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Manager Animal Park , Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Kadima’s Pride of Africa is a private initiative of André Kadima. André is the owner of several hotels and restaurants in Kinshasa. Recently he rehabilitated the Parc de la Nsele (taken over from president Mobutu). Now is creating his own animal park: a park in between a zoo and a game reserve.
Kadima’s Pride of Africa is located 60 kms north of Kinshasa and has a surface 100 hectares. It has a large gated savanna area where zebras, buffalos, giraffes, ostriches walk freely around. Visitors have the possibility to drive in this area and meet the animals. Natural habitats that respect the needs of animals while following international zoo standards will be constructed for chimpanzee, baboon and mangabey, crocodiles, snakes, crowned crane and Congo peacock. The whole area will be decorated by flower gardens. On top of the hill a hotel will be built. Around the hotel there will be a playing ground for children, conference hall and restaurant.
Furthermore, an education and cultural centre will be established in which young and old people will learn about the wonderful animal and botanical world. The aim is to raise awareness about the conservation of flora and fauna in Congo and Africa. Pictures and stuffed animals can be admired. Regularly nature films will be shown.

The Director directs the overall strategic planning, park and zoo operations, capital programming, public programming, development and marketing and communication strategies for the organization. S/He works on financial planning and budgeting strategy to ensure a strong stable organization. S/He is responsible for fostering relationships with donors at all levels, park users, and senior Congolese governmental officials. S/He directly supervises area managers and provides leadership to all levels of the organization. As administrator of the park, he/she is directly responsible for all day-to-day operations and strategic matters concerning all aspects of park and zoo maintenance, animal care, operations, communications and management.

The Director is responsible for the following key areas including, strategy development and execution; conditions of the park/operational; sales and marketing; fundraising; relationship with the Congolese authorities; animal care and housing, financial and overall management; capacity building of local staff.

 Bachelor of Economics or in Biology, Ecology, or Wildlife management.
 Ten years of senior management experience (preferably with a conservation and environmental stewardship organization).
 Strong written and oral communication skills in English and French.
 Experience in coaching and managing staff, setting and achieving strategic objectives, and managing a budget.
 Experience in leading the development of programs and services.
 The selected candidate will possess a powerful commitment/passion for zoo rehabilitation and propagation, public education about conservancy, and environmental stewardship
 Capacity to excel in teamwork and to deal productively with a wide range of stakeholders.
 Strong organizational and project planning skills
 High level of integrity, team player, flexible, diplomatic and high resistance to stress.

Qualified applicants should have a CV (English or French) and a motivation letter in French.
Deadline for applications is 15 November 2016.

Expiring: Nov 13, 2016

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