Elie N.

  • Summary

    I am a senior SME development specialist with strong track records in agribusiness and cooperatives development spanning over 20 years of experience in agriculture value chains. I have extensive experience that cut across agriculture subsectors assessment studies, projects design and projects evaluation. My experience also includes leading and managing agriculture projects, effectively leading strategy to action and developing multistakeholder interventions to jointly deliver enduring business goals. I have extensive experience with international NGOs and UN such as SNV Netherlands, UNDP, ILO, CARE International, USAID, ICCO, and CNFA.


    SME-Agri business consultant
    April-2018 - Present

    Main achievements include value chains assessment studies, projects design, projects evaluations, and trainings (see details in my CV)

    SME Development Specialist
    September-2016 - March-2018

    Worked as international expert to provide TA to BOSS - Business Opportunities Support Services project in Monrovia . Main achievements include establishment of Business Clinics in counties, development of BDS training material, facilitation of training of trainers/ local of business coaches, coaching an mentoring of SMEs

    Senior Agribusiness Advisor
    SNV Netherlands
    January-2008 - September-2016

    Served as agriculture team leader, Voice for change for food security and nutrition project manager and apiculture project manager.

    Economic Development Advisor
    SNV Netherlands
    August-1996 - December-2001

    My responsibilities as economic advisor were mainly focused on business development partnerships within districts of southern Province in Rwanda:
    • Explore business opportunities in the communities, promote business partnerships between public and private sector;
    • Facilitate joint ventures among private sector actors to support the business in the Districts;
    • Promotion of business networks/clusters at Districts and Provincial level and inter-linkages among sectors;
    • Set up coordination mechanisms for investments in the districts. Management of grants and proposals;

    Program Manager
    International Labor Organization-ILO
    May-1987 - December-1991

    The project was based on interventions in a range of fields including establishment and strengthening small and micro businesses for youth in urban areas. Entrepreneurship education, enterprise development and experiential programs were the key intervention approaches to address key issues that were hindering the inclusion of informal sector operators in the modern economy.


    MBA -Business and economics -Project Management
    Mount Kenya University
    January-2012 - August-2015