Dominic R.


I have a career of living and working overseas, managing businesses covering a diverse range of industries in an equally varied set of locations: Ghana, Sierra Leone, Brazil, India, Hungary, Thailand, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Portugal, Dubai, Singapore, Nigeria and Europe.

Accomplished leader with 35+ years' international consultancy and operational experience in growing territories and structuring organisation across a range of essential business situations. Track record in establishing a strong market presence, increased sales levels, product/service promotion and optimising customer satisfaction using in-depth understanding of different cultures. Known for extension of field operations, maximisation of exposure and expansion of presence on a national or international level within challenging environments while overcoming distinct differences in culture, communication styles, technology and business methods.

Best suited to a consultative sales position or as a Country Manager for a start-up or developing company that requires somebody with broad international exposure and a strong background in leadership, management, business and sales.

Most recently in Ghana, I managed 2 projects:
*. A UK tech start-up provider of mobile payments, ordering and stock control software.
*. A European charcoal manufacturing and export company.

Further experience incorporates business start-up management, the waste management & renewable energy sector, organic fertlizers, crop enhancers & anti-malarial products, eco-friendly building & construction systems, executive recruitment, financial services, manufacturing, consultancy & sales.

Dominic Ryan


Country Manager
Eden Eco Solutions
United Kingdom
December-2018 - Present

Responsible for the introduction and development of the company and its services primarily in Ghana and elsewhere in West Africa.

Design strategic plans to achieve desired sales targets within UK and African markets through introduction of environmentally safe technical solutions and implementation of circular economics in sustainability policy.

Build a large database of potential clients using various industry contacts and marketing campaigns to solidify company’s market position and expand range of services. Identify potential touch points during customer journey and deploy CRM strategies to improve customer service. Chair sales meetings to review operational methods and highlight potential improvements, update senior management on progress. Create online group to maintain a valuable interaction across social media and an attractive company website to promote services. Deliver technical solution proposals to UK, West/East Africa and India.

Country Manager
April-2015 - October-2018

1. Enabled a successful penetration of organisation in Ghana sustainable charcoal sector using understanding of the charcoal production business, export procedures, local operational methods and regional requirements. Negotiated with government agencies, village chiefs, local workforce, service providers, manufacturers and managed all aspects of the business from production to sale.
2. Negotiated, opened, and staffed an office within budget to a UK-based start-up mobile payments, ordering and stock control software company. Managed all company registration and incorporation procedures, finance and banking formalities, appointed accountancy and auditing provider, recruited workforce, established sales and marketing plan, populated prospect and client pipeline, day-to-day management and reporting.

Sales and Development Director
Astec Global
January-2009 - January-2015

Represented services of two manufacturing companies of eco-friendly ICF construction systems and chemical-free anti-malarial products, water purification treatments and agro products.
Led marketing and sales initiatives for Africa, Asia and South America for a USA based environmentally-friendly manufacturing group. Managed legal and administrative functions as well as set regional targets in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Sudan, Congo, Brazil and India for ICF construction system. Designed hard copy and electronic marketing materials for a range of 100% chemical free and environmentally safe products. Promoted product range among charities, NGOs, government health ministries, pharmacies, independent retailers and national distributors.

Consultant Director of Sales and Development
United Kingdom
January-2013 - January-2015

UK, Romania, Ghana
* Initiated sales development for an Israeli/Romanian new technology provider of digital water monitoring systems with emphasis on China and Eastern Europe.
* Guided Canadian producer of bamboo made audio equipment and trained stakeholders of a start-up photography and video studio in Ghana.
* Provided business advice and African life experience to an Irish investment group for a wind farm and solar power project in Ghana.
* Delivered business transformation and sales development initiatives for a well-established and struggling London lithographic printing house.

Sales, Development and Management
Other Recent Positions
January-1995 - January-2011

1. Interim Director of Operations (UK) -
* Retained to established boutique recruitment agency centred on the construction sector including production of brochures, website design, CRM installation, staff training and payment/commission structure.
* Introduced over 80% of client prospect pipeline through effective marketing initiatives and personal database of industry contacts.

2. Director (UK) -
* Co-created a Romanian themed restaurant and coffee shop while directing start-up, staffing, training, HSE, food and hygiene, inventory, marketing, financials, menu creation and business growth functions.

3. Director (Romania)
* Set-up a successful recruitment company offering full range of recruitment, headhunting, and training services to mainly blue chip and multinational companies in Romania.
* Opened a business consultancy providing advisory in areas of commodities, start-up, accountancy and tax, executive search and placement, property and land purchase to investors and companies entering Romanian market.

4. Director of Operations (Africa, Asia, South America, Middle East, Europe) -
* International brokerage delivering bespoke financial planning and investment products to the global expatriate community while aiding company’s growth and market expansion by establishing bases in Brazil, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, India, Singapore, Thailand, Ghana, Dubai, Spain, Portugal and Russia.


"O" Levels
Glastonbury HS
United Kingdom
September-1976 - June-1983

I had a standard but good education which resulted in 7 "O" Level passes. Rather than going straight to college, I instead took a year off to work and joined the private sector - I'm still there and yet to actually go to college!