Linda B.


A work-smarter optimist whose passion for learning and sustainable development has defined my life path, I am looking to fulfil a lifelong dream of being a part of long-term creative and problem-solving projects in Africa.


Communications, DEI & Research Specialist
January-2003 - Present

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Engaging Content Creation | Digital Brand Voice | Public Relations | Research

Highly resourceful professional with extensive experience augmenting online presence, authoring newsletters and campaign materials, negotiating successful contract campaigns, and hosting one-on-one meetings with clients.
● Proficient in assessing project impact on capacity development of public-facing women leaders, human rights defenders, journalists, and advocacy organisations, using combination of quantitative and qualitative methods.
● Instrumental in executing assessment plans to evaluate effectiveness of capacity development programs, including data collection and analysis, report writing, and presentation of findings.
● Sensitive to the needs of diverse communities and identities. Knowledgeable in advocating for them across structures, diplomacy and collaboration. Skills include active listening, conflict-resolution, empathy, and positivity.
● Specialised in creating and translating texts for communication in both German and British English, ensuring adherence to guidelines on gender-inclusive language and internal regulations. Adept at publishing content independently via internal platforms and email, focusing on maintaining consistent brand image across all client service communication channels while expanding company-specific terminology databases and style guides.
● Provide exceptional communication services, including editing, proofreading, and developing communication tools, such as human-interest stories, research, short translations, and transcribes.

Deputy, Gender & Diversity Office
Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence - University of Bayreuth
October-2021 - Present

Assist GDO Director in realising Office's vision for integrating Critical Diversity Literacy and intersectionality knowledge/measures throughout all Cluster levels. Manage communication with Cluster organs and critical nodes in university and academic community. Raise cultural awareness and support anti-racism measures, especially empowerment raising for vulnerable students.

• Representing concerns of vulnerable groups to Cluster management. Advocating for empowerment, diversity inclusion and awareness raising in the professional structures of the Africa Multiple Cluster.
• Collaborating with management and participating in strategic meetings to create synergies with the broader community of University of Bayreuth and actors such as the Bayreuth City and inter-university measures for diversity inclusion and anti-racism work.
• Improving the visibility of GDO activities, networking and engagement.
• Co-facilitating events featuring distinguished guests in the field of intersectionality and Critical Diversity Literacy including taking care of their travel arrangements and personal needs during their stay in Bayreuth. This also involved facilitating small talk and networking encounters with students for empowerment and mentorship.

Communications Officer
The Global Coffee Platform (Formerly 4C Association),
May-2009 - September-2011

Delivered administrative support and performed Corporate Communications/PR duties to ensure smooth flow of routine activities. Led several independent editorial projects, such as developing periodical newsletter, co-editing annual reports, and writing human-interest stories.
● Authored and published more than 10 periodical newsletters to highlight achievements and struggles of coffee producers and businesses from diverse countries, including Vietnam, Costa Rica, Uganda, and Kenya.
● Adopted best coordination skills to assist Communications Manager in publishing 2 annual reports and 1 analysis report.
● Updated CRM database by maintaining project for disseminating annual reports of 500+ contacts.
● Captured photos and recorded videos/interviews, coordinated field trips, e.g. in coffee producing country (Kenya), to improve photo database by several hundred photos.
● Executed editing, proofreading, researching, and writing activities for all in-house publications.
● Leveraged effective relationship-building skills to cultivate lucrative professional relationships by obtaining trust and providing exceptional services across intercultural contexts.


Media Studies
Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (University of Bayreuth)
April-2013 - June-2021

Ph.D. in Media studies with a focus on gender and media in Africa.

American Language and Literature
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn
April-2003 - December-2008

Magistra Artium/MA, American Language and Literature, Media Studies & Ethnology.