Stefan H.

  • Summary

    I have been involved in Supply Chain Management most of my working career by way of supporting mineral exploration projects in Africa, looking for commodities, like Diamonds, Manganese, Nickel and Copper. This journey has taken me to countries like Botswana, Tanzania, Gabon, Zimbabwe and Democratic Republic of Congo, where my responsibilities was mostly to support these projects by establishing functional stock warehouses, working with suppliers, negotiating service agreements, working with Forwarding/Clearing Agents, Customs Officials, etc.
    The aspects that made this role remarkably interesting and challenging at the same time, was that I had to work over multiple country borders, with a cross-cultural mix of nationalities, to negotiate contracts, import equipment, finalize custom formalities, and over different language barriers.


    Operations/Logistics Manager
    MMG Limited
    Congo, the DRC
    June-2013 - May-2021

    Safety, Health, Environment and Community
    Monitor weekly SHEC audits and inspections to ensure compliance to MMG regulations.
    General management
    Established and maintained professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders – Created a performance reporting template, achieving an 70% reduction in stakeholder complaints.
    Managed a process procurement & supply project to improve and consolidate end-to-end service processes; restructured communication flow among the main suppliers and the invoicing department to reduce the late payment of invoices by 90%.
    People Management
    Managed team of four to redesign and improve the performance of the logistics department and agile procurement processes, leading to lean efficient logistics department and an 80% increase in turn-around time supporting across the business.
    Evaluated ‘as-is’ organizational structures and conducted workload assessments to identify duplicative services & functions; eliminated redundant processes realizing 100% increase in staff efficiencies.
    Established and implemented an operations procurement plan, contracts administration procedure and conducted trainings; new procurement procedure reduced overall delivery time of goods with 50%.
    Restructured warehouse operations with a computerized scheduling software to reduce standby costs by 25%
    Administered the Capital Budgeting process for capital items, and coordinating the sourcing with supply team. Negotiated the purchasing of capital items, reducing the original prices with an average of 20%.
    Contracts / SLAs
    Draft, negotiate and implement SLAs for supporting field operations, reducing the implementation time with 50%
    Compile financial data and prepare daily, weekly, monthly reports.

    Commercial Superintendent
    BHP Billiton
    December-2009 - March-2013

    Managed a 6-member cross-functional (warehousing, buyers, logistics, support) team and coordinated with the central head office in Libreville and Johannesburg towards the successful implementing of a highly functional supply team in Gabon.

    Managed the pre-contract construction phase (drafted specifications and tenders; evaluated suppliers and negotiated contracts).
    Managed business relationships with 5 suppliers, including CFAO Motors, Tracafric and Transform Transport to support the mining operations at Franceville.
    Managed the post-contract phase (coordinated alignment meetings for project team and service providers; processed contract closure).

    Operations Team Leader
    BHP Billiton
    December-2007 - November-2009

    Managerial activities
    Supervised logistics and field activities at exploration projects.
    Represented BHP in local community relationships.
    Assigned tasks to team members, managed their performance, and provided training.
    Maintained good relationships with external service providers (e.g., drilling, and geophysical companies).

    Applied health, safety, environment, and community policies. Participated in incident investigations.
    Conducted Risk Assessments and addressed workplace hazards to mitigate legal and commercial risk.
    Coordinated aviation activities and monitored safety.

    Purchasing and Supply Management
    Implemented new structures and procedures that optimized efficiency, saved costs, and minimized delays.
    Managed contract service providers according to contract terms and conditions.

    Ensured that Contractor processes and activities (e.g., SOPs) complied with BHP standards.
    Applied best-practice in site development – camps, facilities, access, services, and utilities.
    Supervised basic geological processes – mapping & sampling, core logging and geotechnical work.

    Planning, Scheduling & Budgeting
    Assisted Program Manager in developing a project execution plan for each exploration project.
    Supervised planning and coordination of resources and equipment for field-based activities.
    Managed specific field operations budget for the project.