Danny V.



I would like to invite you to have a look at my resume. Please take note that I am always looking forward to plan a meeting and discuss the opportunities we can offer each other.

In (relatively) short;
I am a highly motivated Manager Operations / Site Manager, result-oriented, innovative and out-of –the-box thinking. I am very experienced in merging different groups of people, designing, improving and making processes successful. Making the right agreements with each other and a clear framework are the basis for my team to be able to develop and to achieve the best result together.
Available for:
- Positions as Project Manager or Manager Operations / Site Manager /
Operations Director in fresh produce, airfreight, production, packhouses and
other agribusiness
- Implementation Manager (ERP and/or other software)
- Airfreight Specialist
- Training (groups of) people
- Retail Operation expert
- Management Buy In
- Developing new companies
- Consultant (Logistics, Agribusiness)
- NGO consultant;
• Providing sub Saharan countries with knowledge to develop Smart Agriculture
• Combining farmers / growers know how with European knowledge
• Watermanagement & irrigation systems (soil detection)

I have a very extensive network in the aforementioned areas, I strongly believe that combining knowledge and the willingness to want to develop (South) Africa can help to become even stronger and more future-proof. During my visits (business and as a tourist) to (South) Africa I did experience the will to develop and the opportunities that people themselves have already started with. That also forms the reason why I am available for a job in (south) Africa; a strong belief in the future of the continent/country.


DC Manager, Manager / Director Operations
Libbey Inc
January-2017 - Present

Responsibilities: Manage 50,000 square meter distribution center including 5,000 square meter repack / laser logo unit and 12,000 square meter production support unit with 5 managers and 125 coworkers shipping approx. $ 200 million in tableware per year, including $ 160 million in export sales to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Libbey EMEA & AP; AP Shipping department also is also part of this site.

Achievements: Direct root cause/systems analysis for clients to improve OTIF, started at 82%, now on daily basis above 90% and actions in place to perform between 95% and 98%. Set up collaboration between Mexico, Portugal and agencies in China and South Africa to improve quality, ship smarter and reduce issues. Responsible for Supply Chain within the new e commerce strategy.

Skills: Recognize and define problems, facilitate people by inventing and implementing solutions. Combining knowledge of older employees with other ways of thinking by newly hired and/or young professionals. Implementing Lean Working

Manager Operations Barendrecht
Olympic Fruit B.V.
January-2015 - January-2017

Responsibilities: Manage 12,500 square meter temperature controlled warehouse and 2,500 square meter production unit with 4 managers and 90 personnel.

Oversaw operations, production, and planning for 3 departments with 15 employees, improving department efficiency by 24% and lowering production costs with 21% while maintaining a high quality level (BRC, IFS, QS highest levels).

Achievements: Initiated productivity, cost, and performance management programs to meet on time delivery requirements and improve production levels, product quality, and client satisfaction. Oversaw planning of and building of a avocado and mango ripening unit including procedures and process adjustments.

Special Projects:
Project planning and logistical advice regarding development of a grape farm in Ethiopia and Cederberg South Africa, advice about drip irrigation systems, pre-pack inspections, packing Instructions in packhouses for citrus, avocado and grapes


Harvard ManageMentor (online education)
Harvard Business
December-2017 - July-2019

Completed following courses;
HBS401 Budgeting
HBS405 Change Management
HBS406 Coaching
HBS407 Crisis Management
HBS414 Diversity
HBS417 Finance Essentials
HBS418 Global Collaboration
HBS421 Innovation & Creativity
HBS435 Project Management

Various Food / Produce related courses
January-2009 - December-2017

2017 Produce QA/QC modules (N&S quality consultants)
2017 Risk management in food (Incompany with HAS+N&S)
2016 Masterclass Operational Excellence
2015 Basics in Competition Law (incompany)
2014 Masterclass Change management (Nyenrode Business University / Elsevier)
2013-2015 Employee Airfreight (perishables) (PMT)
2010-2013 Incompany training product quality, (incompany The Greenery)
safety and other regulations (HACCP, IFS, BRC, QS, Global Gap, SKAL,
Fair Produce)

Bachelor Business Administration
January-2011 - November-2014
Training and Coaching Workplace Management
Diedenoort University of Prof. Education
January-2001 - December-2003

General management skills, Project Management, Diversity Management

Transport Management
BTO (Netherlands)
March-2001 - November-2001

Managing a (road) transport company, budgeting, HR, regulations.