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Senior HR Manager in Ghana , Ghana

Location: Akosombo with weekly visit to Accra Head Office
Startdate: a.s.a.p.

Job brief
We are currently seeking an experienced Senior HR professional to head the company’s HR function, as a member of the management team.

The successful candidate will be responsible for heading HR for all sites and leading the development and implementation of HR strategies, programs and activities relating to workforce planning, recruitment and staffing, remuneration and benefits administration, labor relations, workforce training & development, HR records management and other relevant diversity initiatives.
The successful candidate will report directly to the CEO. All HR site managers will report directly to the Senior HR Manager.


• Develop HR strategies and administer HR policies and procedures
• Ensure compliance to the Labour Act
• Develop contracting controls and monitoring procedures
• Support in the implementation of a HRIS
• Support operational efforts through proper staffing and training of staff
• Conduct needs analysis, develop, implement, and monitor training programs
• Provide guidance for the determination of competitive and equitable employee compensation
• Plan and coordinate employee functions, suggestion programme, etc.
• Collaborate with the Corporate HR function for the provision of cohesive HR services to all employees
• Lead the coaching and counselling of employees to imbibe the service standards and procedures of the company
• Develop a method to gauge current labour cost with market cost to ensure cost effective recruitment
• Develop an efficient and effective employee appraisal system


Educational Qualifications / Experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Human Resources, Industrial Relations or a related field. A Master’s Degree is preferable.
• Professional certification in HR and membership of a professional body
• Over six years working experience of which three years must be in management position
• Experience working in a foreign country and similar structure would be a huge advantage.

Essential Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
• Extensive and progressively responsible executive experience with all facets of human resources and labour relations management including labour negotiations, developing and negotiating benefits programs, compensation and performance management, talent management and employee relations.
• In depth knowledge of employment laws in Ghana including labour relations law and practice and government regulations and policies as they impact HR
• Extensive understanding of Human Resources Strategic issues and challenges with the ability to conceptualize and implement Human Resources interventions
• Ability to establish and maintain trust, credibility and confidentiality
• Demonstrates a strong knowledge of organization change / culture transformation process, and dealing with changing situations
• Ability to use Microsoft Office Suite and HRIS systems.

Supervisory Skills
• General managerial / administration skills
• Team building / conflict management skills
• Coaching / Leadership / Negotiation skills
• Organization and coordination skills

People skills Generic Skills
• Initiative Entrepreneurship / taking ownership
• Analytical Skills / Negotiation Skills
• Self-Management / Interpersonal Skills
• Highly developed senior level management and leadership skills
• Determent and a good decision maker on strategic level

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Expiring: May 30, 2018
Hatchery Manager (Fish) , Zambia

Position Summary: The Hatchery Manager (HM) will be responsible for production and related activities within our clients large-scale commercial tilapia hatchery. The HM will work closely with the Head of Farming Operations to optimize performance within the existing hatchery and to grow the operation from 4.0m fry per month to >10.0m per month. The HM will provide hands-on leadership and motivation to the hatchery team, with training being a key area of focus. Finally, the HM must be able to contribute independent creative thought and practical actions to overcome operational challenges and meet production goals.

• Oversee and optimize regular hatchery operations including breeding, transfers, feeding, sex reversal, and water quality management
• Collect and maintain robust hatchery data, and actively support initiatives to implement production software
• Develop junior staff through hands-on training and basic academic instruction. Motivate, coach, and retain high performing staff
• Develop, establish, and direct execution of policies and standard operating procedures (S.O.P.’s) to improve consistency of execution in the hatchery
• Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and ad-hoc hatchery management reports for communication to HFO, plus specific reports on internal trials and experimentation.
• Perform any other tasks required in order for the hatchery to be developed, professionalized, and operated efficiently

• Must have 2+ years experience managing a commercial tilapia hatchery in a rural environment (preferably in Africa)
• Four-year degree in aquaculture or related field (preferred)
• Operational, hands-on, problem-solving mindset

Reporting Lines: The HM will report to the Head of Farming Operations. Supervisors of the various hatchery teams will report directly to the HM.

Location: Siavonga, Zambia (Lake Kariba)
Compensation: Competitive based on applicant experience.
Process and Timeline: Startdate a.s.a.p

Expiring: Oct 14, 2016
General Manager in Kenya , Kenya

Job Title: General Manager
Location: 80% Farm; 20% Non-farm (Farm is in rural area in Homa Bay)
Company Name: Victory Farms Ltd.
Company Url:
Compensation: Commensurate with Experience
Start date: Immediate

About the Opportunity:
The commercial aquaculture industry in East Africa is growing rapidly, based on strong demand and excellent natural resources. Victory Farms is the pioneer and leader in the space, accounting for roughly 50% of local fish production and 75% of the industry’s annual growth. Wildcatch tilapia has declined 90% over the last 30 years and continues to decline. Population growth, urbanization, and income growth are all rapidly fueling the consumer’s ability and desire to buy fresh fish. Victory Farms is uniquely positioned as the regional leader to continue to build a full-scale commercial fish farm and distribution platform.

Job Description:
The ideal candidate will have 10+ years working in a leadership capacity for a company in Africa that has rapidly scaled its operation, faces logistical challenges, and is focused on operational excellence:
• Leadership to drive company vision and operational goals throughout all levels of operations
• Ability to develop the right KPIs, measure and track against them, and make monthly improvements through systems, improving skills, organization, and scale
• Coordinate construction timelines, resource planning, execution and quality controls, maintain safety standards, and have end-to-end ownership on project delivery
• Lead and develop strong technical team of aquaculture, construction, and administration
• Structure workflows, develop SOPs, and develop highly standardized approach to handling various farm activities
• Manage rapid scaling of business, development of infrastructure, and operational excellence
• Support and manage our community relations efforts, build close and lasting ties to stakeholders
• Demonstrate desire to relocate/live to farm site, based in rural Homa Bay County
• Reports directly to the CEO; approximately 150 FTEs report to GM, growing at 75 FTEs / year

About Victory Farms:
Victory Farms is a fully vertically-integrated aquaculture company, with farm operations in the Lake Victoria region. The company was established in 2015 and is now the fastest growing fish farm in the region. Its founders are committed to building a global 'best-in-class' company, which means placing sustainability at the core of operations. Victory Farms has a distribution capacity throughout Kenya, and is rapidly expanding its farm operation, fish processing, and sales & marketing capabilities. Victory Farms is employing world-class technologies, people and processes to build the leading tilapia farm globally. The Company has the highest standards for performance, execution, culture, and integrity.

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Dec 08, 2018
Security Manager in Kenya , Kenya

An exciting opportunity for an experienced security professional to make a big impact on our organization, operate in an exciting location, and gain new skills.

Location: Farm near Sindo (90%); Nairobi (10%)
Company Name: Victory Farms Ltd
Reports to: Joseph Rehmann
Compensation: Gross monthly: $2,000 - $3,000 depending on experience
Start Date: September 2018
Duration: Start with a 6-month contract

The Opportunity

The commercial aquaculture industry in East Africa is growing rapidly, based on strong demand and excellent natural resources. Victory Farms is both the pioneer and leader in East Africa. With only 2 years of operation, VF is on track to be the fastest growing tilapia farm in Africa.

With this growth, comes challenges related to security. The fish production in cages in Lake Victoria and storage of fish feeds on the farm both create significant temptation for theft, both internal and external, and a sophisticated, multi-faceted security approach is required to manage this and maintain positive relations with staff and the community.


Specific responsibilities will include:

Situational Overview, 1 month
• Develop an understanding for how the various components of the business fit together, from feed and ponds to boats and cages, all the way through to cold chain and distribution
• Prioritize the highest areas of risk to the company and postulate on methods that could be implemented to reduce or eliminate losses in these areas, including budget, operating cost, human resources required
Execute Primary Security Initiatives, 4 months
• Implement and execute the highest priority security initiatives, which will be a combination of technology-led solutions, physical security, data checkpoints, and human guards
• Develop protocols and operating procedures for all of these processes, with careful attention to challenges related to remote operations, poor power supply, unreliable human intelligence, data storage and film review, and standardization of activities

Forward Planning, 1 month
• Prepare a plan for the future, which may or may not require an expatriate security manager
• Engage and manage the handover process
• A longer-term position is possible, but will need to be fully considered

Experience & Attributes

The ideal candidate will be a security professional with a range of experiences in remote area, corporate security. He/she will possess an ability and desire to operate across multiple security media in order to build a broad range of preventative, deterrent, and corrective action measures to stop theft and improve security.
• Experience working in remote areas with limited access to resources
• Ability to develop solutions, combining low-cost, locally-available tools, alongside select and easy to maintain advanced technologies
• Desire to gain experience in Africa and in corporate environment
• Capability to operate technological security solutions, both design and implementation
• Experience in using informants and other human intelligence methods to track criminal activities

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Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but are not further involved in the recruitment for this particular vacancy.

Expiring: Aug 10, 2018

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