Angela G.


I have started many administration and management systems from scratch to where they function properly and effectively. I have successfully managed and maintained the rhino reintroduction project in Uganda for the past 13 years raising it from funding reliant to 90% self-sustainability.
I created and implemented all the administration, security, informant, field ranger management, purchasing, maintenance systems and trained the Ugandan staff how to manage them.
This is known as one of the most successful rhino reintroduction and management projects today.
I was appointed as a life-long Honorary Wildlife Officer in Uganda, by Uganda Wildlife Authority. I am adaptable to different programmes and can manage any type of business or project.


Executive Director
Rhino Fund Uganda
September-2008 - Present

Project Management, Office Management, Staff Management, Personal Assistance with a wide range of experience in the Conservation, Tourism, Mining, Financial, Marketing, Planning, Proposals, Consulting, Estate and Administrative industries have made me a definite asset to the companies that employed me. Always endeavoring to improve myself, it has been a constant personal responsibility to keep myself up to date in all the modern aspects of my line of qualification.