Sifiso D.


I am a focused, enthusiastic and hardworking individual with 16 years nursing experience in a variety of settings. Currently looking for work in International Health and Development with particular interest in Human Resources for Health.


Functional Assessor/Disability Analyst
United Kingdom
July-2015 - Present

My role is to conduct medical assessments and examinations using clinical knowledge and experience to produce concise reports for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).
I undertake a combination of file-work and face-to-face assessments of customers in relation to a variety of benefits and provide a report to the DWP. File-work involves reviewing medical evidence in a written or electronic format to determine the suitability of a face-to-face assessment. Such assessments focus on how a disability affects a customer’s day to day life in performing work related activities.
I analyse and interpret clinical information and medical evidence and then provide comprehensive reports to enable Decision Makers at DWP to make informed decisions regarding benefit claims.

Independent Clinical Services
United Kingdom
April-2004 - February-2017

·​Carried out various assignments across hospitals within the NHS Lothian division in accordance with agreed policies and guidelines.
·​Providing basic nursing care, pre and post- operative care, carrying out and recording patient observations as well as assisting nursing and medical staff.

Primary Care Practitioner
United Kingdom
September-2009 - April-2011

I was responsible for the following:
•Thorough assessment of individuals with healthcare needs including the development and implementation of care plans as required
•Giving health related advice and providing support, education and delivering a range of interventions to best manage prisoner healthcare needs (i.e. anticipatory care, promoting wellbeing, addressing health inequalities). Encouraging prisoners to take responsibility for their health.
•Delivery of nurse led primary care services, triage, inpatient services and making referrals to other services as deemed appropriate.
•Providing care and support for a population that has a comprehensive range of physical, psychological, substance misuse and social problems.
•Collecting forensic samples and providing advice and guidance to Prison Officers and Prison Management.
•Solely responsible for setting up and managing the running of the Anticoagualation Clinic within the Prison Health Centre.
•Responsible for the ordering, storage and stock control of medical supplies and equipment.

Staff Nurse
National Health Service (NHS)
United Kingdom
April-2005 - September-2009

I worked in a Neuro-Surgical Ward and my responsibilities included the following:
•Taking charge of the ward.
•Mentoring, supervising and assessing junior staff and students.
•Assessing care needs and use of problem solving skills to implement and evaluate care plans.
•Effective communication with members of the MDT, including patients and relatives.
•Provided pre and post operative as well as basic nursing


MSc of Science in International Health Systems
Queen Margaret University
United Kingdom
September-2010 - September-2012

I successfully completed the following modules:
International health and Social Policy
Health Economics
Health Related Research
Health Systems
Leading change
Research Design and Planning
Workforce Planning
Workforce Management

H. E Diploma in Nursing Studies
Edgehill University
United Kingdom
April-2001 - April-2005