Gbolahan (Bola) O.


Program Manager / Enterprise Architect
Aurora Cannabis
April-2019 - March-2020

• Responsible for selecting IT Advisory organization in Aurora
• Developed the framework and roadmap for Master Data Management in Aurora
• Responsible for identifying GDPR requirements for projects
• Architect responsible for Data Quality in Aurora including assessing such quality metrics as accuracy, completeness, reliability, relevance, and timeliness among others
• Worked on the Contract Management System and Survey Application Management System to identify enterprise level architecture requirements
• Architect responsible for Data Governance, Risk and Compliance including PII and PCI data
• Data architect responsible for identifying relevant data flows and creating a lineage of data in Aurora
• Created Data Migration Plans for moving patient love data from the three major legacy databases, including moving data to temporary location
Relevant Work Assignments:
• Successfully created architecture direction for Aurora.

Enterprise Architect
University of Manitoba
January-2018 - December-2018

• Creating TOGAF viewpoints that are relevant to the university stakeholders
• Populating the architecture repository with relevant enterprise architecture and project architecture artifacts Training other architects on modelling using iServer
• Working as a Repository Guardian and Consultant / responsible for repository governance
• Established technical standards and guidelines for application services group

Relevant Work Assignments:
Successfully created architecture repository and performed set-up of repository governance

Enterprise Architect
August-2016 - March-2017

• Provided architectural consulting services to projects based on AWS and other Cloud technologies including Migration services
• Used the connected vehicle reference implementation architecture to create logical and physical architectures for the enterprise
• Built the Innovative Translink System modelled after the Turbo Architecture of US and Canada Ministry of Transportation (ITERIS)
• Created a Business Capability Model for Translink based on standard transportation capabilities showing a heat map of specific opportunities for improvement
Relevant Work Assignments:
• Definition of the Translink architecture
• Set-up of SOA governance
• Technical lead for implementation architecture

Senior Systems Architect
Investors Group
February-2016 - August-2016

• Defined the Report architecture for the IGM group – Dimension’s reporting solution does not have portal capabilities, I defined the reporting architecture that takes advantage of the offerings of Dimension as well as the robust offerings of SAP Crystal Reports Server
• Built monitoring dashboards and defined the end to end monitoring parameters for NAV calculation
• Defined the notification architecture for the Aquarius project
• Mapped and gave support to the Cash Management processes in Aquarius.
• Responsible for defining the non-functional requirements for the reporting solution.
• Created business information models using various tools
Relevant Work Assignments:
• Definition of the reporting architecture
• Created the reference architecture and conceptual architecture for the Aquarius project
• Technical lead for implementation

Enterprise Architect / Solutions Architect
Suncor Energy
November-2014 - August-2015

• Responsible for defining the Business, Application, Data, Technology and Security concerns
• Responsible for defining the Conceptual and Logical architectures
• Provided solution options that circumvented SAP customization using cross references tables etc
• Engagement of the SAP technical and the Success Factors technical team to define the architectural requirements
• Identified and evaluated project risks and participated in defining mitigation and control activities.
• Responsible for generating Design Basis Memorandum (Architecture documentation)
• Development of Policies and standards and communicating these to the required teams
• Use of Alfabet for Enterprise IT Planning and Architecture transformation.
• Created data migration plans for the enterprise
Relevant Work Assignments:
• Created an application rationalization roadmap for ITSM
• Created the reference architecture and conceptual architecture for the program
• Technical lead for Service Now implementation
• Created the reference architecture and conceptual architecture
• Technical lead for SAP HR implementation

Solutions Architect / Solutions Delivery Lead
Husky Energy
April-2013 - November-2014

• Provided Solution Architecture consultation and guidance to Data1 project phases
• Identified and evaluated project risks and participated in defining mitigation, risk reporting and control activities.
• Discovered SAP master data flows from Non SAP Applications into SAP (Data Discovery)
• Data architecture development
• Created a data flow diagram showing SAP master data flow in all midstream and downstream applications in Husky Energy
• Identified performance metrics and KPI from best in class implementations and ensured delivery of optimal results
• Proposed remediation strategies and technical solutions for identified gaps in the vanilla sky implementation
• Identified strategies that encouraged SAP configuration rather than customization
• Presented cost effective solution proposals to technical and non technical audience
• Reviewed XSLT maps to determine possible sources of errors
Relevant Work Assignments:
• Re-designed processes with clear documentation of the business vocabulary and improvement in business operations
• Created the capability to plan multiple wells with a time gain of 80%
• Delivered successfully the implementation of Vanilla Sky SAP in Husky by integrating over 22 applications to schedule, cost and scope

Enterprise Architect / Solutions Architect
Government of Alberta / Servus Credit Union
December-2011 - April-2013

• Responsible for Solution Design
• Prepared service specification documents
• Drove impressive improvements across the business as a result of SOA implementations
• Identified opportunities for complex event processing
• Identified SOA driven opportunities to aggregate individual application capabilities into coarsely grained business services that are exposed for use by multiple systems
• Used XML, XSD and other HTTP for various open interactions between systems
• Used Semantics of Business Vocabularies & Rules (SBVR) – OMG Model to create various business rules architecture artifacts
• Used XBRL (XML Business Rules Language) – OMG Model to create various architecture artifacts including strategy documents, policies and solutions
• Created data definitions and semantics as well as concepts for the program
• Reviewed and decided model governance, frameworks and standards for the ALTA2 program.
• Responsible for Data modeling for the SPIN 2 project
• Mentored staff in methodology and consulting excellence and encouraged best practice in project management and project planning.
• Created data flow diagrams.
Relevant Work Assignments:
• Created a complete MDG environment for Service Alberta
• Created development cases and methodologies suited to ALTA2 projects in the Government of Alberta
• Delivered successfully a fully integrated system from three applications
• Positioned Servus Credit to use innovative and cutting edge technology for its analysis and design

Solutions Architect
British Columbia Lottery Corporation
May-2011 - December-2011

• Developed the views and viewpoints for both developers and administrators of Mobile Gaming.
• Championed the call for compliance with enterprise architecture objectives in order to ensure standards compliance and Single Sign On program
• Positive participation in meetings to achieve an improvement in quality of requirements gathered and Solution proposed.
• Project scoring of architectural design alternatives to select the most appropriate alternative for the e-Bingo project
• Used SAP Business Objects Analysis for office, for OLAP and SAP Business Explorer for Reporting
Relevant Work Assignments:
• Developed the architecture repository for e Gaming projects
• Delivered the first Service Oriented Architecture project in BCLC e Gaming using a Model driven architecture
• Designed processes, architecture patterns and process pattern mappings to ensure up to 30% reduction in Project duration for e Gaming Projects


Computer Science
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
June-2011 - June-2012
Project Leadership
Cornel University
United States
June-2008 - June-2009
University of Ilorin
May-1998 - November-2001

Masters in Business Administration

Computer Science
University of Lagos
August-1995 - February-1997
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of Lagos
September-1990 - August-1991