Elie C.


I am looking to build on my Africa experience and take my career to the next level, not necessarily in title positions, but in scope and depth of experience where i can enjoy my job and give my best back to my employer in a professional and ethical manner, while being offered the opportunity for growth in the organization.


Managing Director
September-2017 - September-2018


University of Cumbria
United Kingdom
October-2015 - January-2017

While working, i enrolled in the MBA program to further advance my professional acumen and improve my general marketability. However, the major motivating factor after working for so long to restart is to embrace the new business models and get an advanced current perspective of business management, finance, marketing, business ethics, human resource and many other areas. It took a lot of perseverance and many many long nights up, but i managed to reasonable time to acheive yet another goal i set out to accomplish.