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VP of Sales , Senegal

Location: Senegal - preferred (flexible)

Report to: CEO

Location: Senegal

Critical Requirement: French - preferred; English fluency required

Application: Due September 30th but reviewed on a rolling basis

Start date: October - November 2019 but flexible

About myAgro
myAgro is an award-winning non-profit social enterprise based in West Africa. myAgro has pioneered a mobile savings model that allows farmers to invest their own funds in high-quality seed, fertilizer, and training and increase their harvest and income by 50-100%. myAgro’s North Star is to help 1 million farmers increase their incomes by $1.50 per day by 2025 and lift themselves out of poverty. Learn more from myAgro’s founder here.

About the Vice President of Sales Role
In this newly created role, you will build and drive myAgro’s global sales strategy and be responsible for the execution of the strategy. This role will define sales processes, learning & design, communications, content, and delivery, helping our teams improve their sales approach and increase productivity. The ideal candidate is a self-starter that possesses exceptional problem solving skills with experience in different sales functions such as training, sales content and commission schemes.

Develop and implement a sales strategy and framework aimed at deepening our impact in current villages, as well as increasing sales with current clients (farmers)
Create a staffing model plan to achieve growth goals through the end of 2021
Develop a growing, talented salesforce through the creation of a sales training program (that blends instructor-led and self-paced, digital content) to quickly ramp new folks while maintaining high performance with the current sales team
Establish and implement a sales operation culture that is focused on tracking results, documenting goals, and providing candid feedback about opportunities
Develop and drive a consistent customer facing “voice” for myAgro sales teams
Develop and own sales communications process and cadence responsible for reaching all layers of our sales team
Ensure consistent and meaningful contact with the Product team to ensure alignment between Product and Sales teams
Define and measure KPIs and success metrics and criteria to understand ROI of sales processes, training programs, and commission plan to assist with allocation of resources
Improve and iterate on sales processes to make sales team more effective in end to end sales
Own and develop sales tools for our sales team
Build and develop a team of Sales Experts that will serve as our internal sales trainers and coaches for our field team
Manage the post-sales support services function effectively for customer satisfaction.

A minimum of 7 years of experience in a sales company managing and developing a sales team in both mature and start-up environments
Experience with sales and accessing and launching sales enablement tools
Familiarity with sales skills and methodologies
Stellar track record of building high-performing sales teams and delivering or exceeding revenue targets.
Self-starter with an analytical and collaborative orientation; can think strategically and drive operational excellence
Written and verbal communication skills to technical and non-technical audiences, as well as stakeholder management and consensus building, and project management
An entrepreneurial “own the outcome” mindset with a strategic approach to establishing and prioritizing sales goals, focused objectives, and target results
Ability to develop strategic sales compensation plans based on company goals that will promote sales growth and customer satisfaction for the company
Fluency in English required; French fluency is preferred

myAgro provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, marital/parental status, national origin, age, disability, political opinion, social status, veteran status, and genetics. myAgro complies with all applicable federal, provincial and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.

Expiring: Sep 26, 2019
Country Director , Senegal

Location: Thies, Senegal

Report to: Chief Program Officer

Language Requirement: Fluency in French and English

Start date: November and December

About this Role

We’re looking for a smart, hardworking and fun person to join our incredible team as part of our 2020 push towards our North Star. Team 2020 marks a transition in myAgro’s trajectory: we’re moving from scrappy start-up to lean & scaling as we build out our executive team to help myAgro scale to 1 million farmers by 2025. Be part of this founding team that gets myAgro to where few organizations have gone before: 1 million smallholder farmers eating and earning more thanks to your (and their) hard work.

We need leaders who love getting mud on their boots while they visit farmers’ fields, and while thinking strategically on how to improve execution at a scale of 500, 1000 and 2000 village entrepreneurs. We need leaders who think coaching and team development is a core function of their role and love to see their people succeed in new & challenging ways. We need experienced professionals who will help lead myAgro’s strategy and team to greater heights of impact and scale. Learn more about myAgro’s story and vision here.

In a country with major climate change effects, poor network connectivity, spotty electricity and relatively low levels of infrastructure and agricultural industry, this is not going to be easy. That’s why we need you.

Your mission

We’re looking for a commander in chief for our operations in Senegal. Someone to lead a smart and savvy team of operations and technical experts. Your daily mission is to build the team, processes, and systems at scale to deliver operational excellence throughout our organization.

Lead country-wide operations to drive world-class team performance. You will oversee the two most important ingredients of success: people and purse. You will guide the people ops team to implement the systems to manage human resources, as well as the hiring, retention and development of the myAgro team on the ground. You are in the field at least once every week observing, learning and sharing feedback to your top field lieutenants. Your collaborative management style will enable you to help team members to feel valued and to encourage each of them to learn, grow, and thrive in their work. In addition to your team, you will oversee finances & financial reporting for the country program.

Develop alliances. You will develop a rock-solid partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture. You will also build new relationships with institutional funders and other agricultural stakeholders in the country. You will collaborate with our partners (CRS, Stromme, Aga Khan) and develop new strategic saving group partners thoughtfully and in alignment with myAgro’s goals.

Promote myAgro. Maintain strong relationships with leaders in government, NGOs and donors. Raise myAgro’s visibility at strategic conferences and meetings and identify opportunities to showcase myAgro’s work nationally and globally.

Secure funds. NOT YOUR JOB! myAgro has an awesome development team that secures funds countries need. You'll have full focus to drive strategy for the field team to increase earned revenue (sales!) to lower the philanthropy needed to serve the same region each year. In 2019 myAgro will bring in more than $2 million in earned revenue and that's set to grow exponentially. You may be asked to attend a call or a meeting to help get a deal but you won't be tasked with writing proposals, creating budgets and milestones to meet donor demand. This is not that kind of country director role, and myAgro is not that kind of nonprofit. We stay focused and work hard on earning as much as we can from the people we serve: farmers.

Lead with integrity. As the leader of our organizational culture in country, you will create a positive and productive workplace. One that values hard work, feedback, continuous learning, inclusion and commitment to our work.

Your background

African Leadership. You have at least 10 years’ experience leading systemic change, managing people, budgets and working in global companies or international organizations. Ideally, you’ve lived and worked in Francophone West Africa, preferably Mali or Senegal. You have an MBA or other relevant post-graduate degree.
Agriculture & Sales experience preferred. You are a successful entrepreneur or have overseen country operations for an NGO, social enterprise, or for-profit company. You don’t have to have agricultural experience, but should demonstrate your passion for myAgro’s model.
A strategist. You are a quick thinker, laser focused and clear decision maker. You have a strong interest in private-sector approaches to development and a proven ability to produce results. You are able to break goals into manageable objectives and to work with a team to meet Key Performance Indicators.
Management creds. You have managed teams of 20+ and annual budgets of $2 million+. You are able to inspire a shared vision for the myAgro team. You know how to motivate and guide people.
Natural at Sales. You are able to solicit and provide real feedback to the field team on marketing strategy, payment strategies and execution of key activities in the field. You do this with confidence, either based on data that you’re able to get in a lean manner or through your experience scaling and selling new products direct to customers. You are decisive and know when to pivot a failing strategy and when to dig in and focus on improved execution through training & coaching.
Connector. You are able to build and sustain relationships with leaders in the Ministry of Agriculture and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). You are able to spot new talent, help break down silos and connect people to each other to solve problems.
Gets our model. myAgro is a hybrid model. We’re a nonprofit organization with a business minded approach. We use business practices to achieve social goals. Candidates with for-profit and nonprofit experience preferred.
Lives our values. You can thrive in our culture if you can demonstrate transparency, integrity, a bias towards action, innovation & a focus on solution-solving along with a natural love of learning and curiosity.
About myAgro

myAgro helps farmers move out of poverty: we do this with a simple approach. We help farmers manage their cash flow better – at harvest time when farmers have more cash, they can lock away their funds for seeds and fertilizer for the next season. They pay using their mobile phone (or mobile money in Tanzania) and myAgro delivers the inputs they’ve paid for before it rains and provides technical training so farmers know how to use the inputs efficiently. This leads to 50% more food and 50% more income per farm. To date myAgro serves 46,000 farmers and will scale to 1 million farmers by 2025. The award-winning team has received recognition from Skoll Foundation, Echoing Green, World Bank, Bill Gates and more.

myAgro provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, marital/parental status, national origin, age, disability, political opinion, social status, veteran status, and genetics. myAgro complies with all applicable federal, provincial and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.

Expiring: Sep 26, 2019
Farm Manager in Senegal (Cassava) , Senegal

JobnetAfrica has been retained by an international investor in agribusiness and farming which has started developing and operating agriculture and food projects in Africa. A Farm Manager is required for a large scale Greenfield commercial farming operation in Senegal.

Characteristic of the project:
• Project developed by a leading pan African group
• Consists of cultivating Tuber crop for starch production
• Project Greenfield : land process almost finalized, feasibility done, conception & design study are expected to start in the next weeks
• Land development and irrigation system setup are due in Q1 2018

• Working closely with the contractors (land development and irrigation system provider) in order to achieve the design and conception plans
• Defining the agronomic strategy and planning in order to meet production targets
• Being in charge of all farming activities (planting, irrigation, chemical application, harvesting, grading, HR of farming staff, farming equipment maintenance, etc.)
• Improvement processes
• Implement and maintain SOP’s
• Quality of products
• Make sure all facilitating departments are working optimal

• Track record in similar project (Tubers like cassava, potatoes, taro, etc.)
• Degree in agriculture is helpful but not a must (business administration is fine)
• Logistics or project management experience needed
• Ability to build support from community
• Comfortable working in multicultural teams in a foreign environment
• Experience in managing large scale farms (1 000 Ha and more)
• Proven capacity to lead team of agricultural engineers and technicians
• Willing to live in land-locked area
• At least 10 years of work experience as a farm manager
• African working experience an advantage, not a must
• Good understanding of and experience in production planning and distribution management
• Experienced in process management and optimization
• Experience in HR management (performance evaluation, remuneration, promotions)
• Excels at networking and building strong relationships at senior levels in the government and governmental institutions
• Strong in communication, guiding his team, networking with governmental bodies and reporting to stakeholders.
• Ability to think strategically, plan, implement and deliver outcomes
• Superior negotiation skills and ability to convince and make a point to his peers
• Fluent in English (written and spoken), French preferred

Package offered:
• Competitive wages
• Accommodation on site
• Transport
• International insurance
• Flights
• 30 days paid leave a year
• The location is relatively remote and not ideal for schooling
• Start date: a.s.a.p.

Expiring: Jan 26, 2018
Land Development Director in Senegal (Rice) , Senegal

JobnetAfrica has been retained by an international investor in agribusiness and farming which has started developing and operating agriculture and food projects in Africa. A Land Development Manager is required for a large scale greenfield commercial farming operation in Senegal, to be developed and fully operational in the coming 5 years.

Characteristic of the project:
• Project Greenfield : land process almost finalized, feasaibility done, conception & design study are expected to start in the next weeks
• Project developed by a leading panafrican group
• First steps are land development, civil works (buildings and infrastructures) and the irrigation works
• Land development will probably take 5 years, while agronomic production will begin during 2018
• Works could be done by external companies (under consideration)
• After the 5 years, the land development and civil works team will be in charge of the land preparation, and of maintaining the irrigation network (+buildings & infrastructures)
• Land development and infrastructure works to be launched during S2 2017

• Review the project design and lead its execution
• Participate to select and work closely with the contractors in order to achieve the design and conception plans
• Lead a team including civil works and irrigation and conduct the works related to infrastructures, land development, irrigation network, etc.
• Conception and lead works for all the buildings and civil works (including the accommodation facilities)
• Lead a team in charge of infrastructures and irrigation network maintenance

• No need for a degree in agriculture but civil engineering/irrigation/mechanical engineering
• Logistics or project management experience needed
• Ability to build support from community
• Experience include developing irrigation systems, bulk water supply and drainage, reservoirs
• Comfortable working in multicultural teams in a foreign environment
• Additional qualifications, specifically in finance or business admin would help
• At least 8 years of work experience in a similar role
• Experience working in Africa or other developing country
• Track record in similar project (large scale farm development)
• Proven capacity to manage contractors and lead a team of engineers, operators
• Fluent in English (written and spoken), French preferred
• Willing to live in land-locked area

• Competitive wages
• Accommodation on site
• Transport
• International insurance
• Flights
• 30 days paid leave a year
• The location is relatively remote and not ideal for schooling
• Start date: asap

Expiring: Jan 26, 2018
Expert International en Infrastructure en Sénégal , Senegal

Enabel est l’Agence belge de développement. Nous accomplissons toute mission de service public qui s’inscrit dans le cadre de l’Agenda 2030 pour le développement durable, en Belgique et à l’étranger. Ainsi, Enabel renforce l’impact de la Belgique en matière de développement international en exécutant également des missions pour des mandants tiers, tant nationaux qu’internationaux.

Le Programme sénégalo-belge 2019-2023 a été construit autour des nouvelles priorités et orientations de la coopération belge rejoignant celles du Sénégal, en particulier la stimulation du développement économique – focalisé sur le secteur de l’agrobusiness (avec un accent particulier sur la transformation industrielle des produits alimentaires), et le droit à la santé sexuelle et reproductive.

Description de la fonction

Sous la direction de l’Intervention Manager, l’expert international en infrastructures et habitat durable est en charge de la coordination technique et de l’encadrement de l’ensemble des activités visant la création physique des parcs agroindustriels du Sine-Saloum, constitués des infrastructures productives, des infrastructures de viabilisation et des infrastructures abritant les services administratifs et les services sociaux.

En conformité avec la stratégie « habitat durable » de la Coopération belge, il/elle est le premier responsable de l’harmonisation de toutes les approches techniques de réalisation des infrastructures et de leur contextualisation selon les besoins, les attentes, les priorités, la culture et les traditions du secteur privé agroindustriel et de tous les autres usagers concernés.

Dans ce contexte, l’expert devra principalement :
• Appuyer l’intervention manager, toute l’équipe de mise en œuvre du pilier « entrepreneuriat durable » du Portefeuille de coopération sénégalo-belge et le Ministère de l’Industrie dans la conception, le développement, et la réalisation du plan d’installation des infrastructures industrielles et de support (routes, assainissement, électrification, etc…)
• S’assurer que la composante « infrastructures et habitat » de l’étude de faisabilité réalisée par ONUDI répond aux attentes techniques et stratégiques du Portefeuille de Coopération sénégalo-belge
• Être le fonctionnaire dirigeant des études d’avant-projet détaillé pour la réalisation des infrastructures
• Être le fonctionnaire dirigeant des prestations de service « contrôle qualité » de la réalisation des infrastructures
• Appuyer le gouvernement du Sénégal et les agences sénégalaises en charge de la réalisation des infrastructures complémentaires dans la conception de leur modèle d’intervention et dans l’amélioration de la qualité de leurs réalisations
• S’assurer de l’harmonisation des travaux infrastructurels réalisés par Enabel et ceux réalisés par les autres acteurs impliqués, en termes de timing, d’approches techniques, de choix technologiques, d’implications effectives des communautés locales, de mécanisme de suivi et control/qualité

Votre profil

Niveau de formation requis
· Master en architecture ou génie civile

Expériences requises
· Une expérience pertinente d’au moins 5 ans dans le domaine de la conception, design, suivi, contrôle/qualité des marchés publics d’infrastructures viaires, de voirie et de halls/parcs industriels
· Expérience professionnelle d’au moins 3 ans dans les pays en développement, de préférence en Afrique

Connaissances requises
· Bonne compréhension des enjeux sociologiques, anthropologiques, économiques et environnementaux liés à réalisation de nouveaux habitats industriels
· Capacité d’innovation et imagination. Vision à long terme. Intérêt pour le concept de l’habitat durable et de l’urbanisation 2.0
· Capacité à motiver et à accompagner les partenaires publics
· Maîtrise orale et écrite du français, avec de bonnes capacités rédactionnelles.

Nous vous offrons

Un contrat de 30 mois basé à Kaolack avec des déplacements réguliers à Fatick et à Dakar.

Package salarial mensuel : Catégorie 2 (B417)– Expert c’est-à-dire entre 5276,92 euros et 7396,28 euros (en ce compris le salaire brut mensuel et les avantages liés au statut d'expatrié: primes d’expatriation et de pénibilité). Le salaire est calculé en fonction de l'expérience pertinente.
En outre, nos collaborateurs expatriés bénéficient également d’avantages liés à l'expatriation tels que la prise en charge des frais de logement (plafonnés), une allocation de déménagement, d’installation, la prise en charge des frais de scolarité des enfants qui accompagnent (plafonnés), un package d’assurances pour toute la famille dont l’assurance rapatriement, des billets d’avion aller-retour une fois/an pour toute la famille.
Les différents montants payés vont varier en fonction de l’expérience pertinente reconnue pour la fonction, la composition familiale et la situation fiscale.

Cette publication pourra donner lieu à la constitution d’une réserve de recrutement pour toute fonction similaire dans nos pays d’interventions.

Are you interested in becoming an 'Expert International en Infrastructure en Sénégal'? Apply now at the top or bottom of our page.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Jul 29, 2019
Regional Manager, Global Malaria - West Africa , Senegal

The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries, while strengthening the capabilities of governments and the private sector in those countries to create and sustain high-quality health systems that can succeed without our assistance. For more information, please visit:
CHAI’s global malaria program provides direct technical and operational support to countries around the globe to strengthen their malaria programs and reduce the burden of this preventable, treatable disease. We support governments to scale up effective interventions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and surveillance, with the goals of sustainably reducing the number of malaria-related illnesses and deaths worldwide in the short-term and accelerating progress towards malaria elimination in the long term.
Overview of Role
CHAI is seeking a Regional Manager to guide the provision of technical and operational assistance to national and sub-national malaria control programs in West Africa including but not limited to Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, the Democractic Republic of the Congo, and Benin. The Regional Manager will help CHAI country programs and government partners strengthen case management, surveillance, and response systems to reduce malaria-related deaths and accelerate progress towards elimination. The candidate must have excellent communications skills, patience, and cultural sensitivity, as s/he will be working on complex topics with a diverse set of global and country partners. The Regional Manager will have significant opportunity to shape CHAI’s approach to supporting malaria programs across a set of country programs. S/he will have strong quantitative analysis skills and exceptional ability to communicate the implications of analyses clearly and concisely in French and English. S/he will work with CHAI's country and technical teams to devise evidence-based strategic plans, manage communications across countries, regions, and teams, organize CHAI’s work, and provide effective management support to execute high-impact programs.
The position requires a highly motivated individual with outstanding analytical, problem-solving, organizational, and communication skills. The successful candidate does not need to have prior expertise in malaria, but s/he must have the capacity to rapidly absorb new concepts and be comfortable communicating these to a technical audience. S/he must exhibit a passion for results and commitment to excellence. The successful candidate will be able to function efficiently in a semi-independent setting, excel at multi-tasking, and drive multiple work flows forward. CHAI places great value on the following qualities in its staff: resourcefulness, responsibility, patience, tenacity, humility, independence, energy, and work ethic.

• Coordinate CHAI’s support to national malaria programs in West Africa to help strengthen systems and achieve audacious programmatic goals on aggressive timelines
• Work closely with CHAI country offices and global technical staff to identify key gaps in malaria programs and health systems, devise evidence-based solutions, and develop and update evidence-based and technically sound strategic and operational plans
• Support CHAI country offices to manage implementation of strategies and activities as needed, managing inputs from CHAI technical staff to improve surveillance, vector control, case management, and program management
• Support program design and development in new countries, including direct support to national malaria programs (where relevant)
• Prioritize and coordinate support from global technical teams to backstop in-country activities, ensure technical soundness of strategies, and achieve program progressSupport development of annual work plans and assist country teams to manage effective implementation of planned activities
• Monitor program activities against project goals and donor commitments, identify operational bottlenecks or weaknesses, and help devise solutions to strengthen programs as necessary
• Ensure the quality of products and documents produced by CHAI team members, including strategic plans, guidelines and standard operating procedures, presentations, project reports and implementation updates, and/or communications with partners
• Streamline communications and knowledge-sharing between global, regional, and country-based team-members
• Facilitate coordination of activities between country offices within the region and act as liaison for learning from other regions
• Synthesize CHAI’s best practices, products, and approaches and work to institutionalize knowledge to maintain consistency of CHAI support across countries and regions
• Support grant management, including development of concept notes, proposals, donor reports, and contractual agreements, and coordinate development of programmatic and financial updates.
• Represent CHAI at regional meetings and conferences, and develop and maintain relationships with regional partners to ensure coordinated activities.
• Identify regional financial or staffing gaps and support development of donor proposals or other solutions to fill them
• Other responsibilities as needed

• Master’s degree in relevant field (public health, biology, social sciences, business, or a related field)
• 3-5 years of experience in a demanding private sector or public health environment, such as strategy consulting, or managing complex technical projects, with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership
• English and French fluency
• Demonstrated ability to work independently with a diverse set of counterparts, in unstructured settings and to adapt to new environments and challenges
• Self-starter with demonstrated experience launching new projects or initiatives
• Strong quantitative, presentation, and writing skills, including fluency in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
• Excellent written and oral communications skills, including report-writing skills
• Exceptional attention to detail
• Excellent organization and management skills, including time management and project management
• Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and set priorities in remote settings
• Ability to be effective, patient, and thoughtful in high-pressure situations
• Ability to work in a fast-paced and multicultural environment
• Demonstrated ability to learn quickly, act upon technical information and translate scientific knowledge into actionable insights for decision-making
• Strong work ethic, integrity, credibility, and dedication to CHAI’s mission
• Ability and willingness to travel frequently (~60% time) and extensively across West Africa, including to countries with high security risks
• Experience working and communicating with government officials and multilateral organizations in Africa
• Knowledge of malaria or other global infectious diseases;
• Experience living or working in high-risk countries


Expiring: Aug 11, 2019

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