Darminder B.


Highly analytical and results-driven professional with solid history of devising / executing robust strategies aimed at streamlining overall operations to achieve organisational goals.

Track record of managing and completing projects and directing cross-functional teams to resolve complex project issues, while meeting deadlines within time and budgetary constraints. Instrumental in directing and streamlining business operations with a focus on improving corporate revenue and profit margins. Stellar record of successful initiatives in operations management, quality control, leadership and management, as well as strategic business planning and relationship building. Demonstrated ability in developing and implementing strategic process improvement initiatives, establishing strategic plans, and introducing as well as managing organisational change.

Remarkable efficiency in managing customer services, quality/ people skills / supply planning, and procurement with focus on achieving organisational objectives. Accomplished leader; recognised for building, training, and guiding cross-functional teams for achieving assigned targets and delivering best-in-class services to elevate customer satisfaction. Equipped with articulate communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills in building positive and long-term work relationship with professionals of all organisational levels.


ND Projects
United Kingdom
November-2020 - Present

Established and responsible for all the aspects of organisation’s projects including stakeholder management, allocation of resources, project management and customer services, implemented effective strategies for the development of projects aimed at ensuring delivery of client requirements

Key Achievements Included: -
• Built relationships with customers to understand requirements and business objectives and advise them the costs and timelines of the projects.
• Spearheaded and delivered complex projects with keen focus on projects outcomes and deliverables.
• Developed and implemented tracking system through status reports and time management through proactively identify potential issues and communicated project status with Clients.

Site Manager
Syngenta Kenya Cuttings Ltd
January-2013 - August-2020

Planned, established, and steered execution of day-to-day site operational processes aimed at eliminating hurdles and increasing productivity. Offered leadership and guidance to cross-functional teams for strategic cost, volume, people, and quality management. Created and executed short and midterm investment plans, while ensuring compliance Company’s Strategy. Conducted meetings with staff and senior management to identify / resolve complex issues and devise strategic solutions. Managed two other cities in Kenya and Ethiopia for 3 months. Performed various tasks comprising sustainability projects implementation, budget management, communication management, enterprise risk review / management, legal contracts negotiation, and overall operations management.

Key Achievements Included: -
• Full management of budgets ranging from US$15 million to US$19 million over eight years.
• Led teams of up to 7 direct reports with over 1400 indirect reports.
• Increased 30% sales volume by introducing weekly events on annual basis for international customers as part of passion for customers strategy.
• Achieved overall business objectives by establishing targets and evaluating performance of management team.
• Ensured quality standards were met by leading Focus teams for continuous improvement of all site operations.
• Reduced health and safety hazards through strategic (HSE) rules and regulations implementation.
• Saved 8% operational costs by negotiating with suppliers for materials.
• Successful implementation of Global GAP and Fair-Trade certification, with regular audits to attain the status.
• Set up and led a team to successfully deliver for 5 years sustainability projects as part of organisations strategic goals.
• Optimised 25% site efficiency by introducing and leading Gemba Walks.
• Eliminated capacity losses by 5% and reduced material waste by 6% through agile projects implementation.
• Led, motivated and developed the management team with inhouse and external trainings and team building.

Administration and Operations Manager
Syngenta Kenya Cuttings Ltd
August-2007 - December-2012

Devised and deployed robust plans for the management of overall operations, while ensuring maintenance of all equipment’s and infrastructure were carried out according to standard procedures. Created and delivered training sessions for staff aimed at enhancing overall productivity and effectiveness. Managed various projects from inception to completion, while ensuring delivery of projects within time, scope, and budgetary constraints. Performed multiple duties including business cases preparation, store operations management, project management, HSE rules / regulations implementation, continuous processes improvement, and overall teams’ performance management. Collaborated with Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) aimed at ensuring overall inspection on farm was done in timely manner.
• Enhanced 100% customer satisfaction rate and reduced 12%packaging costs by implanting new packaging design.
• Detected and reduced 80% site hazardous points by improving as well as leading Health and Safety walks across organisation.
• Increased 20% performance of the engineering team through KPI’s development and implementation.
• Saved USD 90,000 energy cost by ensuring the usage LED lights and solar lamps in 3 years phased program.
• Decreased lead time of preparation of site by 14 days through environmentally friendly steaming process implementation.


Accountancy & Finance
University Of Wales, Aberystwyth
United Kingdom
September-1990 - July-1993