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Program Associate - Nigeria , Nigeria

TO APPLY: Please click on the following link and complete the application on our website. When choosing location, please select NIGERIA.

Minimum 2 years commitment

Job Description
One Acre Fund is growing quickly, and we plan to at least quadruple our farmer impact in the next five years. Program Associates play a major role in driving that growth and ensuring that this growth is stable and systematic – while also adding major innovations and improvements to our program quality.

We are currently seeking Program Associates for a variety of teams within One Acre Fund, including:


Field operations staff focus on farmer-facing services. They start as generalists, with overall responsibility for executing our program in a region. Over time, they can continue to rise as a general leader, possibly growing to manage an entire country’s field operation.
Support operations staff build the infrastructure required for growth. These teams proactively eliminate barriers to scale in a diverse range of areas – processing millions of farmer payments, communicating to farmers via tens of millions of SMS, hiring hundreds of new staff per year, and physically moving 20,000+ tons of farm inputs to thousands of drop sites. Program Associates also make steady improvements to accelerate growth – for example, setting up mobile money integration for a country.


Product Innovations staff improve our core agricultural products or run new experiments in energy and health products. The ideas they discover may eventually scale to hundreds of thousands of households. Product Innovations staff design trials, execute trials together with thousands of farmers, synthesize trial data, and make constant revisions to the product offering. For example, our Product Innovations team is currently testing delivery of live chickens and preparing the product for full-scale rollout.
Scale Innovations staff seek to improve our core operating model. By running trials with tens of thousands of farmers, they analyze targeted questions such as: does moving from a group liability loan to an individual liability loan improve repayment and customer satisfaction? Or they might investigate more radical ideas, such as setting up physical One Acre Fund shops to see if there are more efficient ways to deliver high-quality service to farmers. They try variations on our program with the goal of improving our scalability, impact, and financial sustainability.
On a day-to-day basis, nearly all roles involve a mix of activities:

Understanding and solving problems: observing field operations, meeting with leaders of our field staff , running surveys, conducting desk research, analyzing KPIs, etc. Then creating simple and lasting solutions to complex problems.
Planning and executing large projects: identifying clear goals, creating project calendars, designing workflows, creating field tools and talking points, designing incentive systems and understanding stakeholders, following up and monitoring project execution in the field, etc.
Building teams: hiring staff using One Acre Fund’s unique “experiential hiring” system, mentoring key deputies, and steadily handing off responsibility to your team as you build it.
Communicating with other teams: working in coordination with One Acre Fund’s other teams on the ground to execute a smooth customer experience in the simplest way possible.
One Acre Fund has deep operational experience running rural field programs at a scale of 1,000+ full-time staff per country. Program Associates benefit from this past experience, quickly building their skill-set through immersion in our operating environment. At the same time, the main role of Program Associates is to accelerate growth and to constantly stretch and improve our operations. This presents an excellent career opportunity to both learn from One Acre Fund’s accumulated experience and constantly improve and enable 40%+ program growth per year.

We are seeking exceptional professionals with 2 to 5+ years of work experience, and a demonstrated long-term passion for international development. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

- Strong work experiences. Examples include a demanding professional work experience, or successful entrepreneurial experience
- Leadership experience at work, or outside of work.
- Top-performing undergraduate background (include final grade/marks/GPA).
- Humility
- A willingness to commit to living in rural areas of East Africa for at least two years – this is a long-term, career-track role.
- Language: English

Starts modest. However, this is a career-track role with fast raises for performance, paying a meaningful salary for long-term placement in developing nations.

Expiring: Sep 30, 2016
Regional Humanitarian Funding Manager , Nigeria

Over the past year, Boko Haram (BH) has intensified attacks which have spread from north-east Nigeria to Cameroon, Chad and Niger, affecting some 20 mln people. Bombings and raids targeting civilians in villages and in cities around the Lake Chad basin have caused widespread trauma. Across the region, over 2.8 mln people are displaced.

OBJECTIVE: Ensure funding is secured and appropriately managed for CAT 2 Lake Tchad Basin Humanitarian Response.
The focus for the deployment will be to provide funding leadership for the response, working closely with the Operational Lead and Country Programme Teams to reach the scale and ambition set for the response.
ACCOUNTABILITY: This post will be line/performance managed by the Operational Lead, with matrix support from the Oxford-based Humanitarian Funding Manager (Ben Garbutt).
BUDGET: Costs associated with this deployment (including salary, transport, visa, accommodation & sustenance) will be covered by CATFUND for the 1st three months, it is expected that the position will then be included in restricted donor contracts for a further 6-months (or longer, if needed).
DATES: starting asap
LOCATION: The position would be based in Abuja, Nigeria, with travel to Tchad and Niger.
SALARY: Starting at £26,364 (year) net (i.e. take home pay after deduction of all taxes and mandatory national out-goings). Negotiable.

1. Maintain overall operational regional overview of resource mobilisation for the response to the Lake Tchad Basin Humanitarian Response in Nigeria, Niger and Tchad; and at regional level through an understanding of appropriate donor mapping, trends, bilateral and multi lateral commitments and partner affiliate information on opportunities through foundation and trusts and private sector funding.

2. Lead on regional/Country level/ Partner Affiliate donor engagement for resource mobilisation using the Regional and Country Response Strategies as the basis for the crisis response in coordination as relevant with the Country Funding Coordinators in Nigeria, Niger and Tchad. This responsibility will also include helping develop consortium proposals in response to bi-lateral and multi lateral calls for proposals and ensure that Oxfam is able to negotiate appropriate levels of programme/support costs.

3. Responsible for developing, reviewing and updating the institutional donor funding strategy for the overall crisis response.

4. Provide matrix management and technical support to the Nigeria, Niger and Tchad funding coordinators so they can seek opportunities and possibilities to raise and manage funding for the response. This may include but is not limited to reviewing of proposals/budgets, advising on contract negotiations, supporting with proposal approval/submission, ensuring compliance mechanisms and managing the closing out contracts by working with the Regional/Country Finance Managers.

5. Maintains and distributes OGB funding grid, proposal pipeline, and weekly funding updates with inputs from country teams.

6. Works closely with the Global Funding Lead and serves as the main point of contact with responsibility for: producing, maintaining and distributing OI funding grid; recording public appeals and returns by affiliates; guiding affiliates in matching funding to programme needs.

7. Provides exceptional short-term cover to countries where there is significant additional workload (Nigeria) or to cover leave of Nigeria, Niger, Tchad Funding Coordinators.

8. This role will proactively develop / build on relationships with donor HQs, particularly with face-to-face visits to those donors with offices in Europe/the Region, with a view to securing significant flexible institutional income from (but not limited to) ECHO, the EU, DFID, and UN agencies.

9. Inform and support decisions on the allocations of appeal funding and ensure that appropriate agreements, inter affiliate MoUs and reporting requirements are in place.

Skills & Competency
• Experience of planning for, securing and managing funds from institutional donors, such as DFID, ECHO, SIDA, OFDA and UN
• Knowledge of PCM and humanitarian/development programming
• Experience of writing quality proposals and reports
• Ability to represent Oxfam to donors and other external institutions
• High level of numeracy, budgeting, financial reporting and IT skills
• Highly developed interpersonal, communication and influencing skills – both written and verbal
• Ability to work effectively with others in diverse team situations to achieve fundraising targets
• Ability to adapt to working in a challenging environment, in potentially insecure locations, with limited connectivity.
• Knowledge of NGO programming in emergencies
• Knowledge of Oxfam’s programme work
• Knowledge of Oxfam GB/NOVIB/Intermon internal contract management systems
• Knowledge of the region
• Fluency in written and spoken French, and a strong working knowledge of English – or vice versa

Expiring: Sep 29, 2016
Jr. Marketing Manager , Nigeria

Our client is an international investment and holding company with diversified interest and investments in Nigeria, in specifically emerging FMCG markets such as paint industry, confectionery manufacturers, personal care and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and PVC.

Based in Lagos, one of their branches manufactures and trades an expansive range of cleaning products in collaboration with leading business houses from across the world. For this particular branch we are recruiting a Junior Marketing Manager who is responsible for B2C branding and marketing for the Nigerian market.

Job Purpose:
The general purpose of the job is to develop, establish and maintain marketing strategies to meet organization objectives. Effective management of the marketing, advertising and promotional activities of the organization. The marketing department is established, the Jr Marketing Manager can hit the ground running.

Key qualifications and competencies:
Suitable candidate must have 5-10 yrs relevant experience in B2C Marketing, Sales and Branding of FMCG products. A degree in Marketing and/or Business Administration can be an advantage, not a must.

We are looking for candidates with:
• Confidence
• Organisational skills
• Commercial awareness
• Adaptability
• Creativity
• Good team working skills
• Communication skills
• Numerical skills
• IT skills
• excellent written and verbal communication skills

Duties and responsibilities:
· implementing marketing strategy and activities within the agreed budget
· Profiling, positioning and budgeting of the marketing activities
· Branding the product line within the local B-2-B market
· Conducting new product feasibility, test marketing and launches
· Visiting Customers and External Agencies
· promotional activities and development of new campaigns
· negotiate with different parties
· designing, writing and/or producing presentations, press releases, articles, leaflets, ‘in-house' journals, reports, publicity brochures, information for web sites and promotional videos.
· liaise with media and advertising and working closely with the sales department

Benefits included:
• USD 4.000-5.000 a month (before tax)
• Local allowance of USD 1.000 a month for local expenses
• Housing, Car/driver, bonus, tickets and insurance

Expiring: Apr 28, 2016
Assistant GM (Breeding Farms) , Nigeria

Our client is one of the largest food and agro related company in Nigeria. Situated in the South they have six different sub companies, all focussing on another aspect of the business. For their Breeding Farms they are looking for an Assistant General Manager.

The Assistant General Manager reports directly to the General Farm Manager. In time, the right candidate can grow to become General Farm Manager.

Job Description
- Oversee the operations of the Grand Parent & Parent stock Farms,
- ensuring optimal results are obtained in line with or exceeding Standards from the units.
- To maximize production and thereby profit to the farm by planning and organising activities within his area of responsibility and making the most efficient use of all resources at his disposal.
- Ensuring performance targets of birds stocked are met and or possibly exceeded.
- Budget planning and production that meets /or exceeds budgeted parameters.
- Understanding the implications of the weather, prevalent diseases and making Contingency plans that will enhance smooth operations during the period.
- Sound knowledge of poultry parasites & diseases with an understanding of mode of spread diagnosis and treatment processes; applying health and safety standards across the production areas.

1.Planning of the stocking programme of the respective farms(GP &PS) in line with the company production plan for hatchable eggs & PS chicks.
2.ensuring birds are in optimal condition that will ultimately result in good performance at the GP and PS levels.

Job Requirements
- B.Sc. / M.Sc in /Animal Science or DVM.
- 15+ years Managerial role experience in a poultry breeding farm, with sound knowledge of hatchery Management and Feed Milling for GP and PS breeders.
- Experience in managing staff
- Be energetic, goal getter and enjoy challenges
- Must be a ‘hands on manager’
- Must be literate with MS Word and Excel spreadsheets
- Must be able to become a key part of a wider management team

- Acceptance of direction and code of behaviour within the business.
- Identification of the important operational requirements of the Poultry breeding/production in GP, and PS.
- Implementation of priority tasks within the resource capabilities available.
- Ability to continue to perform well under pressure or in stressful circumstances.
- Ability to interact appropriately and successfully with people of all different types and at different levels.
- Ability to communicate clearly and effectively via phone, text messages, internet services, email

To apply please follow the link 'I'm interested' and fill in your profile in English.

Expiring: Feb 20, 2016

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