robert g.


Considered by many a dynamic and strategically-minded business leader with demonstrable experience of delivering operational excellence across geographies and cultures. I bring a wealth of commercial and operational skills acquired across a range of demanding and diverse roles.

Seasoned in transforming underperforming organisations and delivering comprehensive cross-functional restructuring programmes that increase efficiency, improve working cultures and facilitate organic growth.

An open and honest communicator, confident in managing and meeting complex stakeholder expectations and acting always with integrity and transparency. I am an engaging and compassionate leader who is dedicated to supporting the personal and progression growth of individuals and teams.


Group Operations Director & Vanduzi Managing Director
January-2014 - January-2018

Mozfoods grows, harvests, packs, and transports for export to the UK and South Africa a wide range of fresh produce. Appointed to lead the rehabilitation and restructuring of significant Agricultural business in Mozambique, reporting to the Director of Gatsby in London and Lord David Sainsbury.
 Led a comprehensive transformation project across the business, restructuring all company operational and finance activity which covered export sales/marketing, budgeting, expenditure, monitoring, organisational development, communications and compliance.
 Restructured company staff across all levels of seniority from the CEO and Board of Directors down to the basic operational supervisory staff. Successfully created local job opportunities and improved the reputation of the business with the local government with over 90% of the workforce being indigenous to Mozambique.
 Successfully developed the Human Resource function into a first world HR service provider to the management team. Brought in European operating standards into local factories including appraisals, proper health and safety procedures and hygiene standards.
 Established and developed small farmer projects which involved over 1,600 farmers and ran alongside the core operation. These farmers were served from the core business which gave them a guaranteed market for their production, technical production training and critical guidance.
 Stemmed significant losses and developed the business into a position where it could be sold. Led a forensic audit of the administrative processes and operating systems to identified key weaknesses with cash management and controls, company procurement and budgeting. Subsequently implemented robust standard operating systems and controls which minimised losses and gave the management team the tools required to operate the business efficiently.

Project Director
Wood Family Trust
Tanzania, United Republic Of
January-2013 - January-2014

The Wood Family Trust was founded by Sir Ian Wood and Lord David Sainsbury to alleviate poverty using a venture philanthropic model based on business principles. Appointed to co-ordinate of all WFT operations and programs within Tanzania, restructure the day to day operations and redefine the trust’s portfolio of projects.
 Identified and secured a partnership opportunity with Unilever, DFID, Government of Tanzania with the Wood Family Trust and the Gatsby Foundation which resulted in co-investment in a major new tea plantation in the Southern Highlights of Tanzania.
 Oversaw the project development plan of a tea plantation factory in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania in conjunction with key industry stakeholders, providing critical oversight in the development and daily running of a locally run management company to plan and manage the smallholder farmers planting and production of tea within the district. The project successfully boosted the incomes of over 3000 local tea farmers across nearly 30 villages.
 Led the matching of funding grants with Private Tea companies and industry stakeholders operating within Tanzania. Adopted a portfolio of interventions including matching grants to buy-down risk and encourage innovation with the private sector, co-investing with lead investors in greenfield development, and providing technical assistance to the wider industry to improve the competitiveness of the market system.
 Co-ordinated the capacity building of Government departments such as the Tea Board of Tanzania, Tea Research Institute, Tanzania Small Holders Team Development Agency, Tea Association of Tanzania and the Tanzania Small Tea Growers Association.


Diplomas in: arable/vegetable, crop husbandry and production, animal production, machinery maintenance and accountancy
Lincolnshire Collage Agriculture
United Kingdom
January-1979 - January-1981