Tirivangani M.


My qualification, skills and expertise match very well with the requirements and demands for any development policy post that might arise. My skills that will support my strength include the following:
• Ability to conduct independent economic research and analysis;
• Ability to apply sustainable development theories, concepts and approaches;
• Knowledge about the global research environment
• Knowledge about the current global social, political and economic trends;
• Ability to identify and define transformative policy changes;
• Ability to design and develop funding proposals; and
• Negotiations and presentation skills.
I have a comprehensive understanding about socio-economic challenges and dynamics in developing countries, particularly also in Africa.


Senior Policy Analyst
January-2016 - Present

Key Responsibilities
 Coordinate of research in all the thematic areas as a basis for policy advocacy.
Coordination of quality control of research concept papers, actual research and their
outputs (including Research Papers, policy briefs and messages for advocacy).
 Ensure that AFRODAD’s policy advocacy, and programme work is based on sound
strategic plans, with SMART objectives, clear theories of change and effective
monitoring and evaluation. Ensure coordination across issue areas, including
interactions with targets.
 Help build the capacity of the AFRODAD secretariat team and members, including
through organising training, reflection and evaluation, and during joint activities.
 Speak, present, brief journalists and represent AFRODAD with advocacy targets,
including at the highest levels. Follow closely a wide variety of development finance
issues, and write your own reports and articles.
 Lead the implementation of AFRODAD’s network strengthening strategy, which
covers both strengthening and expanding the AFRODAD network itself, and
strengthening working with other allies, particularly sub regional and national
partners. This involves building strong relations with colleagues from around the
continent and the world, facilitating strategic discussions, brokering compromises
and helping to build capacity and understanding.
 ensure that all AFRODAD policy, advocacy and programme outputs are of high
quality, including signing off on new positions and recommendations, and
commenting on press release, reports, briefings etc. Ensure that the team
implements a plan for continued development of relevant skills.
 Attend AFRODAD management team, board meetings and other statutory meetings,
and assist in the preparation of these meetings, if required.
 Grants Management and Fundraising - Support and advise thematic teams on
delivering the required outcomes and activities of grants. This may include leading
the coordination of major grants that cut across several issue areas. It also involves
signing off narrative reports, and supporting the core team, as required, to ensure
good financial management of grants.
 Help maintain strong relations with existing donors, and ensure that current grants
are renewed, including meeting funders, and responding to requests for information.
 Support the Executive Director to bring on board new funders, as required. Mainly this means leading on the content side: helping develop concept notes, and drafting
proposals, with support from policy and core team colleagues.


Masters Degree in International Relations
University of Zimbabwe
January-2010 - Present