Edmund C.


I boast of a successful career in providing leadership, direction and management guidance in both private and public sectors and not for profit enterprises. My skills set include decisiveness, adaptability and good communication. These are buttressed by sound risk mitigation, knowledge of economic drivers in developing and developed country markets, substantial research and analysis of international trade access systems and flows on various products, and a wide network of contacts. I am confident of achieving maximum impact in the shortest time given this knowledge. I have a solid grasp of financial analytical tools and financing options, organizations, donor financiers and areas of operation.

As an expert in value addition processes, I possess knowledge of organizational systems, processes and how to optimize and drive revenue and business growth.

I successfully held positions with a p & l responsibility at C level and overseeing large budgets with projects, operations and linkages in developing and developed economies. Through the application of global monitoring and evaluation techniques, I have a record of consistent attainment of objectives and ensuring a lasting impact. My intimate knowledge both private and public sector practices and exposure to developing economies gives me the resilience needed to tackle new challenges and approach decisions from a broader perspective. I have the added advantage of taken on advisory and consulting roles to both public and private sectors with oversight of programs advising enterprises and building capacity in engineering growth. As a result, I have a solid track record in proposal and report writing, am a good coach and mentor to peers and subordinates and able to harness the strengths of staff towards desired goals as well as inculcate a high performance culture. I have the exposure of working with different cultures.


Managing Director
ETC Associates
January-2012 - Present

Business and management consultancy

TAP Zambia
January-2000 - September-2011

Manufacturing and Trading

Managing Director
Hastt Zimbabwe
January-1999 - December-1999

Steel vessels and agricultural equipment fabrication


Investment Management
University of Wales
United Kingdom
May-2010 - May-2012


University of Zimbabwe
January-1981 - December-1983

BSc Honors