Adekunle O.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to outline the cache of transferable skills, knowledge and expertise gained over my career, I am certain these will come valuable at your ororganization.

Over the past seven years, I have worked in sales and marketing, Factory processing operation having responsibility for P&L as commercial operations and general business management and transport logistics, for industrial and agribusiness. Haven had a successful background in people management, supply chain operations, quality and risk, revenue generation and projects implementation. I believe I possess the required capabilities and vital skills necessary to make a very significant and beneficial contribution to your organization at this position.

Previously, I have managed the facilities for the production operation of soaps, detergent, matches and industrial, agriculture, export and agro chemicals with transportation and logistics components. I have implemented the performance plan, reviewed and ensured that targets and business objectives relating to revenue, productivity, cost, quality, safety and service are achieved by the team. Throughout my career to date, I have developed a wealth of transferable skills, including strategy formulation and implementation, networking, time management, customer acquisition and relationship management, planning and interpersonal skills.

Haven completed a master’s degree in International Business and Management in the UK and an MBA degree in the Netherlands and previously obtained a B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemical Engineering. I am now looking for a challenging and rewarding new role where I am able to put my capabilities and expertise to best use.
I am particularly attracted to this position on account of the unique opportunity it presents for personal development and growth.

If you would, please do contact me on +2348023400557 to discuss further. Thanking you for your kind consideration of my application.

Yours Faithfully,
Adekunle Olusile


Operations Director
DaraManihot Ind. and Farms Ltd
January-2018 - Present

Jan 2018 – To Date OPERATIONS DIRECTOR, Dara-Manihot Industries and Farms Ltd (Agribusiness, cropping, Oil Palm, PKO PKC, Maize, Cassava, Animal feeds)
•Undertake the daily management of business operations in the growth stage to include cost management / budgeting and Strategy implementation for a new business unit
•Accomplished subsidiary objectives, strategy formulation, planning, budgeting, leadership and results measurements; resource allocation reviewing progress; making mid-course corrections, revenue generation from commercial activities.
•Achieved 50% revenues growth, exceeding initial projections following customer and market share acquisition
•Contribute to achieving business results through leadership, collaboration, team development and motivation
•Achieved Revenue/Sales targets (N1.2 B), expand customer base, increased business visibility.

Sales and Marketing Operations Manager
Nycil Limited
April-2017 - December-2017

April 2017 – Dec 2017; SALES & MARKETING Operations Manager, Nycil Limited, Otta, Nigeria (Fertilizers, Synthetic Chemicals; Coatings, Oil & Gas Chemicals and Equipment).
•Responsible for establishing and sustaining profitable relationship with customers nationwide and in the West African Markets.
•Plan and undertakes commercial activities that ensured the achievement of set targets for turnover, profitability, reduction in trade account receivables and growth in company’s market share.
•Ensure customer satisfaction and develops activities that enhance customer acquisition and loyalty.
•Coordinate the commercial and marketing action plan(analysis of sales, analysis of prospects/contracts, business opportunities and comparative prices)
•Ensure that market and sales information on offers and effective solution are updated and shared timely.
•Supervise the interface with customers and managing their relationships, identifying customers’ needs and ensuring that needs and complaints are met timely in line with company’s policy.
•Developed and implemented strategies that improved the performance of the sales team, developing target markets, business portfolio, prospects as well as training of the sales team.
•Consistently driving business growth by reviewing performance reports, developing effective risk management strategies and business analysis, reporting to members of the senior management team.
•Achieved an annual budget of 12.5billion naira

Operations Strategist
SMG Groep
March-2016 - February-2017

Mar 2016 – Feb 2017; OPERATIONS Strategist, SMGGroep, Reproscan, Print Digital, 3Dprinting, Print Chemical, Hasselt, The Netherlands.

•Focused on undertaking the continuous review of business operations to include supply chain, transport management and logistics, product development and production planning in corporation with internal and external partners, cost/ budgeting and demand planning and scheduling
•Playing an instrumental role as part of the Operations team responsible for the management and motivation of individuals to achieve set company’s revenue targets and objectives, providing any training where needed
•Developing, implementing and reviewing the business plan in line with the company’s strategic goals
•Managing both supply chain and inventory, maintaining product quality and implementing the promotional plan
to sustain product visibility
•Demand forecasting and planning in partnership with other departments
•Fully accountable for the development and review of the business growth and operations plan in addition to the implementation of lean manufacturing processes
•Consistently driving improvement by reviewing the performance report, developing effective risk management strategies and business analysis, carrying out any reporting to members of the senior management team

Operations Director
Daramanihot Ind and Farms Ltd
February-2012 - March-2016

Feb 2012 – Mar 2016

OPERATIONS DIRECTOR, Dara-Manihot Industries and Farms Ltd (Cassava, Cassava Flour, Animal Feeds)

· Undertake the daily management of business operations in the business to include cost management / budgeting and Strategy implementation

· Playing an instrumental role as the lead of the Production Team responsible for the management and motivation of individuals to achieve set company targets and objectives, providing any training where needed

· Developed, implemented and reviewed the production plan in line with the company’s strategic goals

· Ensured Project/ Procurement documentations, defined and assessed job completion and certification

· Consistently driving improvement by reviewing the performance report, developing effective risk management strategies and business analysis, carrying out any reporting to members of the senior management team

· Reviewed of KPI’s and PPI’s to drive growth, customer acquisition and revenue growth

· Ensured revenue generation in order to achieve return on investment to stakeholders

· External business representation and reporting

· Project management responsibilities, Staff recruitment, motivation and training

Eternal Products Limited
May-2006 - January-2012

• Managed the direction, evaluation and coordination of the production department on a daily basis, incorporating product development, development of production strategies / action plan at start-up
• Worked collaboratively with members of other departments, such as maintenance, quality, logistics, sales and finance to deliver optimum / efficient plant operation and achieve delivery guidelines
• Implemented set volume targets as well as organizational targets taking into consideration approved budget, production quality and workforce training, among others
• Undertaking project management duties, effectively managing numerous projects and ensuring delivery of the same within set time frames, budgets and to a high quality standard
• Successful in maintaining effective relationships with regulatory agencies (NAFDAC, SON) with consummate ease as well as obtaining necessary regulatory clearance/approvals for projects
• Successful project implementation for detergent factory expansion- capacity for 1500 MT p.a., ensuring project delivery within specified time, scope and costs with scalable capacity and significant cost savings

Associated Match Industries Ltd
February-2004 - May-2006

• Managed production, quality and maintenance in the matches, board printing, skillet production and wood processing factories, incorporating scheduling, planning and performance evaluation as well as the development of work-flow analysis/Plan and evaluation of raw materials requirements and finished goods inventory along with the procurement department
• Coordinated, directed with the motivation of a workforce of more than 700 people, ensuring all delegated duties are completed to a high professional standard and within set timelines
• Monitoring quality, factory production waste, health, environment & safety and analyzing actual production outputs relative to projections
• Carried out project management and continuous improvement responsibilities
• Reporting to members of the senior management team on a regular basis
• Increased production volume, through overseeing the factory expansion project, from 20,000 cartons/month to 42,000 cartons/month capacity over a six months period in 2005/2006 resulting in the business turnover increasing by 60% to over US$30million(equivalent).

Drury Chemical Industries Limited (Sulphuric Acid / Alum/ Fertilizer Plant)
February-2000 - January-2004

Feb 2000 – Jan 2004 PROCESS ENGINEER / PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR, Drury Chemical Industries Limited (Sulfuric Acid / Alum Plant)
• Personally responsible for the monitoring and supervision of production-related jobs, including supervising production, monitoring field parameters and maintaining the system control through the control room
• Additionally supervising plant maintenance works and product lines, monitoring product quality, production planning, stock levels and storage capacity
• Ensured consistent adherence to all regulatory emissions standards as well as governing health and safety guidelines and procedures
• Supervised plant Start-up and Short-down procedures, Ensured HAZOP processes are implemented adequately
• Supervised products loading and auditing, taking and analyzing / field control room data and preparing daily production reports, HSE and process management
• Supporting with products marketing and business development, assisting with generating new business, revenue growth and ultimately benefiting the company bottom line
• Technical sales support to customers on a B2B basis, products presentation, sup[revised product loading and audit
• Achieved efficient plant operation with optimal output quality and low effluent


MA International Business and Management
Anglia Ruskin University
United Kingdom
January-2014 - March-2015

The master's study is focused on Managing Businesses in the international context, integrating the need to understand cultural diversity, legal, social, political and economic differences. New economic realities makes it imperative for businesses to become adaptive to continuous change. Taking into consideration adaptation and standardization of products and services, in addition to environmental and sustainability issues.

Master of Business Administration(MBA)
Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen
August-2013 - January-2015

Study is focussed on General Business Management. Application of best practices to run a business in Strategy formulation and implementation, Marketing and Sales, operations and application of technology for competitive advantage. Finance, leadership and team management.

Bachelor Chemical Engineering
Obafemi Awolowo University
April-1992 - May-1999

Study focused on the application of engineering and mathematical technics to solve societal and industrial problems. It involves the development of solutions and processes and bringing such to the market place. With specialization in biotechnology, food processing and process optimization. Environmental and safety studies.