matthew c.

  • Experience

    Regional security and safety manager
    Saudi Arabia
    March-2016 - Present

    Regional security and HSE manager for the ME region
     Responsible for implementing occupational health and safety regulations in the workplace.
     Prevent accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses in the workplace, by ensuring all member of staff are aware of and adhere to the company safety policy.
     Act as a key point of contact for any member of staff who has questions or concerns regarding health and safety at the workplace.
     Ensure calibration of routine security operations as per set standards by formulating superior security protocols, leading to effectual development of a secure work environment.
     Collaborate with numerous Saudi and US governmental agencies as well as intelligence departments to streamline licensing, visa, tax, and security operations.
     Support the realisation of various projects totalling $156M by drafting and evaluating the security requirements.
     Administer day-to-day operations relating to the country branch office, aiming to support organisational projects.
     Control and synchronise finances, including payroll and project location petty cash accounts.

    Country Security/Safety manager
    January-2012 - March-2016

     Spearheaded nine projects across Afghanistan assuring safe return of numerous employees after five years.
     Built a professional rapport with US officials for efficient generation of security protocols and execution of multi-million dollar projects with complex environments.
     Strengthened relations with security companies to aid badging operations for the US using secure websites.
     Directed eight cross-functional security teams spread across the country for successful achievement of set goals.
     Created and submitted detailed security plans and operational policies in coordination with US.

    Security/Logistics/Operations manager
    Olive & Blue Hackel
    March-2010 - January-2012

     Realised 30 client objectives by resourcefully supporting needs and executing movement operations on daily basis, leveraging a multi-ethnic team of 12 professionals.
     Led and coached a diversified force of fifty local guards, while overseeing the protection security detail.
     Pooled resources with US Air Force and CentCom Arming for efficient management of routine operations and deployment of thorough training programmes for the local staff.
     Played a key role in completion of 22 projects spread across the country by directing complex supply activities.
     Headed procurement, finance, wage activities, and equipment movement by coordinating with local suppliers.
     Assured completion of 22 project including 18 static sites and four PSD by leading almost 1500 personnel.
     Coordinated with a diverse range of suppliers for execution of procurement and equipment movement.
     Controlled day-to-day accounting and financing operations for total projects, as well as organisational assets.

    Private soldier to Warrent Officer
    United Kingdom
    June-1984 - February-2010

    served in the British infantry at Various Locations worldwide


    OSHA 30 Construction Course
    United States
    February-2016 - Present

    Occupational Safety Health Association 30 hour construction safety course. renewed February 2019

    Safety Trained Supervisor Construction
    Board of Certified Safety Professionals
    United States
    July-2020 - Present

    Board of Certified Safety Professionals Safety Trained Supervisor Construction

    Occupational Safety and Health
    United Kingdom
    January-2019 - Present

    Diploma in Occupational health and safety

    International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health
    United Kingdom
    November-2018 - Present

    NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

    Security & Risk Management
    Leicester university
    United Kingdom
    January-2016 - Present

    B.S. level degree in Security & Risk Management, Leicester University, UK