Dirk V.



I am an experienced operational people manager but focused on getting things done in line with what is promised.

Engineer with master-degrees and born in the automotive industry and had the opportunity to work in many other industries. Continuous improvement with people and quality in mind and changes are my daily professional life in a structured way with action plans.

Worked for 2 years in Ivory Coast as plant director in the biggest COCOA factory in the world, part of the biggest processing chocolate group in the world. I really loved the moments being there. During this time, we had to increase the volume with double digit numbers by not only starting new line or improving the process but also bringing products ready for market.
Cocoa beans are the “gold” of Ivory Coast so close monitoring was needed in the sourcing process. More than 40 trucks entered daily the factory from bean warehouses all over Ivory Coast.

This all can only be done if you show the correct leadership namely servant leadership but with clear simple expectations so that people can grow in their job. Everyone needs to understand his or her reason of existence in the growth of the company.

Being able to navigate between all different stakeholders – direct and indirect is keen.

I hope by sharing this overview I show you my motivation for the position.

With the best regards,

Dirk Van Akelyen


Operational Positions
January-1986 - January-2020

4: 2020/01 – PwC (RBR) World-wide Gemba Transformation project – Plastic & Petrochemical industry

13: 2019/07 - Site Director Belgium – CommScope / Raychem –Telecom: International Group

12: 2017/11 - Site Manager Ivory Coast San Pedro – BARRY CALLEBAUT – Cocoa: International Group

11: 2016/11 - GLOBAL Operational Excellence – BARRY CALLEBAUT – Chocolate + Cocoa: International Group

10: 2014/11 - Implement ASSET DRIVEN organisation – BARRY CALLEBAUT – Cocoa: International Group

09: 2012/07 - Plant Manager – BERRYALLOC – Granulates + Textile + Hard Flooring - Norway: Family Company

08: 2011/06 - Plant Manager – Johnson Controls International – car industry – Belgium: International group

07: 2007/01 - Plant Manager – TEVC / ALUVAN – Truck, Trailer and Panels – Poland/Belgium: Family Company

06: 2003/01 - Operations Director - Smurfit Kappa – Corrugating Packaging Industry - Belgium: Industrial group

05: 2001/10 - Site manager- TotalFina (SigmaKalon) - Paint process producer - Belgium: Industrial Group

04: 1998/12 - Managing Director - TI - Plastic Fuel Tank producer – Belgium-Sweden: Industrial Group

03: 1996/12 - COO - Butz Ieper Industry-Automotive – Belgium/Poland/Spain: Family Company

02: 1991/01 - Manufacturing Director - Continental (ITT) - Automotive - Belgium: International Group

01: 1986/12 - ICT + production advisor – SIDAL – Hoogovens Aluminum – TATA International group


January-1983 - January-2004

Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma

Master Degree of Creativity profit-organisations
2004 - 3005

Master of Business Administrator

Master Degree
Academic Engineering - focus Computer Science

Master Degree
Industrial Engineering - focus High-power Automatisation