Annamaria Celeste - Executive Recruiter (Rome, Italy)

After having lived in many European countries I found out that there is still a whole world out there! Africa has been fascinating me ever since. With over 15 years of experience in intercultural communication as a translator and interpreter for German, Italian, English and French (now adding Portuguese), I have worked for several companies by helping them open up a new market and find new business chances in other countries. As an insider I have had the opportunity to understand how companies work and how important it is to have a good team and employees you can rely on.

One year ago I came across JobnetAfrica and I thought: what a great idea! This is exactly the link that was missing to connect enthusiastic professionals with companies willing to set up a business in Africa or already established there.

As a language expert I love communicating with people around the world trying to understand their needs and bringing them together. For me human factors and interpersonal relations are of the utmost importance and do make a difference when it comes to helping jobseekers and companies reach their goals. Currently based between Rome and Austria.