Colin S.


January-2020 - Present

I am have been working for several months as a lead consultant with a Dutch company on a confidential, yet substantial project concerning Agro park developments in an African country. This is a $1.5b project that only the Nethrlands has the intellectual capacity and experience to deliver. The proposal is complete and waiting for the client's final approvals.

Group Business development & Strategic planning Director
Elenefeidi Group
January-2016 - Present

Elnefeidi Group extended my contract by an additional three years through to 2022 but, I had to resign to attend to personal issues in South Africa. I was to return to Sudan in March 2020 to complete either (1) a hand over of three months or (2) renegotiate the position. Unfortunately, the covid 19 lockdown prevailed and I have been unable to return. Prior to my resignation, we were successful in raising $60m from the AFDB to finance my principal project (Abattoir, Feedlot and Processing plant) and $15m from IFU (Denmark). Over the years, I had worked closely with the consultants from The Netherlands and Australia and there are relationships in place, and knowledge concerning the key projects that need to be transferred. The Job description is contained in the attached CV


Master of Business Administration
University of Cape Town Graduate school of business (GSB)
South Africa
January-1991 - Present

I also have an undergraduate degree from the University of Natal : Bachelor of commerce. I am in the process of competing the Prince 2 (EU qualification) course specializing in Project management specifically. This I hope to complete by the end of the year.