Fadzai S.

  • Experience

    Geotcehnical Logging Engineer
    March-2023 - Present

    Central Pilbara Hub & Eastern Pilbara Hub (WAIO)

    • Surface characterisation including identification of data sources (e.g. geophysics, field, lab, core
    mapping) and data extraction methods (e.g. drilling campaigns) to determine the surface geotechnical
    • Model compilation (e.g. structural, stress, rock mass, geology, hydrogeology) to feed into surface
    geotechnical analysis.
    • Development of geotechnical inputs for surface mining methods and designs (e.g. bench geometry,
    wall geometry by pit zones) using geotechnical analytical results.
    • Application of most appropriate instrumentation (e.g. lasers, prisms, microseisms) to monitor and
    report on slope movements and escalate risks as required.
    • Development ground control management plans for open pit/cut mines (e.g. inspections, standoff
    distances, isolation zones) using qualitative risk assessment techniques to control stability/instability
    issues across the full Life of Asset.

    LWD/MWD Field Engineer
    November-2021 - March-2023

    • On-site supervision of the Logging- While-Drilling (LWD) process onshore oil and gas operations.
    • Responsible for the interpretation of formation well logs and directional survey information.
    • Working with the Directional Driller to ensure BHA compatibility with planned operating parameters.
    • Experience in Mud Pulse Telemetry and Electromagnetic Telemetry.
    • Liaising with client representatives (Geologists, Rig Managers, Company Man) on tool capabilities and
    operating limits to ensure optimal performance during drilling operations in the energy sector.
    • QA/QC of logs and post-drilling tests ensuring that all data provided to the client is of highest standard.
    • Maintaining, testing and repairing of tools and assemblies used for LWD operations.


    Bachelor of Engineering, Petroleum (Honors)
    Curtin University
    June-2016 - August-2019
    Diploma of Engineering
    Curtin College
    February-2015 - June-2016