Active since 2007, SolarWorks! designs and markets high quality solar solutions for lighting and DC electricity provision for occasions where there is no or limited access to electricity. Our focus region is Southern Africa where we aim to become the nr 1 player in our field.
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Country Manager in Malawi , Malawi

Position Start: As Soon As Possible
Reporting to: Member of MT SolarWorks! Group

Required experience:
min. 8 years experience in a business to consumer commercial environment

About SolarWorks!:
SolarWorks! was founded in 2008 with the aim of playing a role in making the world a better place by offering superb solar products to people that live without access to electricity. Since the first ideas that originate from a graduation thesis at the University of Technology in Delft (The Netherlands), the company has developed several products and implemented a business model that resulted in spectacular growth: pre-paid solar home systems with which the customer will have lighting, phone charging or even tv and fridges in his house via a pre-paid rent to own model. In 2016 SolarWorks! started its PAYGo operations in Mozambique, now having more than 25.000 households electrified. Malawi operations started early 2019, has 4 sales outlets and has 55 FTE’s. Basic systems are in place and it is time to accelerate the growth while not losing sight of quality of the organisation, sales and processes.

Overall Purpose: build a customer focused team that can deliver quality sales for SolarWorks! Malawi with a strong emphasis on getting the sales operations right and all supporting functions around it (marketing, operations, HR, technical support and finance).

Key responsibilities
• Organize the main functions in line with the strategy of the company: Sales operations, technical operations, customer care and debt collection, CRM, marketing and HR
• Develop and build a world class team that knows how to operate in difficult circumstances
• Define the sales strategy for SolarWorks! Malawi
• Deep understanding of what make or break sales for the customers, tweaking payplans or other variables where necessary and hands on direct support to sales when needed.
• Understand the importance of quality of sales: the customer journey for years to come needs to be on your radar
• Define a few but strong KPI’s for each department in line with the company strategy
• Draw up the quarterly and yearly plans

Personality traits
• Service oriented: improving the lives of our customer is and will be our main objective and this should excite you
• Competitive: you want to do everything better than the competition
• A team builder: you take care of your people and know how to deal with different cultures and different personalities in your team
• A thinker and strategist: but without action you don’t see the purpose of a strategy
• A motivator: you know how to get the best out of people
• You thrive to learn from what everyone tells you about this new exciting business of changing lives
• Good sense of humour

Nice to have:
• Experience in Africa
• Experience with CRM
• Experience working with rural communities

The idea of being able to improve people’s lives excites you. Take a minute to think about the following before you apply for this role: SolarWorks! operates in a very demanding environment. We are a fast growing organisation and the operations are in countries where things are at best unpredictable. And all this while serving low income customers. You will need to be able to explain to us why this type of environment suits you.

Remuneration: Annual salary USD 90-100K including bonus, plus expat benefits like medical aid, housing allowance and company car.

How to Apply
To apply, send your CV and a cover letter expressing why you want to make a difference.

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Expiring: Dec 23, 2019