Hussein F.

  • Summary

    I believe that I can be an asset to your company; I am a hard worker and not afraid to take on responsibilities. I support teamwork and value everyone´s opinion. As a leader I make sure that my colleagues are always aware of what our company is looking to achieve and I make sure to meet the targets required.


    Town Hall of Guinea-Bissau
    January-2021 - July-2021

    I offered my services to the Town Hall in setting up a software of management of their revenues along with a census of the businesses and homes of the capital city with the use of specific tablets. I designed the software in accordance to their needs along with a team of programmers.

    Cargoplus Angola
    January-2015 - December-2020

    Set up of new procedures
    - Improvement in operations response time
    - Set up and follow up of TEIA software
    - Better management of the trucks and maintenance systems
    - Better container handling
    - Marketing (which resulted on securing various contracts)
    - Yearly budgeting
    - General Management of over 200 employees.

    Country Manager
    Petroshipping Supply and services
    May-2008 - December-2019

    1- General Management
    - Company Setup in Angola.
    - Preparation and implementation of budget and 5-year-plan, country
    strategy, business plan and business management
    - Development of portfolio and investment plan
    - Marketing development in Angola and overseas (have travelled in
    Greece, USA, France)
    2- Procedures
    - Propose, implement, and follow Company procedures
    • Marketing
    - Approve key figures of business plan
    - Compile market general data and trends
    - Introduce the company to all major oil companies in Angola
    - Have participated in the 2012 OCT in Houston
    3- People Management
    - Propose candidates for key job application
    - Decide on salaries within budget and propose for key function
    - Perform appraisal every six months
    - Authorize terminations
    4- Controlling and Reporting
    - Approve internal procedures
    - Preparation of yearly budget and implement
    - Aware permanently about key figures/ ratio
    - Compile and send monthly report
    - Sign off financials and reports sent to headquarters


    Business Management
    Austin Community College
    United States
    September-2002 - July-2005