Gert Jan B.


In the past 13 years, but particularly in my position by cordeel, I have already gained experience in the following sectors: '’ petrochemical industry, industry, civil, high-rise buildings, non-residential construction.

At this moment working for denys Engineering and contracting in africa zambia as project manager.
And represent the company in front of clients, consultants and authorities on aspects of technical activity including value engineering, submittal, approvals lead the team of engineers.
As you mention i've been familiar with government authorities on an engineering/Infrastructure level, the key dimensions to this role would be all laboratories in Asphalt plants and Quarries in order with our qa/qc team on this project.
I’m currently looking for some new opportunities because the project is almost finishing..

Responsibilities for daily work on: '' planning, safety, quality, production, inspection, quality control, daily meetings. In the past 13 years, I have already gained experience in the following sectors: '’ petrochemical industry, industry, civil, high-rise buildings, non-residential construction, outfitting, precast, traditional concrete construction, rail project, stations. Also, I have three projects QA/QC accompanied during the construction of these projects. As a specialist in big concrete construction job I could be a great effort for you company.
I have also a lot of experience in finishing work on the highest level we have have in the construction i can say i’m one of I kind with all-round experience.


managing director company owner
G & E Goldline group
June-2018 - Present

G & E Goldline group is a dynamic company, subdivide in three daughter companies

G and E Goldline construction LTD.
G and E Goldline poultry LTD.
G E Goldline credit LTD.

Our construction department is developing the housing market and the industrial market including civil and infrastructure projects.
We can do your project management, procurement and document control.
We are working as (sub)contractor within Zambia, we focus on high standard safety this in combination with high standard of quality.
Our local employees are all high skilled trained and we keep this updated when needed.
At this moment we involved within couple of project in Zambia like the Kala Marine Barracks in Kawambwa.
At KKI Airport developing real estate two and three bedroom flats.

Our goldline poultry department Founded in 2018, Goldline poultry is a Zambian company.
offering high-quality chickens we are a fully integrated company, allowing us to give you superior chicken, straight from our farms to your table.
We strive to provide high quality product, along with equal commitment to service. We aim to give you the confidence that our entire staff is preparing each order with consistent quality and delivering it in a timely manner.
At Goldline Poultry, we only use the best poultry products that allow us to provide you with delicious, tender chicken. Because your satisfaction comes first.

Goldline Credit company focused on the financial market for small loans and short term credit’s.

Project manager
Jac Rijk
Congo, the DRC
November-2018 - Present

On the, in general, remote areas where minerals are excavated, earthmoving work for opencast mining and quarrying requires specific knowledge and assets. Jac Rijk has international expertise in large-scale earthmoving in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America. From installing the necessary infrastructure, the removal of top layers, the actual mining, the disposal of waste, to the final reinstatement of fertile soils. We deliver the total knowhow, required equipment, technical support and in-house trained personnel. In the area of mining we are specialised in: Total Mining Concepts Drilling and Blasting Excavation of overburden Heavy earthmoving for the excavation and haulage of sand, clay, marl, barite, bauxite, copper, cobalt, coal, etc. Winning and transportation of sands and gravels Mass-transport of bauxite, copper, cobalt etc.

Project manager
January-2018 - October-2018

Zambia Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage (LWSSD) Project

CP2 installation of new water line.
CP1 Rehabilitation of chilanga booster station.
Iolanda domestic water supply 1,5km HDPE water service line.
Rehabilitation iolanda water treatment plant including hand over to the client.
Rehabilitation of water intake at kafue.

Lead Superintendent
Ballast nedam industrie
January-2017 - January-2018

Managing daily site activities with 6 supervisors for RAHC project exxon-Mobile responsible for al the concrete works. RAHC project( Exxon mobile botlek )
All civil work at brown field area, for the hydrocracker electrical substation and new compressor building.

TenneT offshore project Landstation borssele.

construct for offshore(wind farm) wind engery park new substations for alpha and beta park.
The Offshore High Voltage Substation (OHVS) Borssele Alpha (jacket and topside) is required to link up the wind farms to be built offshore in the South-West section Borssele 1 & 2 areas of the Dutch North Sea. HSM Offshore is also partner for TenneT’s next offshore wind energy project, Borssele Beta (700 MW).

The Borssele Alpha project, together with the Borssele Beta project, are the first large-scale grid connections to be constructed under the National Energy Agreement for offshore wind farms in The Netherlands. The scope covers engineering, procurement, construction, transport, installation, connection and testing of the OHVS. The Borssele Alpha and Beta OHVS will be the largest AC substations in the world.

tasks and achievements:
Health safety and environment meetings and inspections
Quality inspections
Meetings subcontractors and client
Inspection before casting concrete
Variations subcontractors
Instructions and managing site engineers
Check bid of quantity and scope of work
Check method statement
Weekly meetings with site management
Arrange work (say, when what should be done)
Pull materials (to calculate the basis of drawings how much material is required)
Materials ordering or calling (calling by giving the material, how much and when to be delivered)
Provide technical solutions in consultation with the superintendent
Dividing the work among existing staff
Arranging new staff shortages or start new activities
Transfer staff to other works
Keeping some of the work to be performed, their planned order, their difficulty and delivery problems
Point about implementation aspects but also social level
Coordinating and controlling work by subcontractors or third parties.

Saudi Arabia
April-2015 - January-2017

Managing daily site activities for two of the elevated metro
stations and park and ride
Including ground earth and roadworks, asphalt works
Managing the qa/qc and do the supervision of this works.

Managing subcontractors, meeting,HSE,daily reports,progress,budget,schedule
Finishing contracts with subcontractors.

Advise the subcontractors, trouble shooter.
Assist the Project Manager in project management
define and organize all the activities related to the job’s development and construction activities.
Ensure that the quality plans are prepared and identify any necessary documents, verify that objectives are achieved, fulfill the requirements imposed by the contractual conditions and the technical specifications;
Ensure that the work is monitored and that the tests carried out are recorded with the client.
coordinate the human resources and equipment made available for operations keep eye on timesheet monitored the production outside.
dealing with the subcontractor about variation, take care of the contract with procurement department.
Check on site if the variation are correct if the following the contract.
Give my approval on there payment negate with the subcontractors during there work and before they start with working.
coordinate the subcontractors at the construction site
Ensure that the Quality Control Plans, the Environmental Protection Plans and the Operational Safety plans are ok if they use it on site, working close with our HSE department.

Managing the site engineer and or qc department, looking for the issues we have with the shop drawings, meeting with or site team: sitemanager, site engineers, engineering department.
High experience with traditional concrete work with different kind of suppliers of formwork:Peri, Meva, rmd, quickform, harsco, diwidag.

supervisor/QA/QC building and construction
April-2008 - April-2015

realization of various works in the construction industry but also the utility.
Experience in the following sectors: petrochemical industry, industry, civil works, high-rise buildings, non-residential construction, outfitting, precast, traditional concrete construction and finishing work.
Where my job is managing the construction site staff, and monitoring of the planning.
Extensive knowledge of construction practices, principles, international codes and standards, policies, procedures and specifications 
Driving on the high quality, of the project, and ensure a good relationship with the client most of the project responsible for al the quality controls and inspection including documentation, making reports for director and project director.
Managing the hand over with the client on site.
Including finishing works, and landscaping managing the project from begin till hand over.
High experience with traditional concrete work with different kind of suppliers of formwork:Peri, Meva, rmd, quickform, harsco, diwidag.
Petroleum, Shell, BP, Exxon-Mobil EPC projects, experience.

infrastructure projects.
All the project i’ve done the pilling works, precast pilling, drilling and the micro pilling hereby i was responsible for coordination of the subcontract, and to make sure of the quality control and inspection due the pilling works.
I’ve been involved in the project Oceanco deep-wall where i managing the deep-wall construction demolition of deep-wall bentonite deep wall including high pressure injection and routing works hereby i the subcontractor and keep focus on the quality control inspection and documentation Experience in coordinating commissioning activities. Also, Responsible for co-ordinating activities with other disciplines as well as construction team to meet the commissioning schedule of all the project.
I’be been done al the installation works, including the finishing works, painting flooring, doors walls everything what needed by finishing works.
wall finishes floor finishes, granite tiles, wallpaper epoxy floor, bathrooms, toilets coordination of all subcontractors,
hvac, electrical, tilling, granite, tilling, painting, wallpaper everything till hand over.
Here I was responsible for managing the subcontractor during the setup phase but also during testing in use and transfer to the customer the chairing and attending meetings consulting with engineers and customer during installation of the various systems, testing and commissioning.
All the project i’be been responsible from the pilling works till the hand-over.
coordinating and directing the construction work and subcontractor to meet all milestone dates. Will also be preparing the construction plan to ensure every aspect meets the project objectives.
dealing with the subcontractor about variation, take care of the contract with procurement department.
Check on site if the variation are correct if the following the contract.
Give my approval on there payment negate with the subcontractors during there work and before they start with working.


middle management
international construction management)
July-2012 - October-2013
civil engineer
April-2008 - November-2009