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Hotel Manager in Malawi , Malawi

Hotel Manager responsibilities include:
• Proven experience as Hotel Manager or relevant role
• Fluency in English; knowledge of other languages is a plus
• Understanding of all hotel management best practices and relevant laws and guidelines

Job brief
We are looking for an experienced Hotel Manager to oversee the daily operations of our hotel as well as provide strategic direction. You will plan and supervise the activities of an extensive and diverse workforce to ensure the smooth and profitable running of business.
It is important for the hotel manager to be involved in all aspects of the hotel operations. You will be just as responsible for dealing with complaints as for strategizing and preparing reports. You will be a key person of reference for employees and clients as well as external vendors.
The hotel manager must be able to guide the employees to work as a well-functioning team. Therefore, the ideal candidate will be a team player and an effective leader, able to set examples and foster a climate of cooperation.
The goal is to enhance customer dedication and expand our clientele by strengthening our hotel’s reputation.

• Supervise work at all levels (receptionists, kitchen staff, maids, office employees etc.) and set clear objectives
• Plan activities and allocate responsibilities to achieve the most efficient operating model
• Manage budgets/expenses, analyze and interpret financial information and monitor sales and profits
• Develop and implement an intuitive and efficient marketing strategy to promote the hotel’s services
• Communicate with customers when appropriate (welcome them in the facilities, address their complaints, find solutions to problems, offer information etc.)
• Deal with maintenance issues, shortages in staff or equipment, renovations etc.
• Collaborate with external parties such as suppliers, travel agencies, event/conference planners etc.
• Inspect facilities regularly and enforce strict compliance with health and safety standards

• Proven experience as Hotel Manager or relevant role
• Fluency in English; knowledge of other languages is a plus
• Understanding of all hotel management best practices and relevant laws and guidelines
• Working knowledge of MS Office; knowledge of hotel management software (PMS) is an advantage
• Excellent customer service skills as well as a business mindset
• Demonstrable aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving
• Reliable with an ability to multi-task and work well under pressure
• Outstanding leadership skills and a great attention to detail
• Degree in Business Administration, Hotel/Hospitality Management or relevant field

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Jun 06, 2021
CEO Travel Scale-up Kenya , Kenya

Wanted: CEO at fast-growing Africa travel scale-up ‘Charlie’s Travels’ in Nairobi, Kenya.

Charlie’s Travels is an innovative ‘on the ground’ Africa tour operator focused on a more ‘real’ and authentic Africa experience. With off the beaten track travel, we want to create a broader view of the world and spread the impact of tourism on nature and cultures. As CEO you are responsible for the strategy and growth of the company, the P&L, building your team, expanding to other African regions and expansion into other markets.

Sounds good! Who is this Charlie?!
Hi, I’m Charlie! Africa-lover, adventurer and an entrepreneur with a vision for the tourism industry. My strengths (optimistic, creative, energetic) are accompanied with shortcomings (structure, managing, strategy). Therefore I’m looking for you, a strong right hand, so that together we can grow this beautiful company!

About Charlie's Travels (CT) , it started as a wild dream in 2014: on a motorcycle, with laptop and camera, in search of "real" experiences away from the tourist circus. Turns out, there was a high demand for this type of travel and curious travellers knew where to find me. In 2016, a former Rocket Internet manager joined: with plug & play techniques the one-man show became a startup!

Years of growth: the travel industry is big, and the number of (small-scale) Africa travel agencies are countless on Google. Why didn't CT remain a one-man business; how did it grow to 50 FTEs in 4 years; from 100 to 2000 travellers annually; from € 200k to € 4m annual turnover; from no office to teams in Nairobi (HQ, the “Jungle Villa”), Kampala, and Cape Town? With investors? Nope, we have grown 100% autonomously on our own profits.

Off the beaten track travel takes away stereotypes/prejudices and lets people experience a more 'real' Africa!

Why have we grown so rapidly? In a traditional market, we’re distinctive in many ways, but these are our main USPs:
1. "People don't buy what you do, but why you do it!" (Sinek) Few companies know why they do what they do. CT does! We are extremely passionate because we want to show Africa beyond prejudices (e.g.: dangerous, poverty, etc.)! This intrinsic drive is in our DNA and everyone feels it: the team, the travellers, the partners, the fans!
We’re not just a travel agency but a (by word of mouth) fast-growing community!

2. Product Development (PD) : In a traditional (safari) sector we develop a new, different, innovative product; authentic travel. Dutch travel agencies based in the Netherlands do not have the ‘local’ knowledge or do not know how to organize this. For local tour operators, it is difficult to understand the traveller and its desires, and providers on websites like Tripadvisor/Airbnb aren’t offering enough service. The demand for authentic & responsible travel that fulfils is quickly rising and we fill that big growing gap!

3. Marketing, Branding & Content: Skilled in-house marketing & content team that manages our website and therefore able to do quick iterations. Who does a consumer trust: a company or a person? Charlie is a social brand that talks (KLM and would be jealous of it!) We also have yet to see another travel agency that has its own video channel with more than 250 high-quality travel documentaries and sales videos? Check Charlie’s & Chill !

4. Being on the ground is essential for all USPs and has many other advantages: operationally effective, lower costs, no middle man, ability to create an impact locally, train partners, excellent product knowledge and corresponding increased sales power, etc.!

Main goals in the coming 3 years , we are ready for a new phase:
1. Market Share in the Netherlands x5 : Create a marketing ecosystem, increase ads budget, finalizing sales funnel with automations, standardize back-end product and PD with software without losing tailor-made feel and options.
2. Expansion : Enter other European markets (DACH, UK and/or Nordics). Develop a strategy and roll out with country specialized sales & marketing teams.
3. Expand destination portfolio : A standard package-traveller: “Africa, it’s such a beautiful country!”. The second biggest continent in the world counts approximately 3000 tribes, 2000 languages and 54 countries! We want to show the diversity of the whole continent! What’s next: The Horn of Africa, Sahara, Sahel, one of the Islands, Central- and/or West-Africa? With partnerships, new offices and/or freelancers?
Make a strategy and let’s do it!
4. Responsible & Regenerative Tourism : Off the beaten track in itself already spreads tourism and therefore fits in the current trends of tourism. Our CSR strategy has 3 pillars: Economy, Nature and Culture! With setting up a Tourism Academy and Eco-Community Lodges we can offer an even better experience and train our partners in a better way. And most important: How can we convince the traveller to
make a more conscious choice? Our behaviour has to change, and fast! Contribute to this!

About the CEO-role: What does it look like?
● Set up strategies & execute together with MT & team: where are we going, Why?
● Manage MT: Motivate, hold accountable (KPI’s) & train them how to manage.
● Commercially : growth NL market and expansion into other European markets.
● Operationally: streamlining processes across the company and ultimately responsible for large projects.
● Financially : P&L forecasts & budgets + analysis of the most important KPIs.
● General : internal processes, HR (together with HR manager), legal & tax.

About the person: character traits

An Africa based off the beaten track tour operator means:
● Open-minded, adventurous, interested in cultures and new perspectives
● Love for the product/travel, preferably a passion for Africa
● Culturally sensitive & interest in sustainable tourism

Managing a scale-up with young people means the following:
● A natural leader
● Open-minded, accessible & down to earth
● Socially intelligent, patient & empathic
● Realistic but also optimistic
● Energetic & fun
● Decision-maker & consistent


Must-haves :
● At least 5 years of management experience
● 8 years of work experience within several companies
● Commercial mindset: noticing and exploiting opportunities

Very nice to haves :
● Familiar with growth strategies
● Travel industry affinity and/or work experience
● Africa experience (travelling or living)
● Analytical skills
● Financially well-versed
● Affinity with Responsible, Eco and Community Tourism
● General management / CEO experience

1. A job that doesn't feel like work : you’ll be working for another 30 years, better enjoy it!
2. Co-entrepreneurship : you lead and grow a company that is yours too!
3. Development & Growth : we love what we do and by chance, we are on the right side of development and growth (authentic & responsible tourism, Africa = booming).
This makes the business game fun with lots of opportunities!
4. Joy : There is nothing more satisfying than having a product/service that brings enjoyment: within the team, our local partners and of course our travellers!
5. Making a difference: our goals are tangible, the work you do today will be visible tomorrow.
6. Contributing to the development of Responsible Tourism : travel should contribute, not detract! Contribute to this positive change!
7. Lifestyle : living & travelling in one of the most beautiful places in the world! After a working day/week: nature, fun, adventure >> YOU'RE ALIVE !!!
8. A close-knit team : you are building something beautiful with friends, not colleagues. The Angels become your family ;)

● Market-based salary (according to Dutch travel industry standards)
● Bonus if targets are reached
● Equity (depending on work experience, salary and investment)
● Travel agency-worthy benefits: housing & ticket allowance, plenty of vacation days, etc.
● Note: don't expect exuberant ex-pat style allowances, we are still a modest SME ;)

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Feb 12, 2021
Assistant Lodge Manager in Malawi , Malawi

One of the leading tourism companies based in Lilongwe, the Capital of Malawi is looking for an Assistant Manager for a lodge in Lilongwe.

A busy lodge in the top areas of Lilongwe is well known for its friendly staff, location and beauty. Most of the clients are consultants who stay in Malawi for a significant time. Important is that they feel comfortable and at home. The spacious rooms are decorated in a nice African style with western comfort. The lodge has a bar and a restaurant for its guests only.

• Overseeing and coordinating day-to-day operations
• Daily and monthly financial management
• Stock management, shopping
• Marketing activities
• Reception; managing bookings, customer relations,
• HR; training/motivating staff, working schedules
• Food & Beverage; Culinary knowledge of food preparation, staff training
• Quality checks, monitor maintenance

We are looking for an enthusiastic, independent, responsible, hands-on and flexible person.

- Language: English and preferable other languages
- Experience: Hospitality, Tourism, and Leadership Skills
- Other: Driver’s license, culinary knowledge

- A beautiful workplace in a quiet area in the capital city.
- An opportunity to grow within the company
- Accommodation
- Three months trial period
- Salary 500-750 USD

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Mar 15, 2020
Camp Manager in Tanzania , Tanzania

DEPARTMENT: Front Office & Restaurant
REPORTS TO: General Operations Manager in Mwanza

- Contract for 2 Year
- 1 off day per week
- Work Permit for Tanzania & Serengeti National Park
- Accommodation at the Lodge full board
- Medical - Hospital in Mwanza City
- Transport to & flo return ticket (home of destination) to Mwanza City via Dar es Salaam
- Working hours 10-12 hrs (on split shifts)

You are responsible for all aspects of running of the Lodge, including the staff training and quality control. You are ultimately responsible for ensuring that every guest at the Lodge has been engaged through service that meets or exceeds our set standard.

• Manage Day to Day Operation of the Camp as per the Manager's Check List
• Assist guest with check in and check out processes (verifying registration, address and credit information, etc). Go above and beyond to provide assistance, i.e. assist with housekeeping, coffee, and directions, wake up calls, etc
• Conduct Training with the Housekeeping & Restaurant on weekly basis and overseeing the Rooms as per the Check List
• Provide information to guest and visitor inquiries; coordinates all guest requests for special arrangement of services, courteously and efficiently informs guests of hotel services, features and
room amenities.
• Daily Reports / Department Staff Schedules / Weekly orders etc.. Updated as per Mbalageti standards.
• Oversee the Maintenance / House Keeping Department / Restaurant and Standard operating procedure are followed
• Follow Mbalageti operational policies and procedures, including those for cash and credit card handling, safety and security and all other policies, procedures and standards to ensure we can consistently exceed the guests’ expectations.

It is your job to make sure that every guest has an incredible stay at Mbalageti. It is your attention to detail and your commitment to first-class service and hospitality that will add the finishing touch to
entire Mbalageti Serengeti experience.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Mar 10, 2020
Safari Lodge - Management Couple - Uganda , Uganda

General Job Description:
On site 24 hour management of 12 room luxury safari lodge. Overseeing all 35 staff including; food and beverage supervisor, 3 Cooks, 2 Kitchen Helpers, 2 bar men, 1 Storekeeper, 6 Housekeeping staff, 5 Dining Rooms staff, 5 Porters/ Security/ Gardeners/ Guides, 1 Gardener, 2 Staff Cooks, 4 horse guides, 2 horse helpers

Operations Management:
Daily running of lodge includes:
1. Administration
2. Accounts and stock control measures
3. Overseeing House-keeping staff and room checks
4. Guest relations
5. Maintenance of all buildings, equipment and swimming pool
6. Up keep of grounds
7. Running the gift shop

Management of Restaurant and Bar:
1. Overseeing of purchasing and improving stock controls with daily food requisitions
2. Overseeing of food orders
3. Shopping once a week in nearest town with driver
4. Menu planning although this is mostly done by chefs
5. Food cost analysis and regulation
6. Ensuring high quality food
7. Food presentation
8. Customer service
9. Wine service/selection
10. Monthly management reports
11. Preparing accounts for the accountant

Greeting new guests (staff can also do this), customer care, dining with guests when appropriate, hosting and organising special events. This is a very important part of the manager’s job.

Staff Management
1. Training and Managing staff
2. Motivating and evaluating
3. Co-ordinating different staff and time tabling their daily schedule
4. Paying staff
5. Introducing Disciplinary measures when necessary
6. Recruitment of new staff (if and when necessary)

Quality Control
1. Onsite inspection of the properties both structural and operational
2. Maintaining high quality of customer care/service
3. Quality control of food/ daily feedback to kitchen

Horse Back Safaris
Organising horseback safaris in coordination with the guides.

Project Management
Overseeing Mihingo Conservation Foundation (MCF):
1. Mihingo Leopard and Hyena Conservation Project (compensation of livestock killed by predator)
2. Mihingo School Support
3. Mihingo Marathon (Charity run once a year to generate income for MCF)

Expiring: Feb 22, 2020
Lodge Management in Zambia , Zambia

Established in 1998 Kiboko Safaris Malawi is offering high quality low priced camping, chalets and luxury safaris into all the regions of Malawi and to South Luangwa NP in Zambia. All the safaris are starting and ending in Lilongwe and can be connected together to make the safari of your choice.

Kiboko’s brand new eco-friendly Msandile River Lodge is located at an Ebony Groove overlooking the Luangwa River and the riverbanks of the National Park. The lodge has 9 standard tents, 4 en-suite tents and 5 chalets, all with river view. The main area has a restaurant, bar and swimming pool.

For this beautiful new lodge in Zambia Kiboko is looking for a duo/couple who are willing and able to run it with high quality standards.

Job description:
The lodge managers are end responsible for running the lodge. They will be living on the premises and are first point of contact for the guests. Main responsibilities:
- Deliver excellent customer service at all times, ensuring guests comfort and safety, entertaining and hosting
- Deal with all enquires in a professional and courteous manner, in person, on the telephone or via e-mail
- Deal with customer complaints in a professional manner
- Checking all areas on a daily basis on cleanliness and if all equipment is present and in perfect condition
- Logistic management
- HR; wages, recruitment, training
- Overseeing construction of staff quarters/laundry
- Managing approximately 25 local staff members

Main thing is to keep the customers satisfied whilst running all other work at the same time. A challenging job!

- Language: English and preferable other languages
- Available from April 2020
- Minimum of 2 years of management experience
- Leadership skills
- Comfortable working 7 days a week (beside vacations)
- Able to live in a remote area
- Experience: Hospitality, tourism, leadership skills, people manager,
- Building and maintenance capacity recommended
- Others: Driver’s license
- Experience working in Africa would be an added advantage
- First Aid training (beneficial)

Somebody that wants to work in a different environment with a lot of patience - good communication skills – authority – a lot of energy - who is flexible and willing to make long days.

Terms of employment:
- Food and accommodation
- Compensation fee: 500 USD p.p.p.m. first 3 months. After 3 months 750 USD p.p.p.m.
- Work permit after 6 months in mutual consent

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Feb 20, 2020
Hotel Management couple wanted , Mozambique

Does the idea of working in a small paradise appeal to you? Perhaps looking for a change of scenery and climate? Can you speak Portuguese? We are a 5-star authentic lodge based in Mossuril Bay, Nampula Province in Northern Mozambique and are looking for a management couple to run our lodge. We are known for our hospitality and excellent service and our guests have always praised the service and treatment they received when visiting us. Of course a large part of our operation is heavily dependent on the local community and most of our staff originate from the little village nearby. Everyone is like family and work towards the common goal of treating the guest like gold. We are also an eco lodge and sustainable tourism is high on our agenda.

The ideal candidates would need to have hotel management experience and be comfortable in an environment far from city life. Candidates will also need to liaise with consultants based in Mozambique, Europe and South Africa. In addition, liaising with the marketing and social media consultants to; among other things; translate social media posts into Portuguese and to also handle reviews via Guest Revu will be required. We are all part of a team and regular communication between all parties is imperative. Of course, once you are greeted with the friendly staff and consultants, this won’t be a problem! You will be welcomed with open arms and will immediately feel like you are part of a great team! If this sounds like an ideal opportunity for you, we would love to speak to you. Contact

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

General management
• Overseeing and coordinating day-to-day operations.
• Daily and monthly financial management.
• Prepare and communicate monthly management reports.
• Organize product procurement and delivery; stock management.
• Development and implementation of marketing activities and guest activities.
• Manage bookings and communicate with tour operators, travel agents and guests.
• Maintain and enhance customer relations (expanding clientele) and reputation.

HR & Staff
• Drive and motivate staff. Lead by example in a positive and enthusiastic manner.
• Maintain a safe, harmonious, enjoyable work place environment.
• Staff recruitment, staff rosters, performance reviews, staff leave.
• Design and execute staff trainings.

Guest experience
• Ensure to deliver a memorable experience for all guests.
• Offer a visible presence and support our guests throughout their stay.
• Inspire staff to exceed our guests’ expectations.
• Resolve and handle potential guest complaints.

Food & beverage
• Ensure excellent food and beverage quality and presentation.
• Monitor menu choices, and ensure our chefs are well supported.
• Manage the supply chain and oversee ordering and procurement.
• Oversee service at meal times.

Property & community
• Perform quality checks. Enforce compliance with quality, health and safety standards.
• Monitor proper maintenance and oversee renovations/construction projects as necessary.
• Keep good and positive relationships with the local community, district leaders, police, other (tourism) businesses and authorities in Nampula.

What we are looking for:
Skills & knowledge
• Degree and/ or experience in hotel management or leisure & hospitality.
• Proven work experience in Africa (Mozambique) for at least one year.
• A minimum of 2 years of management experience, preferably in a comparable setting.
• Leadership skills and attitude in decision-making and problem-solving.
• Excellent communication skills, experience with online marketing is a plus.
• General knowledge of Africa and specifically Southern Africa and Mozambique

• Independent, self-driven, responsible, and able to keep on top of your responsibilities even under pressure.
• Hands-on mentality, with the right ‘do what it takes’ attitude to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Service oriented with a business mindset.
• Respectful awareness of local culture.
• Positive, friendly, with an open-minded attitude towards all guests, staff and partners of the lodge.
• Creative and resourceful, even in the event of unexpected situations.
• Great eye for detail in order to provide impeccable service and thoughtful surprises.

• We are recruiting couples (single will be possible to consider)
• Availability from March 1st, 2020, and willing to work at Coral Lodge for a minimum of 2 years. Each additional year after 2 years will be appreciated by a bonus.
• Comfortable with working 7 days a week (beside vacations).
• Able to live in a remote area.
• Fluency in English and Portuguese (written/spoken). A knowledge of other languages is a plus.
• Driver’s license (preferably for both)
• Respect and concern for wildlife and conservation.
• First aid training (beneficial)

What we offer
• A fantastic workplace and the opportunity to shape the service delivery in the region
• One international flight per person, annually.
• A 3 month trial period with a compensation which is in line with market practice
• A work permit (if needed) after the trial period has been successful.
• Monthly salary (experience dependent), agreed once probation period is complete. (This is in line with market practice, as are the terms and conditions governing it).
• Daily meals and drinks, private family villa for managers
• A 4-week paid leave in the low season and several shorter leaves during the season to make up for your 7-day work week.
• Back-up support and guidance from the owners.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Feb 16, 2020

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