Vous identifiez des conseillers et formateurs locaux qualifiés, à même d’aider efficacement les partenaires congolais dans leur travail de développement.
• Vous renforcez les échanges d’expérience et les liens entre les partenaires de Misereor.
• Vous soutenez les partenaires congolais dans leur travail de lobbying national et international pour la défense des pauvres et soutenez leur contribution aux processus politiques et sociaux.
• Vous échangez régulièrement avec d’autres oeuvres caritatives, notamment les membres de la CIDSE (réseau catholique de coopération internationale pour le développement et la solidarité).
• Vous représentez Misereor dans le cercle des organisations allemandes d’aide au développement à Kinshasa et auprès de l’ambassade d’Allemagne.
• Vous participez au développement des axes prioritaires de Misereor en République démocratique du Congo ainsi qu’aux initiatives relevant du travail de relations publiques, de formation et de lobbying en matière de politique de développement.
• Vous soutenez l’accompagnement de visiteurs : collaborateur/collaboratrices de Misereor, journalistes, hommes et femmes politiques, donateurs/donatrices, etc.

Votre profil
• Vous êtes titulaire d’un diplôme d'études supérieures, de préférence en géographie, économie, sciences politiques, sociologie ou une autre discipline des sciences sociales ou humaines.
• Vous avez plusieurs années d’expérience professionnelle dans le domaine de la coopération au développement et du conseil aux partenaires, dans l’idéal en Afrique.
• Vous possédez au moins 2 ans d’expérience professionnelle dans le développement organisationnel, avec comme axe principal la planification, le monitoring et l’évaluation (PME).
• Vous avez une habileté diplomatique certaine, des aptitudes de communication interculturelle très différenciées pour côtoyer les acteurs dans un esprit de partenariat et vous savez intervenir de manière appropriée dans un environnement ecclésiastique.
• Vous êtes suffisamment solide pour effectuer de nombreux voyages dans des conditions souvent difficiles en République démocratique du Congo.
• Vous avez une très bonne maîtrise du français à l’écrit comme à l’oral et vous avez au moins de bonnes connaissances de l’allemand.
• Vous êtes citoyen/ne de l’UE ou de Suisse et appartenez à une Église chrétienne.

L’offre de l’AGEH
L’Association pour l’assistance au développement (AGEH) est le service spécialisé des catholiques allemands dédié à la coopération pour le développement. Depuis plus de 50 ans, nous accompagnons des professionnels qui souhaitent saisir l’occasion d’avoir une activité riche de sens au service des acteurs locaux du développement. L’AGEH vous épaule par:
• Une préparation individualisée et complète
• un contrat de trois ans, une couverture sociale et une rémunération selon la loi allemande sur les coopérants au développement
• Des sessions de formation continue en culture, langue ou autres domaines techniques, ainsi que des offres de coaching et de supervision et un conseil personnalisé

Le site de Kinshasa possède une bonne infrastructure, avec de bons soins médicaux, des établissements scolaires d’excellente qualité et un raccordement aux voies de transport internationales.
Nous serons ravis de recevoir votre dossier de candidature en Anglais ou en Allemand.
Are you interested in becoming a Directeur du bureau de dialogue en RD Congo? Apply now at the top or bottom of our page.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Oct 15, 2017
Business Development Manager in South Africa , South Africa

Our client is a European family owned leading manufacturer of industrial packaging products. They deliver to, amongst others, the mining and agricultural sector. For their South African branch we are looking for a Business Development Manager.
Reporting to: Regional Director Southern Africa

Responsible for identifying and implementing new and existing opportunities within the sector in line with agreed strategies and policies as defined.

* Identify, define and investigate new products/opportunities
* Investigate any existing projects identified by the company with a view of commercialization.
* Develop and implement strategies, objectives and budgets to exploit business opportunities.
* Analyse business/market trends, product line development, changes in future demand, competition and contacts.
* Implement strategies for developing existing products into existing markets as well as new markets.
* Be responsible for market intelligence
* Strengthen relations and maintain linkages between customer, sales and marketing and production.

* A Bachelors’ degree in any numeric discipline or experience hard core sales
* 7+ years’ experience gained in a relevant capacity.
* Commercial acumen and awareness is key.
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
* A ‘can do attitude’ and innovative thinking.
* Good leadership and organization skills.
* Proficiency of computer application packages.

* experience in industrial packaging
* knowledge of plastics is a pre
* knowledge of production processes, lead times, cost is a pre
* Afrikaans is a pre

* gross salary ZAR 600-700k per year, split up in basic and commission
* Upton 50% traveling (within South Africa and Namibia)

Expiring: Oct 27, 2017
Logistic Manager in Liberia , Liberia

Our client is looking for an expat to fill a position as Logistic Manager at their office in Liberia, West Africa.

• Focus on the commercial and operational area and boost the business without losing track of administration and reporting
• Supervising and supporting the logistic team incl. overall internal management, HR, recruiting and training.
• Proactive for sales; bigger projects and tender biddings – searching for sales leads and follow-up
• Interaction with authorities and clients on management level when required
• Develop and maintain relationships with clients and key account clients.
• Reporting to senior management

• Proven working experience as a logistics manager
• 5+ years of experience in West Africa
• Knowledge in clearing and forwarding
• Experience within mining and project cargo an asset
• Demonstrable ability to lead and manage staff
• Ability to work independently and handle multiple projects
• Fluency in English

Personal characteristics:
• Operational mindset taking precaution for the challenges in the country
• Ability to think out of the box to create and sell solutions
• Be a business developer with focus on expanding the business and improve internal agent network
• Should be outgoing, have a good sense of humor, responsible and self-driven, conscientious, focused, result-oriented, purposeful and most important; know how to be a good team player and manager/leader for his team

We offer:
• Being part of a young and dynamic team
• Being part of successful company with a high track record in West and Central Africa
• Exciting challenges every day!

Starting date latest 1. June 2017.

Are you interested in becoming a Logistics Manager in Liberia? Apply now at the top or bottom of our page.

Expiring: Oct 20, 2017