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Team Leader in Zambia , Zambia

WYG will be tendering for a DFID funded 5 year programme Cities and Infrastructure for Growth (CIG), Lot2 - Zambia. CIG aims at enhancing economic growth leading to job creation and poverty reduction by building the enabling environment for investment into urban, energy and infrastructure sectors.

The programme will deliver demand driven Technical Assistance to government Ministries, Departments and Agencies at the national and sub-national levels. The aim of the support will be to strengthen management of urban and energy investment and develop an investable pipeline of projects.

We are seeking candidates for the Team Leader position, with the following qualifications and skills:
• At least 10 years experience of senior leadership of teams working in complex multi-sector, international development programme delivery, preferably on DFID programme
• Team leadership experience in at least one of CIG focal areas:
o Utility Sector Reform and Development (particularly in the energy sector)
o Urban development and planning, linked to wider economic development, including at regional level
o Infrastructure delivery and financing
• Demonstrated knowledge of country context and government
• Experienced in high level stakeholder relationship management
• Specialist in one of the following sectors:
o Urban planning
o Energy
o Infrastructure/civil engineering (roads/water/waste or similar)
o Project preparation
o Project structuring (Finance/PPP)

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Sep 14, 2017
Economic and financial analyst in Ghana , Ghana

For a programme in Ghana we are bidding for, we are currently looking for an Economic and Financial Analyst.

About the programme
The World Bank has given a loan to the Government of Ghana (GoG), to prepare an Integrated Urban Sanitation and Drainage Masterplan covering the metropolitan area of Greater Accra. The total area is about 894 square kilometres, and has a population of about 4.3 million people. Flooding and poor environmental sanitation have become significant urban problems for the area in the past decade. These problems have been exacerbated by factors such as uncontrolled population growth, unregulated development of settlements, and poorly managed land use.

The objective of the programme is to develop a comprehensive integrated urban environmental sanitation strategy and masterplan covering all 11 Metropolitan / Municipal areas within the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA). This masterplan must provide a safe and effective management of environmental sanitation, including solid and liquid waste as well as storm water runoff from the GAMA area, solve existing environmental sanitation and drainage problems, and provide guidance for the implementation of future environmental sanitation and drainage improvements. The assignment will also support preparatory activities including design and preparation of procurement documents for prioritized investments to alleviate critical problems in the GAMA area.

Job Description

Job description Financial and Economic Analyst
As Financial and Economic Analyst your day to day tasks is to take the lead in the economic and financial assessment of the investments required in order to implement the Plan over the short-term (e.g. following 5 years). In the study of alternatives, the selection should be based on the cost of investments since any one of the alternatives will obtain the benefit of improving sanitation, hygiene and good health and avoiding the occurrence of floods for the urban scenario and risk.

Candidate Specification

- A Masters degree in a relevant field;
- At least 8 years of experience in financial and economic analysis or infrastructure and / or municipal projects
- Fluent in English
- Excellent report writing skills
- Strong communicative skills
- Regional experience is considered beneficial

Expected input is approximately 50% spread over 18 months. Employment will be on freelance basis.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. The employer will do the recruitment process himself. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but we don’t have any influence on this concerning this job.

Expiring: Mar 30, 2017
Communications Manager Somalia , Kenya

Mott MacDonald intends to seek interested experts that can demonstrate a capacity to support the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the DFID funded Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP).

The IAAAP is a GBP 14m DFID funded programme managed by Mott MacDonald focused on improved governance and accountability in Somalia. The Programme supports accountability through targeted projects that engage civil society and government institutions and in the process helps to build an improved evidence base for engagements in the country. The IAAAP further advocates and supports the use of evidence to strengthen accountability in the country.

Scope of Work
The IAAAP has generated a large amount of evidence surrounding accountability engagements in Somalia. The programme has now matured to the stage in which it is necessary to communicate these findings to relevant stakeholders. Communication has a central role to play in the IAAAP, packaging and disseminating evidence appropriately for different stakeholders.
In many instances, this means working through local organisations to ensure that tactics and dissemination activities are consistent with the motivations, attitudes, and practices of the range of actors, both on the demand and supply sides, in Somalia. In doing so, communication must be sensitive to (and purposeful in addressing) the complex accountability challenges within Somalia.

Job Description
The manager is expected to work with the lead communications consultant and implement the communications strategy with minimal guidance. In short the communications manager will be expected to do the following:
- Maintain close contact with and attend monthly guidance meetings (virtually or in person) with the lead communications consultant.
- Maintain contact with the Knowledge Management Coordinator at least once a month for guidance.
- Report weekly to the CEO on day to day tasks.
- Manage the development of “knowledge products” and delivering knowledge products (i.e. any asset that enables stakeholders to engage in effective action, this can be policy briefs, manuals, reports, case studies, video or radio).
- Manage the dissemination of knowledge products; assuring that knowledge products are packaged to fit the profile of the intended audience.
- Use social media to maximize reach, result and impact of knowledge products when required.
- Read reports to extract relevant information for knowledge products.
- Liaise with subcontractors to extract relevant information for knowledge products when required.
- Adhere strictly to the timetable of knowledge product delivery over 2017.

Candidate Specification

The desired candidate will be a Kenyan or Somali resident. He/she will be a self-starter and can work with minimal direct oversight and management. He/she will have a strong work-ethic, particularly in reaching deadlines. He/she will have the following background and experience:

- Experience in implementing communications projects.
- Experience in writing communications briefs, case studies, policy briefs and reports.
- Ability/experience in communicating complex research and project learning to a broad range of audiences.
- Experience working with DFID, British Embassy or other UK government departments is desired but not essential;
- Strong understanding and competence in the use of social media.
- An understanding of Somali media- especially in reaching diverse stakeholders and demographics.

- A University degree in Communications, Journalism, or other relevant technical subjects and/or 5+ years of relevant technical experience.

Language requirements:
- Strong working knowledge of English is required.
- Working knowledge of Somali is desired.

Inputs will be on freelance basis and the duration of the assignment will be 20 months.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. The employer will do the recruitment process himself. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but we don’t have any influence on this concerning this job.

Expiring: Mar 03, 2017
Team Leader , South Africa

BMB Mott MacDonald, an international Management Consultancy firm is positioning itself to bid for the Capacity Building Programme for Employment Promotion (CBPEP) in South Africa with the submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the EU. In preparation we are looking for a Team Leader to manage the implantation of the project.

Programme Background and Description
South Africa is currently tackling high levels of unemployment and underemployment due in a large part to unoccupied youths and adults (school drop-outs). To ensure the country’s growth is inclusive a larger part of the working population need to be engaged in meaningful employment to ensure South Africa reaches its economic potential.
To this purpose, the EU is launching a programme that will provide institutional strengthening/capacity development assistance (in the form of technical assistance and the organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops and study tours) to identified relevant South African Departments, addressing key areas relevant for employment promotion in South Africa.

These key areas of support are:
1. Active labour market policy interventions for the unemployed (especially, for women and the youth) focused on work-seeker support, the transition from school to work, (public) occupational advisory services and (public) job placement services. Activities associated to the promotion of green jobs, will also be envisaged;
2. Analysis, monitoring and advice on small enterprise promotion, informal sector development (including cultural and creative sectors), labour market trends (supply, demand and shortages) and wage determination (tripartite social partnership);
3. Activities pursuing further education and skills development systems organisation to increase employability of the unemployed, including financing and quality enhancement aspects.

It is proposed to anchor this programme within the Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC), which is an agency of National Treasury in South Africa. The contracted entity is required to provide government departments and agencies with support and advice to improve the value of public spending.

Scope of Work/Objectives
The Team Leader will lead the implementation of this proposed project and will be responsible and report to the Project Director (PD) for the overall planning, delivery and management of the programme inputs. S/he will work closely with the overall CBPEP Team and Consortium Partners to assure that all interventions, are completed within time, quality, and cost parameters.

The provisional commencement date of the contract is November 2016 and the expected period of implementation of the contract will be 50-56 months. We expect the function of the Team Leader to be fulltime over the duration of the contract.

Job Description

Qualifications and skills
- The candidate should hold a Master Degree or equivalent in a relevant subject such as Social Sciences, Education, Development Studies, or Organizational Development.
- Fluency in English (speaking and writing) is essential.
- Computer literate.
- Very good leadership, management and communication skills are essential.
- Strong interpersonal communications and team collaboration skills are also necessary.

Candidate Specification

General professional experience
- General professional experience (if holder of a postgraduate degree), mainly in the field of Skills Development, further education, and/or private sector development.
- Previous experience in leading a team of experts in an EU Programme.
- Experience in working in Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, preferably South Africa.
- Knowledge of Institutional Capacity Development and employment promotion in South Africa would be an advantage.
- Good knowledge of project cycle management and EU procurement and contracting procedures would be an advantage.
- Specific professional experience
- Experience in the field of capacity development and institutional reform (advisory role) to governmental institutions involved in employment promotion (green jobs creation), skills development is highly desirable.
- Experience in supporting and advising ministerial agencies, with administration and institutional capacity assessment and capacity development planning is desirable.
- Experience in analysis, development and implementation of employment promotion policies.
- Experience working with small-medium enterprise/private sector and further education /TVET graduate linkages.
- Experience in development and implementation of line managed performance management systems.

Expiring: Aug 18, 2016
Team Leader in Kenya , Kenya

GFA Consulting Group, a leading European consulting company, is preparing a project proposal for Health Insurance Programme in Kenya.

Job Opportunity: Team Leader and advisor in Health Financing
Project Title: Health Financing, Health Insurance project
Funding agency: KfW (German Development Bank)
Project Status: tender
Period of Project: Starting Q1 in 2018, running time 18 months
Duty Station: Nairobi, Kenya and travels in the field

Project Description:
The objective of the program is to contribute to establishing equitable access to affordable, quality health care and strengthening the National Health Insurance System through improved access to health insurance for the informal sector.

The Target group are households with informal employment, low, irregular incomes and without health insurance cover in the target counties.

The Project will be implemented in up to 10 counties, which will be selected on the basis of an open call for proposals. The process of the county selection is implemented by a Tender Committee comprising of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and the Ministry of Health (MoH), supported by the consultant to be selected. The consultant will specifically support the MoH in organizing the submission of the call for proposals to the counties and the evaluation of results.

Job Description
• Overall responsibility for project steering and management of technical assistance team
• Act as focal point for MoH, NHIF and Counties on all technical and managerial aspects of implementation / Facilitate steady communication and exchange with all stakeholders related to technical aspects of implementation; participate in planning meetings
• Quarterly progress reporting
• Support to the selection process of the Counties participating in the Project
• Development of the MoUs with the Counties in consultation with MoH & NHIF
• Development of implementation options and detailed design & implementation concept to cover low income informal sector households in the selected counties with a health protection scheme
• Develop project management framework and continuous monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation
• Support for drafting and signing of Memoranda of Understanding with the selected Counties in the program, specifying tasks and responsibilities, especially financial contributions from Counties to the health protection scheme
• Support NHIF in defining the mix of contributions to the premiums, reimbursement procedures, contracts with accredited providers, and all required information campaigns ready for implementation
• Supervise baseline survey (incl. ICT) to be conducted at the beginning of the assignment
• Ensure strengthening NHIF’s capacities (data management, actuarial, strategic purchasing of health services)
• Ensure support / enhancement of existing IT systems and infrastructure.

The senior expert, experienced Team Leader we are looking for, will have
• Post-graduate degree in either health economics, social science, project management, actuarial science, finance or related field
• Demonstrated working experience regarding the health system in Kenya or regional countries (regional countries = countries of Sub Saharan Africa)
• Excellent interpersonal skills required for high level engagement with ministries, departments and agencies, development partners and other stakeholders
• Good writing and presentation skills, and ability to communicate effectively to diverse audiences
• Proven experience with the implementation of similar projects (e.g. health financing, UHC, health insurance) and the administration of large budgets.

• Familiarity with the Kenyan healthcare system in general, and the National Hospital Insurance Fund and/or the Ministry of Health specifically
• Familiarity with KfW project implementation including the management of large disposition funds

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Sep 25, 2017
Team Leader in Zambia , Zambia

About Nathan Associates
Nathan Associates (Nathan) is a leading international development consultancy firm headquartered in Washington DC. Founded in 1946, the company uses economic principles and data to guide policies and operations in a way that improves people's lives. Our employees are motivated by the belief that we can make a difference and over the years the company has expanded its services and geographical reach while remaining small enough to personally ensure the quality of its work. We currently have offices in the United States (Washington DC, California), United Kingdom (London) and India (Delhi, Chennai).

Nathan provides services in five areas:
• Private sector development: Nathan designs, implements and evaluates pro-poor, inclusive market systems strategies and programs, supports global value chains and links exporters to new markets. Through challenge funds and grants, we foster private sector innovation and catalyse private investment. Nathan also supports investment and export promotion agencies and designs initiatives to advance women’s economic empowerment.
• Financial sector development: Nathan uses a systemic approach to understand and work on financial systems to overcome the challenges the poor face in achieving financial literacy and inclusion and businesses, particularly SMEs, face in accessing finance.
• Economic policy and governance: Nathan’s services in economic policy and governance include macroeconomic analysis; budget preparation, execution and evaluation; legal/regulatory reform and anticorruption.
• Trade and logistics: Nathan advises public and private sector clients on trade negotiations, harmonizing trade policies to promote economic integration, modernizing customs procedures and improving trade corridor efficiency.
• Infrastructure planning and finance Nathan provides services in economic analysis and environmental impact assessments, competitive and regulatory environment analysis, developing master plans and feasibility studies and financial analysis including structuring PPP transactions.

About the Private Enterprise Programme in Zambia
The Private Enterprise Programme-Zambia (PEPZ) is a five-year programme (2014-2019) funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and is being implemented by Nathan in collaboration with Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI). PEPZ aims to build the capability of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in order to deliver inclusive economic growth through job creation and diversifying the economy. PEPZ aims to achieve these goals by addressing underlying market failures through an integrated approach that has four components:
• Business Linkage Programme (BLP), which facilitates linkages between large businesses and MSMEs and help the latter supply the large businesses competitively thus helping them to grow and create jobs.
• Business Development Services (BDS), which helps to improve access to markets, governance, management and business planning services for large numbers of potentially transformative MSMEs to help them access loan finance and enable them to grow.
• Business Plan Competition (BPC), which supports new start-ups and helps innovative businesses grow, crowding-in the banks into the market, generating wealth and creating jobs. The BPC aims to raise the profile of entrepreneurship in Zambia helping to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to set up transformative enterprises.
• Accelerator Fund, which provides patient capital, technical assistance and mentoring support to investment-ready MSMEs capable of transformative growth that increases competitiveness as well as create jobs.

Scope of work
The Team Leader will manage the delivery of the PEPZ programme in Zambia. S/he will undertake the strategic and technical oversight of the programme as well as operational management of the team. S/he will represent the company in the delivery of the programme in Zambia and endeavour to ensure that good relationships are maintained with DFID Zambia and with other key stakeholders as well as between members of the team. The Team Leader will work closely with Nathan’s Programme Manager and Project Director, both based in London.

The position

The team leader’s overarching responsibilities will include the following:
• Provide technical and strategic oversight to the management of each of the programme components and take corrective action to ensure they are on track against milestones and budgets.
• Ensure that DFID and Nathan are kept abreast of all strategic issues and buys into suggested course of action.
• Effectively manage all PEPZ’s full-time staff and ensure that they are well motivated and deliver on time.
• Take hands on, proactive approach to guide and support the BDS Manager to deliver the revised BDS strategy
• Represent the programme at all forums and build the profile of the programme as the champion of entrepreneurship and small business in Zambia. Also, effectively communicate the aims and achievements of the programme
• Liaise with other programmes to ensure synergy where possible.
• Look for new opportunities to promote entrepreneurship and develop MSMEs.
• Lead on the drafting of all reports to DFID, including quarterly and annual reports on programme performance, and strategic documents.
• Continuously monitor and advise on the most efficient use the programme’s resources to ensure we achieve value for money.
• Ensure that effective management and administrative systems for human resources, procurement, logistics and finance are adhered to.

Candidate profile
We are looking for an experienced consultant with a track record of successful leading and delivering programmes. The Team Leader is expected to fit the following profile:
• At least 15 years’ experience in the field of private sector development and/or working with the private sector.
• Master’s degree in a private sector development-related field (economics, business, international development, finance).
• Previous team leadership/managerial experience in donor-funded programmes. Specific DFID experience would be an advantage.
• In-depth technical knowledge in at least one of the following areas: entrepreneurship development, business linkages, and/or business development services.
• In depth technical knowledge of SME growth and experience in Zambia in key sectors for PEPZ, e.g. agribusiness and/or mining
• Experience: leading programmes in developing countries
• Experience of flexible and adaptive programming based on lesson learning.
• In depth knowledge of DFID - structure, systems and procurement rules would be an advantage.
• Excellent communication skills in English (written and oral).
• Experience working in developing countries. Specific Zambia experience would be an advantage.

What do we offer?
We offer an exciting work environment within a smart, dynamic and passionate team based in our Zambian project office. We offer a highly competitive package.
Applications will close on the 30th January 2017.

Vacancy type Long term/ Full time
Location Lusaka, Zambia
Service areas(s) Private Sector Development, entrepreneurship development, business linkages, business development services

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. The employer will do the recruitment process himself. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but we don’t have any influence on this concerning this job.

Expiring: Mar 03, 2017
Deputy Team Leader (m/f) , Egypt

Concept Feasibility Studies have been prepared in Qena and Assiut Governorate for this Programme. The general objective of the National Solid Waste Management (NSWM) Programme Egypt - Investment Programme in Qena and Assiut - is the Preparation and implementation of SWM investments in the following fields:
- Collection and transport systems
- Sorting/MRFs
- Composting plants
- Transfer stations
- Sanitary landfills
- Dumpsite rehabilitation
- Establishment and functioning of SWM Units in both Governorates
- Development and review of master plans of Qena/Assiut, including provision of capacity building for the establishment of functioning SWM Units
- Support of these SWM Units in their work with local governments, support of their primary collection activities and introduction of new economic instruments

Job Descripition:
- Establishing functioning SWM Units within the Governorates
- Develop strategic master plans for all waste streams
- Identification of immediate priority SWM measures
- Support M&E of services
- Implement and evaluate operator models for primary collection and recycling
- Prepare economic instruments for Governorates and local level
- Prepare detailed design and tender documents
- Supervision of construction works and supplies contracts
- Defects notification
- Financial management

Detailed Requirements:

University degree in Civil engineering and/or environmental engineering with a specialization in solid waste management and preferably in capacity building.

Country/Regional experience:
Regional working experience in Egypt and/or MAGHREB countries.

English and Arabic

- Several years of working experience in SWM and/or other environmental sectors
- Management of infrastructure, engineering or similar complex projects in Egypt and/or in MENA region
- Working successfully with public authorities, including Ministries, regional and local governments, with communication skills that foster cooperation and partnership building
- Institutional and organizational development, capacity development
- Previous working experience with KfW or GIZ programmes or projects is also desirable
- Working within interdisciplinary teams of experts, including good interpersonal and conflict resolution skills

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. The employer will do the recruitment process himself. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but we don’t have any influence on this concerning this job.

Expiring: Jan 16, 2017
Materials Laboratory Manager , Liberia

PLANET S.A., for the purposes of a recently awarded EU funded Framework Contract in Liberia with the title “MPW Materials Laboratory Manager“ is looking for a qualified Materials Laboratory Manager (260 working days, all on-site, from October 2016 till October 2018) with the following qualifications:

• Bachelor degree Academic Level in Civil engineering or, in the absence of that, general professional experience of at least 8 years after secondary education and specific professional experience as Civil Engineer or Laboratory expert or manager.
• More than 20 years of professional experience with proven, extensive experience in the specific field of road engineering and materials laboratory testing.
• Familiarity with EU procedures.
• Excellent communication skills and be able to create a relation of trust with the staff of the Ministry of Public Works of Liberia, and the European Commission Delegation in Monrovia.
• Previous experience in this technical field in countries with similar climatic conditions as Liberia, i.e. with extremely high rainfall.
• Fluency in English is mandatory (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
• The candidate needs to be able and willing to do all of the computer work related to the services personally.

The purpose of the project is to develop the Central Materials Laboratory (CML) into a sustainable modern, business-like, commercial entity that will support the new road sector institutions (and its service providers) planned for Liberia, namely the Road Fund and Road Agency.

All interested, available and qualified professionals (fully covering the above requested qualifications) are kindly asked to forward their updated CV (tailored as much as possible to the requirements aforementioned).

Expiring: Nov 28, 2016

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