Kamalak Kannan B.


Focused and committed to safe and optimum recovery of reserves, technical integrity in operations, safety, quality, efficiency, productivity and excellence in drilling and geological services. Strong team player with visible leadership attributes, decisive, adaptable, collaborative, communicative, and excellent relationship management skills.


Drilling Engineer
Kuwait Oil Company
December-2015 - Present

• Part of Drilling Standards and Excellence (DSE) Team under Performance Management Unit (PMU).
• Project Lead in Engineer Desktop Model (EDM) Landmark Open wells enhancement and customization project for KOC operations.
• Assist operational drilling engineers on their functional excellence, capability and planning process implementation.
• Lead Rig Move Performance Improvement Project for Development Drilling Land rigs for a fleet of 120+ rigs which covered drilling rigs, work over rigs and PAD rigs.
• Optimize time and cost, evaluate lessons learned from offset/previous wells and apply them in the new well projects.
• Lead Software and Technology evaluations project e.g. Rig Hours (Schlumberger), Open wells (Halliburton Landmark), DSDQ/DSA (Halliburton Landmark), Petrolink packages, ProNova, E-drilling packages, NOV WDP Closed Loop Drilling Automation, Evaluation of Soft Torque Technologies (Nabors and Electro project) which is an ongoing project on Software and Technology Gap Analysis in Drilling Business.
• Provide on-site expert support to drilling operations during field trials and develop enough knowledge of the applicable Drilling Performance and Total Control products with the drilling contractors and operators.
• Coordinate with account managers of service providers in reviewing their new product line including technical discussions, product presentations and product training.
• Coordinate with SMEs and monitor technology deployments as required, and capture lessons learned.
• Support Top Drive Failure Analysis project which involves interactions with OEM, Business Development Team for Business Automation process, Information Solutions Team in building in house software in drilling business and building Rig Performance Evaluation process for Rig Ranking.
• Handle rigs in absence of assigned drilling engineer in providing technical assistance and real-time advisory on operations such as Bit optimization, hydraulics, torque & drag, hole cleaning parameters, string over pull allowance, jar functioning limits and kick tolerance with the support of Real Time Drilling Decision Centre (RTDDC) unit.
• Actively involved with HSE and Rig Inspection team on squad visits to rig site to verify and evaluate rig equipment pending issues, Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) and address HSE related/Operational related issues.
• Document guidelines from various projects, cost and feasibility studies of software and technologies as directed by management.
• Analyze NPT trends on historical data and benchmark creation using low frequency from open wells and high frequency data from rig sensor data which involves extensive QC (Cost/ft, Days per 1000ft, NPT% of operating hours etc) and continuously monitor learning curves from various performance improvement projects.
• Participate in pre-planning initiatives (DWOP), project look backs and reviews targeting capital and project efficiency.
• Capture lessons learned to facilitate planning meetings from After Action Reviews (AAR).
• Organize and conduct Drilling Contractor’s NPT related QPRs.
• Manage and prepare contractors’ monthly performance dashboard and reports which is distributed to the entire Drilling Directorate.
• Develop advanced database queries for drilling operation teams from data analyzer software.
• Participate in Safety Campaigns and in-house safety courses, and guide fresh graduate engineers in practicing Well Operations.
• Closely work with diverse teams (Technical Services, IT, Contract Management, Drilling Operations Support, Rig Deployment, Information Solutions, Research and Technology, Real Time Drilling Decision Centre, Security, Field Development and Shell ETSA Kuwait) for various projects.

Key Highlights
• During the EDM Customization Project Phase-I revamped the existing operational reporting codes (included data cleaning of historical data), NPT codes, LMS reports with codes, introduced international standards of Daily Drilling & Workover Operations report, developed Non-Conformance Reporting System (NCR Manager Software) with IS team, introduced 400+ data validation rules for good quality of data, introduced new data entry fields for drilling operational excellence. This project execution has opened the doors for further improvement of the EDM Openwells through Phase-II project which is ongoing. Phase-I project has improved faster analysis of data by performance team for early action and reduced the ILT in exhaustive data cleaning.
• With Rig Move Performance Improvement Project identified all the bottle necks and worked on mitigating the issues by tracking actions forming a task force which eventually improved the learning curve and yielded 30+ extra wells against the planned wells for the last fiscal year which was possible because of continuous monitoring and mitigation actions.
• Through Top Drive Failure Analysis, the frequent failing TDS type and root causes have been identified. With major efforts it has become viable to establish OEM base in Kuwait for various vendors which never existed before. Considerable improvement trends were noticed in TDS performance which has yielded reduction in well delivery time.
• Visible development was noticed among the drilling contractor’s performance because of the QPR events and frequent flying squad visit to rigs on their PMS. Most of the long pending issues are being resolved for flawless operations aiding early delivery of wells.
• Established benchmark and performance trends on Dry Hole Days for different assets in KOC for the wells drilled from 2013-2017 which can be compared against the existing new wells being drilled.

Drilling Analyst/ACE MWD Engineer
Schlumberger Oil Field Services
Brunei Darussalam
October-2006 - November-2015

• Assist PreVue (pore pressure) Team onboard providing and streaming data for their valuable pore pressure predictions in various projects in Brunei like Danau-Bubut, Bulan-Bulan, Iron Duke, Maharajalela, Fairley, AMPA and Selankir Oil Fields of Tertiary Clastic sediments and incorporation of other pore pressure data from wire line tools especially MDT logging.
• Interpret all major drilling operations like well planning, hole cleaning and bore hole stability, mud engineering, analysis of MWD/LWD data, LOT/FIT, Cementing, Fault detection, pore pressure prediction, gas data interpretation, tripping, completions, perforations, well breathing and use of Early Kick Detection system. Provide hydraulic calculations and prepare kick sheets for the drilling team.
• Formations evaluation using Geological signatures, analysis of LWD data, lithological correlation and picking up formation tops and validate hydrocarbon data using Quantitative Fluorescence Technique.
• Provide drilling optimization on various KPI’s factor, torque and drag analysis and hole cleaning efficiency. Utilized MSE through real time monitoring to optimize ROP to decrease invisible lost time (ILT).
• Worked in HPHT and snake wells in Brunei Shell/Shell Malaysia Fields.
• Produce reports and statistical analysis of Bits and BHA performance, casing wearing, integrated loss rate monitoring, and surge/swab calculations to petroleum engineers.
• Anchor Quality Control and produce Final Well reports and Logs.
• Support data sharing with RTOC, Petrophysicists, Operation Geologist and Well site Geologist. Provide Well Correlations using PETREL Software. Set up and configure real time data transmission to remote client systems via WITS liaising with and informing client of existing and anticipated well bore conditions.

Key Highlights
• Worked with major clients like Total E & P Brunei, Brunei Shell Petroleum, Shell Malaysia and PETRONAS.
• As a Drilling Analyst ACE/MWD (Acquisition Control Engineer), handled major projects with Brunei Shell Petroleum like, Maharajalela, Fairley and Selankir oil and gas field which are all major success in production. In Real Time drilling monitoring, manage the well database to ensure quality and integrity of the well data of both Mud logging and MWD. Main job involved assisting MWD team in making up BHA as directed by Directional Driller, programming downhole tools and run Schlumberger Telescope, Ecoscope, ARC down hole tools and acquisition of real time data for same.
• Worked on Rigs like Ensco-105, Ensco-55, West Pelaut, T201, Teknit Berkat, Global Emerald, Maersk Completer and West Alliance.
• Done multiple Operational Interventions which added monetary value to the clients in terms of early kick detection, fluid losses, pipe tally errors, mud volume control, stuck pipe and even reducing casing running depth lesser to the planned/prognosed depth based on early geological indications while drilling.


Ph.D (Geology)
Anna University
January-2003 - April-2007
M.Sc Applied Geology
Anna University
April-2000 - April-2002