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Managing Director , Zambia

Our client, who supports the protection of natural resources and sustainable economic development amongst MANY other projects and initiatives is seeking an experienced and driven Managing Director, to join their Zambia team. In this role you will lead and support the organisation in its next stage of development and growth across the Southern Africa region.

The role will entail coaching and leading the team; project managing and overseeing current projects, rolling out plans for business development and acquisition; and setting targets to deliver on time, within budget, while running the day-to-day operations, in Lusaka.

Working closely with the executive leadership team, the MD's responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

* Developing new portfolios of projects and building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders for project deliveries, and with regional government bodies
* Developing and implementing a growth strategy to work effectively across Southern Africa
* Providing oversight for all aspects of the work, in liaison with Project Directors; assessing the overall project management workload within the portfolio
* Delegating and managing workload to ensure that projects are being delivered to the highest standard of efficiency and effectiveness
* Being responsible for all staff requirements and queries and the Human Resource Systems
* Overseeing all project finances (budgeting, forecasting, execution) for projects managed, or co-managed

The desired candidate will have but not limited to:

* A minimum of 10 years' experience in being responsible for timely project delivery updates and related challenges, while managing a passionate team
* An excellent understanding of donor relations and knowledge of the NGO ecosystem in Southern Africa
* Excellent knowledge of trends, policies and procedures of a range of donor agencies
* Post-graduate degree in relevant discipline preferred

If you are interested, please apply here or send an email to

Expiring: May 07, 2023
Team Leader in Zambia , Zambia

WYG will be tendering for a DFID funded 5 year programme Cities and Infrastructure for Growth (CIG), Lot2 - Zambia. CIG aims at enhancing economic growth leading to job creation and poverty reduction by building the enabling environment for investment into urban, energy and infrastructure sectors.

The programme will deliver demand driven Technical Assistance to government Ministries, Departments and Agencies at the national and sub-national levels. The aim of the support will be to strengthen management of urban and energy investment and develop an investable pipeline of projects.

We are seeking candidates for the Team Leader position, with the following qualifications and skills:
• At least 10 years experience of senior leadership of teams working in complex multi-sector, international development programme delivery, preferably on DFID programme
• Team leadership experience in at least one of CIG focal areas:
o Utility Sector Reform and Development (particularly in the energy sector)
o Urban development and planning, linked to wider economic development, including at regional level
o Infrastructure delivery and financing
• Demonstrated knowledge of country context and government
• Experienced in high level stakeholder relationship management
• Specialist in one of the following sectors:
o Urban planning
o Energy
o Infrastructure/civil engineering (roads/water/waste or similar)
o Project preparation
o Project structuring (Finance/PPP)

Are you interested in becoming a Team Leader in Zambia? Apply now at the top or bottom of our page.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Sep 14, 2017
Economic and financial analyst in Ghana , Ghana

For a programme in Ghana we are bidding for, we are currently looking for an Economic and Financial Analyst.

About the programme
The World Bank has given a loan to the Government of Ghana (GoG), to prepare an Integrated Urban Sanitation and Drainage Masterplan covering the metropolitan area of Greater Accra. The total area is about 894 square kilometres, and has a population of about 4.3 million people. Flooding and poor environmental sanitation have become significant urban problems for the area in the past decade. These problems have been exacerbated by factors such as uncontrolled population growth, unregulated development of settlements, and poorly managed land use.

The objective of the programme is to develop a comprehensive integrated urban environmental sanitation strategy and masterplan covering all 11 Metropolitan / Municipal areas within the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA). This masterplan must provide a safe and effective management of environmental sanitation, including solid and liquid waste as well as storm water runoff from the GAMA area, solve existing environmental sanitation and drainage problems, and provide guidance for the implementation of future environmental sanitation and drainage improvements. The assignment will also support preparatory activities including design and preparation of procurement documents for prioritized investments to alleviate critical problems in the GAMA area.

Job Description

Job description Financial and Economic Analyst
As Financial and Economic Analyst your day to day tasks is to take the lead in the economic and financial assessment of the investments required in order to implement the Plan over the short-term (e.g. following 5 years). In the study of alternatives, the selection should be based on the cost of investments since any one of the alternatives will obtain the benefit of improving sanitation, hygiene and good health and avoiding the occurrence of floods for the urban scenario and risk.

Candidate Specification

- A Masters degree in a relevant field;
- At least 8 years of experience in financial and economic analysis or infrastructure and / or municipal projects
- Fluent in English
- Excellent report writing skills
- Strong communicative skills
- Regional experience is considered beneficial

Expected input is approximately 50% spread over 18 months. Employment will be on freelance basis.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. The employer will do the recruitment process himself. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but we don’t have any influence on this concerning this job.

Expiring: Mar 30, 2017
Communications Manager Somalia , Kenya

Mott MacDonald intends to seek interested experts that can demonstrate a capacity to support the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the DFID funded Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP).

The IAAAP is a GBP 14m DFID funded programme managed by Mott MacDonald focused on improved governance and accountability in Somalia. The Programme supports accountability through targeted projects that engage civil society and government institutions and in the process helps to build an improved evidence base for engagements in the country. The IAAAP further advocates and supports the use of evidence to strengthen accountability in the country.

Scope of Work
The IAAAP has generated a large amount of evidence surrounding accountability engagements in Somalia. The programme has now matured to the stage in which it is necessary to communicate these findings to relevant stakeholders. Communication has a central role to play in the IAAAP, packaging and disseminating evidence appropriately for different stakeholders.
In many instances, this means working through local organisations to ensure that tactics and dissemination activities are consistent with the motivations, attitudes, and practices of the range of actors, both on the demand and supply sides, in Somalia. In doing so, communication must be sensitive to (and purposeful in addressing) the complex accountability challenges within Somalia.

Job Description
The manager is expected to work with the lead communications consultant and implement the communications strategy with minimal guidance. In short the communications manager will be expected to do the following:
- Maintain close contact with and attend monthly guidance meetings (virtually or in person) with the lead communications consultant.
- Maintain contact with the Knowledge Management Coordinator at least once a month for guidance.
- Report weekly to the CEO on day to day tasks.
- Manage the development of “knowledge products” and delivering knowledge products (i.e. any asset that enables stakeholders to engage in effective action, this can be policy briefs, manuals, reports, case studies, video or radio).
- Manage the dissemination of knowledge products; assuring that knowledge products are packaged to fit the profile of the intended audience.
- Use social media to maximize reach, result and impact of knowledge products when required.
- Read reports to extract relevant information for knowledge products.
- Liaise with subcontractors to extract relevant information for knowledge products when required.
- Adhere strictly to the timetable of knowledge product delivery over 2017.

Candidate Specification

The desired candidate will be a Kenyan or Somali resident. He/she will be a self-starter and can work with minimal direct oversight and management. He/she will have a strong work-ethic, particularly in reaching deadlines. He/she will have the following background and experience:

- Experience in implementing communications projects.
- Experience in writing communications briefs, case studies, policy briefs and reports.
- Ability/experience in communicating complex research and project learning to a broad range of audiences.
- Experience working with DFID, British Embassy or other UK government departments is desired but not essential;
- Strong understanding and competence in the use of social media.
- An understanding of Somali media- especially in reaching diverse stakeholders and demographics.

- A University degree in Communications, Journalism, or other relevant technical subjects and/or 5+ years of relevant technical experience.

Language requirements:
- Strong working knowledge of English is required.
- Working knowledge of Somali is desired.

Inputs will be on freelance basis and the duration of the assignment will be 20 months.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. The employer will do the recruitment process himself. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but we don’t have any influence on this concerning this job.

Expiring: Mar 03, 2017
Team Leader , South Africa

BMB Mott MacDonald, an international Management Consultancy firm is positioning itself to bid for the Capacity Building Programme for Employment Promotion (CBPEP) in South Africa with the submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the EU. In preparation we are looking for a Team Leader to manage the implantation of the project.

Programme Background and Description
South Africa is currently tackling high levels of unemployment and underemployment due in a large part to unoccupied youths and adults (school drop-outs). To ensure the country’s growth is inclusive a larger part of the working population need to be engaged in meaningful employment to ensure South Africa reaches its economic potential.
To this purpose, the EU is launching a programme that will provide institutional strengthening/capacity development assistance (in the form of technical assistance and the organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops and study tours) to identified relevant South African Departments, addressing key areas relevant for employment promotion in South Africa.

These key areas of support are:
1. Active labour market policy interventions for the unemployed (especially, for women and the youth) focused on work-seeker support, the transition from school to work, (public) occupational advisory services and (public) job placement services. Activities associated to the promotion of green jobs, will also be envisaged;
2. Analysis, monitoring and advice on small enterprise promotion, informal sector development (including cultural and creative sectors), labour market trends (supply, demand and shortages) and wage determination (tripartite social partnership);
3. Activities pursuing further education and skills development systems organisation to increase employability of the unemployed, including financing and quality enhancement aspects.

It is proposed to anchor this programme within the Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC), which is an agency of National Treasury in South Africa. The contracted entity is required to provide government departments and agencies with support and advice to improve the value of public spending.

Scope of Work/Objectives
The Team Leader will lead the implementation of this proposed project and will be responsible and report to the Project Director (PD) for the overall planning, delivery and management of the programme inputs. S/he will work closely with the overall CBPEP Team and Consortium Partners to assure that all interventions, are completed within time, quality, and cost parameters.

The provisional commencement date of the contract is November 2016 and the expected period of implementation of the contract will be 50-56 months. We expect the function of the Team Leader to be fulltime over the duration of the contract.

Job Description

Qualifications and skills
- The candidate should hold a Master Degree or equivalent in a relevant subject such as Social Sciences, Education, Development Studies, or Organizational Development.
- Fluency in English (speaking and writing) is essential.
- Computer literate.
- Very good leadership, management and communication skills are essential.
- Strong interpersonal communications and team collaboration skills are also necessary.

Candidate Specification

General professional experience
- General professional experience (if holder of a postgraduate degree), mainly in the field of Skills Development, further education, and/or private sector development.
- Previous experience in leading a team of experts in an EU Programme.
- Experience in working in Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, preferably South Africa.
- Knowledge of Institutional Capacity Development and employment promotion in South Africa would be an advantage.
- Good knowledge of project cycle management and EU procurement and contracting procedures would be an advantage.
- Specific professional experience
- Experience in the field of capacity development and institutional reform (advisory role) to governmental institutions involved in employment promotion (green jobs creation), skills development is highly desirable.
- Experience in supporting and advising ministerial agencies, with administration and institutional capacity assessment and capacity development planning is desirable.
- Experience in analysis, development and implementation of employment promotion policies.
- Experience working with small-medium enterprise/private sector and further education /TVET graduate linkages.
- Experience in development and implementation of line managed performance management systems.

Expiring: Aug 18, 2016
Consultant(e) en énergie renouvelable en Afrique , Germany

Consultant(e) en énergie renouvelable (h/f/d) en Afrique

L’œuvre de coopération au développement Misereor collabore avec diverses organisations partenaires religieuses et laïques, en particulier dans le domaine de la protection du climat et de la résilience climatique. Il s’agit notamment de favoriser l’utilisation des énergies renouvelables.

En tant que consultant(e) à durée déterminée chez AGIAMONDO, vous travaillez en étroite collaboration avec les parties prenantes sur place et avec Misereor à Aix-la-Chapelle. En Allemagne, vous travaillez en mobilité et effectuez environ quatre à six voyages par an dans les pays africains partenaires, actuellement avec une focalisation sur le Congo oriental et le Rwanda. Votre nouveau domaine d’activité L’électricité est une condition indispensable pour la participation sociale et économique à une époque de numérisation croissante. Dans les régions d’Afrique où les organisations partenaires de Misereor opèrent, les populations doivent avoir un accès abordable à l’électricité afin de couvrir leurs besoins quotidiens et de permettre un développement commercial local. De plus, les institutions partenaires, par exemple dans le secteur de la santé ou de l’éducation, ont besoin d’un approvisionnement en électricité qui soit fiable et abordable.

Face à la crise climatique, un approvisionnement énergétique pérenne ne peut être développé que sur la base de sources d’énergie renouvelables. Dans les régions isolées non connectées aux réseaux électriques nationaux, le recours à l’énergie solaire, à la petite hydroélectricité, à l’énergie éolienne et à la bioénergie offre les meilleures conditions pour mettre en place des structures d’approvisionnement décentralisées et fiables et créer des opportunités d’emploi supplémentaires. Dans ce domaine, nous voulons renforcer le savoir-faire et les compétences de nos partenaires locaux.

Dans le cadre du projet de consulting, vous assumez les missions suivantes :

-Vous conseillez les organisations partenaires de Misereor sur place pour planifier et mettre en œuvre des
projets d’énergie renouvelable (ER) d’intérêt général. Le travail des organisations partenaires se
concentre sur la construction et l’exploitation de petites centrales hydroélectriques.
-Vous accompagnez les processus de consultation continue des responsables de projet avec des
collaborateurs de Misereor et des acteurs externes. Ce faisant, vous élargissez les compétences des
organisations partenaires dans le domaine de l’utilisation des technologies d’ER et concernant les
conditions cadres juridiques et administratives requises.
-Vous êtes également responsable, avec les organisations partenaires, de la qualification des groupes
d’utilisateurs en matière d’utilisation, de gestion et de maintenance des équipements installés, pour une
utilisation durable.
-En outre, vous mettez en réseau des organisations partenaires qui mettent en œuvre des projets
-Par ailleurs, vous planifiez, accompagnez et analysez, avec les organisations partenaires, la mise en
œuvre d’études de planification pour des projets d’approvisionnement en énergie conformes aux règles
de l’art et aux exigences internes de Misereor (par exemple études topographiques, études d’impact sur
l’environnement, études de faisabilité technique, études socio-économiques de référence, etc.).
-Dans le cadre de votre activité de consultant(e), vous participez à l’élargissement du concept d’utilisation
des énergies renouvelables chez Misereor.

Votre profil

-Vous êtes titulaire d’un diplôme universitaire (spécialisé), par ex. en ingénierie, en économie ou en
ingénierie électrique, en énergie renouvelable ou dans un domaine similaire
-Vous possédez une expérience d’au moins 5 ans dans la planification et la réalisation de projets
techniques, y compris dans des fonctions de conseil.
-Vous avez également de l’expérience dans la conception et la mise en œuvre de processus de conseil à
distance, en complément du conseil sur place.
-Votre maîtrise du français est excellente et votre maîtrise de l’anglais est au minimum bonne. Une bonne
connaissance de l’allemand est souhaitable.
-Vous évoluez avec aisance dans un contexte interculturel et confessionnel, vous êtes capable de bien
évaluer les angles de vue de différentes personnes et de différents groupes ainsi que de gérer des sujets
culturellement sensibles.
-Vous restez capable d’agir dans un environnement de développement politiquement instable, parfois
marqué par des flambées de violence, et volatil.
-Vous êtes disponible pour un recrutement dans les meilleurs délais.


-Un contrat de trois ans avec AGIAMONDO, basé sur les dispositions des conventions collectives du
secteur public (TVöD Bund) et un régime de retraite complémentaire dans la VBL (Organisme de
prévoyance de l’État fédéral et des Länder).
-De nombreuses possibilités de développement professionnel.
-Un environnement de travail pluridisciplinaire et interculturel passionnant.

Nous serons ravis de recevoir votre dossier de candidature complet en ligne (lettre de motivation, CV
Europass, certificats et diplômes au format PDF), à déposer sur notre portail des offres d’emploi avant le


Postulez, au plus tard le 26/03/2023, ici et joignez votre CV actualisé et une lettre de motivation.

Seules les candidatures introduites via le lien ci-dessus seront prises en considération.

Vous souhaitez devenirConsultant(e) en énergie renouvelable en Afrique? Postulez dès maintenant en haut ou en bas de notre page.

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Expiring: Mar 26, 2023
Assistant technique/Technical Assistant , Ivory Coast

Lieu : Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
Fréquence : Temps plein (37,5 heures par semaine)
Durée du contrat : Novembre 2021 – Mars 2024 avec possibilité de renouvellement.

Nous donnons la priorité à la collaboration directe avec les gouvernements sur les réformes au niveau du système et à la pertinence contextuelle – en tenant compte du paysage politique, culturel et social dans les pays où nous travaillons. Nous nous efforçons d'être fondés sur des données probantes et d'utiliser ce que nous apprenons pour affiner notre soutien et éclairer le débat à l'échelle mondiale.

EPG travaille en partenariat avec les gouvernements dans trois domaines pratiques, sur la base des domaines de l'éducation qui semblent essentiels au changement de système :
1. Environnement politique et réglementaire
2. Données sur les performances et les progrès
3. Utilisation des données et amélioration du système

Aujourd'hui, EPG travaille dans cinq pays en Afrique subsaharienne : Afrique du Sud, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Sierra Leone et Zambie.

Nous privilégions la connaissance du contexte plutôt que de supposer que les idées peuvent simplement être transposées d'un pays à l'autre. Nous nous focalisons également sur le système – les rôles, les responsabilités et les relations avec les différents acteurs – plutôt que de travailler sur un domaine politique de manière isolée.

La COVID a plus que jamais démontré l'importance de systèmes d'éducation efficaces capables de répondre et de cibler des ressources limitées au moyen d'approches fondées sur des données probantes pour la prestation de services d'éducation efficaces. Avec la demande croissante pour nos services, EPG se concentre actuellement sur la saisie de ces opportunités pour étendre notre présence dans les programmes pays actuels et dans de nouvelles zones géographiques.

EPG en Côte d'Ivoire
En mars 2017, EPG a reçu des fonds de la Fondation UBS Optimus (UBSOF) et de la Fondation Jacobs pour explorer les possibilités d'aider le gouvernement de Côte d'Ivoire à atteindre ses objectifs dans le secteur de l'éducation. Entre mars 2017 et février 2018, EPG s'est focalisé sur l'établissement d'une relation de confiance et de collaboration avec le Ministère de l'éducation nationale et de l'alphabétisation (MENA) – précédemment MENETFP -, afin d'assurer l'adhésion et l'appropriation des initiatives. L'engagement d'EPG vis-à-vis du MENA a abouti à la signature d'un protocole d'accord en février 2018, donnant ainsi à EPG l'approbation officielle de démarrage des activités.

Les axes de travail suivants ont été identifiés dans le cadre de cet accord
1. Recherche et expérience pilote des approches innovantes dans l'enseignement préscolaire.
2. Réforme du dispositif des frais d'écolage au premier cycle du secondaire privé
3. Élaboration d'une mesure d'évaluation des établissements secondaires du premier cycle.

Titre du poste et supervision
Titre du poste : Assistant technique (H/F)
Sous la supervision de : Conseiller technique basé à Abidjan
Supervision directe: N/D

Le projet
En vue de mieux comprendre le dispositif des frais d'écolage, une revue de la littérature a été conduite par le Réseau Ouest et Centre Africain de Recherche en éducation (ROCARE) en 2018. En 2020, l'étude intitulée « Enquête initiale sur les frais d'écolage du premier cycle du secondaire privé en Côte d’Ivoire », a été réalisée par la Chaire UNESCO de bioéthique de l'Université Alassane Ouattara de Bouaké, sous la direction du Professeur Francis Akindès. L'objectif était d'identifier les moyens d'améliorer la viabilité financière, l'accès équitable et la qualité du dispositif des frais d'écolage.

Le projet sur les frais d'écolage du premier du secondaire privé passé à une nouvelle phase, notamment l'appui au MENA pour examiner les conclusions du rapport de recherche et les options d'élaboration de politiques et de réforme.

Ce projet comportera quatre piliers ou axes de travail, réalisé en quatre phases sur trois ans :
• Pilier 1 : Consensus. Il existe une compréhension commune sur la mesure des frais d'écolage et de la nécessité de la réforme.
• Pilier 2 : Renforcement des systèmes : Le système est capable d'appliquer efficacement la mesure de réforme.
• Pilier 3 : Financement. La mesure des frais d'écolage est financée de manière durable.
• Pilier 4 : processus d'élaboration des politiques. La capacité d'élaboration des politiques est renforcée.

Le poste
EPG est à la recherche d’un assistant technique (H/F) motivé pour faire partie d’une équipe en pleine croissance. Le/la candidat(e) retenu(e) est passionné(e) par le rôle que joue l’éducation dans la transformation de la vie et est convaincu que le renforcement des systèmes d’éducation est au cœur d’une éducation de qualité. L'assistant technique sera chargé d'aider le conseiller technique à fournir régulièrement des conseils techniques pertinents et contextualisés au MENA et sera logé au sein du MENA.
L'assistant technique effectuera des recherches et des analyses pour aider le conseiller technique à initier des discussions avec le MENA afin de dégager un consensus sur la question de la réforme de la mesure gouvernementale des frais d’écolage, et à soutenir le MENA dans la mise en œuvre de la réforme.

L'assistant technique apportera l’appui à l'équipe de Côte d'Ivoire dans l'organisation logistique des réunions et d'ateliers, dans la prise de notes pendant les réunions et le suivi des actions. L'assistant technique sera également chargé de préparer les présentations pour les réunions et des rapports à diffuser au sein de l'équipe et auprès de parties prenantes.
Le candidat sera basé à Abidjan et travaillera en étroite collaboration avec l'équipe du programme Côte d'Ivoire basée à Abidjan et à Londres, ainsi qu'avec les autres équipes du programme EPG.

Responsabilités principales
Les responsabilités de l’assistant technique ( H/F) portent entre autres sur:
(i) Assistance technique
• Assiste le conseiller technique à développer les relations avec le MENA et les institutions partenaires pour le projet sur les frais d’écolage et développe un mécanisme de travail et de suivi régulier ;
• Prépare les présentations des réunions et ateliers;
• Assiste le conseiller technique dans sa mission, notamment à fournir des conseils techniques au MENA et aux institutions partenaires dans le domaine de la réforme et de l'élaboration des politiques, en effectuant des recherches documentaires et en analysant les résultats;
• Aide le conseiller technique à communiquer les intérêts, les besoins et les défis des parties prenantes et à partager les idées et les informations dans le cadre du projet;
• Autres tâches techniques à la demande du conseiller technique et/ou du Chef de Mission.

(ii) Gestion des connaissances et rapports
• Apporte l’appui à la planification générale de projet, notamment la préparation, l’organisation et l’animation des exercices de planification;
• Prépare les contributions pour les divers rapports de projet, notamment les rapports trimestriels et contribue aux autres rapports requis par le conseiller technique et le Chef de Mission;
• Organise ponctuellement des ateliers, des évènements médiatiques et des conférences dans le cadre du projet ;
• Rédige des rapports et des documents de présentation du projet ;
• Rédige les compte-rendus des réunions et des ateliers et assure le suivi des actions;
• Collecte et compile des informations pour effectuer des rapports réguliers au Chef de
• Mission.
• Transmettre les difficultés rencontrées dans l’exécution des tâches au conseiller technique ou au Chef de Mission.
• Exécute d’autres tâches selon les besoins à la demande du conseiller technique et/ou du Chef de Mission.
Qualifications et expérience
Le candidat retenu devra démontrer un intérêt particulier pour l’éducation, idéalement avec un diplôme universitaire en éducation, en élaboration de politiques ou dans un domaine similaire. Les candidats intéressés doivent posséder les qualifications et l’expérience suivantes :

Compétences et expérience essentielles :
• Diplôme universitaire, minimum Licence.
• Expérience professionnelle de 3 à 5 années au minimum dans le domaine et à des postes similaires ;
• Excellentes aptitudes à la communication écrite et orale ;
• Bonnes compétences en matière de recherche et d'analyse ;
• Grandes compétences organisationnelles.

Compétences et expérience souhaitées
• Connaissance en suivi, évaluation et apprentissage (SEA) si possible, mais pas indispensable.
• Connaissance en gestion des projets si possible, mais pas indispensable.
• Connaissance de l’anglais hautement souhaitée.

Comment postuler?
Les candidatures comprenant le CV et la lettre de motivation devront être envoyées par e-mail à:
La lettre de motivation devra tenir sur une page, indiquant votre motivation, pourquoi vous pensez que vous êtes le/la meilleure(e) candidat(e) et décrivant votre expérience et vos qualifications. L’objet de votre courriel devra indiquer la mention « Assistant technique CIV ». Veuillez noter que seulement les candidat(e)s sélectionné(e)s pour le premier entretien seront contacté(e)s.

Les questions relatives au poste devront être adressées à :

Les candidatures seront reçues jusqu’à l’identification du meilleur candidat pour ce poste. Vous êtes donc encouragé(e)s à postuler aussitôt que possible.
Technical Assistant
Position Title: Technical Assistant (M/F)
Reporting to: Technical Advisor, based in Abidjan
Direct reports: N/ALocation: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Frequency: Full-time (37.5 hours per week)
Duration of the contract: November 2021 – March 2024, with possibility of renewal subject to performance and funding

Incubated within UK education charity, Ark, the Education Partnerships Group (EPG) is an international not-for-profit consultancy that partners with governments to shape and strengthen their education systems. Our vision is that governments in low- and middle-income countries are equipped to ensure that every child goes to school and learns. We believe that supporting government to design and implement contextually relevant and evidence-based public policy is the best way to drive sustainable progress towards achieving quality education for all.

We assist governments across three critical stages of the policy process:
1. Generating and using research to inform policy
2. Supporting the design and development of policy
3. Supporting the piloting and scaling of policy reform initiatives

Today, EPG works in five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, and Zambia.

In our work, we prioritise a genuine understanding of context rather than assuming ideas can simply be transplanted from one country to another. We also focus on the system – the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of all the different actors – rather than working on one policy area in isolation.

COVID has demonstrated more than ever the importance of effective education systems capable of coordinating and targeting limited resources through evidence-based approaches for impactful education service delivery. With growing demand for our services, EPG is currently focused on seizing those opportunities to expand our footprint in current programme countries and new geographies.

EPG in Côte d'Ivoire
EPG has been working with the Government of Côte d'Ivoire since 2017. EPG initially focused on establishing a relationship of trust and collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and Literacy (MENA) – previously MENETFP - and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MENA in February 2018, formally starting EPG’s work supporting MENA to achieve its educational goals.

Since 2018, EPG has worked with MENA on the following projects:
1. Research and pilot experience of innovative approaches in preschool education
2. Reform of tuition fee subsidy to private lower secondary schools
3. Development of a value-add measure for lower secondary schools

The project
Over the last two years, two studies have been produced to inform the reform of the tuition fee subsidies. The first was a literature review conducted by the Réseau Ouest et Centre Africain de Recherche en Education (ROCARE) in 2018, which revealed the achievements of the existing tuition fee system but also highlighted areas to be explored further. The second study - Scoping study on private lower secondary school subsidy in Côte d'Ivoire - was carried out by UNESCO Chair to identify ways of improving the financial viability, equitable access and quality of the tuition fee scheme.

The tuition fee subsidies project is moving into a new phase, including support to MENA to review the findings of the research report and options for policy development and reform.

There will include four pillars of work, carried out in four phases over three years:
• Pillar 1: Consensus Building. There is a shared understanding on the purpose of the tuition fee subsidy measure and the reform needed.
• Pillar 2: Systems Strengthening. The system is able to effectively implement the reform and measure.
• Pillar 3: Financing. The tuition fee subsidy measure is sustainably financed.
• Pillar 4: Policy Development Process. Wider policy development capacity is strengthened.

The position
EPG is looking for a Technical Assistant to be part of a growing team based in Abidjan. The successful candidate will be passionate about the role that education plays in transforming lives and will believe that strengthening education systems is at the heart of quality education. The Technical Assistant will be responsible for supporting the Technical Advisor in regularly providing relevant and contextualised technical advice to MENA and will be housed within MENA. Specifically, the Technical Assistant will be expected to undertake research and analysis to support the Technical Advisor to engage with MENA in discussions to build consensus on the issue of reforming the government measure on tuition fee subsidies, and support MENA in the implementation of the reform.
In addition, Technical Assistant will provide project and administrative support the Cote d’Ivoire team, including the logistics of setting up meetings and organising workshops, developing presentations and reports as needed, taking meeting notes, and following up on actions.

The successful candidate will be based in Abidjan and will work closely with the Côte d'Ivoire programme team based in Abidjan and London as well as other EPG programme teams.

Main responsibilities
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
(i) Technical support
• Support the Technical Advisor to build relationships with MENA and partner institutions for the tuition fee subsidies project in order to provide technical advice in the area of reform and policymaking, among others, by undertaking desk-based research and analysing findings;
• Prepare draft of agenda, presentations, and other relevant documents for meetings and workshops;
• Support the Technical Advisor to communicate the interests, needs and challenges of the stakeholders and facilitate the sharing of ideas and information within the framework of the project;
• Other technical tasks as requested by the Technical Adviser and/or Head of Mission.

(ii) Project management and administrative support
• Support in the overall project planning, including the preparation, organisation and facilitation of planning exercises;
• Contribute to the preparation of appropriate inputs for the various project reports, including quarterly reports, and other reports required by the Technical Advisor and the Head of Mission;
• Organise occasional workshops, media events and conferences as part of the project;
• Draft minutes and meeting notes from meetings and workshops and following up with actions;
• Collect and compile information for regular reporting to the Head of Mission;
• Identify and communicate challenges or risks to delivery of the project as they arise to the Technical Advisor and Head of Mission;
• Other reporting tasks as required by the Technical Adviser and/or Head of Mission.

Qualifications and experience
The selected candidate will be required to demonstrate a particular interest in education, ideally with a degree in education, policy development or a similar field. Interested candidates must have the following qualifications and experience:

Essential skills and experience:
• University degree, minimum Bachelor's degree;
• Professional experience of at least 2 to 3 years in a similar position;
• Great written and oral communication skills;
• Good research and analysis skills;
• Great organisational skills.

Desired skills and experience
• Knowledge of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) if possible, but not essential;
• Knowledge of Project Management if possible, but not essential;
• Knowledge of English is highly desirable.

How do I apply?
To apply for this role, please email a copy of your CV and a cover letter with the subject heading “CIV Technical Assistant” to

The cover letter should fit on one page, indicating your motivation for applying, why you think you are suitable for the role, and describing your experience and qualifications. Please note that only candidates selected for the first interview will be contacted.
If you have any questions about the position, please direct them to the Head of Mission at

Applications will be kept open on a rolling bases, until the successful candidate for this position is identified. You are therefore encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Expiring: Dec 27, 2021
Organisational Developer in Liberia , Liberia

AGIAMONDO is the personnel service of the German Catholics for Development Cooperation. In the Civil Peace Service (CPS) we offer development workers a meaningful role working with local development agents. The CPS is a personnel programme for peace-building and the prevention of violence in crisis and conflict regions. It sets out to promote a world in which conflicts are settled without violence. Working with church-related and civil-social partner organisations in Liberia, AGIAMONDO aims to make a contribution towards civil conflict management and the sustainable and equitable development of the country through peace-building measures.

To support the human rights work of our partner organisation Foundation for International Dignity (FIND), we are looking for a

Social Scientist, Organisational Developer (m/f/d), Gbarnga, Liberia

Your new role

Even years after the end of the civil war, the people of Liberia still face a huge number of challenges. The country suffers from weak political structures, the economy is stagnating and in many parts of the country there is a lack of basic infrastructure and government services. People in rural areas in particular often feel neglected. As a result, distrust of the government is common.

This is where the work of our partner organisation FIND comes in. Since 2002, FIND has been working towards peaceful coexistence among the country’s various population groups and assisting victims of human rights violations. Through mediation services, dialogue programmes and educational events in the communities, FIND supports the local population, while at national level it works to change the political framework through lobbying and advocacy initiatives.

In recent years, FIND has become increasingly active in the area of resource conflicts in rural Liberia. As part of its strategic planning for the years ahead, the organisation would like to strengthen its team, which is still very young in parts, and adapt the organisational structure to the changing challenges in order to continue to support and strengthen local dialogue, peace and reconciliation processes effectively.

Specifically, you will carry out the following tasks:
• You will support FIND in developing a new strategy for its human rights, peace and reconciliation work. You will support the team in conflict analysis and advise the organisation on all aspects of its work at local, regional and national level.
• You will assist the managing director in the areas of organisational development and project management and advise them on their leadership role and team development.
• You will work as a coach and mentor for staff and volunteers associated with the organisation in the region.
• You will train your colleagues in project planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation and help to establish and continuously improve appropriate processes in the organisation.
• You will advise the organisation on the conceptual development of local dialogue events and human rights work and help in the development and documentation of best practice examples and lessons learned.
• You will be responsible for the proper spending and management of funds locally in accordance with the donor and AGIAMONDO guidelines. In doing so, you will work in partnership with FIND.

Your profile
• You have a university degree in social sciences, social work/social education, adult education or a comparable subject and have already been able to gain professional experience in the Global South.
• You have many years of experience working in organisational development, ideally in community-based organisations in rural areas and under simple conditions. Work experience in Africa is a further advantage.
• You are familiar with various consulting, coaching and mentoring approaches and are used to planning and implementing tailor-made support and guidance services for individuals and teams.
• You have experience in adult education and are able to plan and conduct training events for specific target groups.
• You are interested in human rights, peace-building and reconciliation work and are prepared to familiarise yourself with the basics of this field of work as part of your preparations. Previous experience in this area would be an advantage.
• You are adaptable, enjoy working effectively under simple conditions and are willing to travel a lot in rural and sometimes remote areas.
• You can communicate in fluent English, verbally and in writing.
• You are an EU or Swiss citizen and identify with the goals and concerns of church development and peace-building work and are a member of a Christian church.

What AGIAMONDO offers
• Individual and thorough preparation
• Three-year contract, social security and remuneration in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers Act (Entwicklungshelfergesetz)
• Cultural, language or other professional training, as well as coaching and supervision, individual advice

We look forward to receiving your detailed application by 31/03/2020.

Are you interested in becoming an Organisational Developer in Liberia? Apply now at the top or bottom of our page.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Mar 31, 2020

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