Sunil D.


I am an International Development Specialist with fifteen years of ground experience of rural economic empowerment dedicated to underdeveloped nations. I have been deeply engaged for over 14 years in agricultural value-chains and NGOs works with multi-expertise in areas of Project Management, Stake-holders Mobilization, Strategic Planning, Business Competitiveness Advisory, Market & Finance Linkages, and Technology Analysis delivering to variety of clients and development organizations. My focus lies in developing the local businesses by enabling political environment, empowering their economic performance and sustainable growth. I have served on multiple development programs funded by diverse set of donors like DFID, USAID, USDA, UNIDO, Irish Aid and corporate like Kraft Foods, Intersnack and Walmart. I understand the compliance and reporting needs for the donors I have worked with.


Portfolio Manager – Challenge Fund for Cereal Agribusinesses
Palladium Group
November-2017 - Present

Through the West Africa Food Markets (WAFM) project funded by Ukaid, has been managing the challenge fund grants worth of £7.2 million and technical portfolio by analyzing the quantitative data, reporting systems, commercial feasibility for agribusinesses supported by project. Delivering the business and strategic advisory to the value-adding the staple foods at origin. This work is strengthening the under-developed SMEs’ in value-addition of the local raw staple crops into fortified foods to serve domestic consumption and export markets within West Africa region.

Chief Business Officer
African Cashew Alliance
January-2010 - October-2017

Have served the African Cashew Alliance (ACA), an African Cashew Industry platform and business association for a period of eight years on multiple senior advisory positions. Through these strategic roles, led the fund-raising activities via new projects acquisition to execute the value-adding industry growth strategy. Has served the African Cashew Alliance in promoting African potential to new investors to strengthen the Alliance as an effective Business platform. Provided the direct support to New start-ups and supervise the food safety & quality program in compliance with new Food Safety regulations in compliance with international markets. This work has served as launch-pad to realize Alliance vision of establishing a "Competitive African Cashew Industry which benefits the entire value-chain".

Lead Consultant
International Relief and Development
March-2013 - October-2015

The International Relief and Development (IRD) has secured project funded by USDA for Senegal-Gambia-Guinea Bissau region (SeGaBi) to assist small holder cashew farmers in farm income enhancement through commercial farming, market linkages and business management training. This three years program called The Gambia River Basin Cashew Value Chain Enhancement Project (CEP). Being on this consulting position, objective was to assist the project beneficiaries in upgrading their cashew business knowledge and assist IRD in their cashew value-addition program to improve farmer incomes by investing in cashew processing businesses across SeGaBi region. Was solely responsible for processing project component execution in Senegal and Gambia from project development, prompt technology procurement, new buildings and equipment commissioning, capacity building training sessions tailoring and delivering and progress monitoring and evaluation.

Regional Business Advisor
TechnoServe Inc.
January-2005 - December-2009

Assessed the revitalization of Northern Mozambican Cashew Industry under USAID funded project for further re-application at Southern Mozambique virgin provinces. During the five-year engagement in Mozambique, been focused in production, value-adding industry and marketing of tropical fruits (cashew, pineapple and coconut) and as well as bio-fuels business development. In 2006, established a Regional Bureau and manage the execution of Irish Aid funded project by relocating in Southern Mozambique. The project-span served the revamping of Southern Mozambican Agribusiness value-chains especially in commercial farming and value-adding segments. Developed feasible agri-business cases, new investment promotion strategies, enabling access to finance solutions, and incapacitating the small-medium scale commercial farmers and manufacturing SMEs’ for achieving economy of scale with suitable markets for their produce.

Consortium Manager
AIA lda
May-2005 - November-2005

As part of TechnoServe’s institutional development and capacitation strategy, Was appointed as interim Consortium Manager at AIA lda, the Northern Mozambican Cashew Processor’s Consortium for a year period. During this period, assisted the consortium cashew processors in managing their imports and exports of crucial industrial inputs and outputs such as turnkey plant, equipment and cashew kernels. Worked close with the consortium’s financier, guarantor, and international buyers while facilitating the trade reporting.


Mahatma Gandhi University
April-2013 - August-2016

Masters in International Business Management and professional skills mastered-in;

*Operational Management Efficiency
*Organizational Strategies
*Human Capital effective utilization
*Demand Creation
*Branding and Marketing
*Corporate Structure and Communication
*International Business law

University of Delhi
March-2001 - April-2004

Bachelors of Arts with vocational subjects studied;

*Business law
*Business Management

College of Vocational Studies
March-2001 - April-2004

Diploma in Office Management and Secretariat Practice with vocational subjects studied;

*Office Management
*Typewriter Typing