Boudewijn G.


All-round sustainability leader, trained and experienced in the agricultural sector and upstream supply chains. I am driven by the belief that transforming the behaviour of businesses, decisionmakers and consumers can only be achieved through initiating meaningful collaboration. My approach is bringing diverse groups together and agree on innovative solutions.
I have strong communication, leadership, and coaching skills as well as the ability to create and manage successful partnerships between diverse stakeholders such as civil society organisations, farming communities, business, and finance sector. Experienced in working in a global context, with an extensive network and a key interest in Africa. No 9 to 5 mentality, only impact counts.


Sustainability Consultant
Heineken Global Procurement
South Africa
December-2022 - Present

- Leading the Low Carbon Farming Programme for sugarcane in Africa, a climate change mitigation initiative. Heineken aims to achieve net-zero by 2040.
- Developing partnerships in Africa with various stakeholders aimed at reducing Greenhouse gas emissions in the Heineken sugar supply chains.

Regional Director Africa & Middle East
South Africa
January-2017 - October-2022

- Maintained a wide, relevant regional network of financial institutions, corporates, local business, farmers, sector organisations, and civil society.
- Created awareness of and interest in sustainable sugarcane production and processing, mainly successful in export countries such as Mauritius and eSwatini.
- Supported sugar mills and cane farmers in their sustainability journey.
- Created partnerships and new relationships between multi-nationals, local businesses, civil society organisations and sector organisations.
- Fundraised for and led an innovative sustainability finance project with ten partners including Nedbank, RCL, WWF and farmer organisations and three standard organisations.
- Participated in the global Bonsucro Senior Management Team (SMT).
- Participated in regional and global sustainability events.
- Published articles in relevant magazines.
- Led the Africa ISEAL members platform which includes Fairtrade, Rain Forest Alliance, Better Cotton, Alliance for Water Stewardship, and many others.

Managing & Deputy Director
Solidaridad Southern Africa
South Africa
October-2014 - December-2016

- Restructured the organisation, including change management, and leading the team through this process.
- Created and led an international team which implement projects in the region - South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique.
- Successful human resource management and financial management.
- Developed and implementing regional strategies for various commodities.
- Formulated project ideas and developing project concepts and proposals with the team.
- Strong management of all project budgets from various local and international funding organisations.
- Led the implementation of M&E for all projects.
- Business development and introduced innovative solutions.
- Participated in the Solidaridad Africa management team.

Co-founder and Executive Director
Fairtrade Label South Africa (NPC)
South Africa
December-2007 - December-2013

- Established and registered a new non-profit company (NPC).
- Developed and implemented the company’s business plan.
- Acquired membership of Fairtrade International (FLO), based in Bonn.
- Business Development – The number of commercial partners increased from six in 2010 to 35 by the end of 2013, including Woolworths, Mondelez and CIRO.
- Account Management – Once on board, managed and maintained the relationship with our clients (licensees).
- Marketing and PR – TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper interviews all to create awareness of Fairtrade and sustainability.
- Staff management – Fairtrade Label SA grew from just one staff member in 2007 to five permanent staff members is 2013.
- Local management of the very complex financial system of Fairtrade.
- Fundraising and reporting - Raised over 8 million rand of grants from the following organisations: Solidaridad, Comic relief, ICCO, the Embassy of Finland, Fairtrade International, and the Belgium government.
- Management of all M&E.
- International relations – Representing Fairtrade Label SA internationally at meetings and conferences, including the General Assembly of Fairtrade International.


MSc: Agricultural Economics and Management - Development Economics
Wageningen UR
August-1998 - May-2000