Jeroen S.


Policy advisor (and programme manager) with 9 yrs. experience in healthcare finance and healthcare quality pursuing an international career. Experiences abroad (internship in Cape Town, family living in Ghana) and post-graduate education in International Public Health made me passionate about working on the African continent.

Jeroen prefers to work for (inter)governmental organisations, hospital groups, health insurance companies, regulatory bodies.

- Expert on healthcare financing and healthcare delivery models
- Knowledgeable about national health policies
- Experienced in leading complex multi stakeholder processes
- Experienced in board room advise (management consulting)
- Extensive programme/project management experience
- Excellent communication & team work skills
- Problem solving orientation (good analytical skills)


Programme manager
Dutch Healthcare Authority
August-2015 - Present

Jeroen develops policies on mental healthcare (market size: €5.0,- billion) with a focus on the national payment system and market dynamics. Jeroen manages two teams (8 resp. 14 persons) of policy advisors, data analysts and legal advisors. Moreover, Jeroen coordinates international activities.

Policy advisor / Programme Manager
Revalidatie Nederland
October-2010 - August-2015

Revalidatie Nederland is the national (Dutch) umbrella organisation for physical rehabilitation centers (market size: €500,- million). Jeroen managed two teams of policy advisors and data analysts.

2015: Introduction of fundamental building blocks for an innovative future system of healthcare financing
2013: Introduction of standardized patient satisfaction survey for rehabilitation centres and hospitals
2013: Introduction of national KPIs for rehabilitation centres and hospitals
2012: Introduction of competition in rehabilitation medicine (successful lobby for a transitional system)

Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement CBO
May-2009 - October-2010

Various programs to improve the quality of healthcare delivery:
- Development of business cases regarding the financial rewards of healthcare improvement initiatives (mainly in hospital care)
- Contributing to the spread of self management practices in hospital organisations (incl. development of new care provision concepts)

Tygerberg Academic Hospital
South Africa
May-2008 - May-2009

Jeroen performed practical research into the efficiency effects of redesigning laboratory request forms for hospital utilization.

The redesigned laboratory request form (with downsized test range and added price list) proved to be a cost effective solution to increased laboratory test utilization. In 2009/2010 this intervention was scaled up to all hospitals in the Western Cape province of South Africa.


Post-graduate Course International Public Health
University of Applied Sciences Leiden
September-2010 - June-2012
Masters in Health Care Technology & Management
University of Twente
September-2006 - May-2009
Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering
University of Twente
September-2002 - June-2006