Geertje G.


I am interested to move on in my career and put more focus back into what I can do to assist and support growth and development in Africa, through the improvement of systems and processes and change management.


Project Manager
Bingham Academy
April-2017 - Present

See resume.
Leading and oversight of school accreditation, policy development, handbooks and manuals.
Developing systems and processes to improve efficiency, and providing training on those systems.
Implementation of all work permit and residence permit processes for expat staff, including communicating with new and current staff, leadership and external partners on government expectations and regulations.

Program Director
Adoption Advocates International
May-1998 - December-2012

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Brief description:
Full managerial accountability for the day to day operations of this program, including leadership, adoption paperwork and care of as many as 300 children at any given time.
Scaling of the organization from 2 staff in 1998 to 250 staff at peek in 2008, with 3000 adoptions taking place over 15 years.


Organizational Leadership
Cairn University
United States
August-2022 - Present

I have just started my MA in Organizational Leadership. I plan to pursue it part time over a period of 3 years or so.

Cairn University
United States
May-2018 - Present

Master's Degree in Business Administration

Political Science
Lakehead University
May-2013 - January-2017

Bachelor's degree in Political Science