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Production Unit Manager , Ethiopia

For a food processing company we are looking for a Plant Manager to drive continuous improvement and optimization of all processes. You will oversee all daily operations of the plant from procurement, production and delivery to ensuring policies and procedures are followed. The successful candidate will have the key skills to develop processes that will maximize stewardship, safety, quality and productivity as well as guarding the Fair Chain principles.

Their aim is to become cost leader within the Ethiopian context whilst reaching the highest possible quality levels that will enable us to compete in any global market of choice.
You will run the factory as a separate business unit on a cost price plus basis towards the sales organization in Addis and Amsterdam.
The production will need to move to a new to be built industrial facility soon. You will heading the team designing this western standard volume based facility based on best practices in the industry.

• Plan, organize, direct and run optimum day-to-day operations to exceed our customers’ expectations using peechtree and /or an ERP system and clear SLA’s/Contracts with the sales departments in Addis and Amsterdam.
• Making sure the inventory is correct and registered. Full responsibility for green bean stock management keeping the beans in optimal conditions and secure.
• Increase production, assets capacity and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs and improving on current quality standards
• Be responsible for production output, product quality and on-time shipping
• Allocate resources effectively and fully utilize assets to produce optimal results (minimal tolling fee, maximum quality, minimum lost, minimal downtime)
• Implement strategies in alignment with strategic initiatives and provide a clear sense of direction and focus
• Monitor operations and trigger corrective actions
• Share a trusting relationship with workgroup and recruit, manage and develop plant staff
• Collect and analyze data to find places of waste or overtime
• Commit to plant safety procedures
• Managing ISO 9001, HACCP food safety, Organic and RFA certification audits and improvements
• Develop systems and processes that track and optimize productivity and standards, metrics and performance targets to ensure effective return on assets
• Address employees’ issues or grievances and administer collective bargaining agreements
• Stay up to date with latest production management best practices and concepts
• You will have full P&L responsibility and based on a given sales forecast come up with the budget, tolling fee, staffing, production and investment plan.
• Enable the growth from current 10,000 kilo a month to 20.000 within the current facility through optimal routing, logistics and production processes.
• Built and manage the team needed to reach the output and quality targets.
• Develop and Implement a HR plan that supports the personal growth and skillset of the team based on external HR reviews, leading to a FairChain living wage plan and social programs for employees based on forecast profitability and performance.
• Overseeing of the building and installation of new production facilities and processing lines
• Implement and report on the manufacturing metrics in the Annex

• Full commitment to our FairChain principles
• Proven work experience as a plant manager preferably in in an international/ multicultural setting in both African and Western Countries
• Proven managerial experience with an hands on mentality , leading by example (no desk worker).
• Adequate knowledge of business and management principles (budgeting, strategic planning, resource allocation and human resources)
• Familiarity with industry standard equipment and technical expertise
• Be knowledgeable of safety, quality, productivity, demand creation, inventory and stewardship processes
• Computer literacy
• Ability to create accountability and to lead by example
• Strong team building, decision-making and people management skills
• BS degree in Business Management or related field
• Preferably with understanding of the industry
• Strong sensitivity for Ethiopian cultural context
• Excellent Business English; speaking/writing
• Ability to work in a manufacturing environment, including the physical exercise of moving goods and equipment
• Willingness to live in Addis Ababa for 2-3 years

o Competitive financial package determined by experience and value-addition
o Corporate vehicle
o Corporate health insurance

Expiring: Nov 05, 2016
Government Services Manager - Ethiopia , Ethiopia

Please click the link to apply.

Exceptional leader to oversee the field operations of our primary government services program in Ethiopia.

Job Description
African governments have the most presence in rural communities of any entity. One Acre Fund has partnerships with three African governments and is seeking to grow these efforts and establish new partnerships to increase yields for farm families. Our Government Services Unit works closely with national, regional, and local officials to improve the design of services provided by the government and to work side by side with the government in the field to ensure high quality implementation.

In Ethiopia, the Government employs tens of thousands of qualified extension agents with nationwide coverage in many markets. We are working with the Ethiopian government to update the information which the extension system is disseminating to farmers, improve the delivery of this information at the village level, and promote adoption of best agricultural practices to significantly increase yields for farm families.

We are seeking an exceptional individual to join this early-stage team and manage the field operations of this program to enhance farmer education and extension agent field strategies. In addition to ensuring impeccable implementation, you will oversee program planning, expansion, refinement and content creation while building a world-class team. Key responsibilities and skills will include:

- Manage Program Execution: You’ll lead the team that is ultimately responsible for the timely implementation of our unique program that fights poverty and hunger on a daily basis. You exemplify our belief in putting Farmers First by determining and implementing methods to deliver on plans and keep our program growing in scale and impact. You’ll review what works and what doesn’t and integrate this knowledge into a continually improving program.
- Manage Key Relationships: You will lead staff who are responsible for managing relationships with local government partners. You’ll work through strategy and messaging with them on a regular basis so that the program can grow in impact and scale. Your team will also be responsible for updating key officials.
- Lead Content Creation: Your team will develop and improve essential content for the extension system, from simple pictorial guides for farmers to training guides for extension staff, to drive behavior change and maximize our impact in the field.
- Team Leadership and Staff Development: You’re passionate about people development. To scale this operation, you will need to build a team of top national team members. You’ll plan and oversee teambuilding, ensure accountability, and find creative ways to inspire and unite a large team. You’ll establish and cultivate strong relationships to ensure that all staff on the Field Operations team can maximize their career performance and job satisfaction as part of the One Acre Fund family. You’ll epitomize One Acre Fund’s value of being a family of leaders by developing and maintaining processes ensuring that everyone is continually mentored, challenged, and supported by the organization.
- Innovation Strategy: You dream big – you’ll be creating and supporting ideas that will help One Acre Fund reach its goal of serving 1 million farmers by 2020. Among other things, this will entail providing regular feedback on trial ideas and practical support to our innovation team as they work to integrate new products and new program design ideas into our core program.

Career Growth and Development
One Acre Fund invests in building management and leadership skills. Your manager will invest significant time in your career development. We provide constant, actionable feedback delivered through mentorship and through regular management consulting-style career reviews. We also have regular one-on-one meetings, where we listen to and discuss career goals, and work collaboratively to craft roles that each person can be passionate about. This results in fast career growth for our staff.

We are seeking candidates with 3-5+ years of work experience and a demonstrated passion for international development. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

- Strong work experiences. Examples include a demanding professional work experience, or successful entrepreneurial experience
- Leadership experience at or outside of work.
- A proven passion for developing the skills and leadership capacity of others
- Experience managing multiple projects and the deliverables of others
- Top-performing academic background (include GPA on your resume)
- Humility
- Language: English required

Preferred Start Date

Starts modest, but is a career-track role with fast raises for performance, paying a meaningful salary for long-term placement in developing nations

Health insurance, immunizations, flight, room and board

Expiring: Sep 10, 2016
Managing Director of a Feed Factory , Ethiopia

A group of organizations with activities in Ethiopia is planning to start a Feed Factory in the North of Ethiopia in which farmers get the opportunity to sell their produce for fair prices and to buy quality feed for their cattle. The involved organizations are Royal De Heus (, Incluvest (, The Well Foundation ( and Huisman Foundation (

Job title: Managing Director
Location: North of Ethiopia
Salary: Negotiable, based on experience

Duties and Responsibilities

The job involves amongst others:
1. Supervision of and responsible for all daily activities and personnel in the feed factory
2. Supervision of control of quality levels in raw materials (feed ingredients) and final products and initiatives to improve the quality
3. Paying attention to complaints and irregularities and take action to prevent these in future
4. Supervision of quantity and quality incoming feed ingredients and outgoing feed products and reduce loses
5. Control of ingredients usage and stocks of ingredients and ordering these in time
6. Time control in the plant: efficient planning and execution
7. Proposals for further growth and extension of the factory within the overall company strategy
8. General management for the feed company
9. Purchase of feed ingredients, including logistic and quality control
10. Formulation of the feeds, perhaps in close contact with AKF, subsidiary of Royal De Heus in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia.
11. Sales and/ or advise about the use of the feeds on farm level
12. Sales management including transport, pricing and public relation
13. Financial management and administration, timely payment and cost control
14. Strategic planning and business development;
15. Work closely with business leaders and industry leaders to achieve feed factory strategic vision and development targets
16. Monitoring and evaluation of industry and market analysis of business, trade and investment

Education qualification and experience:
• Higher education in Agriculture, Animal science or related field of study
• 3 years minimum experience in all general aspects of managing a company, preferably in animal feed, the processing and quality control external visual and aspects of laboratorial control, theoretical as well as practically

• Fluent knowledge of English
• Driver’s license
• Proven business development and market / industry analysis skills
• Demonstrated managerial and leadership skills
• Highly motivated and self-starter
• Excellent communications, interpersonal and presentation skills
• Enjoy networking and meeting new people
• Able to work in an African cultural context with sometimes little immediate support around from people with a Western background

Expiring: Sep 04, 2016
Business Advisor, Bedrijfsadviseur m/v , Ethiopia

Agriterra is de ontwikkelings- en adviesorganisatie van het landbouwbedrijfsleven en de coöperaties in Nederland. Wij versterken de positie van vergelijkbare verenigingen en bedrijven in Afrika, Azië en Latijns Amerika in de markt, de keten en in het overleg met de overheid. We maken daarvoor gebruik van Nederlandse boeren, bestuurders en medewerkers van landbouworganisaties en –coöperaties. Zij leveren ervaring en kennis van productieverbetering, dienstverlening, landbouwvoorlichting, coöperatief ondernemerschap en belangenbehartiging aan hun collega’s in het buitenland.

Agriterra wil de specialist zijn op het gebied van bedrijfsontwikkeling van coöperaties en landbouworganisaties in ontwikkelingslanden. Ons ambitieniveau is torenhoog, qua dienstverlening, kennisniveau, doelmatigheid en doeltreffendheid. We willen dat landbouworganisaties en coöperaties in ontwikkelingslanden ervan op aan kunnen dat ze met advisering van Agriterra sterker worden. Want een sterke georganiseerde landbouw is een garantie voor snelle economische groei, een betere verdeling van de welvaart en democratie.

Agriterra heeft een jaaromzet van ongeveer 15 miljoen euro en 60 medewerkers in binnen- en buitenland. De organisatie is ISO-gecertificeerd en maakt deel uit van AgriCord, de alliantie van agri-agencies.

Voor onze activiteiten in Ethiopië zoekt Agriterra een

bedrijfsadviseur m/v

Standplaats: Addis Ababa - Ethiopië

Je levert deskundig advies, coördineert adviestrajecten bij klanten en begeleidt en bemiddelt bij het sluiten van business deals gericht op de realisatie van goed georganiseerde en functionerende unies en coöperaties. Je onderhoudt en activeert voor dit doel een netwerk met unies, coöperaties, agrarisch bedrijfsleven, ketenpartijen en andere belanghebbenden bij de ontwikkeling van unies en coöperaties. Je initieert en begeleidt veranderingstrajecten bij klanten. Je lobbyt, bemiddelt en ondersteunt in onderhandelingssituaties en bereidt zakelijke overeenkomsten voor. Een wereldbaan met ambitie dus!

• Onderzoeken van financieringsmogelijkheden voor bedrijfsplannen, ondersteunen bij het leggen van contacten en het onderhandelen over en sluiten van zakelijke overeenkomsten met banken, investeerders of andere financiers (overheid, bedrijfsleven).
• Werken aan een financieel duurzame diensten- en voorlichtingsstructuur van unies en coöperaties ten behoeve van de ledenboeren en tuinders.
• Begeleiden van veranderingstrajecten bij klanten om de belangen van boeren, verenigingen en coöperaties bij de overheid te behartigen.
• Verzamelen van informatie van klanten en adviestrajecten (financiële rapportages, jaaroverzichten e.d.).
• Opbouwen van expertise over een specifiek aandachtsgebied (bijv. financieel management of governance) en/of een actueel c.q. specifiek thema dienaangaande intern en extern optreden als ‘primus inter pares’ gericht op productontwikkeling.
- Een HBO opleiding bedrijfseconomie of vergelijkbare opleiding
- Ruime aanvullende kennis en ervaring op één of meerdere gebieden waarop Agriterra resultaten bereikt, zoals: bedrijfs- en marktketenontwikkeling, voorlichtingskunde en agrarische dienstverlening, economische ontwikkeling en ondernemerschap, governance, financieel management.
- Ruime relevante praktijkkennis en –ervaring in een ontwikkelingsland bij voorkeur in het agrarisch bedrijfsleven en/of met coöperaties.
- Uitstekende beheersing van de Nederlandse en Engelse taal
- Enthousiaste, resultaat- en servicegerichte instelling en goede mondelinge en schriftelijke (redactionele) vaardigheden

Wat hebben wij te bieden?
Een functie die een groot beroep doet op je zelfstandigheid en vermogen tot pionieren waarbij je opereert in dynamische internationale markten en in nauwe samenwerking met het agro bedrijfsleven. De sfeer bij Agriterra is collegiaal, resultaatgericht en ambitieus. Als bedrijfsadviseur werk je onder directe verantwoordelijkheid van de manager agri-advies. Je werkt in het Ethiopië team van bedrijfsadviseurs en stemt waar nodig af met collega’s in de andere teams. Agriterra biedt een fulltime aanstelling (36 uur) voor 1 jaar met daarna intentie tot verlenging. De eerste drie maanden word je ingewerkt op ons hoofdkantoor in Arnhem. De primaire en secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden zijn goed. Hoogte van het salaris is afhankelijk van ervaring, leeftijd en gezinssituatie.

De uiterste reactiedatum is 15 augustus.

Expiring: Aug 15, 2016

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