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    January-2009 - Present

    Future architect, Strategist, innovation leader, consultant, entrepreneur and coach/mentor to leverage digital technologies to address the social, environmental and economic challenges for a regenerative future.

    Partners and Clients include companies, social enterprises, NGOs and public sector including VEI (Vitens Evides International), Ministry Agriculture Netherlands, GSMA, GCAP, Letshego (Bank in 9 African countries), BoP Innovation Center, AICS, ENI, CORDAID, Seedstars, Danone, MTN, Kantar International, Dunea, KPN (Germany), AVSI (Italian NGO), Dutch embassy Mozambique, Dutch embassy Angola.

    African Experience: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Angola, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Zambia and South Africa with strategy, consultancy assignments, program development and start-ups in different sectors (agri, water, renewable energy, telecom, waste).
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    Director Services
    Dominican Republic
    January-2007 - January-2009

    UJET was a telecom Start-Up focused on Internet for all: connecting people for a better future by enabling connected, inclusive and sustainable digital societies.

    Investor and director responsible for Marketing, Distribution, Services & ICT of this 4th generation mobile communication start-up (WIMAX) in Latin America and the Caribbean. The first operational country was the Dominican Republic. The 'internet-for-all' service model combined connectivity with an innovative revenue model. Principles that are reflected today in crowdfunding, decentralized finance (DeFi) and self-regulation for sharing and valuing personal data were implemented in the first services for consumers and informal entrepreneurs (informal markets).

    Round A investment of 20 million euros was not implemented despite a successful due diligence because investors decided to withdraw due to the crisis of 2009.
    #inclusiveinnovation #inclusivebusiness #cala #mobile #wimax #lastmile #Base of Pyramid #FinTech #self-steering teams #holacracy

    Director Innovation (Africa & Middle East)
    January-2006 - July-2008

    Zain is a leading telecom operator in the Middle East and Africa originating from MTC Kuwait and the acquisition of CELTEL Africa.

    Director for strategy, innovation and integration of services and technology in 24 countries in Africa and the Middle East (-post merger, after the acquisition of CELTEL-). Led the development of a function at group level. Implementation of decentralized and open innovation to contribute to the inclusive growth and improvement of business results in the different countries, including:
    Realization and leadership of an innovation organization and open incubator with self-managing decentralized teams in East Africa, West Africa and Middle East (50 + people)
    Open and 'collaborative' Innovation Ecosystem set up with internal and external partners (including companies, governments, start-ups, research institutes, technology companies, communities, universities, donors, GSM Mobile Operators Association)
    Specific attention and focus on 'Mobile for Impact', social and enabling inclusive innovations contributing to the sustainable development goals.
    Innovation programs including:
    Next Generation Network Readiness (eg Service Delivery Platform, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and shared service model for omni-channel digital services).
    Virtual Network Operator Strategy for Middle East Markets
    Introduction of Low Cost Phones in African Markets ($10 phones)
    One Network, development and implementation of the world's first borderless network in East Africa.
    Big Data and AI for Social Behavior Analysis (call behavior), network and service optimization and innovation projects.
    #digital transformation #innovation #inclusiveinnovation #inclusivebusiness #designthinking #Africa #middle east #mobile #self teams #holacracy

    Head Global Service Innovation & Strategy
    January-2002 - January-2006

    Setting up and leading the Service Strategy and Innovation for Vodafone worldwide based on open and decentralized innovation principles and partnerships (internal and external). From technology/telecom push to customer and market-oriented services. Including:
    Realization and management of an innovation organization with self-managing decentralized teams in Italy, Japan, Sweden, England, Germany, Portugal and America (200+ people).
    Diverse portfolio of Innovation projects for different market segments and service domains (including IP mobile networking, communication services, mobile Information & Entertainment Services, converged messaging, shared services-hosted services for small businesses, mobile payments and digital cash –initiatives that have led to today's M-PESA, in collaboration with Safaricom Kenya–)
    Platform and shared service innovations including Next Generation Network Readiness (eg Service Delivery Platform, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and shared service model for omnichannel digital services.
    #rapidapplicationdevelopment #agile #enterprisearchitecture #innovation #-managingteams #outsourcing #designthinking #openinnovation #corporateventuring #mobile

    Head Global IT Strategy, Architecture and Digital Transformation
    January-2001 - January-2002

    Building and leading IT Strategy, Architecture and Digital Transformation Vodafone Group (located in Düsseldorf) with teams in Italy, England, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany. Main results:
    Vodafone Enterprise Architecture and ICT Strategy and organization
    Global (out)sourcing of services for essential customer management & billing systems
    The implementation of shared ICT services for Vodafone Group has contributed to improving the integral ICT costs of Vodafone's critical systems subsidiaries and partner countries worldwide.
    #rapidapplicationdevelopment #agile #enterprisearchitecture #self teams #outsourcing #designthinking #mobile

    Head Strategic Projects & Transition
    January-1999 - January-2001

    Led the shaping of the digital strategy and portfolio of strategic projects including:
    Vodafone Enterprise Architecture development, organization and team.
    Transformation of the Vodafone NL Customer Value Streams (processes, organization and systems) and optimization of multichannel customer contacts (stores, retailers, online, business customers).
    Implementation of Customer Management & Billing systems, including the consolidation and harmonization of Vodafone NL services and processes with Vodafone UK, Australia and Italy and setting up the initial functions and organization for ICT shared services (development and operation/services) for Vodafone Group.
    Member of the 3G team for development and embedding of data services strategy and innovation strategy (from tech push to service pull).

    #rapidapplicationdevelopment #agile #enterprisearchitecture #valuestreamreinvention

    Strategy Consultant / Interim Manager
    January-1994 - January-1999

    The NCIM Group is specialized in carrying out ICT assignments, projects and product development in the field of project management, consultancy, software development and system management.

    Centraal Boekhuis (CB): program director, architect and interim ICT manager for the transition from CB to a 24/7 logistics service provider. This allowed CB to meet the requirements and needs of existing customers (booksellers, office supplies) and to realize new value streams, including the fine distribution needs before the start of BOL.COM. Setting up and leading an ICT development organization, 50+ people and partnerships with software companies for the development and implementation of software (customers, orders, order processing, distribution and transport). Outsourcing of the mainframe operation and implementation of new ICT infrastructure, operations and organization (ITIL / Integrated Service Management) to minimize the costs of ICT services. The transformation has resulted in positive operating results and growth of the CB.

    #rapidapplicationdevelopment #agile #enterprisearchitecture #valuestreamreinvention #lowcodenocode #integratedservicemanagement #automatedwarehouse #supplychainmanagement #self teams #outsourcing

    James Martin Associates
    January-1989 - January-1994

    James Martin Associates (JMA), was a leading ICT consultancy and services firm. The company led the way with the Information Engineering Methodology (IEM) based Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool IEF (now CoolGen) and innovations such as architecture based development, rapid application development, object oriented development and value stream reinvention.

    As Consultant (digital) strategy & transformation assignments for clients including:
    KLM, information (ICT) strategy and implementation of systems for dynamic planning and management of station handling services at airports worldwide.
    Ministry of Agriculture, projects for implementation laws & regulations product boards, crop protection knowledge bank
    Belgian Judicial Police, integrated information and technology strategy and guidance of the implementation and transformation of the ICT development and service organization (ITIL, ISM).
    Swiss Bank, information (ICT) strategy, architecture and system development plan with introduction of Rapid Application Development and no-code development CASE tool (IEF) Outsourcing and insourcing.
    Energie Beheer Nederland, information (ICT) strategy, architecture and planning
    Shell ICT reorganization, implementation of architecture based process and IT development,
    Member technology & services visioning team, futurologist to translate holistic and integral trends into vision and strategic direction for customers, publications and books.

    Member of the Strategic Product / Service Team for the development of methods, techniques and training for Enterprise Engineering, Value Stream Reinvention, Information Engineering, Rapid Application Development, Architecture Based Transition, Program and Project Management. Precursors to Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, such as TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), Agile Frameworks such as SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and Program/Project Management (hybrid project management methods).

    #rapidapplicationdevelopment #agile #enterprisearchitecture #informationengineering #enterprise_engineering #valuestreamreinvention #togaf #lowcodenocode

    LTO Netherlands
    July-1986 - January-1989

    LTO Nederland is the business organization for Dutch farmers and horticulturists.

    Architect and project lead for the (digital) transformation of the Social and Economic Information Services of the Dutch Agricultural Organizations in all provinces of the Netherlands. Development and implementation of systems, infrastructure and a common knowledge and service organization for the regional extension services in the Netherlands. Responsible for building and leading the organization for software development, decentralized management and ICT services (operation).

    #rapidapplicationdevelopment #lowcodenocode #integratedservicemanagement #ITIL


    Executive MBA
    London Business School
    United Kingdom
    January-2004 - January-2006
    Change Management & Culture Executive Program
    Nijenrode University
    January-1997 - January-1999
    APICS Logistics & Distribution Management
    July-1994 - January-1996
    Computer Sciences
    University of Technology Eindhoven
    August-1982 - July-1986