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Passionate Breeder of Plants , East Africa

Besides breeding providing quality raw material for various cutting and potted plants for professional floriculture companies is a daily endeavor. The basis is the successful breeding at the modern business locations and then successfully introduce to the international market of own , new crops. Then, it is up to the production in order to produce the high-quality starting material under almost ideal conditions. Continuous innovation and usage of the latest technology together with skilled and motivated employees make it possible.

Job Description:
Market-oriented , international, and always looking to expand assortment and sales opportunities , which are the core values of this renowned Dutch origin breeding company. Divided among several locations worldwide new species and varieties are multiplied under (almost) ideal climatic conditions. For one of the production sites in Africa we are looking for a passionate breeder East Africa.

The sought for candidate is an experienced breeder who knows exactly how to crop cultivation , he or she can 'read' the crop! That requires - especially - in Africa day and night care for every facet of production, technology and organization. To achieve this, he or she should have experience with the (local) situation. The method and the advantages and disadvantages of the production of a wide range of starting material in tropical conditions will require a different approach and method than is possible or usual in the Netherlands. The possibility to quickly switch gears is important. Between walking in between the crops, feeling and adjusting, the kilometers walked on the nursery are extensive. Besides the extensive knowledge of local conditions, respect and understanding for a different mentality is a must to make a success of this very challenging position

Job requirements:
• MBO / HBO work and thinking
• Passionate grower
• Demonstrated knowledge of modern farming techniques
• Can cope well in English
• Experience with working in (Eastern) Africa is a must
• Take initiative, convincing and adapts quickly
• Does not hesitate for a long stay in Africa

To apply please follow the link "I'm interested".

Expiring: Nov 22, 2015

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