Yvan H.


Madame, Monsieur,
Je possède des années d’expérience dans plusieurs domaines en qualité de Project Manager et comme Conseiller en sécurité dan les zones dites à risque. Après ces nombreuses années j’ai acquis une très bonne expérience du terrain. Je suis une personne polyvalente avec une grande capacité d’adaptation et un grand respect des uses et coutumes des pays ou j’ai vécu. Je suis capable de travailler sous pression et de gérer plusieurs taches simultanément. Je maîtrise actuellement 7 langues courantes et j’en apprend une huitième en plus de parler quelques dialectes Africains ce qui me rend capable de communiquer par une grande partie de gens dans de nombreux pays.

Madam, Sir,
I have years of experience in several areas as a Project Manager and as a Security Advisor in the so-called at-risk areas. After many years I have gained a very good experience in the field. I am a versatile person with great adaptability and a great respect for the uses and customs of the countries where I have live. I am able to work under pressure and handle several tasks simultaneously. I am currently fluent in 7 languages and I am learning another one in addition to speaking some African dialects which makes me able to communicate by a large part of people in many countries.


Project Manager
March-1993 - March-2021

Define operational policy, based on the directions set by the Board of Directors and the management team. Responsible for implementing this policy on the ground (adequacy of human and financial resources, monitoring budgets, providers and suppliers). Responsible for meeting administrative, human and field deadlines.

Supervision of the operation department:

- Recruit team members, monitor individual evaluations and coordinate the team.
- Dividing the workload and ensure the complementarity of skills.
- Host meetings.
- Set priorities and arbitrate major decisions.
- Follow preventive and active safety issues.
- Permanent presence on the ground.

As Security Adviser

•Prepares, reviews, security management documents for the designated area of responsibility, including all aspects related to elaboration, development, implementation and updating
•Identifies and monitors trends of security incidents affecting UNSMS personnel and organizations.
•Initiates, conducts and monitors the Security Risk Managements (SRM) process.
•Maintains and enhances lines of communication with UNSMS entities, including agencies funds and programmes and security focal points.
•Serves as member of Security Management Teams or Area Security Management Team, contributing to planning, implementation, evaluation of effectiveness of security planning, security


May-1979 - January-1984