Francois P.


Highly motivated and goal-oriented electrical engineer with change management experience, with 24+ years of diverse work background ranging from a “turn around management” position as the Director of Supply to the project manager responsible for the $207M MCA-T (MCC) energy projects in Tanzania. Excellent knowledge of project, contract management techniques and the development of large infrastructure projects. Recognized as an innovator and creative thinker capable of providing resolution with strong interpersonal and multi-tasking abilities. Consistently demonstrates a forward-thinking approach via proven leadership and problem-solving skills. Works well with cross-functional teams, and partners to deliver complex projects on time and affecting change in businesses and improve overall efficiencies. Equipped with an excellent work ethic, a strong sense of responsibility, and an outstanding record of accomplishment in management roles and engineering projects. Has a strong entrepreneurial background, can work on his own autonomously in any country, and can manage businesses in Africa.


Electricity Utility Distribution and Change Management Specialist - Business Development Africa
ESB International
Tanzania, United Republic Of
March-2020 - Present

Responsible for business development in Africa with a focus on engineering services in Transmission & Distribution (T&D) and utility management services. Supporting a number of Development Finance Institutions in the area of power utility reforms and different forms of Private Sector Participation from management contracts to concessions in various parts of the energy sector of a country.

Senior manager - Business Processes
Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)
June-2019 - March-2020

• Responsible for aligning business processes with the ESBI MSC change management strategy and a newly developed CMS/ IMS and ERP. The work includes policy development, corporate governance, and departmental processes
• Initial focus on donor-funded electrification projects where an estimated 100,000 customers will be connected to the newly constructed electricity network. These customers must be registered in the LEC CMS Prepaid metering system and monitored to minimise losses due to energy theft and fraud. Required a new approach to customer onboarding and partnering with Telcos with regional presence in areas where LEC has no offices.
• Also introduced mobile money payments in LEC and move towards cashless payments with Banks and Telcos
• In parallel to this work, improve financial processes (debt management focus) and improve control and overall performance

Senior manager – Monrovia consolidated intensification and network upgrade
Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)
July-2018 - January-2020

• Work with European Union owners’ engineers to develop an upgrade program to upgrade existing urban networks in a large part of Monrovia.
• Developed a concept to mix Solar Home Systems with stand-alone solar-powered grids in areas where the cost to upgrade the electrical networks were prohibitively expensive due to high-density informal buildings and complex access issues. Collaborated with engineers at KPLC in Kenya where similar challenges in the slum areas of Nairobi exist
• Researched the possibility of integrating Solar Home Systems and rooftop solar with the grid through various forms of net metering and other grid control technologies.
• Developed a model to sub-concession an industrial feeder to a private operator investing in the network and supply and manage industrial and commercial customers on the network. LEC would bulk meter and sell energy to the operator at a discount and the operator would be responsible for all of the customers on that feeder

Senior manager - Revenue Protection
Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)
July-2018 - May-2019

Energy access and revenue protection support to the ESBI executive team currently managing Liberia Electricity Corporation under a Management Service Contract (MSC). Part of the MCC funded turnaround management contract. The primary objective of the MSC is to reduce aggregated losses, increase revenue and increased access to energy (More households and business gaining access to the grid).
• Created a revenue Protection Unit (RPU) responsible for increasing revenue (Debt and disconnection management), commercial loss reduction activities and establishing a framework of penalties and deterrents to deter culprits
• Working with various parts of the LEC organisation involved in metering, billing and revenue related activities to develop business processes that are aligned with a new Enterprise Resource Planning and Information Management System (Indra) rolled out in LEC

Technical adviser
Electricity Corporation Ghana (ECG)
November-2017 - March-2019

Adviser to the Operational Department of ECG as part of technical advisory work funded under the MiDA / MCC energy compact in Ghana with a specific focus on optimization of outage management and the call center services.
• Evaluate and audit coordination between the existing ECG Call Centre and district Fault / Dispatch Centres
• Implemented a program of improvements in the customer services area (Including the call centre) and fault dispatch centre so that field crew reaction times are shortened and the time from fault alert to fault clearing was at least half
• Improve operation and maintenance practices (35 teams) that resulted in shorter and fewer outages through more effective system restore practices; reorganizing of all field teams and introduced improved management and operational systems.

Business developer and country manager East Africa
ESBI • East Africa focused Dar es Salaam
Tanzania, United Republic Of
June-2015 - December-2018

Seek and manage potential business opportunities, which requires excellent people skills, innovative thinking, good networking skill and a good reputation in the East African energy sector.
• Engage power utilities in the East African region to promote the ESBI brand of services.
• Prepare bid strategies and work with ESBI bidding teams to win projects in East Africa.
• Work for numerous investors, banks, and provided lenders engineer’s services for these entities.
• Secured a construction supervision contract with Sumitomo. Placed construction supervisors on the project to construct the 300MW Closed Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Kinyerezi II powerplant in Dar Es Salaam

Project Manager for Zanzibar Power Private Sector Participation (PSP)
IFC Worldbank
Tanzania, United Republic Of
February-2015 - June-2015

Completed a strategic assessment and financial analysis of Zeco in Zanzibar and developed an economic model used to analyse the various forms of private sector involvement, from management contracting, concessions to privatization.
• Performed a technical, financial, social and environmental and organizational due diligence of ZECO.
• Recommended strategies that will improve the overall operational and technical efficiency of ZECO and develop an investment plan that will fund programs to achieve operational efficiency and stable power supply for the company in the next 15 years. Managed a team of 15 specialists from various backgrounds, e.g. Engineers, economists and lawyers.
• Identified and provided resolutions for any legal and regulatory issues that may hinder any form of PSP in Zanzibar.
• Supported the IFC in developing a financial model where different PSP scenarios were modelled, and financial commitments and operational costs were varied. This tool was used to inform the Zanzibar government and to help them decide on a PSP model

Project manager rural electrification & intensification & project coordinator
Tanzania, United Republic Of
November-2008 - December-2014

ESBI was appointed to manage the MCA-T energy projects (project value: $207M), consisting of the development of the Zanzibar interconnector project (132kV submarine cable and Overhead line and six substations); development of 21 substation projects and the construction of 2,564km of distribution networks in 7 regions in Tanzania. I had two roles which included overall project coordinator
• Managed the complete project lifecycle, project scope of works, schedules and costs of all of the MCA-T projects until the appointment of the EPC Contractors after which time I was responsible for overall project programming and project budgets till 2013 (Over and above my other duties). I managed a $220M (became $207M) project budget
• Project manager for the $54M rural electrification sub-projects which included the construction of 1,311km of MV supplying 385 MV/LV pole-top transformers and 1,256km of LV lines in 201 projects in 7 regions (estimated 50,000 connections) from project scoping to final commissioning. My team was made up of 18 supervisors and 6 engineer managers and more than 50 Tanesco engineers. Part of my work was to ensure that there was knowledge transfer from ESBI staff to Tanesco
• Developed a Distribution Networks Management System (DNMS) and GIS system for TANESCO and ZECO (Zanzibar) with a full design capacity to design new and extend MV and LV lines. This system was used as an asset management system and network-modelling tool. This was a $3.8M system
• Developed the Quality Assurance and Quality Construction (QA/QC) documentation and implemented various QA/QC management systems used by ESBI staff and during the construction phase of the projects the EPC Contractors

Senior strategic pricing manager
ESB Independent Energy
January-2008 - October-2008

Preparing ESBIE pricing and trading team (6 people) for the Single Electricity Market in Ireland

Executive Director of Supply in KEK
EU/USAID • Kosovo (Balkans)
February-2004 - November-2006

ESBI were engaged as management contractors on a three-year turn-around contract to transition KEK into a financially sustainable and self-sufficient power utility able to provide stable power to Kosovo. KEK was a postwar utility (Balkan wars)
• Managed the Supply division (600 plus employees and 11 Managers) of KEK, which included dispatch and control, billing, customer services, metering audits, disconnections, meter management, debt recovery, revenue protection, load shedding planning and new connections. Moved away from cash payments through a partnership with Western Union.
• Directly responsible for a revenue increase of 28%, while total commercial and technical losses was reduced by 19%. over the life of the ESBI contract. Directly responsible for average energy sales of €100M plus per year and a €8M a year departmental budget. Established a data analytical team separate from the Supply division to analyse trends and performance
• Reorganized the Supply division created new business processes and introduced new policies and procedures coupled with KPI’s and incentives. Using a local software company developed a full bespoke customer billing and Information Management System (IMS) and saw the full adoption of the system throughout KEK
• Managed a range of stakeholders in Kosovo including Banks and Donors and reporting to the United Nation Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General Office. Reported quarterly to the Board of Directors and monthly the Regulator


ACCA Diploma, Diploma in Financial Management
ACCA• Dublin Business School
January-2013 - December-2014

Diploma in Financial Management

Diploma, The Mechanics of Project Finance
International Faculty of Finance
United Kingdom
January-2010 - August-2011

The Mechanics of Project Finance

B.Ing Electrical Engineering
University of Pretoria • Chartered Electrical Engineer
South Africa
January-1991 - December-1995

Electrical Engineering degree