Peter B.


Business Development Manager Africa
March-2007 - Present

Responsible for new country entry, creation of Joint Ventures, developing relations with clients and general stakeholders. participating is large and strategic tenders and proposals, Achieved several JV agreements and over 500 Mio US$ if signed contracts. Driving the Local Content commitment for the African continent. Substantial network of private and public sector contacts across Africa.


Business Skills
Fugro internal Academy
March-2007 - September-2020

As part of the 'education permanente' participated in multiple training programs and initiatives including the Fugro Commercial Excellence program, Key Account Management, accounting and 'soft skills'.

Msc Geodesy
Delft University of technology, The Netherlands
August-1980 - August-1988

Being a Geodesist by education has offered me an entry in the world of technology and projects. It has also exposed me to a multitude of technical disciplines and ultimately to project management, operations management, commercial management and Business Development. The technical background has proven to be essential for the credibility when communicating with teams and clients.